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Mago Mago Arashi #20 - Grandsons for a day
Yama pair- Samurai and the baddie !
Airdate: 050820

Happy birthday Ohno-san!! Riida has always gives me the impression of an actor that gets into roles easily, with incredible personification on the tone and expression of the roles. Interesting roles he did, apart from the unforgetable Nayase in Maou, to funny roles such as king in Shiyagare, a mad scientist at C/D/G no arashi series, to being a bad ronin at this episode. 

Yama undergoes filming audition, donning the period film costumes as samurai and the baddie, undergoes rehearsal and the final filming! ❤ These guys maintain their composture when overanxious grandpa had director's temper.

This episode also has an interesting grandparents pair. Grandpa is a movie enthusiast, grandma is very shy but virtuous traditional japanese woman who reminds grandpa to be nice to the grandsons and not just calling them by "hey!" 

Ahh of course the highlight is at the last part of the show, where we watch a short film starring the yama pair. Other side highlights is nino in no sleeves *whistles*(´ε` ) and JunxAibaxNino laughing like mad when they see their big brothers in period film costumes! ♪

Date: 2012-04-26 09:47 am (UTC)
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I laughed so much watching this episode!The "movie" was hillarious!And Jun,Aiba and Nino watching it and laughing at it was fun to see either!Thank you for bringing memories!


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