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It's the month of Jun's brthday heh heh, so I thought of doing a short review on an episode featuring Jun.

And since it is also near the 24hrTV challenge, which features a SP drama on Ohno,
therefore today's review is on OhJun/  Juntoshi

2013.01.31 Himitsu no Arashi-chan

- Sharehouse: Mama party
- Challenge: Toma Ikuta


  • Funny faces of OhJun papas

  • OhJun papas carrying the toddler carrier

In this HnA episode, Ohno and Jun interviews female guests who are mamas, and the boys tried on some items for taking care of babies such
as strollers and toddler carrier. For this sharehouse segment, it gets boring when the mamas start talking about their babies..The rewarding part about this episode is their peek-a-boo and them wearing the toddler carrier (with a toy baby as demo)

Their expressions when asked to do funny faces to play with babies.
Lol that look! ^0^

Jun's peek-a-boo face is really hilarious that Ohno could not stop giggling too!
Lol Ohno I think that peek a boo will stun a baby haha!

Lol Ohno you looked like you just woken up >0<

Challenge segment

  • Ohno was surprisingly good in one game

  • Jun's series of impersonation on 5 things

  • Toma doing comedian skit wearing english Sir outfit

I think this segment is more interesting then the sharehouse segment, since there is some anticipation on who will excel in the games etc. It's a fight between the 3 Johnny's

Ohno looking good =)

Jun's pursed lips

Love their expression here! Their "unimpressed face" of the appearance of a sporty comedian.

Ohno trying his might to hang on to the bar and... !

Jun gets a forfeit by doing a series of impersonation of 5 different things..4 artistes and a gorilla )=
Was thinking of having Ohno to do the impersonation. His facial expressions are rather epic these days!

Overall, its a (6.5/10) viewable episode, a non subbed version is still fine because the watchable contents are with their actions and expressions. Streaming with chinese subs from tudou here

End of review. Hope you have enjoyed it~

Something from weibo...Jun and Mao )
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Need to go back to Part 1?

Splitting it into two parts once more… so here goes...

Where were we? Ah yes… recapping share house episodes...

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageN shows a photo to aiba… A: what's this?

NewImageA: Ahhhhhh… last mission!

HAHAHA the kiss!

NewImageThere's a photo of S's kiss too haha

NewImageN has nor lost in last mission before!
S: conversely that was such a waste ne?

the convo drifts to the imitations A had to do… haha remember the list of imitations he was made to do? NewImage they make aiba imitate kinapachi? and rola again. Everyone comments on how it doesn’t look alike XD

NewImageand then the very last share house photo taking session...

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageN: Ja everyone's keys...

NewImageThey fish out their keys from the pocket...

NewImageNewImageNewImageJ puts on his jacket. they all get ready to leave the house...

NewImageNewImageN: ah this is a problem… who can go first? A: ja, i'll go first then. S,N: Eh? Why?

NewImageS: Why why why? Staff: *laugh*

NewImageA: Why? N: No i just thought… J: Ja then i'll go next. S: Next? Is there an order? N: Yes there is...

NewImageAnd so somehow J ends up gng off first. For a proper farewell msg commentary read here.

NewImageA: eh? that's weird… i can't go first?

NewImageANd so standing at the entrance of the house is J, giving us his farewell message.

NewImageNewImagehmm… i can't bring myself to type out their farewell msg properly… please read the translation by [livejournal.com profile] barbosa2007 instead :X ah the post is locked though, because someone copied the entire post onto Facebook… haiz… there's always someone out there who has to spoil things yeah… :(

NewImageNewImageNewImageIs aiba getting teary already?

NewImageS: i've got zero coming up!

NewImageHe brings the luggage and poster out.

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageS: adios!

NewImagethe staff laughs as S struggles to get his luggage out of the door :P

NewImageNewImageAiba leaves with the bottle of stinky liquid in hand.

NewImageNewImageNewImageOh-chan looks… blank :X

NewImageNewImageAnd its Nino's turn to leave…

NewImageNewImageNino's farewell msg - short and sweet.

NewImageNewImageLonely oh-chan...

NewImageOhno picks up his bundle of things...

NewImageNewImageAw lights off...

NewImageSo lonely :(


Oh-chan and his long breath :)

NewImageNewImageNewImageThe ending CG bits...


From mannequin 5...

NewImageto vip room...

NewImageranking derby...

NewImagemote arashi, dame arashi + ice dunking!

NewImageNewImagestormy weather? just like our stormy boys? ;P

NewImageNewImageNewImageN and S started off the very first VIP limo segment :)

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageah all the past cg bits! nostalgic!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageTROLOLOLOLOL!!!! The events of the last mannequin 5 SP in cartoon…!!! SO HILARIOUS! Remember how oh-chan was happily eating curry when J showed up?

NewImageand then our dear oh-chan decided to 'follow' J's style?

NewImagegosh i love the cg peeps… the animation is so cute!

NewImageNewImageNewImagehahaha and nino's 'arashi combination style!'

NewImageLol what's with all the 'i <3 chiba' shirts :P

NewImagehaha the two person (sakuraiba) trip tp chiba ne? XD

NewImageTheir favourite sumo tube!

NewImageNewImageNewImagenow this was from the very start of the program once more...

NewImageback in HnA's very first incarnation.

NewImageYama pair started off child minder ne?

NewImagethe bakakoi thingy video filming!

NewImageNewImagethe summer haunted house episodes XD

NewImageaha the Guinness World Records T-shirt challenge!

NewImageNewImageNewImageah the human beatbox video sho put together?

NewImagearashi X disney!

NewImagefor us it may just be yet another wonderful live performance… but for the staff took almost 3 years!!! to negotiate this collaboration!!! o.o! its no wonder that this will remain so greatly in their minds

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageS takes out a camera and they take a photo together…

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImagePhoto taking with all the staff...

and yup that's it! that's the very end of the last HnA episode…! It wasn’t as… sad as i thought it would be… i didn’t cry or anything… but maybe cos i read the farewell message before hand, plus i was screen capping all the time so i didn’t feel it… or maybe it was cos I'm looking forward to see all their new solo variety shows that'll be coming up next month :) yeah... i think also because that i've seen it coming before it was announced that the show was going to end. remember the time when they kept coming up with new segments that never really made it? there was aiba's Ore no Chiba (which I'm really sad that it was the one and only though), there was that rumours thing that i felt was just really lousy... there was the resturant botsu where they had to guess which was the cmi menu item... did i miss anything? ah the cooking thing vs the comedians too... I didn’t quite like it either. at some point i was thinking to myself 'isnt it about time they end the show rather than artificially prolong it?' its already lived for long enough imo... so many segments have come and gone and the show is so far away from its original secrets digging segment that i find it pretty amazing that the show is still alive. I guess its cos I'm used to the way variety shows are structured in sg. 1 title, and the same pattern throughout the 10-20 episodes. then it ends. if its really popular, they come out with a season 2. if the artist is popular, he gets a new show. So a variety lasting like 5 years is really amazing... and indeed they have eventually came to a point when the audience just got sick/bored of the show. But as mentioned earlier, i prefer to look on the bright side of things. Yes, one of their shows have ended up... hey already Sho, Nino, and Aiba are getting their own indiv varieties! That's like... 3x more than the one arashi show that's ended if you get what i mean. Yeah they wont be together... but i think they do have some serious scheduling issues. When was the last time all 5 of them appeared in a non SP HnA? Vip room? really really long ago ne? :( I wonder if J and O will get their own indiv shows too XD Hmm what can the quiet Oh-chan possibly host? Some art/fishing related program? haha... he did do MC for that disney and another art program after all...

Either way, i hope you enjoyed reading the guide… or rather, looking at my screen caps :P

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Yes… the very last episode of HnA… you've probably read the farewell message translation elsewhere - at least i have… but yup, finally decided that i shd watch it myself… would have watched it yesterday but… it’s a really sad episode ne? haiz. Yeah I'm pretty sad that this show is going to end, although i won't say that I'm surprised. I'd miss mannequin 5 SP the most. Followed by… idk… share house maybe? But then it’s a bit of a hit and miss with share house… or any other segment for that matter. The adult show segment can be quite hilarious at times too…

Did anyone miss my TV reviews? Was busy with work previously… but now i've quitted and waiting for my job interviews… and now I'm really bored and lonely at home since the rest of my family have gone away on holiday. I'd have gone too, if not for the job stuff being unsettled. oh wells. maybe you'll see a flood of TV reviews over the next few days just cos I'm restless and lonely at home :P. Ok, enough preamble… let's start watching the show!

Video DLed from KnH XD Very high quality video, thank you!

NewImage5 of them walking together to the share house set…

NewImageThey talk about how its the first time they are walking to the set like this… aiba turns around and have fun with the camera. Aiba talks to the camera, and the rest scolds him a little for it. A: It’s the last episode, that's why… N: So far we've always done it as if we didn’t know there was a camera following us. A: Oh you guys pretended you didn’t know? Arashi: Yeah… S: Please follow the rules of TV. A: Sorry! Sorry for being the closest to the camera.

They talk about how its alright cos today is different… O: eh not this way? Rest: Nope, today is different...

Seems like they are filming in a different studio… Indeed, it’s a different way from the previous episodes.

NewImageNewImageand then the show starts proper! There's trucks arriving at the share house in the opening animation… aw… moving out of the share house :(

NewImageindeed… all the furniture has been cleared out from the house...

