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Hi everyone! It's good to see you all again.. well if you remember me that is... :P It's been a while since I found time to do reviews after all.

Anyway, you've probably figured out by now that this post is not a review (sadly). Instead, I've got some news to share with everyone today.

1) I'm taking over the maintenance of this community from [ profile] dekishimeta who has left the fandom. Thank you for all your hardwork maintaining the community thus far! All the best in your future endeavors, and maybe someday you'll rediscover the five dorky old men and come back again... :)

2) I'll do my best to liven up this community. But really there's only so much I can do alone. That means we need YOU. Yes all you people looking over your shoulders and wondering who I'm referring to... there's no one else but you! Be it writing more reviews or just leaving a comment or to... or spreading the word about the community... every little bit of participation counts!

3) I'll like to give the community a little refresh... I'm working on updating the masterpost (then again, there's only so much creativity you can do with a masterpost). Perhaps a new banner? Or how about a banner competition? For that we need PARTICIPANTS though! So do let me know if you are interested.

4) Suggestions are welcomed! Any activities we can possibly hold... how about weekly discussion threads? Again, they would fall flat if no one participates :( We need your participation to make this community successful.

5) That's all for now! Looking forward to your comments and reviews! See you again soon!

<3 [ profile] coolohoh,
nidaime (二代目)  of Arashi Bangumi
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Hello! This will be my first post. Thanks to [ profile] coolohoh, I learned about this community and with a little encouragement, I thought to share one of the reviews I made a while back. I've been posting snippets of Arashi ni Shiyagare. Since the renewal Ohno-san's corner has been my favorite and up til now (even with MatsuJun's birthday episode) it still is.

Taken from my journal (posted last July 30, 2015)

I'll just be reviewing Ohno-san's corner for today since I noticed I've put focus on Sakurai Sho's corner a little too much...

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Sho's having a blast again. Wooooo

Warning, loads of screencaps involved.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.09_[2015.03.22_02.24.13].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.15_[2015.03.22_03.01.18].jpg

Rating: 4/5
Reason: Starting with our Arashi boys who seem to be in a perfect form as funny moments were coming one after another. The guests were also fooling around quite a lot but the plus one guests Tomochika and Ivan were splendid in how they interacted with our stormy boys. I would say that even Itou-san had a good moment :D The gameplay was also good and it was freshened with few new rules. I don't want to overpraise this but even the editing staff did their best in here :D
Recommend: Sho is definitely the winner here. Aiba and Nino, either as individuals or a pair are also perfect. We also had bits of Juntoshi moments there~
Key words: April Fools, Ivan, Tomochika

Can you hold responsibility for that?! )
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I'm totally not procrastrinating at all. So sorry that I couldn't make this a regular thing, been caught up with other stuff (other fandom, lol so honest) So that's why I might be a bit too positive about the rating (I'm starting to doubt the point of that rating lols) but anyway. This is worth seeing. This is an episode where I couldn't stop laughing. Watch it. WATCH IT. :D

Wanted to stuff this into one post, oh well nevermind. BTW loads of screencaps ahead.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_10.22_[2015.03.22_00.37.47].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.59_[2015.03.22_02.02.01].jpg

Rating: 4/5
Reason: Starting with our Arashi boys who seem to be in a perfect form as funny moments were coming one after another. The guests were also fooling around quite a lot but the plus one guests Tomochika and Ivan were splendid in how they interacted with our stormy boys. I would say that even Itou-san had a good moment :D The gameplay was also good and it was freshened with few new rules. I don't want to overpraise this but even the editing staff did their best in here :D
Recommend: Sho is definitely the winner here. Aiba and Nino, either as individuals or a pair are also perfect. We also had bits of Juntoshi moments there~
Key words: April Fools, Ivan, Tomochika

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[Go back to Part 1?]

Yay part 2! Because was getting pretty long!

Looong review! )

And that’s it! The end of the show! Hope you liked the review! Whee finally finished it!!!! Yay!!!!

