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Watched the raw and I was so amused with this batsugame.Because Riida lost to the tug of war looking game with Sakurai, he had to do a batsugame before proceeding to the next corner.

His batsugame was to announce the ten parts of himself he liked.
I found it both cute and funny how he struggled through. Probably because it was too embarrasing to mention some of the things without coming off as bigheaded. Haha! Enjoy the translation, full text in my journal cos I'm still editing through the last parts <3
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Part 2! Last mission! Have i reviewed last mission segments before? o.o Anyway, its gonna be one hell of a fun mission today so, enjoy!

Go back to part 1?

Woots, they really didn’t waste time on all the openings talk and entrance this time! Kinda caught me by surprise… (Unless its cos it got cut off by the video provider? o.o)

NewImage1st mission: Skipping! 200 rounds! Loser will have to put on a serious kissing act! Serious as in, not fooling around kind…. since it’s a punishment yeah…? As with the 'revamped' last mission, they get a sports comedian to fight it out with arashi, so the chances of arashi losing is… really high XD

NewImageOhno starts off strong! The guest guy tripped a bit and is slow… 

NewImageBut he recovered and started going really fast! 

NewImageLeader picks up his pace as he tries to beat sho

NewImageSho seemed to have tripped while the camera was on the audience… cos his count stopped for a while and ohno got a nice lead.

NewImageAs expected, the guests wins!

NewImageSho tripped and kinda just.. gave up :X

NewImageLOL sho was tying his shoe lace! Anyway ohno comes in 2nd so… XD

NewImageOhno's all tired out from the exercise 

NewImageGuest (those female guests watching): Sho is really bad at skip rope!

NewImageLol Sho's face! They comment that sho makes really big movements as he jumps. Like he'd move his body back and forth… so it becomes really tiring.

NewImageS: At first i was skipping in a really cool manner, then it got more and more nerdy...

NewImageSo its time to see Sho's real kissing face!

NewImageSho walks around the platform, unsure of how to do it. A guest audience helpfully narrates how aiba did it… : he touch the hair, then did this yes pose, before the kiss. S: He really did a lot of extra stuff...

NewImageNewImageS: Its almost christmas ne?NewImageS: Where shall we go this year? 
S: let's make good memories once more , increase the count (of the good memories) by one

NewImageNewImageNewImageS: yes! 
So much so for calling aiba extra… you copied him in the end!NewImage

NewImageNewImageLol sho! He didn’t move his lips one bit! You sure that counts as a kiss?

NewImageEmbarrassed sho XD

NewImageScrap that. I think he's traumatised XD
Guest audience comments on how he talked a lot XDNewImageOhno jealous? XDNewImage Sho say he now understand the situation is some manga… Ashita no Joe (tomorrow's joe). I have no idea what that manga is about though.

NewImageSeems like it’s a boxing manga and the very last scene is a white skeleton.

Edit: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] parfum3 for this info!
Ashita no Joe is a famous boxing manga that's almost like a classic in the manga history.
the line 真っ白な灰になった (I became white ash) is THE famous line in the manga. It's after the main character gave everything to the match and was exhausted beyond the limit. So that in that drawing the guy is dead from injuries and exhaustion.

NewImageO: Its like a punishment game for those viewing as well ne?

NewImageSho: You're fooling around/ you're lying! x n

NewImageWithout giving sho much time to recover, the 2nd mission is announced! The punishment: Say 10 things that you like about yourself.

NewImageDon't looks sad sho! The mission hasn’t even been announced yet!

NewImageO: 10? S: So  embarrassing! 

NewImageThe compete with rope sumo! Its like tag of war, they stand on the small blue platform, and whoever falls first loses! Three person takes turns to play (with the guest fighter). Whoever loses 2 rounds in a row is the overall loser! Aiba lost right away on this item the last time :P

NewImageThey are up against this guy. Like seriously? HAHAHA. You might as well not get a guest fighter and just have Ohno and SHo battle it out amongst themselves… since they can't win against the guest fighter anyway :P 

NewImageNewImageThey'll be fighting Hiro. Who weight is like… 2 and a half arashi members. Eh… seriously… impossible to win. Its not like arashi are some ultra muscular guys and all ya know?

NewImageSho: *cough cough* 

NewImageSo yeah. Its starts XD

NewImageO: Uwah for real?

NewImageO: Eh we are starting now?

