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Hello Hello! This month is September!
The Paralympics just passed, and
September is also the month where..Arashi celebrates their anniversary! 000hfyd1
This year is 5x13! Omedettou!! 71032_300
Wishing them more anniversaries to come in the future! Bringing the J-Storm to even more parts of the world!199

This month, I bring a review showing Arashi accomplishing mission as a group,
showing their perserverance and determination amd group work!
and also the theme related to Paralympics.... Wheelchair Basketball !

D no Arashi: Episode 25 (031217)
Arashi learning the sport !

Arashi teamwork!                       This handstack 184 is before the start of the game
                                                            This handstack 195 is trying to snatch the score back to their team.                             

Bonus collage.
I got excited during screencapping because I was watching this episode before the airing of his 24HrTV SP ;)

Just look at him! He's such a darling!

And this episode has A no Arashi! Time for some Aiba's wacky experiments! Involving a chameleon?
And how will a stealthy chameleon drive all 5 of them shouting crazily (esp Oh-chan!)

They just looked like 5 little boys laughing and giggling away at the Master Chameleon

-End of review! Comments and discussion are welcomed! 178
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It is the start of August! So many things will be happening in August!
Jun's birthday, Olympics, 24Hr TV.
Where should I start? ;D

My August Chatter xD )

Today's reviews are on 2 episodes where Arashi played sports!

G no Arashi
Episode 6 and 10
Airdate: 051109 &

 'G' in the title means 'gambarimasu' , translating to words of encouragement like 'hold on!', 'keep going!'.
The show's aim was to help different people in different ways.

For both episodes, I recommend that you directly skipped to the part where they are playing the sports
because the front segment of them listening to their "clients'" stories is well, quite boring.
Skip the video to around 5 minutes onwards.

I would recommend Episode 10 because of the sports played.

The first sport resembles tennis.
They clearly enjoyed the game (they said it themselves too!)
and they played and laughed happily and innocently hehehe ;D 

Bratty Nino making fun of sho-sports-fails

Episode 10 )

Episode 6 )
Episode 6 will be on 2 sports, kabadi and ominikin boru.

The latter is more interesting because it is similar to catching,
a game where players try to catch players from opposition team.

I thought Arashi looked like elementary school kids having fun!
With this game comes the episode's highlight of riida being grabbed passionately!
And look out for his shocked expression haha!

Next month will be the Paralympics and I had prepared an Arashi Bangumi review related to the theme.
Do look forward to it! :D 

Thanks for reading!

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info by yabai@DW

she picked the episodes that she liked.. though she also said that the other episodes are great too (=

the list )


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