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Wahahaha! Another review, and again it’s delayed for so long! What, a whole week? It’s been a really crazy week. Rule violations… my phone dying… T.T

My phone dying really sucked… Wasted two evenings running around bringing my phone to repair phones and I think it’s a lost cause. Motherboard is fried. A freakin 64GB iPhone 5S!!! And I’ve only used it for freaking 16 months! Not that long, but already out of the 1 year warranty. Sucks!!! Can’t recontract till 4 months later too… ARGHS! I originally planned to use the phone for THREE years!!!!


Frustrations aside...

Again, this is another subbed episode… which is actually a good thing because it saves me the typing muahaha! Just read the subs in the pics ok? XD

Edit: This review NEVER finished in that week I planned to. A whole month delay now? Or more! Wahahaha!

PS: I compiled a list of Japanese vocab from this episode over here if you are interested.

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This episode may not be one of those gold episodes but I had fun watching it, plus it's the 200th episode (!), plus I like the hot uncle Osawa Takao. Though he's burnt and skinny in this episode, partly due to his movie, good looking guys are easily forgiven LOL. Obviously Sho-chan & Matsujun had too much fun in this segment as well as Osawa-san himself. He practically tried so hard not to LOL throughout the segment. The Aiba 'Dandy' Masaki segment with Yoshida Kotaro was half amuzing, but I'm not particularly fond of it. The last part is the Shiyagare making Nino WORKed again on his day off. They might as well just make a gaming segment for Nino (him playing games, talk about cheats & strategies), rather than making him do all those weird & awkward thing. I think that'll be more fun & amuzing to watch. I'd think that'd be fair as the rest of the boys get to do what they wanted to do.

vlcsnap-2015-03-15-16h44m27s64 (Custom)vlcsnap-2015-03-15-16h44m43s222 (Custom)
Since it's 200th Episode (Omedetou!) we have these 2 guests.

200th Episode... )
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I decided that I have no life beside school and Arashi and so I'm here with yet another recap! I might be becoming a bit stricter, I'm not sure.
Loads of screencaps involved.
[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_19.26_[2015.02.12_21.32.54] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.29_[2015.02.12_22.33.41]

Rating: 2.5/5
Reason: It wasn't so bad but in case of Arashi it kinda lacked that sort of goofiness but I'd say it was because our boys were too excited to play against the former national football team of Japan. This guest team was actually entertaining, I would say the highlight of this episode are actually members from the guest team - Ruy Ramos (who appears quite regularly) and Nobuhiro Takeda.  Regarding the plus one guests, it could have been better, one was overdoing it but the other girl was at least cute. The game was kinda good.
Recommend: Sho had some adorable fangirl moments haha. Eehh, but you won't miss anything if you skip this honestly.
Key words: former Japan national football (or soccer) team, Kojima Ruriko, Ogata Takahiro (or Panther Ogata)

At least we had Nino with another flashy fashion piece )
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I'm baaack with another hours of my life spent on a review of VS Arashi! Sorry it's been so long, I kinda plan to review the two episodes before this as well but they were not so worth it (I actually gave one 2/5... oh well!) But well, this one is 3.5/5 haha. I think I will never give 5/5 but I could 4/5 in the case where both guests are really funny/interesting. So far it's been just the one of them, or both being so-so. 3/5 means it is actually worth seeing it as long as you have enough time and don't have any deadlines like...tomorrow or somethin'. Yah.

Loads of screencaps involved! Right click to view image in larger size. Not particularly high quality though.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.27_[2015.02.06_18.55.03] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.49_[2015.02.06_18.56.58]

Rating: 3.5/5
Reason: I'm giving a slightly better rating because of the plus one guest Kame, who was awkward and cute, of Arashi having several funny moments especially Jun and Nino and because of the game being incredibly intense towards the end! The downside is that the guest team didn't impress me whatsoever although it had a familiar face well associated with Arashi - Uehara Koji.
Recommend: If you want to see Jun's brightest grin then what are you waiting for?! Nino is being his usual expressive himself and Kame is being adorably clumsy! Fangirls of these boys, definitely watch this!
Keywords: Kamenashi Kazuya, Joker Game, Uehara Koji

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Woah woah woah. It’s been so long since I did a bangui review! Things just got too busy! I doubt I’ll be more free this year… but I do always keep reviews at the back of my mind!!! I do enjoy doing it after all!

