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Hi all!

How's everyone doing? Personally, I've been busy trying to catch up with all the Arashi variety shows.... After like over a year of not watching their shows... It's tough to catch up again. At least I've cut down my backlog to just about 7 months now! I'm at like... Dec 2016! :P Soon~! Soon I'll make it to this year's shows!

Anyway... I'm really enjoying their shows... And I'm liking Gutto! Sports so much that I've decided to make an episode guide! (That, and cos the show just started... I love Aiba Manabu a ton too but there's so many episodes to go back and look through if I were to do an episode guide so...) I've included links to the wikipedia or other pages about the athletes too, so if you're interested, you're just one click away from reading up! :)
I'd like to do a short summary to each episode for Gutto! Sports too... Like just introducing the 'keywords' used and so on... But then knowing me... 'Short summaries' tend to end up not so short... We'll see :X

I've also been hard at work updating the Arashi ni Shiyagare Episode Guide as I watch. 

These links have been added to the sidebar for easy reference!

Also... This comm has been really quiet recently. Here's a call for all members to share your own review for Arashi shows! <3

That's all for this post. Happy watching Arashi shows!
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hello! mari is here again xp

today I wanna write my review of arashi ni shiyagare SP, it was a long day with kame and yamapi drama after it!!! I will try to talk about as much as I remember because I lot happen! and of course I will talk about my sakuraiba 

here in my DW

or here in my LJ
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Hello! [ profile] nijininare here! I posted this review on a new community called [ profile] storm_freaks! :) We're a new ARASHI loving community with a little something special for active community members. (Check out the community to see what I mean!)

This is a lengthy episode review, hope you enjoy!

Episode Number: 236
Guest: Ito Atsushi

Today's guest it Ito Atsushi who is best known for his first ever role which was a show called Kamen Norida back in 1989! A show which even Riida remembers!

But wait a minute...before you think he's an old man with babyfaced features, he isn't! He's actually the same age as Nino and Matsujun (born Nov. 25, 1983) and he's a meat lover! Hence 3 meat-related segments! :)

Read more... )

Read more... )
They had to do kick the panels with ingredients and for the panels they knock out, they get that ingredient for teppanyaki. Think kicking sniper but with panels and the center is the rare cut of delicious beef.

There was no meat in this segment. Didn't bother to review it as much since the boys ended up cooking smelt ( a teeny tiny fish).

I'll do ratings per segment before I give the overall rating. By the end of this post you'll see how many "lightnings" (it's storm-freaks afterall) the episode gets from me! :)

I love yakiniku and I love food, so I would willingly grade this  segmentwith a 5/5.

BUT if you aren't such a fan of food related topics OR you prefer ARASHI doing more active activities than quiz type activities the segment with the guest will definitely bore you.
Even more so if you don't feel the need to learn about the different parts of the cow. XD

I wish they did more active style games like they did for the last than having 2 quizzes. We prefer our adorkables running about right? XD
So that gives a cost for some demerits! -2! So...3/5

Before we give a final digit, let's do a thorough evaluation!

This episode had me laughing at the way Matsumoto was narrating his episode. It was very...unnatural yet so amusing. (MJ sometimes can be a bit boring for my liking but this one amused me.) I also liked how MatsuJun does something down to earth (get the pun? XD).

But I'm all for variety shows showing an educational side in a way that won't let our internet glued generation change channels.
Jun didn't snap as much as he does and he seems to be genuinely interested in what he's doing. (I honestly, think amidst all that glamour Mr. Stoic is just a good natured guy)

I'm not Jun-biased but this episode makes me want to give it 5/5

This time he's against very well experienced men who work in an industry that requires them to do such work!

You have to give it to Miracle boy. He never loses heart. Haha! <3
I like that he's more strategic. So...4/5!

Answers to questions from Meat Quiz #1
Tell me how well you did if you tried answering! XD

  1. Lemon (Look who's so marching so happily after getting the answer right. XD

  2. It's the nose!

  3. Rib bone!

  4. Eating ox tongue with lemon.

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Sharing a full episode review from my journal to this community. Thought more people could be able to read it here. I have to say Tanaka AD is one of my favorite people. I mean seriously, how many people can piss MatsuJun off? Hahaha!
The LJ cuts are going crazy. For some reason you should be able to click on the segment you watch to watch. It isn't appearing the way it. I'll try to fix it as soon as I figure out what's wrong.


To be extremely honest, the episode preview was “okay”. I didn’t feel particularly excited by the segments nor by the guest. Let’s be honest, Matsumoto Jun never fails to deliver on his challenges even if he has a number of less than impressive moments, in the end he always manages to pull it off.

Nino’s segment was about the difficulty of being left handed. It doesn’t seem as interesting as his previous segments…and I’m saying this as someone who likes his segment. (His is second to Leader's then Sho's segment comes a close third).