NewImageSo empty!

NewImageEach of them is holding a bag or luggage as they exit the room...

NewImageJ: sorry, can i say something? This ONLY??? *points to ohno*

HAHAHAH oh-chan and his waist pouch! Gotta love the staff for this XDXD

S: Australia style ne ohno-san? Whether in the country or out of the country, whatever it is, it’s the waist pouch yeah?
(Once they had filming in australia [i think for the ultra strong game show] and all ohno brought for the overseas trip was a waist pouch. In it contained his neatly rolled up underwear… and pretty much nothing else. He'd figured that he'll just be wearing the clothes provided by the staff after all… lol leader!)

NewImagehahaha… gotta love it when the five of them are together teasing each other :)
and Sho's big luggage… he gets teased a lot about bring the largest/most luggage amongst the five of them too ne?
J teases S a bit about his huge luggage XDNewImage S: I came with a luggage of this size to TBS for real before...

NewImageSho must have somehow hit leader with the luggage cos the next thing we know is that oh-chan was grabbing his ankle/foot and wincing in pain :P to great laughter from the staff haha

NewImageThe boxes on the floor contains stuff from the program… arranged in chronological order.

they talk about looking at the items and deciding who to bring what home :P Ohno was teased for his look of 'I'm definitely not bringing any of these big boxes/bags home' look.

NewImagethe first thing the opened up is a poster from when the show first started 5 years ago in 08. Comments of 'wah we were so young' were heard… yup, 5 years ago ne? XD S: wah aiba-chan really looks like an idol doesn’t he? This hairstyle! its an idol's hairstyle! A: Yeah you're right...

NewImageThey open up the other poster… and apparently it joins together to form one big picture.

NewImageoh wow! there's a secret written under the zip of each of their pants (in the poster of cos haha) Sho can still remember what his was "Actually, I don't/cannot tie my own tie" He keeps clarifying that now he can do his own tie though :P

The rest can't remember what they said… Ohno only remembers where he stood :P They start guessing Ohno's line.

NewImageMan… i want that poster :P

they decided that since Sho got the line right, he shd bring it home


Leader's one was something about still being angry at the incident in amsterdam? Really not sure on this one. Aiba's one: He mistook the TV remote as his handphone and bought it out 4 times.

J: he wears checked patterns quite often outside of work

N: Recently, he's been using a vinyl bag as his bag.

NewImageSho comments on how the poster can't even fit into his luggage haha

NewImagethe next item discovered is the ID badge! when HnA first started the setting was that they were secret agents sent to investigate the secrets/behind the scene of various jobs… hence the name of the program - secret arashi-chan. That segment lasted for like… 10, 20 episodes? then it became stuff that was quite far away from its original purpose :P

NewImageNewImageNino gives out the pass and they put it on. Next up is the mysterious blue files. N says they'll definitely remember those files… AH I KNOW IT MUST BE THE CHILD MINDER CERTS!

NewImageThey go Ahhhhhhhhh in unison at the certs XD

NewImageYay i was right! child minder certs!

NewImageNewImagethey recap on their child minder experiences...

NewImagehahaha… instead of each bringing their own back, N suggests that leader should be the care taker of their certs… O: there isn't a need for this is there?
haha oh-chan, they just want you to bring more luggage back XDNewImage Next up is this!

NewImageIts from the episode where they wanted to challenge the world record for the most number of T-shirts worn at one go. this is supposed to be the 225th t-shirt… i.e. the record breaking shirt. but in the end they gave up after… i forgot how many shirts.

NewImagebut yes, J and A had a hell of a time pulling the shirts on oh-chan… it got really difficult in the end and finally they gave up...

NewImageNewImageNewImagei guess the ended at 169th shirt…

Sho requests for ohno to wear the shirt to get a feel of things… they (or shd i say, we) wonder how many XL that shirt is… :P

NewImageWait, did i say shirt? I take that back. It’s a dress!

NewImageLeader will bring home the shirt/dress XD

NewImageNext they talk about the bakakoi video thing they took. basically they attempt to do really cool things, like tossing a bottle of ketchup into a small holder w/o even looking. W/O the use of CG. so basically its just doing the same thing over and over again till a miracle happens… the filming took over 4 hours with over 300 NGs


they remarked that at the start of HnA they went on many location shootings… next they look at the 2nd box… starting from may '09.

NewImageNewImageNeen opens the box… yup, from that time onwards was when VIP room started.

NewImageNewImageA total of 62 guests came on VIP room. At the end of each VIP room session the guests gets to choose which member they like best… N: Any idea who got chosen the most? A: I think it was O and S… N: You're sharp!

Leader got chosen the most number of times… at 16 times, he tops the ranking. Sho is next at 14 times. Aiba grabs 3rd at 11 times.

NewImage4th is a tie between J and N at 9 times.

NewImageJ clearly remembers the time when sanma-san came  on VIP room. Wow i didn’t know he went on VIP room too o.o...

NewImageSho remembers when the… camel? *see abv animal* went to the studio...

NewImageThen there was the episode when the guest wanted to rear cats, and so the staff brought a lot of cats into the studio. J loved cats but the cats didn’t like him haha.

NewImageand there was some episode when they cosplayed as geese ballerinas when suzana-san came on vip room… (hahaha! i wanna go watch all these episodes! so epic!)

yeah basically they are just recapping on all the past HnA episodes right now… but I'm sure u've figured that out already.

NewImageNewImageand then they start talking about the other times when they did cosplay on VIP room XD

NewImageNewImageand then there's this poster!

NewImageHahaha i watched that episode! was so epic… to celebrate their 10th year anniversary… they raided the karaoke rooms of whoever was singing arashi songs and sung with them… they had to keep singing till they finished the list of top <insert number> songs the staff tasked them with… and the shop owner is oh-chan's long lost classmate XD

NewImageNewImagehahaha… I'd probably scream too if they invaded my room like this XD

NewImagein particular this room of ppl it was really epic… they had written in new lyrics for the song, they planned to sing it at their colleagues farewell party… and then arashi raided the room, stole the lyrics sheet and started singing hahahaha! Gosh i shd go watch it again ne? XD

NewImageSee oh-cyan's shocked expressing at seeing his classmate XD Ohno says after the recording they did keep in touch, but didn’t meet up. Apparently that he's opened up another karaoke shop. leader say's he'll give the poster to his friend as a souvenir XD

NewImageNext up is this!

NewImageit’s the stinky stuff they brush under their nose for the doubt action segment!

NewImageout of the 5, only one of then was brushed with the real stinky liquid, they then had to bluff the comedian team which one of them got the real thing

NewImageN wanted to let aiba try the power of the liquid… but aiba manages to talk his way out into a janken :P

NewImageNewImageAiba or Ohno? XD

NewImageha! so much so for the janken XD

NewImageNewImageGosh this is hilarious XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageNino applied so much that it was dripping into aiba's mouth! ew gross!

NewImageNewImageNewImageLOL evil nino went out to the balcony to hide… A: it went into my mouth! N: but this isn't harmful to the body isn't it?

NewImagePoor aiba XD

NewImageThey settle down once again...

NewImageNext is a small music player… perfume's chocolate disco which they all danced to in VIP room.

NewImageNewImageNext up is none other than Sho's famous double parka! HAHAHAHA

NewImageJ: its no longer a leftover unsold item...

S: what do you mean?
J: In the last mannequin 5 ne… i worn it and came in first! NewImage

NewImageHAHAHA! nope… when S wears it, he'll still come in last :P
They did a total of 64 mannequin 5 corners.NewImage haha, next is J's 1st mannequin 5 SP outfit…

NewImageNewImagemerely 259 votes :X

NewImagehaha, out of 5 times J was last on the 1st, 2nd and 4th time :P As we all know the 3rd time Sho 'won' the honour, and the very last SP was taken by Aiba-shi.

NewImageNewImagehaha and remember when yama had some vip limo location shot? they were passing by the area and decided to go take a photo with the giant poster...

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImagethen Nino brings up the mote arashi, dame arashi segment where the lousiest member gets dunked into ice water...

NewImageAiba got dunked a number of times… and there was once when higashiyama, their grand senior got dunked in XD

NewImageNext is this… jackets?

NewImageAh it was the episode when mickey came to vip room

NewImagethe dream collaboration btw arashi and mickey/disney

NewImageApparently this episode took 3 years to plan, according to the HnA producer (read here)

NewImageThey each bring their suits home… N gets O to open the duffle bag….

NewImageIt’s the ranking derby costume XD

NewImageIts nino's horsey costume! At the back it says 'fashionable kazunari'

NewImageThey talk about an ice pack being in the costume (so that they won't be too hot)NewImage… aiba opens it up and surprisingly the ice pack was still inside!

NewImageNaturally, nino is the one bringing it home. A: You can wear this (the horse head) when you go home *throws horse head to nino* O: You can wear it at home too. J: when its winter yeah… S: *laugh* cos its cos yeah? *laugh*

NewImageNino the unpacker drags the last box over to his seating position and takes a look inside

NewImagefirst up is the file from vip limo!