Well today’s review will be a short one though. Really! It’ll be like, the shortest review I’ve ever done. That is if anyone still remembers me anyway… It’s been so long since I was last actively doing reviews here. What, two years? Anyway it’s a short one because I think many people would have seen this episode long ago. I mean, it aired over two weeks ago and the subs were out over a week ago after all? Still, enjoy! XD

PS: I posted about some Japanese vocab from this episode here if you are interested.
It's the End of the World girls! )

Hai! And that’s was all for today’s episode! XD

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To the dear Sakurai Sho! Happy birthday!
My arashi ichiban for so many years~
This review is where he promoted for the first episode of his regular bangumi with Ariyoshi Hiroiki-san, Ima Kono Kao ga sugoi (今、この顔がスゴい!)

This episode is where he shares a lot of his travel pictures and  the interesting things that happened along his travels.

Here was what was discussed during the show:

  • Morning snack

  • Keio studies and idol work (Keio graduation picture, also mentioned Jun, Aiba and Nino)

  • Birthday presents (mentioned all of arashi)

  • His reaction when he got No.1 in the most ideal person women wants go on a date with

  • What he likes in his future partner

  • Dining in family restaurants

  • Once every two week, what does he eat?

  • Weight training

  • Something he thought it is good to learn

Birthday suprises for his friends.

Haha he was shocked to see Ariyoshi to have a video clip for him.

The question was "What kind of food made by women, that you feel it is good?"


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I do the caps for this episode because of the keihan (chicken rice). It looks so healthy and yummy, plus Matsujun loves it (if we follow Matsujun's kinda food, I think we can loose weight well LOL). I'm skipping the rest of Tsuyoshi's segment and the MC MJ corner though Matsujun has some funny fail moments there.

Are, today's sensei is in bad mood?
Keihan... )
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In a way, I start to appreciate this show, not all aspects of it, but some. I'm still only going to watch the episodes whereby the guests are either Johnny's or those that I like because this show somewhat makes those Johnny's idols that we know somewhat more human and though lots of aspects are still made for TV, we get to see a glimpse of the different side, not so glamorous and flashy side of them, and I really appreciate this.

So, for this time, it's Ouroboros combi aka Hanakimi reunion time! If you haven't watched the episode 1, you should watch it, seriously. And if you don't find me convincing at all (afterall I'm very bias LOL), maybe after you watch this episode, you really feel like watching it because they really do a good job with the promotion, mostly Toma's doing the work while Oguri is just laughing on the side, ha!

What's with Oguri Shun and lemon sour?

Abunai Yakai スタート )

Well, I'm definitely watching this drama, especially after Epi 1..
Some caps from Epi 1

Ouroboros Epi 1... )
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It's Aiba month!!! And tomorrow is his day and off course X'mas Eve!
I've been skipping lots of episodes (I'll make an effort to backtrack and do the caps for the older episodes, especially the gardening ones), but until then, this episode will do. The Manabu members are giving Aiba-chan a 'surprise' birthday and x'mas party, but, off course in the end the birthday boy is the one doing most of the work LOL. It's a fun episode as always. I like Mori-san and you'll understand why from this episode XD.

What is birthday boy doing here?
Happy Merry X'mas!! (in Engrish LOL)... )
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Hello, Candy here and I'm here with another recap of VS Arashi! It's gonna be the last one this year so it has some wide expectations from Arashi side!