Matsumoto’s caption was: Ritualistic Okonomiyaki making. (The kanji refers to a Shinto Ritual but it can also mean superhuman, ritualistic, divine. I thought superhuman is the best.)

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Hello! This will be my first post. Thanks to [ profile] coolohoh, I learned about this community and with a little encouragement, I thought to share one of the reviews I made a while back. I've been posting snippets of Arashi ni Shiyagare. Since the renewal Ohno-san's corner has been my favorite and up til now (even with MatsuJun's birthday episode) it still is.

Taken from my journal (posted last July 30, 2015)

I'll just be reviewing Ohno-san's corner for today since I noticed I've put focus on Sakurai Sho's corner a little too much...

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[Go back to Part 1?]

Yay part 2! Because was getting pretty long!

Looong review! )

And that’s it! The end of the show! Hope you liked the review! Whee finally finished it!!!! Yay!!!!

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Wahahaha! Another review, and again it’s delayed for so long! What, a whole week? It’s been a really crazy week. Rule violations… my phone dying… T.T

My phone dying really sucked… Wasted two evenings running around bringing my phone to repair phones and I think it’s a lost cause. Motherboard is fried. A freakin 64GB iPhone 5S!!! And I’ve only used it for freaking 16 months! Not that long, but already out of the 1 year warranty. Sucks!!! Can’t recontract till 4 months later too… ARGHS! I originally planned to use the phone for THREE years!!!!


Frustrations aside...

Again, this is another subbed episode… which is actually a good thing because it saves me the typing muahaha! Just read the subs in the pics ok? XD

Edit: This review NEVER finished in that week I planned to. A whole month delay now? Or more! Wahahaha!

PS: I compiled a list of Japanese vocab from this episode over here if you are interested.

Looooong review under cut! Be warned! )
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This episode may not be one of those gold episodes but I had fun watching it, plus it's the 200th episode (!), plus I like the hot uncle Osawa Takao. Though he's burnt and skinny in this episode, partly due to his movie, good looking guys are easily forgiven LOL. Obviously Sho-chan & Matsujun had too much fun in this segment as well as Osawa-san himself. He practically tried so hard not to LOL throughout the segment. The Aiba 'Dandy' Masaki segment with Yoshida Kotaro was half amuzing, but I'm not particularly fond of it. The last part is the Shiyagare making Nino WORKed again on his day off. They might as well just make a gaming segment for Nino (him playing games, talk about cheats & strategies), rather than making him do all those weird & awkward thing. I think that'll be more fun & amuzing to watch. I'd think that'd be fair as the rest of the boys get to do what they wanted to do.

vlcsnap-2015-03-15-16h44m27s64 (Custom)vlcsnap-2015-03-15-16h44m43s222 (Custom)
Since it's 200th Episode (Omedetou!) we have these 2 guests.

200th Episode... )
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Woah woah woah. It’s been so long since I did a bangui review! Things just got too busy! I doubt I’ll be more free this year… but I do always keep reviews at the back of my mind!!! I do enjoy doing it after all!

Well today’s review will be a short one though. Really! It’ll be like, the shortest review I’ve ever done. That is if anyone still remembers me anyway… It’s been so long since I was last actively doing reviews here. What, two years? Anyway it’s a short one because I think many people would have seen this episode long ago. I mean, it aired over two weeks ago and the subs were out over a week ago after all? Still, enjoy! XD

PS: I posted about some Japanese vocab from this episode here if you are interested.
It's the End of the World girls! )

Hai! And that’s was all for today’s episode! XD

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I do the caps for this episode because of the keihan (chicken rice). It looks so healthy and yummy, plus Matsujun loves it (if we follow Matsujun's kinda food, I think we can loose weight well LOL). I'm skipping the rest of Tsuyoshi's segment and the MC MJ corner though Matsujun has some funny fail moments there.

Are, today's sensei is in bad mood?
Keihan... )
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Was digging through my old files and came across this review that I did 2 years ago! Was meant to be shared during Ohno's birthday but forgot to do so until now!

Happy birthday Riida, thanks for leading Arashi by letting them grow and mature in their own unique ways. A leader without really being the leader, so much depth to it !

This episode has Ohno in really funny scenes. Ohno probably like the aniki a lot. Look at how enjoyable Ohno was when embracing aniki !
lol the rest of arashi dancing in circles while Ohno enjoys his hug

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Have you guys heard Digitalian? <3 While having the feels of the PV (shake it shake your body!), the making (FINALLY, after all these years), and off course the album, we still have the boys' regular shows, and this Shiyagare is half half fun and not as fun (well, it's not super mundane but oh well, let's just say that last week's better, and probably the guests play a part too). The second segment, the fashion show with 100K JPY budget, is just full of trolling and LOL.
So, caps away... )
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I think this can be considered one of those episode that you should watch. Ayase Haruka + Arashi is always a delight to watch. Lots of trolling, lots of fails, lots of Arashi playing onee, yes yes, it's a very fun episode. Just caps only may not convey how funny some parts are, so you have have have to watch it yourself, especially the second half.