NewImageNewImageThe starting bell rings! Hiro tugs. Ohno falls! It happened so fast and my comp lagged a little so by the time i could stop the video, it was all over already… -.-''' Yeah. That fast.

NewImageNewImageThat was like… 3 seconds?

NewImageIf he loses to Sho, Ohno will be the overall loser!

NewImageNewImageSho gasps!

NewImageLeader stones in the foam. 

NewImageRed box: Killed/finished off in seconds.

NewImageHe raises an eyebrow… They replay his fall a few times. O: I don't know what happened at all!

NewImageMC: If you lose the next one, you have to do the mission. O: really?  ><

NewImageIts sho VS ohno next. 

NewImageO: Oh you can do this? (moving its hands to the back so that the rope slacks)
MC: yes, Ohno just realise it. You can setup the opponent. 

NewImageNewImageNewImageThe battle begins!

NewImageOhno tugs a little, then sho tugs and ohno manages to use his newly learnt move

NewImageOhno pulls back at sho too. More pulls from both sides...

NewImageThey pull back and forth quickly...

NewImageBut its ohno who loses his balance!

NewImageSho is ultra relieved! 

NewImageNewImageNewImageWhile sho celebrates and continuously pump his fists in the air… ohno lies on the foam...

NewImageSho says Kitajima Kosuke's famous line "Nan mo ie ne!" (i can't say anything!)

NewImageO: I'm bad at this! I really don't know what was going on...
NewImage O: Ne sho-chan sho-chan, why did i move like that? S: I don't know!
so cute to see ohno calling sho like that! NewImage So yup. 10 things Ohno likes about himself! Its also ohno's 1st ever mission.

NewImageNewImage1) Extraordinarily gentle

NewImage2) I hardly ever get angry.
Sho agrees: That' s a good pointNewImage 3) my ears are exceptionally soft.
S: I didn’t know that!
Ohno starts squishing his ears to prove his point.NewImage Ohno smiles a little as he ponders the 4th point

NewImageNewImageO: 4th point. I love my dance.

NewImageEveryone claps and cheers Ohno on while he looks really embarrassed. S: What about your singing voice?

NewImage5) Clear voice

NewImageS: Well said! Well said!

NewImageOhno appears to be deep in thought.

NewImage6) Baby face!
Hahaha i totally agree! its just that he acts like an old man sometimes… XDNewImage

NewImageS: Did he just realise it while looking at the monitor?

NewImageO: Compared to most men, my hands are more beautiful 

NewImageNewImage8) If I'm really into something, I'd really bury myself completely into it.
Such a nice laugh XDNewImage O: 9th point…
Then he wiggles his eyebrows and nose about in hesitation... 

NewImageBackground: Ganbarre ganbarre!NewImage He suddenly straightens up and says it. 9) I'm good at drawing. 
Everyone claps and cheers!NewImage

NewImageO: I really don't like this! Last, Last...

NewImage10) My nose is beautiful XD
Haha yes, that pretty, slightly hooked nose… XDNewImage

NewImageSo that's his list of 10 things he loves about himself… to recap..
1) Very gentle
2) Hardly gets angry
3) Soft ears
4) Good at dancing
5) clear voice
6) baby face
7) pretty hands
8) gets very engrossed in stuff he likes
9) good at drawing
10) pretty nose



S: The baby face person became an old man at the end
Yeah you totally nailed it sho! XDNewImage Aw look at Ohno hugging himself on the stairs. O: This is not only difficult...

NewImageO: but… in the end, i think of it a lot ya? (like, he thinks of a lot of good points about himself)
Everyone laughs… sho is beside himself with laughter.
O: because I'm force to say it, its really embarrassing!  While I'm saying i got confused/lost.
S: Saying that your dance is good is like over coming a huge barrier yeah?NewImage O: And after that saying that my voice is clear I'm thinking aint i am idiot to say that?

NewImageMC: Next we move on to the last mission. Sakurai-san, its enjoyable isn't it?
Sho: Yeah it is XD Wining or losing will really decide your fate! Really!
MC:: Ohno-san how about you?
O: I've lost all my confidence…. 
For the last mission, the loser has to copy the comedians act! These are the acts they copied in the previous episodes...

NewImageAnd the mission is...

NewImageCandle blowing! Last time sho and ohno did it too and sho lost cos he was laughing too much to blow properly! And he ended up doing the comedy act in the previous pic… Its quite self explanatory right? You stand at one end of the table and blow, the person who extinguishes the least number of candles lose!