NewImagethere was a total of 37 vip limo segments

NewImageJ recalls the episode where they took photos with the snake HAHAHAHA

NewImageNewImagethen there was the sakuraiba trip to chiba

sho strongly recommends the rest to try the sumo tube…

NewImagethe two of them trying to explain what sumo tube is XDXD

NewImageNewImagethen nino reminds them abt the long breath episodes XD

NewImageafter the first time, he kept coming and coming back on HnA XD

NewImageNewImageAiba is the only one who hasn’t done it before… so they get oh-chan to teach him


NewImagewait a minute… o.o what happened to ohno's finger? o.o

NewImageNewImageand so aiba did his long breath debut XD then they talk about the blackboard SP… it seems like out of all the students, Sho was the most impressed with aiba's line: i dont laugh because it is enjoyable/fun, but rather because it would be fun/enjoyable if i laugh…

and ohno fishing club!

NewImageNewImageOh-chan being able to practise his hobby on tv XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageN: ohno-san, with the name pass there, you look like a pilot!

NewImagehaha cool oh-chan!

NewImageand of cos… the camera for taking all the share house pictures

NewImagea total of 36 share house segments…

NewImageits quite a huge stack of photos...

NewImageNino's yakult man for eg...

On to part 2...
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Finally got around to watching some arashi shows… requested by [livejournal.com profile] chai_pieremae, the the right episode at last :P sorry for the extremely long wait :P

Video from youku… with chinese subs already yay :P

We start off from the backstage again… Ah… this episode is the one right after 'Aiba drink' was chosen.


they start talking about the aiba drink. O: It’s a level up yeah? S: Yeah, can the guest drink this? O: Let's serve the drink, i'll try some too… S: For real? O: I forgot how it tastes like already S: You're so positive thinking….

random note: sky is really dark, its night time filming again.


And the show starts proper :)

NewImageNewImageO: Ah, ya… *shy smile and wave*

NewImageS: *gives a weird look*
Staff: *loud laughter*
S: Is it ok with me? I mean look, last week MatsuJun was picked as your favourite member…
O: No but… but in the end, i went right? To Sho-chan's room XDNewImageS: Its isn't very good to say this but... Among the male idols you found a new standing yeah? I've not heard of such a thing before!
O: Yeah
S: Shall we develop on this role for now? 
O: Instead of should we do this, it should be, we are going to do this. (Kind of meaning, we have to do this and you shouldn’t ask this rhetorical question)
S: *laughs* Stop it

*doorbell rings*

NewImageNewImageToday's guest is Yamada Yuu!

NewImageOhno goes to serve drinks…. XD

NewImageTheir recommended drink: Aiba Drink (written on the yellow label too)

NewImageS: Today's recommended drink!

NewImagelol what's with sho's face?

NewImageThey cheers. Sho stares at Ohno's face to see his reaction haha.

NewImageNewImageS: Who did Ohno-san pour 3 cups of this!
hahaha no wonder Sho was looking on so strangely earlierNewImage
Y: What is this! Its horrible!
O: It becomes like Aiba is horrible doesn’t it?
Y: yeah horrible aiba!

They start talking about when was the last time they met. For Sho, the last time was during VIP room two years ago. For Ohno, he went to a location shot with Y to the comedian's house in VIP limousine, and Y cooked the steam hamburger that O loved A LOT (random note: I can't rem who else was in that episode, but when O was left alone with Y when the two guys went to buy ingredients, they came back to see O happily sleeping on the sofa leaving Y alone to read manga! XD

NewImageOhno praises the hamburger, saying it’s the best hamburger he's ever eaten so far.
Then the talk moves on to Y's marriage to Oguri Shun in march this year.  She says that nothing changed after marriage, because she has been dating Oguri for about four years, and they have been cohabiting for a while already. Plus everyone knew about them together so nothing changed. The only difference is when she gets called by others and realised her name changed to 'Oguri' Sho" How about MatsuJun, he always called you Yamada didn’t he? Y: Yes, now he still called me Yamada… occasionally he'll call Okusan (meaning wife/married women) S: How does it feel? To be called Okusan by your husband's friend? Y: I don't really mind S: Don't you feel like 'ah, so i've become a wife'? Y: No, but i feel that way when the staff called me Oguri-san

Ohno then says: its good isn't it? Oguri Yuu and Oguri Shun. 
S: it just sounds nice…. but it does fit well together
XD lol ohno!  

Sho then asks about the marriage…: Since there's no change before and after marriage, why get married? Y: I want to have kids, and also the feeling of taking things one step at a time.

She says that it was Oguri who brought up the topic during the anniversary of them starting to date with each other - 14th of march. 14th of March is known as White Day in Japan. S: What do you do on white day ohno-san NewImageO:  In my eyes theres nothing called white day!
S: So rock, so cold!NewImage : Don't you want to get married? O: Nope. Y: Why? O: Because if you get married, you won't have anymore time to yourself won't you?S: *LOL* This person is definitely not going to get married... Y: Its not like this! O: but… you're staying together now right? Do you each have your own rooms? Y: No. What do your mean by your own room? O: Like a space for yourself onlyNewImage : No, i don't mind having people around. S: ANd how about Shun-kun? Y: He has his own study room, but he barely goes there. O: So its always the two of you messing around together? Y: Yes
So Yamada and Shun always spend their time together :)
S: How many kids do you want to have? Y: 5!
NewImage : EH???
Yamada loves kids a lot so yeah… she wants to have 5 kids XD That's a lot IMO! XD S and O are impressed. S: But you also have to consider money wise… Y: yeah, so (Oguri) just have to work harder XD

They ask if oguri will help with the housework. Apparently he won't unless told to…NewImage : Your husband does nothing does he? XD
Such a cute face XD

The topic then drifts off to house rules… Yamada says there's no Oguri house rules. O: Sho-chan will definitely set some won't he

Ohno then starts probing Yamada about whether they give each other 'I'm going out' and 'Good night' kisses&hellip

NewImageYamada says she does it very normally, she says it’s a good form of communication

HAHAHA. So this was the episode :P

Sho asks about her hobby… Y: I like to do intricate work, so now I'm into cross stitch

NewImageAn example of Y's work… a bib. She would make it and give it to her friends for the newborn

NewImageO: So intricate!

As expected, our artist Ohno is very interested XD
It takes Y about 1 to 2 days to complete a piece if she works really hard at it NewImage hno continues his inspection of the bib while Sho MCs XD. This is why i love yama pair hahaha. If its Ohmiya I bet nino would have scold O already… Sho just lets it be XD

NewImageY is now working on a pillow cover… she brings it out for Ohno to inspect while Sho continues doing his job as the host :P

NewImageSho flips thru the book of cross stitch patterns Y brought.

NewImageOhno looks at the book while Sho and Y gets the stuff for cross stitch.

NewImageSho found some cloth? table mat? from the kitchen for them to do cross stitch on.

NewImageANd so they start!

NewImageNewImageSho confesses that he has absolutely no interest! HAHAHA

NewImageSho does a sketch of his design. He wants to stitch "SS"

NewImageOn the other hand, Satoshi has drawn the letter S. So pretty…! I can't even write such a beautiful 'S'…. It looks like its been printed on…!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageY tries to explain to Sho how to stitch...

NewImageNewImageY: Is this alright? Is this alright? Doing this on himitsu no arashi-chan… is it alright?
S: For this week, even i myself am not sure anymore.
LOL Sho! Just because you can't stitch!
O is totally engrossed in his stitching, Y progresses fast and smoothly… while S…. Sho….NewImage akes a mist able and ends up getting his thread going 1 round over the edge of the cloth… haha XD

NewImageOhno raides an eyebrow in amusement XD

NewImageY: What happened? How did it end up like this? *laughs* You are not paying attention at all are you?

NewImageY: Are you kidding me? What's this kind of atmosphere…?

NewImageS: Is it ok if i say it

NewImageO: *suppressed laughter*

NewImageS: I've had enough!
(green box: As expected...

NewImageS: I'm not suited for this!
Sho gives up and complains that he is hungryNewImage here is no menu today! Since Yamada is a great cook, the staff asks her to just cook anything she likes.

NewImageO: For real? I get to eat it again? Steamed hamburgers&hellip

NewImageYamada finished her cross stitch

NewImageOk its not finished yet… missing 2 crosses… but still…
O: That's really fast! I'm just doing one line but I'm not even done yet!
You just need more practise Oh-chan XDNewImage : In anycase, Ohno-san please continue with it
O: Hai!
Hahaha XD So Ohno happily continues his art work while Sho and Y moves off to the kitchen. There's a whole bunch of ingredients in the kitchen for Y to pick and use as she likes

NewImageY: Ah if there's grinder pork we can make hamburgers

NewImageWhile Sho asks if there's anything Y cooked recently that got good comments, O changes to a more comfortable position to sew :P

NewImageShe decides to make tan-tan hot pot, and ask the boy what they like in their hot pot. S: Enoki

NewImageO: Hamburge

HAHAHA. Him and his steamed hamburger

S: I've never heard of adding hamburger to hot pots before
Y: Jaa… let's forget about the hamburger. What else?NewImage hey start preparing the ingredients. Y cuts the spring onions with a very practiced hand.

NewImageAh that's the enoki with the cut spring onions XD

Mean while…NewImage up, Ohno's going strong with the stitching XD

NewImageYamada starts frying the grind pork for the hot pot...

NewImageS: Ohno-san~~? Ohno-san what are you doing?
Sho goes over to check Ohno's progress…NewImage : I can keep doing this forever!
Yup, we can see that XD
S: So the next exhibition will be on stitching?
O: I'll put it in i guess?NewImage ho then starts asking whether J has visited Y's house before. She replied that he has, it was some friend's bday party and J came too. They drank till 4 or 4:30am!

