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Sho's having a blast again. Wooooo

Warning, loads of screencaps involved.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.09_[2015.03.22_02.24.13].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.15_[2015.03.22_03.01.18].jpg

Rating: 4/5
Reason: Starting with our Arashi boys who seem to be in a perfect form as funny moments were coming one after another. The guests were also fooling around quite a lot but the plus one guests Tomochika and Ivan were splendid in how they interacted with our stormy boys. I would say that even Itou-san had a good moment :D The gameplay was also good and it was freshened with few new rules. I don't want to overpraise this but even the editing staff did their best in here :D
Recommend: Sho is definitely the winner here. Aiba and Nino, either as individuals or a pair are also perfect. We also had bits of Juntoshi moments there~
Key words: April Fools, Ivan, Tomochika

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_29.06_[2015.03.22_02.15.25].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_29.08_[2015.03.22_02.15.35].jpg
Time for Go Go Sweeper!
The difference between the points is just 1 point. Ohno seems quite relaxed.
Nino: Are you relaxed about this?
Ohno: It's not that I'm relaxed.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_29.49_[2015.03.22_02.17.51].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_29.50_[2015.03.22_02.18.17].jpg
Aiba: But you're skillful in this.
Ohno: Could you stop saying that?
Ohno: It's not about me being skillful, it's just the balls are there by chance.
Nino: So cool!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_30.01_[2015.03.22_02.18.36].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_30.03_[2015.03.22_02.19.09].jpg
Matsuzaka doesn't want to lose here and points out that it might be good to think of this as farmwork.
Sho: ?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_30.04_[2015.03.22_02.19.15].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_30.10_[2015.03.22_02.19.24].jpg
Sho: Are you good at farmwork?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_32.27_[2015.03.22_02.22.21].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_32.30_[2015.03.22_02.22.25].jpg
They start the game and it's Sho who is having a blast playing this :D Arashi earns 222 points, April Fools 146! Ohno is praised about his tactics as he'd been waiting for the golden balls to come. Matsuzaka here says that he really had no idea where all the golden balls were. Sho replies that he managed to snatch one right from his back. While going "Hyeaaah~" :DD

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.07_[2015.03.22_02.24.08].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.09_[2015.03.22_02.24.13].jpg
Did I say Sho was having a blast?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.18_[2015.03.22_02.24.29].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.26_[2015.03.22_02.24.38].jpg
Turn for the second round~ Itou-san points out that finally there's Toda-san against Ivan.
Ivan: It's Erika, right?
Ivan: Well, but if you like, my darling is looking so.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.42_[2015.03.22_02.29.01].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.43_[2015.03.22_02.33.51].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.46_[2015.03.22_02.34.00].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.45_[2015.03.22_02.29.07].jpg
Then a shot at Sho's face. He notices they are filming it and goes
Sho: Don't drag me into this!! (threatingly waves with the cone)
Sho: Do not drag me into this!!
Sho: This is like a systematic criminal action.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_33.57_[2015.03.22_02.37.05].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_34.00_[2015.03.22_02.37.46].jpg
Toda: In my case, my friends are looking, so.
Toda: I'm not gonna lose.
Itou-san: Then, Chiba-san. How is your confidence.
Chiba: There's none really. But I will do my best.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_34.19_[2015.03.22_02.45.14].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_34.30_[2015.03.22_02.46.52].jpg
Then Itou-san draws out a story that once Jun went drinking with Chiba-san.
Jun: It was by chance. I went drinking to a bar of someone I knew.
Jun: And Chiba-san went to the same bar by chance.
Chiba: How many years ago was it then?
Jun: It was quite a long time ago.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_34.34_[2015.03.22_02.47.11].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_34.35_[2015.03.22_02.47.21].jpg
Chiba: Weren't you like 17 or 16?
Jun had to quickly react to stop a possible commotion.
Jun: I couldn't drink back then. I couldn't drink.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_34.38_[2015.03.22_02.48.48].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_34.41_[2015.03.22_02.48.53].jpg
Nino and Ivan are trying to save him by pushing the sweeper button like crazy. Either to distract or drown out what Chiba-san just said :DD
Jun: It's not like that!
Staff appropriately add a caption that it was 6 years ago.
That was quite a humbug that was caused :D