Rating: 3/5
Reason: This episode is still keeping its standard level of entertainment - since the guest team is in a way related to Arashi, we get to hear some funny stories about Arashi! Plus one guests have good moments but they were not so noticeable. The game gets intense in the end!
Recommend: Members have equal amount of good moments! (Jun is being a bit more distinctive here than in previous episodes!)
Key words: The Vancouver Asahi, Kamenashi Kazuya, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Amano Hiroyuki & Iio Kazuki
'What made you laugh so much MatsuJun?!' )
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Hello I am back with another recap of VS Arashi! Thank you very much for your kind comments on my previous entry, I really appreciate it. This time I'm a little bit late so I hope you can forgive me. But enough for now!

I will never include an explanation of games unless it's a new one or there are new rules. I hope you know who Itou-san is (the MC or The Voice from the Above). That's all, your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated! You can even give your own rating.
Involves lots of screencaps! right click to see full image, not high quality though

Rating: 3/5
Reason: This episode has good moments with Arashi members interacting with the guest team. The guest team themselves were quite funny and the plus one guest had her good moment too. The funny moments were mainly based on the movement that you have to see for yourself to have a good laugh (It's not as good when described in a recap - screencaps don't do it enough justice).
Recommend: Probably mainly to Sho-biased and then Ohno and Nino have good moments too!
Key words: Judo, Mochida Kaori (Every Little Thing)

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_00.24_[2014.12.18_20.46.06]
This time Arashi start off talking about club activities during their junior high school. Here Jun reveals that he was in a football club i'm not gonna call it soccer!!it's footbaaaall Which was apparently something that the members didn't know. Ready for a little bit of personal history? In fact, Jun's father played football, so little Jun did it in kindergarten as well. During middle school there was no football club so he joined the baseball one. During junior high school he stayed in the baseball club and joined a football club. Jun joined Johnny's in May during the first year of junior high school.
Smart Sakurai assumed that Jun trained football for no more than 1 month (since in Japan the school starts in spring).

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_00.48_[2014.12.18_20.53.40]
Smart Sakurai was right and not-so-football Jun added that he did nothing apart from running around. (did he mean that he didn't even touched the ball?!)

Nino: What a special football.

This episode's guests are members of Originally Judo Club team! Some were very successful in Olympic Games (silver medalists!)
(the name should be telling that the members used to be in a judo club during school days :D) Almost everyone has black belt which is of course the highest level, only the female guest is one step apart from that level.
Almost everyone. Besides that guy.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_01.31_[2014.12.18_22.08.00]
It's the comedian Takahashi Shigeo who strinkingly resembles Mark Zuckerberg.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_02.48_[2014.12.18_22.15.08]
The plus one guest is Mochida Kaori, lead singer of a pop group Every Little Thing.
Arashi almost didn't know how to react. Apparently she appeared in the show 3 times before in the course of mere 10 months!