NewImageS: EH???? 4:30???
Y: Please come next time!
S: I won't go! Staying over at your house till that late!!?!?!?NewImage he nabe (hot pot) is almost done! She's just going to let the soup base come to a boil while...

NewImageShe makes a small hamburger for leader XD This time it'll be tomato flavoured. Sho is impressed by how she makes use of the time while waiting for the soup to boil to cook hamburger with the left over grind pork. No wastage! XD

NewImageNewImageLeader praised the steamed hamburger, saying that its thicker or something...

NewImageOhno has finally finished his cross stitch and comes over to watch Y cook. Of cos O is really happy that he'll get to eat the hamburger again XD

NewImageAhhhhh the soup base looks good XD


NewImageOhno walks back to the sofa after a while… and picks up the book of cross stitch patterns XD
S: Ohno-san is totally addicted to this ne?
XD let's look forward to Ohno's next art exhibition XDNewImage he completed tan tan nabe!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOhno's completed work!

NewImageA little messy at the ends, but i love the way he thickened the bands. Y: Next time i'll use this method!
gotta <3 free style ohno

NewImageThe tomato steam hamburger that O has been waiting for!

NewImageT.T F> my lunch *drools*

NewImageO: This x4
(as in the hamburger he's been waiting for)NewImage e passes it over to Sho to try

NewImageS: Umaiiiiiii! 
S: today was good wasn’t it? There was cross stitch, and then there was dinner. Today's show was completely done for the sake of Ohno-san right?
NewImage : I'm such a lucky person! 
S: You sounded like you found a perfect wife... 
O: Let's get married!!
*laughter from staff, Y and S*
S: Retarded!
Y: Sorry, I'm already married


Photo taking time!



okay, that's the end of the share house part. Gosh i can't believe i started this post like two months ago on the 6th of dec :X
Read part 2 here

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Oh, so there was no VSA this week? I was under the impression there was… Oh wells… Its time to watch HnA! YAY!

Put your hands up if you're excited to watch HnA with me! XD

Video as always from Hachi.A. I can't thank Vendy enough for always uploading the videos at record speed AND in HQ. And on youtube which loads like lightning. AnShi gets removed from youtube at the speed of lightning though :(

NewImageIts starts off from the green room again. Love their talk as they walk to the set XD

S: Ohno-san the last mission was tiring wasn’t it? O: yeah it was tiring. (so its always part 2 filming in the day and part 1 aka share house at like 9:30pm?)

NewImageThey looked briefly at the other corridor for a while… O: This way? 

I'm sure Ohno knows the way very well by now? So I'm not sure if he's referring to anything or really got confused on his directions o.o Sho just looked at him and they continued walking on. They start talking about how it’s the first time they are with so many guests. A total of 7 of them...

NewImageYes, the sky is all dark...

NewImageYou know how the staff will also say 'Arashi-san is entering!' When they enter? And of cos they reply 'Entering' or like today ohno replied 'entered' Then halfway climbing up the set Ohno was totally being random. 'Sakurai-san is entering!' To which sho replied 'entering!'.  Random display of member love! XD Then 'Ohno-san is entering!' Wait Ohno said that too? I'm not mistaken right? XD So random!

NewImageThey'll need a new white board soon? So full already! And it starts! Loads of yama today!

NewImageOnly 1 door opening? o.o

NewImageOh-chan came out from Sho's room wahahaha!

S: Iya iya iya….

O: Iya iya iya...

NewImageS: Please stop doing this! Really! That's enough!

O: Ehhh that was fantastic!

S: Why did you come out from there (my room)?

NewImageO: Because last time i went into Sho's room!
S: This is amazing although i don't get what exactly happened. NewImageS: But please, can you stop this! Like getting our from the same room that kind of thing.

NewImageS continues: Weird misunderstandings will be born! 


O: Why can I? S: It'll create weird misunderstandings! Because we came out from the same room! This is share house, so please share the house!

NewImageO with a blissful? look: Sugokatta waa… (That was great!)
Then Sho decides to switch to proper MC mode. S: Talking about great, Ohno-san, the concert starts tomorrow doesn’t it? Ohno-san you choreographed the songs right? O: I did about 5 songsNewImage Ohno's smug look XD
Sho: What kind of feel is it? interesting 

NewImageO: No one else except for arashi kind do it! (kind of feel)
S: You are starting to sound like the boss (of the company)
NewImageO (pretends to be the boss): If its those kids, it can keep doing this choreography over and over (not sure of my translation)
NewImageSho slaps his thigh as he laughs at leader XD. Then the doorbell rings!NewImage S: Today's gonna be interesting ne? 
Then from outside, a sweet "Arashi-chan~!" floated into the living room. Leaving O and S with a o.o look. It continues "Lets play together!~" 

NewImageSho gives the -.-''' look and sits back down.

NewImageO: This is impossible… 
then he sits back down XDNewImage Sho: If its like this…
but he gets cut off! "Arashi-chan! Let's play together!~"NewImage Hahaha poor guys XD They start questioning if things are gonna end up alright today...

NewImageBut they don't have a choice so sho goes to answer the doorbell. After looking at the guests through the intercom, S: What's with these clothes!

NewImageNo just that… what's with the group name! I can even write it properly… momoirokuroubaa Z? Do Otakus really like names like this?

NewImageThey swarm in the moment the door is  opened. "We haven met in a long time~!" S: Uwahhh!

NewImageO and S runs from the door way XD S: That was shocking/scary!

NewImageThey do their self intro in the doorway...

NewImageSilence. Hahaha! The erm… what's that green box of words called? Whatever… it reads 'Their tension is high...'

NewImageSho scratches his head… 

NewImageThe he goes off to fetch slippers for the guests… 

NewImageG (G for guest!): Ah so its better to take of our shoes? (see the shoes that are part of their outfit)
S: Yeah… i guess so?
O: Yeah since it’s a house…NewImage So they changed into slippers!

NewImageGreen box: Tonight please take note of leader's expressions! 
Woots, thanks for the heads up! XDNewImage Color coded for our convenience! (just like arashi, but even greater emphasis) From now on i'll just call them by their colour! if there's a need or anything...

NewImageSho decides that they'll sit on the sofa while he and leader take the sides. S: can 5 ppl fit in there? G: 1, 2… Ah we can fit!

NewImageHmm how do you describe this? Bemused and dotz/whatthehell + trying to hold back his laughter?
Sho+G starts talking about how its been about half a year since they met on VSA (green box says is 5 months)NewImage They ask with Gs would like a drink. Yellow: Yes, my throat is dry. Gs: Please go fetch it (or something like that?) Sho: Eh why? Yellow: Because i hardly get the chance to ask people to do things for me in their house. Sho: *shock expression, see abv* You really keep to the setting yeah? 
S: What do you want to drink? Tea, coffer, aiba drink, aiba tea. G: Drink? What's aiba drink? We've heard of aiba tea but…NewImage Sho happily pours out the aiba drink

NewImageThe guests smell the aiba drink

NewImageThey discuss the smell of aiba drink while cups of what i believe are aiba tea is handed out. They say aiba drink smells fruity.Someone smelt the cup of aiba tea and says it smells like tea, 'seems delicious' she said...

NewImageThey toast...

NewImageNeedless to say… XD

NewImageshe tried the aiba drink as well...

NewImageThis one tried the aiba tea. And she though it was delicious XD

NewImageShe starts shaking and hopping around haha

NewImageNewImageSho then asks them about their costume. They said its the costume for their new song. Apparently each song has a fixed costume. S: I only have one costume images of your group… (as in, he only remembers seeing them in one costume) O: Like having a gun here and...

NewImageThen they all fumble around with their guns… Pink? Not sure who: Put up your hands! Purple:  we'll shot!



NewImageS: !?!?!?!?!

NewImageYellow suddenly takes her teammate hostage.

NewImageRed (hostage): Save me~!

NewImageRed continues: Ohno alien~!

NewImageO: Go home! *angry*

NewImageSho then asks them to self intro… Oh gosh. Here comes more…. idk. what's this? Anime style kawaii-ness? Totally not my style but… well it is hilarious to look at S and O's expressions/reactions XD

NewImageThey ask if its ok, like will it get cut, cos its around 3 mins long. S: There's intros that's 3minutes long?  O: 3minutes per person? G: nono, 5 ppl 3 minutes.
They decide that they'll do the intro, its fine even if its get cut… just to get the tension up…NewImage Oh gosh look at ohno's face… it says disbelief all over it XD

NewImageThey showed the starting, and then the ending XD. Yes, it got more mercilessly cut XD I love the emoticons in the green box! (it says 'after 3 mins' by the way) Sho asks them to introduce their names again. Yellow: So this means that just now all that is cut off? 
So yeah… they do a short introduction now. Purple - Reni-chan.NewImage O: reni-chan? 
Is that a yawn i see?NewImage Yellow = shori. Ohno seems to be listening really carefully… he's repeating their names and seems to be making an effort to remember them… Sho too, is making an effort to remember their names.

NewImageO: Sho-chan have you remembered them? S: Yes i have!
he then asks ohno to repeat their names.NewImage

NewImageI spy enomoto-ish hand position! Ohno remembers the family name of purple, but can't remember  her full name. Not bad… XD

NewImageThey move on to yellow. O: are we really doing this?

NewImageGosh i love his expressions!

NewImageOhno is really caramel all over ne? Even his legs are a nice brown!