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_34.51_[2015.03.22_02.50.23].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_35.11_[2015.03.22_02.51.07].jpg
Chiba: You see, you seemed really young to me.
Chiba: I was thinking "why did such a young kid come here to drink?"
Sho is amazed by how Jun always seem to meet up with various people in various places.
Jun: It's really by chance.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_35.15_[2015.03.22_02.51.34].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_35.20_[2015.03.22_02.51.41].jpg
Sho: Because when I go drinking the only celebrity I meet by chance is Aiba Masaki.
:DDD So they tell a story how one time he went to a restaurant where Aiba was ushered to the same spot. Sho explains that he was at that place and Aiba came from a different one. Then it was an obvious thing that the staff would think they were together.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_35.37_[2015.03.22_02.55.48].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_35.42_[2015.03.22_02.56.20].jpg
Aiba: And then when I was ushered to my room, I thought there won't be anyone.
Aiba: So when I entered, I saw you and went back without saying anything.
Nino: That's right, if you came 2 out of 5 you surely be ushered like that.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.01_[2015.03.22_02.59.35].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.05_[2015.03.22_03.00.10].jpg
Jun comes up with another story. The other day he just went to a restaurant to eat. He realized he had mistaken his place when he opened the doors to a different room. As in that room he found Ohno Satoshi drinking in there :D
Ohno: I was really happy at that time.
Ohno: I'm in a place of MatsuJun's class?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.11_[2015.03.22_03.00.18].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.14_[2015.03.22_03.01.14].jpg
VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.14_[2015.03.22_03.01.16].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.15_[2015.03.22_03.01.18].jpg
Ivan asks whether something like this has happened to Nino.
Nino: No, it hasn't, since I don't go outside.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_38.40_[2015.03.22_03.02.16].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_38.58_[2015.03.22_03.05.29].jpg
They finally start the game which then results in another victory for Arashi team. Arashi gets 185 while April Fools 63. Sho asks Chiba-san whether it was difficult. He replies that he wasn't really good at and couldn't control it very well.
Nino: The machine was bad, right?
Chiba: Yes, yes, it would have been better if I could drive with my own car.
Sho: That's impossible!

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_39.04_[2015.03.22_03.05.43].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_39.15_[2015.03.22_03.05.54].jpg
Time for the final game - Kicking Sniper! April Fools are first to stand on the spot. They need to get more than 200 points. Toda is not so confident here but she's still not willing to lose. In case of Nanao, Itou-san mentions that she managed to shoot 2 perfects in previous games.
Itou-san: Speaking of perfects, Totsugi-san, you too...

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_40.25_[2015.03.22_03.08.20].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_40.27_[2015.03.22_03.08.40].jpg
Totsugi: Really? Is there such nice memory?
Seems like that he managed to get one perfect in previous games.
Totsugi: I see. Yes, yes, I remember it very well that time
Nanao: You liar.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_40.34_[2015.03.22_03.08.48].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_40.35_[2015.03.22_03.09.09].jpg
Itou-san: And then Matsuzaka-san, with the Gatchaman team.
Itou-san: No perfects.
Matsuzaka: Yo.
The girls are getting on quite well, it's just the boys after are having a hard time hitting the cans. But in the end, Totsugi finally hits the remaining can and with that he gets a perfect score for the team!
They earned 410 points in total. Totsugi is of course praised for his final blow.
Totsugi: Well, I just did what was natural to do.
Nino: Didn't you just run around because of how happy you were?

