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Hello everyone!

Apologies for this late post, I hope all of you have been having a good week.

I was thinking of doing a mini review on yesterday’s VS Arashi episode but I wasn’t too entertained by it that I decided to go with last week’s hilarious bump sumo. So when I say mini-review it'll be more of a commentary on how entertaining the episode has been.

Without further ado, let’s go to the mini review.
So it starts with a 6-shot of ARASHI and Banana Man’s Himura Yuki and they each represent their house divisions for the one hour BUMP SUMO show.
It’s hilarious because when Sakurai-san asked Himura-san what he thought of this, Himura-san replied saying that when he saw himself lined up with ARASHI like this thinks he has sold well—better put, lining up with ARASHI makes him feel like he has gone big.

...and maybe even a little crazy?
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.28.43 PM.png

Even if Himura-san is a bit of a wacky character I like him and the episode’s hilarity is even more heightened with Nakamura-announcer doing the voice over. While Ito-san is a dear announcer to a VS Arashi fan like me (and my imoto), Nakamura announcer despite using very formal language comes off as more amusing and less threatening than Ito-san (I think it’s the seniority)

The rules for this episode are simple: Each house division is composed of their team representations (ARASHI + Himura-san), an athlete and a talent (or celebrity).

Himura House Division
Hanada Masaru (Fomer Sumo Wrestler)
Kotouge Eiji*

Ohno House Division
Ishii Kazuhisa (Former Baseball Player)
Tanaka Takashi (UNGIRLS Comedy Duo)

Sakurai House Division
Shimizu Hiroyasu (Speed Skater)
Darenogare Akemi (Model/Talent)

Aiba House Division
Yaegashi Akira (Boxer)
Kano Eiko (comedian)

Ninomiya House Division
Takeda Nobuhiro (Soccer)
Komiya Hironobu *

Matsumoto House Division
Sasaki Yusuke (Pro Wrestler)
Kikuchi Ami (Talent)

My initial thoughts were: Why the heck are there two pretty and petite tarentos going against these guys? This is not woman hating, please don't get me wrong. I'm pro Girl Power but isn't it a bit clear that when it comes to physical competition like this, girls will be at a disadvantage? I mean imagine a Darenogare vs Kano. Ayayayayay!

Furthermore, why are they in the house division of the two ARASHI members who the other 3 have voted in a ZIP interview to be the one with poor reflexes…? These two (Sakurai & Matsumoto) already need help in that department.

Honestly though, I appreciate how they included girls in this episode but I wish they chose someone else. It seems like the girls are just going to be ragdolls in this episode.

Sasaki Yusuke, Takeda Nobuhiro and Shimizu Hiroyasu.  [ I mean this in the best of ways, each time I see Takeda-san, I can’t help but think this is how TOKIO’s Taichi Kokubun will look look like in 15-20years…]

A speed skater, a soccer player and a pro-wrestler on Matsumoto’s team. That’s already a scary thing to begin with, but if you’ve watched Sasaki-san in other shows she comes off as a gentle giant. Very soft spoken. And wait…
What’s happening here?

no title

I won’t reveal the results but let’s just say it didn’t go as expected—with someone even causing himself to..well..self-destruct? XD

Next  we have the atheletes from Ohno’s, Himura and Matsumoto’s teams. Himura-san’s teammate was a former professional sumo wrestler…This episode has its fair share of unfair moments from having a former sumo wrestler to having 2 petite (non-athletic) girls in 2 teams.
no title
But he assures us that it’s been 15 years since he gone in the ring That’s…comforting?

Darenogae x Tanaka x Komiya
While I’m happy Darenogare wasn’t up against Kano-san, she is so tiny.
Watching her enter the ring had me..well.. anxious.

Kikuchi x Kano x Kotouge

Looks like Kotouge san holds a bit of a grude towards Kikuchi-san who took a photo of him reading “ero-hon” inside a convenience store and posts it on twitter. Apparently she did that while they were taking a break from location shoot, that photo…ended up becoming internet news.
no title

Oh dear…

First Set: Sakurai x Ohno x Ninomiya
So..Sakurai-san was the loser of the Bump Sumo from First BUMP Sumo between him and Aiba. So we ask Riida (who was said in an AniShi episode to be one of the strongest members) what he thinks of his opponents and he says:
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.02.12 AM.png
He thinks the two of them will end up flying out.
He says it so expressionlessly that it makes a statement that would sound as cocky…well, seem like a matter of fact. Haha!

Second set: Himura x Matsumoto x Aiba

Up til this point in the game, it’s only Matsumoto’s House Division that has yet to have a point. Do you think they’ll be able to score a point?

I'll end my post there. I won't post about the elimination round so as not to spoil anyone's fun. Just a clue, up til the elimination round, each House Division was represented. :)

If you haven’t watched this episode: Who do you think will win?

If you have watched this episode...instead of talking about who won (let’s not ruin the fun for those who have yet to watch) Who did you find most amusing? OR If you could make your own line up for the talents that will be in each house division, who would you choose?

That’s it from me.

VS A Screenshots from KnH

* are the talents who I’m not sure what exactly they do as talents .
**ero-hon is a portmanteau of ERO (erotic, perverted) and HON (books)…so it’s probably that kind of magazine if you know what I mean. :P


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