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These 2 or 3(?) weeks will look like Arashi invasion on TV. All those things that they do in Hawaii are finally being broadcasted (it's about time!). From Shiyagare, VSA (the crying Ohno episode, and I wonder how much beer they drank during that session alone), NHK, and I'm not even sure what else LOL. Am pretty sure there'll be subs everywhere for these and rest assure when Arashi is left alone, things get interesting and naturally funny (afterall, it's their strength). But after I watched NHK documentary, I thought of doing snippets of this documentary because NHK did such a good job on it, and I won't be surprised Arashi gained even more fans after this. Seriously, they captured sides of Arashi that are rarely shown to the public, especially them in the working mode. This documentary trully show how dedicated they are to their job and they do it with heart too. Lots of consideration towards their surroundings are given to not only fans, but also the staffs in order to produce an output. No wonder everybody loves to work with Arashi.

*Note: I may translate things wrongly since my Japanese is limited, but I'll do my best. Do let me know if there's points that I do incorrectly.


Snip snip snip... )

Gah! Too many feels... Once again 15周年おめでとう!


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