Mochida reveals she was in a Tenis club during her school days but Ohno is concerned about something else.
Ohno: And your partner is...? [He means Ichiro Ito, member of Every Little Thing]
Members correct him immediately that he shouldn't call him like that. Mochida is not bothered and explains that he's a bit busy.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_04.06_[2014.12.18_22.28.29] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_04.10_[2014.12.19_01.51.59]
First game is Koro Koro Viking!
Satou (girl) is asked whether she feels alright about the game. She is a bit nervous but the guy on the other side reassures her that she can rest her hands as he's gonna do it on his own anyway. The rest of the team disagrees!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_04.12_[2014.12.18_22.30.54] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_04.15_[2014.12.18_22.33.18]
Takahashi: We're more nervous because of you!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_04.24_[2014.12.18_22.33.34]
Arashi don't think that Satou seems like a judo type, but she does it quite a lot. Apparently, she did classic ballet for 10 years and once she was in junior high school she entered Judo club.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_04.30_[2014.12.18_22.35.23]
But, but how?! She just simply wanted to be stronger.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_04.54_[2014.12.18_22.36.03]
Another guest was asked to share a story. So he told that when he had white belt only (the lowest level) he had to hide it in his bag when going to practice. But now since he achieved the black belt, he will always walk around with the black belt outside!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_07.43_[2014.12.18_22.48.09] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_07.46_[2014.12.18_22.49.42]
They end with quite a good score but they still found it difficult.
Yoshida: Judo is way easier.
Yoshida: So tired now."
Then it's Arashi's turn!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_08.32_[2014.12.18_22.52.26]
Nino gets asked about the combination with Mochida at the orange zone.
Nino: It's a bit of a problem there.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_08.38_[2014.12.18_22.53.10] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_08.39_[2014.12.18_22.53.33]
Mochida: Wait, wait, wait. I'm quite okay at this.
Nino: No, no, no. I'm quite awful at this.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_08.52_[2014.12.18_22.54.28] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_08.57_[2014.12.18_22.58.51]
Then both of them are reminded of a mutual memory that Nino remembers very well.
By getting -50 points 3 times in a row, their total score was -95 points. What a score!
Nino: At least we had fun.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_12.13_[2014.12.18_23.00.10] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_12.33_[2014.12.18_23.02.33]
The combi in the orange zone was playing quite well, Mochida had a smile when they finished. But her smile soon disappeared. Itou-san reports 85 points.
Mochida: But we got the doubling golden ball into 50 point square?
Well, the reason was that the pink combination (Aiba & Ohno) dropped the ball and the golden ball as well.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_12.41_[2014.12.18_23.03.11]VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_12.39_[2014.12.18_23.03.15]
But they don't seem to admit it.
Sho: Then tell us your excuse.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_12.50_[2014.12.18_23.07.56]
Aiba: It always fell right into the hole in our zone.
Nino: You've been using this same excuse forever!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_13.00_[2014.12.18_23.08.27] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_13.04_[2014.12.18_23.10.07]
Aiba: Koro koro... It didn't koro koro at all! (koro koro: rolling) It thumped right down!
Aiba: It should be Thump Viking!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_13.09_[2014.12.18_23.11.12]
Nino: This is no good, he's been aiming at it, that fellow behind! [the wall where the balls come out]

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_13.17_[2014.12.18_23.14.43] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_13.18_[2014.12.18_23.12.23]
Aiba: I shall remember his face after this.
Sho: Stop it please!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_14.14_[2014.12.18_23.16.30] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_14.22_[2014.12.19_02.04.03]
Next is Rolling Coin Tower! But before that, what are the judo memories of the comedian Takahashi?
He was once in a club where other guest (Yagi) was the captain. Apparently it was incredibly easy to cheat around him. They had this one exercise that was quite tiresome Yagi even showcased it (you kind of move up with your back, turning your hips and having your body directed to one side and then to other side) Everyone had to do it, but Takahashi just went up without doing the exercise when Yagi couldn't see him.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_14.42_[2014.12.18_23.23.27] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_14.53_[2014.12.18_23.22.14]
Next is Mochida! What were her memories?
She mentions liking Yawara! which is a story about a girl that has talent for judo. She is being forced to practice judo to gain championship in the Barcelona's 1992 Olympic Games. Machida talks mainly about how she liked the manga and liked singing the opening of the anime. Takahashi then reacts on what she just said.
Takahashi: The connection to this judo related episode is just too weak!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_15.17_[2014.12.18_23.28.56] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_15.18_[2014.12.18_23.32.53]
Then the conversation was diverted to 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympic where Yoshida won gold medal for Japan.
They mentioned his signature move.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_15.31_[2014.12.18_23.29.56] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_15.32_[2014.12.18_23.30.09]
They demonstrated it. So cool!
Hamadari: He's the master so it doesn't hurt at all! [being thrown]
They get ready. Arashi definitely don't want to knock the tower down.Sho suggets to go aggressive while looking at Mochida. Oh, how just how aggresive she'll be!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_16.45_[2014.12.18_23.33.48]
The game begins with Mochida but as soon as we enter the second round, we see some confused faces. (look at those two behind her)

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_16.55_[2014.12.18_23.34.09] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_17.11_[2014.12.18_23.34.57]
Ohno's face expression: Isn't it time to swap?
Jun's face expression: Isn't it my turn now?

