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Happy New Year to everyone! (I know it is a little late now *laughs*)
Today I bring to you a review for Aiba and Sho's birthday!

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Himitsu No Arashi Chan Ep 160
Harada Tomoyo (VIP Limo)
Hiroshi Abe and Mizobata Junpei (Debunking myths)

I have so much fun screen-capping this episode! So much sunshine-bursting smileys and squishy cute faces from the Junba pair!
Without further ado, let's start the review! (;

The first segment is bringing the guest, Harada Tomoyo to celebrate her 30years in showbiz.
They went to a chinese cuisine shop.
The food was so delicious that Aiba wants to tell his dad to cook these dishes in their restaurant!

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Time for the segment: Debunking Myths!
Where they try out city myths to see if it is true or not.

This segment has lots of Junba squishy faces. It's throughout the show so scroll down to the end (; Enjoy!

A wacky and obedient scientist Aiba with a cool scientist MatsuJun

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Pouty Aiba dearie trying to create miracle!

The second segment of the show is really entertaining :D I really enjoyed this segment!
End of segment 2------ Hope you had fun reading seeing the caps!

Comments are appreciated!
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Himitsu no arashi-chan #141 Ohmiya  
guest: Nakatani Miki 


Flower arragement class!
Ohno tries his hands in flower arragement and made an  arragement piece apecially for Nakatani !  
Adult drinking games! 
A very gentleman Ohno! 


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