2 very fun segments for our entertainment!!!
TONS of caps away... )
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So, this Arashi vs Kanjani8 game on Shiyagare for 24Hr TV is going to be an annual thingy? Well, not that I'm complaining because Arashi becomes fiercely competitive when they're up against Kanjani8. Yoko provoking them with Kanjani Shiyagara and the new one, Yoko-san to replace Nino-san is just some spices.

So many things going on in this episode with random games picked and battles between Arashi vs Kanjani by members. But this episode highlights is Matsujun, the birthday boy.

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The first half is about shinsengumi quick history and tidbits and 2nd half is a fake iron chef on harapeko kids' bentou with Anne as guest for the whole show. Both are funny, but I hope somebody will sub this episode because I have no idea what they're talking about on Shinsengumi history and all, and I'm too lazy to go look up on every single kanji (the names!!! OMG, might as well wiki the whole shinsengumi history thingy). If you don't feel like being spoonfed with speed course of shinsengumi (but you'll be missing small hilariousness of what makes our boys Arashi that we love, well it's your choice, just saying LOL), then you can watch the hilarious bentou competition (tons of hilarity induced here).

Shinsengumi segment... )
Fake Iron Chef segment... )
Overall, a good episode, AniShi is doing quite good lately for me :) If last week's highlight is Sho-chan, this week is about Aiba-chan XD
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Not a superb episode, I'm not really sure what the producer's thinking when they do the first segment. The topic is around the 'girly force of dudes' *I don't know what's the exact translation as I couldn't find it in the dictionary. It's something to justify the dudes to act girly without being labeled as Onee aka gay. Maybe this is a generation gap thingy because I don't find it interesting, in fact, even Arashi themselves are not really into the topic and they just went a long with it just like any other job (they're are pro after all).

First segment... )

On the other hand, the 2nd segment is more interesting to me, and this is thanks to Sho-chan. It's a simple segment of basically Sho-chan and the guest Suzuki Ryota presented their recommendation on where to go for your summer vacation.
Sho-chan clearly showcase places where he actually went before (as we all know it): Ankor wat (Cambodia); St Petersburg (Rusia) and Istanbul (Turkey), while the guest never go to any of the places that he recommended LOL. I think the result is rather staged but nevertheless, it's quite fun to watch.

Second Segment... )

So, this episode is totally saved by Sho-chan! He's the highlight :)
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The spring season for drama is almost over, how is everyone enjoying Ohno and Nino's drama? Nino's birthday is this month but I didn't manage to make a Nino bangumi review. Gomen Nino, I will do it for next month, it's a promise!

Oh and the Arashi concert in Hawaii and concert screening in Shanghai. Latest update on 16 June: There will be screening of Wakuwaku in SIngapore too! Woots!! ohh!! the new upcoming movie featuring all 5 of them!! Certainly, being an Arashi fan is always in for many many surprise right !

Jya, this month's review shall feature Ohno our dear group's leader in Shiyagare @ 121201
I chose this episode because riida is leading this wonderful group called Arashi ! Therefore this month's review is on him~

The episode that features about the wonders of the human brain.

Episode highlight:

  • MatsuJun interacting with kids. See how he reacts with this bunch of children who does unpredictable things..

  • The art-talented Ohno is able to...

  • Some Arashi members as sniffers

  • The scientist talking about the wonders of the brain (not as boring as I thought !)

a few more pictures here )
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Part 1 over here.

Ok, let's continue on with the review!
Let Aiba's performance continue! )

And that ends this episode of AnShi and this review!

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Ok, so I know many people would like me to review AnShi, so here’s an AnShi episode for all of you! The previous episode of AnShi is really funny too, but someone has subbed it already… so if you want do watch it, do join the comm! (Oh wow, it’s a new subbing comm, i should sign up too :P)

Honestly I was worried after the AnShi revamp at first, because I was worried that the staff might be running out of ideas for the show, and that it may be going down the road of HnA (you know how at the end they were coming out with all sorts of new segments to try and revive the show, but to be nothing but the share house segment really worked). But I guess i was wrong! From the snowboarding to the massage… it seems to be getting more and more exciting each week! Saw the preview of this week’s episode and it’s a must watch. Though I must say… poor Ohno! A word of warning though, i probably won’t be able to translate a lot of the scolding bit so… >< gomen in advance!

AnShi time! )

Ok, sorry for the very bad cut off timing. But I'm afraid I'm reaching LJ’s word limit… please head over to Part 2!

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Last spurt of pranks!

Prank Aiba again? )

And that’s it! The end! At long last! Gosh, even the last ten minutes took me a good hour to finish… alright, shall head off to bed now. I feel like a zombie already ><


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