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Himitsu no arashi chan! #118
Part 2: One shot Gambler
Guest: Kenichi Matsuyama
Airdate: 110203

Matsuyama is one of my favourite Japanese actor, so this epsisode is like watching 6 eye candies having baka fun in front of the camera ´艸`

Explanation of game segment: Arashi and guest will tackle 3 different sets of stunts. There will be a reward at the end of each set of stunt. The reward will be valid only if all 6 of them pass the stunt.

Who will be the hero? Who will be the wet blanket?

Jun's expressions within a 5 seconds time frame.

(there are more, except they come so fast that its difficult to cap)
Watch it. His expression transition is amazing (:  Worthy for a gif moment? xD

The games are well, when it reached to a certain extent, its really difficult to pass. This game segment is the typical japanese variety show, where u see the hosts and guest gets punished, you laughed ur ass off and then realized how DoS you are. But well, this is Japanese variety show isn't it?   /ω\

If you watch carefully, u will even see some of them making more twitches during the punishment. The ultimate goal of Japanese variety show is to entertain. As long you laughed and were entertained, their job is done. As audience, don't feel bad being a DoS 〃∇〃

Yup, its culture difference. so yeah!  Just enjoy them ! The uniqueness of Japanese entertainment ^0^


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