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It's Aiba month!!! And tomorrow is his day and off course X'mas Eve!
I've been skipping lots of episodes (I'll make an effort to backtrack and do the caps for the older episodes, especially the gardening ones), but until then, this episode will do. The Manabu members are giving Aiba-chan a 'surprise' birthday and x'mas party, but, off course in the end the birthday boy is the one doing most of the work LOL. It's a fun episode as always. I like Mori-san and you'll understand why from this episode XD.

What is birthday boy doing here?
Happy Merry X'mas!! (in Engrish LOL)... )
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This episode is quite fun and reminded me of Mago Mago Arashi's 'Totsugeki Bangohan' segment. The only difference from MMA is that this totsugeki segment is done in the luxury restaurant, not at somebody's household. Off course before that we have our home garden recipe. This time it's a very simple recipe but honestly I've never thought that it'll go well together :).


Attack!!! )
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For this episode, I'll just run through the home garden recipe, the rest of the segment is about what you can see using remote control heli and it doesn't interest me at all. If you feel like seeing the boys being hyper over the sceneries plus Aiba-chan and Sawabe getting hyper riding jet coaster then you can continue watching. What we get from this segment is that remote control heli can be used to capture similar sceneries as if you're riding the real life helicopter.

Apparently there's a boom in home gardening...
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Don't forget, next episode will be full of Aiba-chan cooking! Aiba-chan even mentioned that the episode is the hardest so far XD
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Finally, the vinyl house episode is here! I learned a lot from this episode and building one of this is not as difficult as it looks. Now I wish I have a bigger house that can fit all these gardening stuff. Imagine just pluck your veggie and go straight to kitchen to process, that's freshness!

At the rate this project going, which turned out they started this quite sometime ago, we'll have tons of this garden episode or snipets of it for quite some time XD


Let's build a vinyl house! )
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This episode is very interesting. It's a simple gardening, but inside your house. It's latching on the idea that we just need to pick our veggies and walk back to the kitchen to cook. Freshness guaranteed!
I like this idea A LOT! Especially with the worries of this and that pestiside, genetically engineered etc etc stuff out there, if we can do our own veggie (well slightly limited due to the space, but still, better than nothing), why not? Especially if it's not that hard. This episode also somewhat answer my question about the excess water aka... potential dengue nest!

Our house won't be this empty but we can 1 rack of veggie XD
Home garden! )
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Today is Arashi's 5x15!!! Omedetougozaimasu!!!
Read so many wonderful write up on our wonderful rainbow boys, it warmed up my heart <3

Back on Manabu, I wish Ohno would guest on this segment, he'd be very thrilled and awake. It's not equal to the deep ocean fishing but still, it's fishing XD. The whole segment is really pure entertainment.

Even the background is fishes!
Tsuri away!!! )
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Same as last week, but with more Engrish!!! This time the gaijin guests are not as proficient in Japanese as last week's. Hence, more awkward effort to explain etc, for our entertaiment sake. I like last week's topic better than this week's but we still learn new (or not so new) stuff this week as well :).

Subarashii Japan!! )
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What do we have in this episode? Lots of laughter and fun episode, PLUS Aiba-chan's engrish is back! But in here, we get to see Aiba-chan's MC skill, which I appreciate a lot. He puts in the excitement into anything that he talk about that any ordinary information becomes interesting. From the way he phrases his explanations to how he pokes the guests curiosity, they're so easy to understand and digest. And that, requires skills and experience. Not anybody can work with this kind of style, I think it's more like Aiba-chan's style. Overall, very entertaining episode plus it's informative and we have a sequel next week, yey!!!

Let's learn on what's great about Japan XD )


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