Mochida obviously doesn't notice anything wrong. Notice those two behind you!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_17.44_[2014.12.18_23.36.09]
You know that members are supposed to switch in this game? Just look at them!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_17.49_[2014.12.18_23.36.45] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_18.11_[2014.12.18_23.37.21] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_18.17_[2014.12.19_02.17.23] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_18.21_[2014.12.18_23.38.01]
Only when the tower is on the verge of falling she realizes.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_18.23_[2014.12.18_23.38.03] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_18.43_[2014.12.18_23.38.30]
VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_18.49_[2014.12.18_23.39.09] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_19.13_[2014.12.18_23.39.50]
The members can't believe their eyes. No, they'd rather just cover them.
But we can see that Mochida really didn't realize and looks like she's about to cry. Poor girl, she will get reminded of this throughout the whole episode. However, Jun and Ohno don't seem to be minding it, they are just still a little bit confused.
They forgive her as she apologizes vehemently and then Ohno goes:
Ohno: She didn't look at us once!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_19.38_[2014.12.18_23.41.46] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_20.06_[2014.12.18_23.43.01]
Cliff climb!
First pair is Sho and Ohno combi! They discuss what strategy to use. The question is, who's gonna take the "finger" who's gonna take the "chin"? They discuss time management and Nino comes to the conclusion that Sho should do two sides [chin part, middle part] Sho is reluctant but other members are persuading him.
Jun: You managed to climb the "chin" once? [successfully]

Sho: I guess so.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_20.21_[2014.12.18_23.46.27] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_20.27_[2014.12.18_23.47.11]
Aiba: Then the next target for you is climbing it taking the two sides! [the middle part and the chin part]
Nino: That will be your final level.
Sho: Is it just me who has this kind of completion system?

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_20.40_[2014.12.18_23.48.10] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_20.42_[2014.12.18_23.49.50]
Jun points out that it would be better like that also for the reason that there's no way to get from the middle to the left. The grips are so far away!
Nino: Or let's compare who has longer hands.
VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_20.47_[2014.12.18_23.49.57] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_20.47_[2014.12.18_23.50.11]
They compare but Ohno is exposed immediately that he's just making his arms look shorter.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_20.52_[2014.12.18_23.50.28]
But it's long decided. Sho will do two sides, Ohno will defeat the 'finger'.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_21.50_[2014.12.18_23.52.22] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_21.51_[2014.12.18_23.51.46]
Ohno clears the 'finger' with ease as he's quick and nimble.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_22.24_[2014.12.18_23.54.06] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_23.24_[2014.12.18_23.54.41]
VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_23.27_[2014.12.18_23.54.47] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_23.47_[2014.12.18_23.55.59]
Sho on the other hand... well. Forgive me but I just can't... just can't when this man climbs the wall!
In the end he couldn't finish off the chin :( And when the members see Sho's expression,
Aiba: What's the matter?
Sho: I get it.
Sho: I'm scared of that chin.
Nino: But you climbed it before.(sucsessfully)

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_23.54_[2014.12.18_23.56.55] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_24.01_[2014.12.18_23.57.38]
Sho: That guy just got stronger.
Everyone: But it hasn't changed!
Sho: But before it was just like this...
Everyone: No, no, no it didn't change.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_25.39_[2014.12.19_00.09.23] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_25.39_[2014.12.19_00.09.27]
VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_25.40_[2014.12.19_00.09.32] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_25.41_[2014.12.19_00.09.35]
It's turn for the guesting team. Hamadari and Yagi. Here Hamadari shows what he does when he wants to show people how Judo can be interesting. So Mochida volunteers for the demonstration. He practically tells the person how strong they look and then while he holds their hand he throws himself to the floor as if the other person was throwing him. Hamadari continues to play along.
Hamadari: Machida-san! This is worth Tokyo Olympics!
Then he suggests that a yell could take him down as well.
Sho: A yell? Then Ohno-kun.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_26.07_[2014.12.19_00.15.05] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_26.07_[2014.12.19_00.15.08]
VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_26.08_[2014.12.19_00.15.11] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_26.09_[2014.12.19_00.15.13]
Ohno: Aa.
This scene was so hilarious, honestly I couldn't stop laughing for a minute :D