They'll be fighting against this guy! Nice muscles… but will it help him blow candles? XD Ohno did quite well the previous time, so i don't think he'll have a problem… i wonder if sho can blow properly this time… last time round it was with nikishido and yokoyama and they were laughing so much and couldn’t blow properly… in the end i think sho and yoko tied and at the tie breaker, ohno gave sho 'words of encouragement' which just made sho laugh even more, causing him to lose XD 

NewImageSo it’s the 3 of them! They did janken (scissor papers stones) to decide the order! 1st up is kinnikun (the muscle guy), 2nd ohno, 3rd sho.


NewImageMuscles =/= lung capacity or candle blowing technique XD He blew out merely 11 candles!

NewImageOpps, its 12 sorry, didn’t see the blown out 13th candle XD So there's a great chance for sho and ohno to win this! Ganbarre! 

NewImageStone face. XD

NewImageI bet he's thinking 'yes yes! we are safe!'

NewImageNewImageOhno's turn! Aw look at his nice, serene face! Calm, cool and composed. That's our leader XD

NewImageHe seems to be eyeing the candles really closely...

NewImageHe takes a deep breath and prepares to blow!

NewImageOr not… he shifted his position a bit and prepares himself...

NewImageAs expected of leader! A strong blow! Not all of those are completely extinguished though, he'll lit up again when he stops blowing...

NewImageWoots! How many is that! 21? Ohno looks smug :)

NewImageHe raises his fist triumphantly! 

NewImageNewImageYay i didn’t count wrongly this time! 21 candles! Great work ohno!

NewImageSho is impressed XD

NewImageNewImagehahaha. I think the staff is being nice to arashi for the last mission… by giving them a task that they can actually excel in VS those crazy muscle guys. Unlike the rope sumo which i still think is impossible XD

NewImageOhno said something about 'i did it again' XD He must be extremely relieved after that traumatising declaration. (its ok leader, we loved it!)

NewImageSho's turn! He only needs 13 or more to not become the loser!

NewImageNewImageFocus sho! Focus! You can't blow properly when you're laughing!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOhno looks on anxiously… 

NewImageThey anxiously count how many sho extinguished...

NewImageHe managed to blow out 14!

NewImageNewImageHe did it! XD

NewImageThe loser is Kinnikun!

NewImageHe has to copy Hiroshi's gag!

NewImageNewImageEveryone claps in approval XD
and the show starts!NewImage

NewImageHiroshi does the act first, before Kinnikun.

Sorry, but i can't get what he's saying. Its something like: I'm hiroshi. <something happens> then <someone cries/some negative response in relation to whatever he did> kind of format. Or like some small character appeared on television more then he did… that kind of 'I'm so pathetic' talk. For the whole talk its like that. Since i can't get the meaning of part of the talk, it ends up not funny any more :(

NewImageI wonder what the golden words on sho and ohno's cardigan says? Yeah totally off topic here :P I don't get the skit :(
ah this part i could get. "Why did kinnikun lose? I wanted to do a comedy skit with arashi!" 

NewImageSho totalled LOLed at that XD

NewImageThat ends hiroshi's part! its kinnikun's turn now!


Yay, his talk is much easier to understand… roughly it goes like this:
Kinnikun desu. (I'm kinnikun). I was told that i must not lose, but in the end i still lost. NewImageKinnikun desu. Just now when i went back stage, none of the staff would look at me in the eye.
Kinnikun desu. Today's task didn’t involve moving the body (i.e. its not really a sport), right now… @#$@#$@#% whole body something…. can't get him here, sorry. 
Kinnikun desu. I'm feeling really really horrible now.
Kinnikun desu. From tomorrow onwards I'm going to… not sure, but i think its something like I'm going to study harder.
Kinnikun desu x n
The end of skit.NewImageThat's all for today's episode folks! 
Preview for next week's HnA: 

NewImageShare house guest will be inoue mao!

NewImageNinoai next week! 

NewImageNewImageAiba doing weird stuff o.o

NewImageIts mannequin must item next week!

Finished! That was difficult! The skit part i mean… couldn’t understand the bulk of it, but hopefully the bit i managed to catch can let you understand the gist of what Hiroshi's comedy acts are about.

Hehe, wanted to post this last night but in the end I'm only posting it like 18 hours later… oh wells :P 


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