NewImageO: Ah eh… nakimushi! (cry baby)
Hahaha! He just remembered a part of the intro :PNewImage Yellow: Thank you, I'm crybaby.
:P Oh wells… it can't really be helped when you're in this kind of idol group and does that kind of introduction yeah? :P Ohno remembers the entire intro phrase of Red's, but can't remember her name at all. Gs are still very impressed, though they mention that ohno only remembered one person's name :P O: But that's how i remember! S: True, like remember the phrase as well

Then they get Sho to name Pink.  

NewImageSho names pink w/o any problems! Yes he gave the name, not the family name or the intro catch phrase :P

NewImageWhen asked to name Green though… Sho could only remember a bit of the intro catch phrase: "Giant!" They all laugh. Red: Today, you'll be the small giant~"
Apparently in the intro its "small giant" but sho only remembered the last word XD

Then Sho asks about their group. They were formed in 2008, so its now their 5th year. Sho asked stuff like how they became idols, and if they wanted to be idols. they all said they didn’t aspire to be idol, but when they realised it, were already idols.

NewImageApparently they went into the agency wanting to be actresses. Like Kitagawa Keiko (who's nazodi partner) is form their agency too. Red: Like we learnt how to dance, then the agency gathered those who were good at dancing together, and we did a live performance by the road. Then the manager told to do it properly, and it became like this...

NewImageO: but its difficult isn't it?
G: nono no such thing!NewImage More bemused faces from ohno XD

NewImageSho then asks about their day, they reply that they have school… only Purple doesn’t have school anymore, she's 19 and graduated. Ohno nodes approvingly. 

NewImageThey say they take the train home and goes about life normally. S: Don't you get called? (recognised) G: No… we normally wear costumes like this, so we don't get recognised in home clothes.
More weird looks from ohno XD
They assures arashi that even today they went to school. They they started saying how they actually wanted to wear their home clothes for the share house filming since its such a slack/relaxed segment, but their manager was very firm in making them wear their costume. Another G pipped that its probably a good thing though since viewers might not recognise them at all if they were in home clothes. 

NewImageThey talk about how they have clothes from gundam too...

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey say if they were wearing the gundam costumes though, they won't fit on the sofa cos the costumes are very bulky. 

NewImageNewImageThe costumes makes them become double in size! Then there's also the CO2 (carbon dioxide). 

NewImageApparently their leader has this helmet thing that'll spray out CO2… and the thing occasionally malfunctions and sprays out CO2 for no reason. 

NewImageS+O: i want to see that!

NewImageOh-chan so relaxed XD

NewImageThey move on with the program and Sho brings out the menus. 2 choose 1! The girls totally went 'kyaaaaaaa' when they saw the menu...

NewImageWhile ohno's thinking 'like, whatever!' hahaha totally nonchalant look!

NewImageA: Black sesame oil hotpot 
they talk about how hey really love the hot pot and always eat it when they are in fukouka. Only in fukuoka will they follow their manager out for lunch - so that they can eat the hotpot. If its elsewhere they won't follow the manager out to eat.NewImageThen sho asks what they eat when they stay at other places. They reply that they'll just eat in the hotel, like buy bentos from the convenience store and stuff. O: Convenience store? G: We don't have money to spend more than 3000 yen, or 600yen per person!  S: How did that 3000 sum come about? G: After calculations!

NewImageChoice B! Mochi cheese fish roe and monjya

Apparents the Gs loves monjya. They've talked about eating monjya for celebration of hard work parties (as in, like after concert celebrations, pardon my lack of vocab). 

NewImageG: Like we don't really know what to do for the celebrations, like others would go karaoke, or have bingo contest… or go biking (not sure i i got this right!)
S: Karaoke, bingo contest, biking… we've never done this beforeNewImage O: Yeah we've not done it before.
G: Eh then what do you guys do?
S: But its after concert isn't it? Wont you be tired after that?NewImage G: No bingo contest?
O+S: No…NewImage O+S: We just, chat with the staff

NewImageG: Like you don't have bingo contest to win like disney land tickets and stuff? 
haha ohno's face again. Arashi is old now ne? Which year was it? When they filmed themselves before and after the concert and it was included in the concert dvd? I got a terrible headache watching them though it was hilarious as hell! They were really really hyper and crazy after the concert. Swinging the camera this way and that, upside down even… ohno crawling on top the the bus seats (like across the rows of seat)… they even played hide and seek on the bus and someone hid in the luggage compartment at the top… like seriously! I'm amazed the thing didn’t fall off! (but then again, they are skinny) And of cos, the girl are way too young…. average age of 17! How old were arashi when they debut?  Around their age now? But these girls have already been idols for 4 or 5 years! *shudders* Can't be helped when the otakus like young girls i guess…  But yeah arashi, they just talk after concerts don't they? While drinking… and then aiba and leader will cry… and then they go to bed and maybe aiba will lock himself our of his room! WAHAHAHA XD He's done it twice now eh? XD

Okays moving on… Sho asks how they normally decide on things. G: by majority vote. We're democratic

NewImageS: They say the same thing as us(arashi)!

NewImageSho continues: You said the exact same thing as us!
S: What happens if its 2 against 2, won't the last person who makes the decision feel bad?
G: Ah… we go '1, 2' and say/point what we want together. NewImage Ohno looks enlightened XD 

NewImageThey decide on the monjyayaki! All of them picked the same one :)

NewImageSho gets up to start the food preparation. He leans on the  table for support...

NewImageBut the table is just an 'extension' piece placed on top of a smaller table...

NewImageNewImageOhno rescues his toppled cup while sho just looks stunned.

NewImageGreen box: It came! Sakurai's natural air-headedness x.x

NewImageSho inspects the mess made :P

NewImageWhile everyone bursts into laughing fits.

NewImageG: it became more exciting!

NewImageNewImageG: Tissue tissue tissue…
S: Gomen, did anyone get wet?
They replied they were ok, and looking for the tissue
S: Sorry about it, sorry about this… NewImageS: and after that I'm not doing anything...

NewImageEveryone's wiping the table except sho… -.-''

After cleaning up they head to the kitchen area.

NewImageThey say Green is better at cooking so she'll do the honours… while sho reads out the recipe as fast as a bullet train...

NewImageGreen has never cut cabbage before… she tries to cut off the stem but the knife ends up flying off! S: Dangerous! G: *screams*

NewImageWoah! If ohno was standing any closer he might have gotten sliced!

NewImageThat was really dangerous! I think even Sho can do better than that! he'll just take a really long time :P (30mins to peel half an apple for e.g.)
S: Are you sure you've cooked before?NewImage Ohno gives her a whack…. O: Right now your hand was really dangerous!

NewImageIm sure ohno smacked here again but the rest of the ingredient preparation got cut...

NewImageBy magic of TBS editing awesomeness, the ingredients are all ready in an instant! I really wondered who did the cutting in the end though XD

NewImageThey prepare the mentai cheese monjya.

NewImageGreen keeps giving instructions from the side.

NewImageS: Do you want to do it? Green: no its ok!

NewImageEventually they make green cook though… and ohno laughs again

NewImageNewImageEarlier green said something about two layers of ingredients or something… so sho asks why isn't she making it now. Green: Its ok… considering the time...

NewImageOh gosh Ohno's face! Its like close to 1am at the time of filming… 

NewImageUwah… looks yummy!

NewImageNow I'm hungry! T.T


NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNow I'm hungry T.T
O: This is delicious!

Sho starts the talk. S: How many years have you guys been together? G: This is the fifth year. S: Was it long? Was it fast? G: Thinking back now, its went by fast. S: Which is the most enjoyable work you've had?  Purple: It was fun during live concerts right? G: yeah S: Which was the most tiring work then? G: The nation wide tour was really  tiring. 

I think its like they were performing in car parks all over the country. Sho was like 'huh!?' and Ohno was...

NewImageThey did that car park tour in the 2nd year the group was formed…. S: so the situation has improved now right? G: Yeah. (they said something about the shinkansen here. Either they are now riding the bullet train or they want to ride it or… I'm not sure :X) S: If you are to only pick one dream, what would it be?

NewImageG: We want to go on kouhaku

NewImageOhno changed sitting position! Sho asks them about why they have such a dream and said it in perfect unison too. Someone explains that the first time they did a live concert it was by the road beside the NHK hall used for kouhaku. So they said that they'll like to perform in there someday.

NewImageO: what else?
they chat on abit about goals and stuff… then sho comments that he hardly sees momokuro like this without all the wowing and kyaa-ing. The rest all agrees. Even leaders says 'ah just a normal kind of feeling'… and didn’t make any weird faces :P

NewImagePhoto taking time!

NewImageNewImageSho's not in the photo this time! Not sure what he was saying earlier, like whether he actually wanted to appear in the photo or not… :P

Okay, that ends part 1! Part 2 coming in a bit! is now out!

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Since [livejournal.com profile] chai_pieremae requested for it, and i liked the episode… XD Ahhhhh this episode has the Adult show segment too…! If i didn’t rem wrongly it’s the episode where Ohno… yeah it’s the Adult show episode that i wanted to write about too. Great! XD

NewImageThose two… touchy feely as always :)

NewImageNewImageNeen looking at the camera while waiting to enter the studio...