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_28.13_[2014.12.19_00.23.22] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_28.29_[2014.12.19_00.21.21]
Since they are judo practitioners they cleared the wall with ease.
Just one thing, I have seen people pressing the buttons with their hands or with their legs but I haven't seen anyone doing it with their head! Hamadari had also some little problems (just look at that!)  with the chin but he made it in time.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_30.11_[2014.12.19_00.26.20] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_30.36_[2014.12.19_00.29.55]
It's time for Bank Bowling. Arashi Turn. Machida starts with an optimistic premonition.
Mochida: I'll knock down the red pin.
So they get ready. But before that,
Aiba: You know? This Bank Bowling is not like normal bowling. You must put your whole life into it.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_30.45_[2014.12.19_00.30.49] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_30.47_[2014.12.19_00.30.52]
Then Jun asks Mochida if the right side is ok for Mochida.
Mochida: It's okay.
Aiba: Your practiced on that side.
Mochida: I did it on this side.
Aiba: She did it on that side.
1 second pause
Sho: We heard it.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_31.29_[2014.12.19_00.34.06]
However, the prediction was not fullfiled. Both of the balls went to the right and with that they scored 77 points.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_32.15_[2014.12.19_00.36.48] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_32.24_[2014.12.19_00.37.27]
Next combi is Jun and Nino!
Itou-san speaks to Jun about how the red pin must go down.
Jun: Riiiiight.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_32.32_[2014.12.19_00.41.43] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_32.41_[2014.12.19_00.41.56]
Nino: He's somehow negative.
Nino: Just when we went up here he said "Mhhhmmmm, the previous was not really bright."
Nino: This is VS what?

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_32.44_[2014.12.19_00.43.26] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_32.45_[2014.12.19_00.43.29]
Sho: VS... Arashi?
Nino: Right?
Nino: This is a show where Arashi are playing the number one role!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_33.09_[2014.12.19_00.44.40] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_33.09_[2014.12.19_00.45.20]
VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_33.09_[2014.12.19_00.45.23] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_33.13_[2014.12.19_00.45.37]
But despite the Nino's fighting spirit, they didn't knock down the red pin. Nino pointed out that it wasn't that bad though. Since he threw the ball like some piece of trash or something. And when he demonstrates that again, somehow it seems like the ball is gonna knock the red pin down.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_33.16_[2014.12.19_00.45.34] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_33.21_[2014.12.19_00.46.12]
But no.

It's turn for the guests. First were Takahashi and Yoshida but they didn't knock down that much. After them went Ryou and Satou. She is asked about her confidence. She confirms her confidence but by accidentally saying a catchphrase of a comedian who does that during his "recital of erotic chinese poems'

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_34.31_[2014.12.19_00.47.24] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_36.01_[2014.12.19_00.51.45]
VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_36.25_[2014.12.19_00.57.57] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_36.29_[2014.12.19_00.57.52]
They throw the balls and Satou knocks the red pin down! They praise her but then Sho gives a remark:
Sho: Ryo-san also aimed for the red pin but it went slightly off?
Ryo: Don't say anything.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_36.37_[2014.12.19_00.59.26]
And the last game is Kicking Sniper! Arashi go first and must get more than 250 points to have a chance of winning. They start talking about the latest discovery of Jun being in a Football club. Jun isn't very happy about his performance lately though. Other members tell him the opposite and Ohno is being Ohno:
Ohno: Go with some confidence.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_38.18_[2014.12.19_01.02.51]
They are informed that the maximum score they can get is 860 points. So Ohno states their goal. 700 points.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_39.25_[2014.12.19_01.06.24] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_40.30_[2014.12.19_01.07.53]
And they do very well! First is perfect by Mochida. They leave no target without hits.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_40.57_[2014.12.19_01.09.06]
They got 650 points! They are obviously happy but start to regret how they couldn't get the remaining 50 points.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_42.00_[2014.12.19_01.11.17] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_42.05_[2014.12.19_01.11.23]
Especially Ohno. Or only Ohno? Then when Itou-san starts to mention the last target being taken down, there's a boy who starts to nod vigorously.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_42.16_[2014.12.19_01.12.10]
Look at that smug face! How he's waiting for the moment when he gets praised!

