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Oct. 12th, 2012 10:45 pm
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Time for the first ever newly launched segment:

The Prompt for this session is:

or here for the video link

So, which is your favourite fashion on the above runway? xD
Who is sexy, with what kind of clothes or nothing at all?

Do you have a fashion fetish of the member/s?
ps: for me, I absolutely love Sho in white long plain shirts and bespectacled Jun and Ohno

Share your topic-related photos/videos/comments in the comments box and have a whale of a time!
I will be also posting more picture/video/web links related to the prompt word in the comments box.
Be sure to look out for it too! (; Enjoy your time here :D 
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Helloooooo everyboddddy!!!
There will be two installations coming your way, to spice up your experience in this comm!

First, it will be,

Read more!! )
Second will be,

Read more !! )

Please look forward to the installations! :D
Any recommendations or ideas, you are always welcome to leave a comment or PM me (; 

Thanks for reading!!

Fixed Glitch: Comments are now no longer mysteriously marked as spam!  )

It makes me happy to be in a comm where everyone can chat and enjoy our five-coloured rainbow together as a group (;

Take care and enjoy Nino month!


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