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Himitsu no Arashi-chan (Part 2: Ninomiya Cup)
Airdate: 101118
Episode: 109 (koyuki as vip room guest)
Status: subbed.

Since it is Nino month, I thought of a segment where it was named after the neen!
Excuse me for a picture-but-no-description review because Neener horse needs more attention. I realized I'm better at picture reviews (;
The Ninomiya Cup!
0-o  I didn't know there are so many "Ninomiya" places in Japan!

This segment was specially made for Nino so that he can achieve first ranking in areas he is strong in.
Was he able to clinch that desired 1st place?

Don't mess with the Neen.
Because he is very strong. He himself said it. (gray picture)

And lastly, Derby group photo

Sakurai willing to sacrifice for Neen? ^-^
End of review
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Himitsu No Arashi-Chan
VIP room Guest: Kimura Kaela

This episode's guest is Kimura Kaela, the girl who sang the beautiful elegant song "Butterfly"
and is also Eita's wife.

Kimura Kaela's impression of the boys.

Read more... )

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Himitsu No Arashi Chan Episode #69
Guest: Kurotani Tomoka @ VIP room

The guest has an interesting impression of each arashi members. What could it be?
A horse in the studio, and Ohno gets to ride the horse.

                                                                                                                Ohno-sama greeted warmly by his citizens?

Next segment. Arashi on a mission.
To give surprises to fans who selected arashi songs during Karaoke.
These bunch, tension up! . ★―☆

And look MatsuJun was excited too!
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Guest: Nishino Kana
Airdate: 100617

Princess Kana is looking for a prince! And see the Arashi princes strut down the runway with their royal costumes!

See how happy the other princes were when they saw legendary White Horse Charming~

White Horse Charming: "I am here take you with me "

Prince Ohno came from the Medival Times!
Prince Sho just hopped over from his kingdom in StoryLand! ^^

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Guest for VIP room: Nakashima Mika
Guest for Mote Dame Arashi: Higashiyam Noriyuki

Episode number: 96
HnA 20100715  

What got our boys so scared? 
Another animal in the studio?What got Keio boy to clutch his crotch? xD

Mote Arashi! Dame Arashi ! 
Aiba-chan demonstrate how he will confess his love to a girl.
Nino readily helps aiba in his demonstration.  
and ends up bashful laughing  
Nino demonstrates how Aiba can improvise his confession over the phoneevidance of Aimiya ai at the start of the show woohoo~


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