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_42.20_[2014.12.19_01.14.17] VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_42.26_[2014.12.19_01.14.58]
Well? What will he say? Next! Itou-san doesn't say more.

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_45.36_[2014.12.19_01.19.21]
Judo practicioners got to their positions. They need 400 only points to win! First targets are for zero points but last three are knocked down to a quite an extent!
The result is?

VSA 2014.12.11.mp4_snapshot_46.15_[2014.12.19_01.20.20]
Judo Team obtains mere 200 points, thus Arashi win!! Yaay~
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Hi, call me Candy! Decided to write some thoughts on Arashi programs so I might as well share it with you!

This is a "Review" or more like a Recap of VS Arashi 2014.04.12.
The following is a format I decided to keep for all of my recaps. I will never include explanation of the game unless it's a new one or there are new rules included in the episode. If this one day gets popular I might include the average rating of yours if you comment. My plan is to one day make a masterpost with the reviews in one list with the rating's included so it's easier to know which one is really worth watching.
Involves lots of screencaps!

Rating: 3/5
Reason: It was good in terms of some cute moments of Arashi members (this time mainly Nino and Sho) other members have a good moment as well. Then the plus one guests were okay but could be better. Guest appearance was okay but not too exciting. The game itself had quite a lot of exciting moments on the Arashi side.
Recommend: I would recommend this one mainly to Nino fans!
Key words: Kon-chan, Kitsune otoko, Suimasen no Sekai, TKO, Aoharaido

Read more... )
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Was digging through my old files and came across this review that I did 2 years ago! Was meant to be shared during Ohno's birthday but forgot to do so until now!

Happy birthday Riida, thanks for leading Arashi by letting them grow and mature in their own unique ways. A leader without really being the leader, so much depth to it !

This episode has Ohno in really funny scenes. Ohno probably like the aniki a lot. Look at how enjoyable Ohno was when embracing aniki !
lol the rest of arashi dancing in circles while Ohno enjoys his hug

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These 2 or 3(?) weeks will look like Arashi invasion on TV. All those things that they do in Hawaii are finally being broadcasted (it's about time!). From Shiyagare, VSA (the crying Ohno episode, and I wonder how much beer they drank during that session alone), NHK, and I'm not even sure what else LOL. Am pretty sure there'll be subs everywhere for these and rest assure when Arashi is left alone, things get interesting and naturally funny (afterall, it's their strength). But after I watched NHK documentary, I thought of doing snippets of this documentary because NHK did such a good job on it, and I won't be surprised Arashi gained even more fans after this. Seriously, they captured sides of Arashi that are rarely shown to the public, especially them in the working mode. This documentary trully show how dedicated they are to their job and they do it with heart too. Lots of consideration towards their surroundings are given to not only fans, but also the staffs in order to produce an output. No wonder everybody loves to work with Arashi.

*Note: I may translate things wrongly since my Japanese is limited, but I'll do my best. Do let me know if there's points that I do incorrectly.


Snip snip snip... )

Gah! Too many feels... Once again 15周年おめでとう!
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This episode is quite fun and reminded me of Mago Mago Arashi's 'Totsugeki Bangohan' segment. The only difference from MMA is that this totsugeki segment is done in the luxury restaurant, not at somebody's household. Off course before that we have our home garden recipe. This time it's a very simple recipe but honestly I've never thought that it'll go well together :).


Attack!!! )


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