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Woah. That's a long ago show.... Mayonaka no Arashi. As such the videos I have arent the best quality...

Well, this is part of my initiative to use tumblr more, so I took a bunch of GIFs that could be shared on tumblr and in this comm.  So yes, this is more of a GIF collection than a proper review... Oh and pardon my GIF making noob-ness!

In this show (ok, I've not watched all the episodes yet, stopped somewhere halfway and never found the motivation to continue watching), the boys take turns to bike around Japan, with the next person starting from where the previous one left off. The goal is to travel from the south of Japan in Kyushu all the way to the north in Hokkaido. The starting point for the first episode will be the southern most JR station, Makurazaki station. From there, Sho takes the train for an hour, gets off, and starts his cycling adventure in the darkness.

But let me back track a little... how did Sho become the first batter?

The answer is this! They played a little game to decide who would go first. If the balloon explodes, you're out! And...

Jun tried...

Ohno too...

But Sho's the 'lucky' boy!

So back to the adventure. All he has with him are 9 items, including a note book, compass (no map!), camera, torch light, and drinking water (just 500 ml!). No money, no map, no plans. The time is 9pm and our first batter sets off!

He discovers a Suna-mushi onsen (sand hot spring)... and decided that it was ok to bath in it...

But Sho got caught in the act!

Luckily for him though, his explanation was accepted...

So what does Sho do? He continues enjoying himself in the warmth of the sand hot spring!

The only downside though, is that after he's done, he's now FULL of sand!

He heads to the sea to wash the sand off... (sorry, it's really dark!) But unfortunately for him, a wave washes over and wets him completely. He gives up and just soaks.

After that he has a new problem though. He's completely soaked, and has no towel... so he decides to just continue on his journey half naked.... and they used black masking tape to tape on his mic to his chest. LOL!

He chances upon a farm next... A grape farm! He asked for grape tasting XD

Sho then asked the owners if he could name some flowers after himself... and the owner obliged. (What a weird request!)

Then he visited their chicken shed...

Seriously... Sho's selfie taking skill/technique hasn't changed much over the years :P

Next, Sho chanced upon a boat... and the kind seaman offered to sell Sho a shirt for 200 yen seeing that he's not wearing any shirt. Sho replied that he hasn't a single yen though... and eventually he got the shirt for free.

WIth a new shirt on his back, Sho sets off anew!

He went to see some fish by the lake... and ended his adventure at the lake. He didn't get the watch the sunrise though, since it was hidden by the clouds...

Clouds, clouds and more clouds. Sho refused to give up though...

And when they were packing up already... The clouds parted just enough to make way for the sun!


Just look at that satisfied smile on his face!

So that's the end! The adventure ends at sunrise. Sho cycled a total of 35 km and his adventure lasted 10 hours!

Woots ok! That ends my first GIF adventure as well. Looking at the GIFs on loop is giving me a headache -.-. I hope you enjoyed the review :P 
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