NewImageNo idea what they are talking about here… but Ohno happily slid his hands down his body XD

NewImageEh leader? What were you doing in Sho's room? XD

NewImageWe all saw that... NewImageNo need to pretend… XD

NewImageIt’s the 1st ever Ohmiya share house… Nino asks Ohno to say something interesting. O: I went overseas. N: That's why you turned so black? O: Yeah. N: You went to the south?(I think he means south africa here?) O: No, but i got sleepy, and there was this rock. And i feel asleep leaning on the rock.

NewImageO: But then it got really hot, and when i woke up, my stomach was really tanned. N: That was really interesting talk (sarcastic). O: Told you so! N: YOu are really positive...

Then the doorbell rings!

NewImageToday's guest is Becky! 

NewImageFor some unknown reason ohno started sliding around on the carpet after realising that its really slippery.

NewImageAnd becky joins in the sliding XD

NewImageThen they settle down. And becky immediately asks them 'what shall we do?'. Nino explains that after Ohno did that energetic sliding thing, he'll probably just sit around and no nothing for the next 10 minutes. XD He then talks about how becky is always giving her best at everything, and suggested that they just slack today. He then asks if becky is actually a very 'dark' person, to which becky denies and replies that she isn't dark but is quiet. Nino then ask her to show her 'stoning' face...

NewImageN: That looks kinda different. Ja do you want to see the real thing?

NewImageHahaha leader!

NewImageHe looks like a dying old man here!

NewImageNino then starts telling becky about Ohno's 'secrets'. N: Leader's very stoned/bored look, its actually an act.

NewImageO (whispering, naruse ryo style): Oi, don't say it!

Then Nino continues on about how Ohno gives off the image that he doesn’t do anything besides fishing, but in actual fact, loves his work a lot, and works really really hard. 

NewImageBecky looks kinda shocked. 

NewImageNino continues: In reality, he's really mean/strict to all the staff here. (Laughter from staff) N: He'll reach and green room and immediately look at the script, and say to the staff 'oi! you didn’t write about my stupidness!'.

NewImageNewImageNewImageO: If this were true I'd have hidden it extremely well XD

N: Becky would you like a drink? B: I brought my own drink so its fine! N: Eh? (no chance to aiba tea to make its appearance XD)

NewImageNewImageIts soup! Becky says she loves soup and since its also good for the body, she drinks it throughout the year instead of drinking plain water. The topic drifts to what things becky tries her best to do… to which she replies that she tries to sleep at 10pm every night. B: 10pm -2am is the golden period of time for our body to recover, doing so makes our skin more beautiful and so on. That's why even if i only reach home at 9:45pm, i'll hurried wash off my make up, go the bed, then wake up at 2 or 3am to continue with whatever i need to do.

N: Ah… so its like this… than let's take the photo (because its already 9:57pm then!)

Of course, becky says because its work its alright… and then they decide that everyone should sleep… 

NewImageO: If you say sleep, I'd REALLY fall asleep ya? 

Dear ohno already looks half asleep here XD

NewImageBut Ohno's completely ignored XD O: Ah, then i'll stay awake.

NewImageBecky doesn’t wake the camera to film her sleeping face XD

NewImageOh-chan laughs 

NewImageKawaii nino!

NewImageOhno watches as a tentacle arm reaches out to grab the sleeping princess! (I mean, the camera…)

NewImageNewImageN creeps in!

NewImageAnd tries to move her hair out of the way… but of course becky isn't asleep XD

NewImageNewImageAnd lets out a scream when she sees the camera right in front of her haha!


Next they decide to prepare the food. Today's menu is cheese fondue! yum!

NewImage2 types of cheese (both of which i've never heard of before!) 

Step 1: grate the cheese (emmental cheese and Gruyère cheese) and mix them with a spoon. 

Ingredients available (for dipping): Potato, asparagus, ham, celery, octopus, banana, and apple.

NewImageOhno kept asking if its alright to eat it with octopus XD

NewImageOhno grates the cheese

NewImageBecky chops the ingredients

NewImageNino grates the other slice of cheese while questioning becky about what she cooked for the person she likes. She said she made gyoza, but it didn’t turn out well because there was too little meat, and the person thought it was wonton. N then asked what type of guys she likes. She mentioned she like hyde and some other guy's looks. Between the two though, she prefers...

NewImageOhno! Shy laugh from oh-chan here XD N; You said it really fast! B: Well in arashi, i like ohno the most. I like to be more quiet in my private life, and leader is the most toned down/unexcitable? person. 

O: Shall we try to date little?

NewImage*Laughter from everyone* N: What's up with this campaign? There's no such thing as 'lets try to date a little' campaign!

NewImageCheese fondue complete!

NewImageAhhhhh i love cheese….! *drools*

NewImageLeader tries the cheese tako (octopus)

NewImageOhno is pleased XD

Becky tells them how to 'stack up' a thick layer of cheese on the dip, but N and O are not interested. Then the doorbell rings!

NewImageN: Who's there? Y: Me me. N: Who? Y: Me. N: WHO? Y: Yokoyama desu (Yokoyama You from kanjani 8) Then Y lets himself in XD

NewImageN and O just stay silent and give them the very unwelcoming look/attitude XD

N: What's the matter? Y: I was called so i came. N+O: We didn’t call you. Y: If i wasn’t called but came, I'd be crazy (literally he said i'll have a problem).

They continue bickering about the called and not called issue...

NewImageBecky greets 'good evening'. Very very coldly XD

N: Are you guys like this in your private life? (this cold)

B: Yup!

Y: No no! We even filmed a movie together! 

N: Both of you in a movie...

O: a romance right?

Y: No! who the hell will be interested in a love story between me and becky?

Lol. everyone out to bully Yoko ne XD

They then settle back down and becky asks yoko to try the food.

Y: Sugoi ne? i've watched this a lot of times but its really slack yeah?

N: yeah, it’s a hunted times more slack then the aired segment!

NewImageYoko starts saying something but leader cuts him off: The octopus is extremely delicious!


Yoko starts asking about whether its really fine to be so slack for tv recordings, and nino assures him its alright. Hahaha just look at how nino is 'sitting' now.

NewImagehahaha. Ohno is displeased with the small talk! "Have you eaten the octopus yet?!"

NewImageCausing yoko to laugh XD Y: you really recommend it that much? O: because its delicious! N: try it at least once...

NewImageN (softly): If you don't hurry up try it, he'll keep nagging and it'll be noisy/naggy. Hahaha!

NewImageleader looks pleased after yoko tries the tako. O: Its delicious right? Y: yeah its delicious but… O: I ate 4 of it already! Y: Yeah you ate 4 but… how am i supposed to respond to that? Say WOW or something? What's the correct answer? O: Just say like 'ah ok' will do. N: Of course you should say 'ah i'll eat one more' Y: Also… where's the time for me to promote my movie? NewImageN: If you want, you can just say it. Y: wait normally don't guys have some sort of time to let me promote my movie? I've never heard of such a straight forward way of promotion on tv before. (as in, normally they would say something related to the movie and to cue in the guest to talk about their movie/whatever… XD But with nino and yoko/kanjani… you wish :P) O: its better to say it yeah? 

So without further ado, nino did the promotion. N: Eight ranger. Opens on 28th of July. <etc etc insert a few sentence of promotion talk here> Please watch the movie. And that was our guest, Yokoyama You-san! Thank you!

B: thank you! *everyone claps, except yoko*

NewImageY: I'm feeling really.. ambivalent right now


Y: Is it really ok for things to be like this? Like so free?

NewImageB: Don't worry, leave it to the editors. TBS is great(sugoi)!

NewImageY: So this is how becky sucks up to TBS yeah? So that next time they'll call you again (for filming) B: I really don't like this guy. He immediately talks about money matters. Like how much do i earn a year. (she says like yoko was saying in a manner that he is more superior) Y: I said i earn quite a huge sum, but i think its really not far from my actual earnings… B: Its ok i already forgot how much you said. (hahaha, she really doesn’t like yoko ne?) Then nino gets interested and asks yoko how much he's annual salary is. He gets leader to bring out the big shiny calculator :)

NewImageYoko wants nino to reveal his earnings too if he reveals his. However when nino agrees he says he doesn’t like to talk about the salary anymore, and wants to ask about the house rental cost…. N: I dislike this more! Y: But see annual salary… the whole world knows that i earn less than arashi! I don't want to say it! 

NewImageBecky passes the calculator to yoko, yoko asks her to reveal her rental cost, but becky's staying in her family home with her parents (remember the VIP limousine episode when J and N slacked off in becky's house?) and so doesn’t pay rent.

NewImageLeader looks on with a weird face...

NewImageApparently yoko doesn’t even tell his members such stuff.

NewImageAs yoko presses on the calculator/prepares to press the calculator… the camera suddenly zooms in really fast. 

NewImageAnd by zooming in… i mean… physical movement… XD At a super fast speed too!

NewImageB: Scary! N: Look at the real ability of TBS! 

NewImageO: What great technique! B: Amazing!

NewImageY: With this speed, you can even film Usain Bolt!

Then yoko started asking if arashi would talk about such monetary issues, like the cost of rent and such. Nino says they would.

