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Remember the times when Arashi was not A-list stars? When their show had insufficient funding for programs, these no money SPs episodes comes along.

Ohh~forgive my incorrect spelling of Shukudai-kun -_-"
Aiba's board game and punishments which include face painting on stocking-over-the-heads and chikubi T-shirts.

If the above description is not your cup of tea, give this episode a miss.
If you are fine with the above description, then be prepared to dive into the eccentric world of japanese entertainment shows~
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Arashi no shukudai-kun
Episode 50  
Airdate: 070917
Guest: Yamada Yuu

For this episode, there will be lots of fun!

First, there will be some eating

Ohno scooped directly from the pot (Look at Yamada's surprised face!)
Delicious food make him faint upon eating!

And lots of stretching for Yoga class

Mr Air muscles got some help from his group mates.

Epic face guy.

Then, they tried more poses

Ohno stretch like a pro. See how professional he looked!

And Sho stared at the the yoga poses in disbelief :D 
He tried doing the pose... but....


Maybe some non-stretching poses are suitable for Mr Air muscles?

Not quite... he look like an overturned fishy... Kowaii....

Skipping time! 

Dual skipping. AMNO tried.

(hahaha at the first pic. Yamada's hair ;p )

Seems like Jun may have the idea to skip.

How did Jun x Aiba's dual skipping went?
Oh my AIba hair fetish

--- End of review! Comments are treasured !!! --------

Readers, please feel free to post your reviews in this comm! Don't be shy :D
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Arashi no shukudai-kun Episode 166
Guest: Shizuru
Hello!! *waves* 
This is my first time posting a review in this comm. Please take care of me. Yoroshiku!!  m(_ _)m

* introduced segments are according to order in the show
* overall comment: This episode is riida centered because he acted the comedy skit with the guests.

uuhhh-ah... one of the guest clashed clothings with Jun!
They resolved by playing Janken. Winner gets to continue wearing the shirt

For one moment, I thought DoS Jun is going to get angry. But he suggested Janken, Arashi's favourite way to settle matters

They tried hotpot and riida was spotted sitting in between the guest,
helping himself with the food even before the guests did!!

He even asked them to "C'mmon, help yourselves with it!",
Look how enjoyed he was!!

He did two short comedic skits with the guests.
PS: The second skit have more wacky riida's expressions.

The first skit

The second skit

lol look at riida's facial expression!!

Oh, I think this scene is more well-known right? The baka-toothpick-into-the-nose stunt.

And lastly, our magician have to flex his tricks to end the year-end party nicely (;

End of my review!! Hope you like it!! Comments are appreciated!
Btw, I like what this comm is doing!
Reviewing episodes
so that fellow fans know which episode can be given dl priority.
Cheers for [livejournal.com profile] arashi_bangumi !!
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Arashi no Shukudai-kun!
80 seconds talk!

This is the first post of 2012! 
Today's review is on an episode with so many fun!
A mere 23plus minutes of episode, yet so much things to watch! :D
 3 hours worth of crazy screencap and compiling xD  

Without further ado, let's start!

Yes, this is the episode where there's
Kawaii "Maids", and nekko (cats),
Drunkards and sumos :D

Read more... )

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Arashi no Shukudai-kun EP #93
Guest: (Haruna Ai)
Airdate: 080621

Haruna Ai talks about the someone in Arashi is fancy of her. In this episode, her "dream" got fulfilled because her "crush" was very meticulous to her hahaha (; Haruna imitate another actress's dance and also talked about the cost of her operations.

Expect entertainment whenever comedians are in the show. That's the professional level of Japanese comedians. These comedians are always so ready to say their secrets and share information when most people are uncomfortable sharing. Intriguing that although Japan is quite a conservative country, but sideline cultures like cosplay, trangenderism is so a norm in their country. Japan is really interesting (;
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woohoo.. first review on Shukudai-kun !

What can be nicer than watching these guys trying their best !
Title: Arashi no Shukudai Kun ep 62.
Airdate: 071210

episode full of fun!  )


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