NewImageThen becky starts asking about the arashi and kanjani relations. B: Are arashi and kanjani members on good terms with each other? N: I don't think you can consider it good. Y: Can't you just say its good? Do you have any idea how powerful your statements are? N: Ok ok… well it’s a lie to say that we aren't on good terms. Y: But honestly, i don't know much about the private lives of you guys. B: Do you know their handphone numbers? Y: I don't! NewImageN and O both don't know yoko's number either. B: Ah… i though you guys would know each other's numbers… Y: The numbers i know right if - provided they haven been changed- are sho's and aiba's. O: i know maru's and okura's. N: For me its murakami and nishikido. Cos nino had filmed a drama with nishikido before. Yoko then asks what they'd talk about. N: With murakami, I'd talk about concerts. Y: So its about work? N: Yeah, that guy will talk about work. 

Nino then asks yoko about his trip overseas with maru. N: Why did you go? Y: Cos its fun.  N: Isn't it fun to go with other friends too? B: But you guys see each other all the time at work already, don't you want to go out with other people? Y: Well for kanjani 8 we really do feel like extended friends, like we'd go take baths together after live (concerts). N: Ah, we do that too. Y: (do you guys) cover up? N: I don't Y: Wont there always be someone in the group who'd cover up? N: For us… who is it? J? O: Does he? Y: For us its okura. N: Ah i understand what you mean. Y: Yeah so if the rest of the members drop something, i'll definitely return it to them. NewImageBecky looks down with an… embarrassed laugh?NewImageN: You don't really stare like that right? NewImageY: I'd really look like this. Like 'oi hina (murakami) it dropped' by elimination I'd know if that item is okura's. (not sure what exactly he means here… but either way its about how he stares and each member's *ahem* part.)

NewImageBecky reminds yoko that there's a girl in the room :P

NewImageY: Ah sorry sorry, i thought you were one of us/the same as us.

NewImageOh-chan chuckles. Y: but that's how we get closer and closer...

NewImageNino then asks how's it like for the girls. B: When i went to the onsen with ueto-san...

NewImageB: As much as possible we'd be back facing each other.

NewImageN: then why go to the bath together? If its like this. NewImageB: Aya don't mind, but for me i don't really want ppl to see so i keep trying my best to cover up.

NewImageY: So Ueto will like 'bong' and show off? 

LOL look at yoko's pervert look :P

NewImageNewImageamused look from N and O :P

NewImageB: Nonono! Well aya would also cover a little, but its only because I'm covering up. Like she doesn’t care if people see. 

NewImageB: Aya would casually cover up like this

NewImageB: But for me I'd be like this… so although its like we are not going to look at each other, occasionally I'd steal a look. XD

B: ah that's enough of talk about me, now about you guys Y: but we want to hear! B: No no no, i want to hear about the two teams. N: What do you wish to know? B: Ja, how does kanjani feel about arashi? Do you consider arashi rivals?

NewImageSince leader barely utters a word… all i can do is cap his expressions :P 

NewImageY: Ah, not at all.

NewImageThese two looks bored. Ohno's probably half asleep already? :P Y: No i don't think of arashi as rivals. Do you guys even take us for anything? N: No no, kanjani sugoi desu yo (kanjani is great too). Y: Look you're laughing! 

NewImageB: Do you feel like 'ah this is bad', or 'we must not lose' that sort of thing? Y: no not at all. N: Nol, right? *nudging leader* O: yeah, we've never thought of it before. Y: Of course arashi wouldn’t think of it like this! B: Ah, what if say, in the yearly CD sales rankings, now arashi is really great but, what if the top 3 rankings were all kanjani 8, would you say congratulations, or would you feel regrettable and that you have to work harder? Y: Yeah how would you feel? N: I won't think of saying congrats. Y: WHY! 

NewImageN: I can't possibly say it from such a superior position. like if its kiss-my-ft, or sexy zone, then I'd say congrats. B: As a senior yeah? N: But for us we are the same age. 

NewImageYoko seems to have a sudden outburst of emotion. Y: Just till when will arashi remain popular!?! Arashi is really great now, what kind of scenery do you see? N: As in? Y: Like for kanjani we are always looking from the bottom (up at arashi). How is it like viewing from the top?

NewImageO: I really don't know. N: Yeah its always like this, we don't know. B: Ah, like you are in the eye of the typhoon ne? Around you everything is spinning real fast, but where you are its all calm. 

Then yoko asks ohno what he wants to do in the future, be it in arashi or solo. O: As long as I'm doing stuff i like its fine. For nino, he says he wants to do variety. 

NewImagehe says he hardly steps out of the house, and like if its not for work, he hardly speaks. Even if its not his own program its ok, he'll still like to do varieties. For yoko, he wants to do everything and anything. Which is kind of why he joined johnnys - he'll get to try loads of stuff. Becky too, would do anything and everything. Nino then asks if she'd like to get married. B: Either way its fine, i believe in leaving it to fate. 

They start quizzing becky over her love life. 

NewImageYoko ask what kind of kisser becky is, leading her to yelp and hide behind the cushion :P 

NewImageO: Becky, you're excited right? HAHA Ohno!

NewImageNino comes to becky's rescue by deciding that they shouldn’t dwell on the topic further. Yoko keeps laughing though :P

Finally, yoko gets to do a proper 8 rangers promotion… and finally, the photo taking! N: Ok, let's take so photo then let them go home. B: What do you mean by 'let us go home'? XD

NewImageNino passes the camera over to yoko. Don't you just love bratty nino? XD

NewImageY: Ah… but i had a lot of fun today so it's fine...

NewImageNewImageN: Be careful on the way home. Yoko send her home? Y: Ok ok. O: Its really late at night...


Ohno does a golf swing. Totally random!!!

NewImageY: Oh-chan what were you doing? What were you doing? 

NewImageB: that was too much! really too much!


Y: Yeah its true that the setting is that we are in your house, but TELEVISION!

NewImageOh-chan just laughs XD 

YAY! DONE! OMG! Started this like on… wednesday or something, then the yoko part was hard to translate + maple phantom was out already so i went to play :P Yesterday too. Then today came back on my mac to watch yesterday's HnA and VSA but in the end i spent a lot of time on my other blogs and since i want to finish this up before watching this week's stuff… yeah, gonna have to watch the other two tmr or sun. Ok, in the end i did cheat and looked for a youku chinese subbed video to help me out... some parts of yoko's convo was still rather... just can't understand what he's trying to say -.-'''

Ok. not really done yet. I still have part 2 :P
Continue reading part 2 here!

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So i kinda disappeared for a bit ne? I originally wanted to do this on Friday… then VSA took too long. Then sat i was out (had a GREAT time with my family though, for some unknown reason my dad was in a splendid mood), yesterday i was too lazy… and tada! Its Monday and i have still not watched HnA. The reason i hate taking so long to write, apart from the time gone, is that i end up having to wait very long before i can watch my shows! If i watch w/o writing at the same time, most likely I'd just be too lazy to re-watch and write. Or if i do, that'll be like a million years later.

Alright, lets began! Video from Hachi.A :)

NewImage3 of them today… eh wait THREE? I can't rem last week's preview… but 3 of them? Somebody mentioned right as the start the the game has ended. J: How many hours of game (have we played)? N: 5? Around 5. J: Amazing…! N: I'm tried already! 

NewImageAh… The unknown 3rd person walks off to elsewhere leaving N and J. That got me confused for a while -.-''' They start talking about how today's guest is rare/special, someone you've probably never seen before. (as in, never appeared on the show before as guests i think)NewImageNight time filming again. Probably close to 10pm already would be my guess… since they mentioned the actual recording time once when becky came and once when the 10 comedians came it was just past 10pm.

NewImageJ looks at some unknown stuff for a while before nodding his head and looking at the camera. They didn’t film what he was looking at though.

NewImageYay and it starts! The share house segment i mean :P

NewImageAHHHHHH now we get it. The  start off with talking about how J and N hasn’t paired up for this segments in a while, since the special. Then N complains that the 5 hour long wait was terrible. The staff helpful tells us the filming for the 'If you're an adult you should know it' segment ended 5 hours ago. Hahaha XD So they've been playing games since then eh? XD NewImageJ: Talking about that, today since you've entered TBS, you've been games for very long hours.. N: Yes very long! NewImageToday's guest is Chara! I love it when i don't have to google around for their romanji names XD Chara-san hardly ever goes on variety, hence the reason why the keep saying 'rare'. Chara-san is speaking really softy…! NewImageThey start off by talking about the last time they meet… in some music show. She requested for the Nino or something. J asked why she requested for him and she replied that it was cos he WAS popular. In the past tense. She correctly herself but only after Nino swatted her XD. She looks rather young (though sounds old), but she's actually 44 with a 17 year old daughter and a 12 year old son! She warns them not to get close to her daughter XD (which of cos J and N said she's too young anyway)NewImageShe wakes up at 5:30am everyday to make bento for her kids! NewImageThey start asking about her house… and she says her has various instruments around the house… J admits that he can't play any instrument although he's got a guitar and keyboard at home… NewImageNino seems to have gotten bored (actually me too, its not boring per say but the tension was really low… as can be seen by my lacklustre commentary) and decides its time to eat. It a dish that her son like… and aiba. Too bad aiba isn't here today. Mabo tofu! *claps* NewImageThey start cooking! J's task is to grind the peppers. NewImageShe asks what cuisine they'd want their girlfriends to make for them. J say's crab cream croquette… wahhhhhh i love croquettes too! And crab cream omg! *drools* Chara-san complains that its really troublesome to make. XD And nino? Hamburger XD. How expected ne? 

NewImageNino and guest laughing at J's crab cream, cos its so troublesome to make. nino say's he'll never meet a girl who makes the dish. (MJ fans, you all know what to do! XD)

NewImageDone! Or not… 

NewImageShe forgot to put in the peppers that J grounded LOL!

NewImageNow its finally finished :)

NewImageAnyone hungry yet?

NewImageAfter leading her to talk about her friends… one of Chara's friends show up!

NewImageJ and N are planning something while the new guest talks… i bet its about serving Aiba drink XD Ah… today's Share House is really really weird. The tension is like 0, occasionally jumping up to 5 or 10, then back to 0 in an instant. (out of a scale of 100.) The 'Adult show' segment is really hilarious though :)

NewImageYay finally something more funny :P Ok, it was aiba tea and not aiba drink XD Guest2 (sorry, can't catch her name T.T) did an imitation of chara-san long ago. Chara wants to see it but guest says she can't do it w/o music accompaniment and so… NewImageTada, Nino brings out the guitar!

NewImageSo Chara  play for the imitation Chara lol!

NewImageThe two starts rehearsing while Nino makes himself more comfortable...

NewImageWhat an adorable smile XD

NewImageNeen plays the drums XD

NewImageAnd it finally starts!

NewImageThe performance is just.. freaking hilarious XD

NewImageNewImageAnd they go again! Cos Chara wants to see it from the front XD

NewImageAnd photo taking!

NewImageAnd that ends the share house segment! Woots... that was really short wasn’t it?

Decided to split the review into two posts so that I don't have to wait forever for the photos to get uploaded. Lesser chance for marsedit to hang on my too :P
Read part 2 here

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Whee… finally got round to watching HnA! As usual, its screen cap spamming time! I'd write as I watch :)

Video from V@Hachi.A's blog :)

And so it starts!

All 5 of them with no guests!


This time the recording took place at night once again


At the entrance to the studio they saw a big tuna model


The board is getting really filled with photos ne?


Yay! All five of them!


The first thing that Sho asks after they settle down is Ohno and his American jokes! (on the episodes where Ohmiya host share house, Ohno told some jokes)


So Nino asks Ohno to say a joke… and ohno goes: "Today… its not written in the script. Usually they give an example in the script but its not written there today."

He question him a bit and then Ohno say's he remembers a joke.


The guys move so that Ohno can sit in his usual chair (when its Ohmiya pairing)


Sadly for ohno… just like the last time round, he got interrupt just before the punchline by the doorbell


and the person who rang the doorbell is?


They make Ohno open the door ^^


The person passes them a strange envelop and leaves...


Ohno carefully opens the envelop...


Its ok! Its not a bomb…! Just some DVDs



3 DVDs!

What to do? naturally they watch it..


Basically its a collection of (unseen) footage from past episodes!

First up was from the 1st episode, when J and nino were totally uninterested in the guests talk about putting sauces and other food into the fridge (as in, freezing the sauces and turning them into like ice cream)



Next up was the episode when Rola was a guest. They tease her about being talkative and she claims to be perfectly fine with not speaking, so they play a game - the first one to make a sound loses. They started playing with the teeth pressing crocodile toy… last 3 tooth left.


J is safe.


Rola is safe! That means aiba...


Haha what's with that face XD


But it ended up being roll who lost - cos she just couldn’t help it but react and made a kyaa sound… XD

Next is the Ohmiya with becky episode. Becky is known for trying very hard at everything, but she claims to be not trying so hard recently… so Nino decides to tease/test her while she prepares the cheese fondue… Instead of giving her the spoon she asked for Nino gets ohno to bring her...


Some suspicious looking thing...

You can see becky laughing when she sees what ohno hands her...



Yup! It’s a fruit peeler! Being the very hardworking becky though she plays along… (see nino smirking there XD )

This time Nino finds a...


Weighing scale which ohno faithfully brings over...

NewImageJ: "Sugoi desu ne? Becky can turn anything into a short comedy skit" Yup, that's what becky did with the 'props' our cheeky little boys found for her..

This time round its Ohno who finds something interesting...


A broom and dustpan!


Nino: "Just how hard do you try becky?"

Becky: "Yes, I tried really hard just now…" Yup, so that's all with Ohmiya teasing becky XD

Next is the episode where the 10 female comedians came...

Nino was asked who he likes best, and he mention the following person cos she's the most matured… and the two of them sit in the balcony together for some unknown reason...



She ended up being like too serious, and kind of put nino in a weird position.

Then there's the collection of 'aiba tea' reactions… XD


NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImage(nino looks bored watching the reactions though)

They cut and put in the reactions of many guests who drank the foul liquid so I'd stop the screen caps at here...

And then Aiba asked a question i've been dying to know as well...


A: "Why is the tea called 'Aiba tea'?

The guys discuss for a while but it seems like no one knows why. Aiba complains that it gives the guests a bad impression of him… they'll leave thinking that aiba (without the tea) is bitter! Aiba than proposes that they make new drinks for the show… XD

Apparently aiba had already prepared some new drinks that'll replace aiba tea on the show...


He prepared a total of 3 drinks… and dutifully poured 5 shots of the first drink...


How did it taste?


Turns out its this thing...


Aroeekisu? No idea what it is… but its supposed to be able to prevent constipation, high blood pressure, and can help relief stress.

Looks like it has strong after effect as judged by leader's face


With that they try out no. 2. Turns out that this one smells really bad… they decide to play janken to pick a loser.


J Ohno and sho lost in the first round



Sho bites his thumb… for luck? XD

Didn’t help though… yama pair battle it out!


and sho loses wahaha



Sho: "yabai x n"

And the punishment!


Oh-chan looks on nervously as Sho gulped down the unknown liquid



Sho: "What's this?"


The liquid was...


moromi vinegar. No idea what moromi is, google translate tells me 'mash' but it doesn’t make sense does it? This vinegar is supposed to reinvigorate you and make you beautiful.

J get curious and decides to take a sip...


and again ^.^


and ohno tried it as well...



And turns into a gorilla? XD

Time for drink no. 3!


And all J did was to smell the thing… haha!

N: "This thing will make me vomit!"


Jankan once more!


Aiba loses and..



He passes the cue cards to sho-kun to read this time round


Noni juice… that's supposed to remove languor from your body and can strengthen your immune system!

They decide on adding no. 1 to the drink selection, since its looks and smells harmless. Aiba wants drink no. 1 to replace aiba tea, but the rest insist that no. 1 be added ON TOP of aiba tea.


They give aiba a choice of two names, aiba juice or aiba drink. Aiba picks aiba drink, and a new drink is decided for the show! XD


With that, they watch the second disk. The first disk about about the guest's actions, while this second disk is about arashi's actions...

First up is nino… the complain? He got more and more relaxed in each share house episode… from this:


To stage 1: sleeping while aiba and the guest were preparing food



Stage 2: Lying down when aiba was chatting with the guests



Stage 3:



LOL Nino!

Next up is Jun-pon… they complied all the times when the members gossiped about J on the show. Like that time when Nino demonstrated the stoic J...


The gossip continued even when J wasn’t around...


J says Tadaima, Oyasumi to himself even though there's no one in the house.


J is happy when the other members calls him… well, J.


MatsuJun becomes 'Gentle J' in front of ladies.

Next is aiba! No only is he accident prone… he also goes 'Gomen ne' x n when an accident occurs… e.g.



So basically the staff counted how many times he said gomen and...


It came up to a grand total of 36 times!

The asked a psychologist to view and videos… and the psychologist said that those who say 'gomen' (sorry) many times in a row shows that they don't actually mean what they say, meaning that aiba was just paying lip service and not actually feeling sorry :P

Next up is Ohno!

Hahaha… after the guest finish, the members return to their own rooms… except for Ohno…


O: Shall we go back? Shall we go to sleep?

S:  Shall we sleep?

O: Ja… shall we sleep together?

S: *chocks*

Staff: Plenty of laughter

S: We are sleep at the same time but… we are not sleeping together.

O: I'll go up first


Bauhahaha Ohno XD


And again!


O: "Go on to the unknown world!"

And with nino...


He ask nino to open the door than happily shoved nino in XD


And again with nino… he opened sho's door but...



And it goes on!


Next up we have Sho!

Sho's fated meeting with Ohno!


Ohno was is Osaka, and since he was free he went to the festival with his manager… There were about 900 thousand people at the festival…


But the two of them met XD


And so that ends the 2nd Dvd!

The members question leader and ask him to pick his most favourite member...


He picks J!

3rd DVD! Some overly dangerous clips that got cut!

This one is about… Nino's questions being too ero, hence got cut!


They were talking about the hot spring scene in their movie yellow tears… and aiba was asking the guest how would girls cover up during such scenes, to which the guest replied that she hasn’t done such scenes before. And Nino asked: "What about in your daily life? Like if you go to hot springs with your friends?" (^.^)


Ohno and his 'making friends with birds in NYC central park XD'


Basically he was demonstrating how he 'made friends with the birds'. Apparently he spent 2 hours talking with the birds… the guest ask if he feed the birds anything, to which ohno replied that he gave the birds water XD

After watching the Dvd, the guys pack up and head back to their rooms


Leaving J and Ohno alone


J: I think i'll sleep here

O: Eh why?

O: You can't sleep there...


And after J enters his room...



Hahaha, he gets caught halfway by Nino!


And aiba's turn this time XD

NewImageNewImageO: Ah i want to use the toilet


He races up the stairs after aiba goes back into his room


But J was blocking the door!


So he gave up and charged into Sho's room haha!

And that's the end! Woots, that took a long time to write :P


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