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_43.20_[2015.03.22_03.12.38].jpg
He certainly was really happy about his performance.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_43.29_[2015.03.22_03.12.48].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_43.30_[2015.03.22_03.12.50].jpg
Time for the Arashi to decide the results of this game. They need to get at least 220 points to snatch the victory. Which seems quite possible to Arashi team. Sho points out that in the previous games the girls usually knock down the majority of the cans at the start. So it would be nice if they could leave just the right amount for them.
Jun: Ivan, if you kick seriously, you can kick it off, right?
Ivan: If I kick seriously, it would go upwards.
Ivan: But I also think I shouldn't kick like a weakling.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_44.13_[2015.03.22_03.20.32].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_44.14_[2015.03.22_03.21.05].jpg
Jun: It's okay if you don't go weakly.
Jun: Let's put our hearts into it.
Ivan: I can put my heart into it?
Jun (uses high-pitched voice, imitating Ivan): Let's put our hearts into it~
Dorky Jun :D
First two targets are not very succcessful as they earn mere 40 points. But then Tomochika skilfully earns a perfect score! Sho then pulls of quite a shot but only knocks down one can. All of them keep missing the target for a while. But then it's Aiba's turn and he finishes it off! It was really close.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_46.36_[2015.03.22_03.24.34].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_46.37_[2015.03.22_03.24.37].jpg
With this, the winners are the Arashi Team!  In the end it was a good gameplay and everyone had a good time. Chiba-san even said that it's been a long time since he got the chance to be a kid again.

VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_47.35_[2015.03.22_03.35.35].jpg VS Arashi Golden #220 [2015.03.12] MQ.avi_snapshot_47.40_[2015.03.22_03.35.43].jpg
Then Sho asks the plus one guests how it was for them, to which Ivan said
Ivan: I thought it would be nice if I could be also remembered by Sakurai-san.
The audience goes in a big cheery "Whoooo~"
Sho: I said this before, but can you take responsibility for that "Whoooo~"?
Sho: I will go for it! Seriously!

He was referencing to a VS Arashi episode which aired 13th November 2014 where the audience were cheering him with another onee in a similar manner :D
VS Arashi Golden #205 [2014.11.13] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.18_[2015.03.22_03.34.37].jpg
Sho-chan, when will they stop pairing you with onee men? :D

I really enjoyed this episode for sure :D It's been a long time since I laughed so much~ And Nino wasn't even wearing anything flashy again. I suppose the staff can guess which guests are gonna make the episode funny so Nino doesn't have to wear anything to make up for the possible lack of entertainment. (not trying to be mean haha)
Hope you enjoyed and didn't mind the terrible length! Hopefully dividing themp into "chapters" was at least a bit helpful.
Sorry for the possible typos I will check it later~

Thank you for reading~

Date: 2015-03-22 09:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] steffiindrajana.livejournal.com

I'm curious about sho and ivan ^_^ Hahahahaha. Nino and aiba in bowling just perfect, i love to see nino always fell down if doing this with aibaaaa. Thank you for sharing!

Date: 2015-03-22 09:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] junaibanina.livejournal.com
Thank you for commenting this episode: it was a fun one to watch!

Date: 2015-03-22 09:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mitchell4d.livejournal.com
I really enjoyed this episode. It was so funny. Nanao is really pretty.
I hope there is a subbing community who subbed this.

Date: 2015-03-22 09:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mars-anch.livejournal.com

This ep is verry fun.😁
Tori-kun & Erika are so cute

For koko sweaper, the lastest ep also have new difficault rule for arashi. I'm like it ;)

Date: 2015-03-22 05:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] helenmaldon.livejournal.com
Such a funny episode, thank you so much for this!! <3

Date: 2015-03-25 12:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] atanah.livejournal.com
Poor Sho, but he is really nice.Thanks again.

Date: 2015-03-30 07:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] perkyandproud.livejournal.com
So much awesomeness :)

And I love that Aiba and Sho have such a connection. LOL!

Thank you! :)

Date: 2015-06-19 05:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ashley-2812.livejournal.com
It's so amazing! Thank you again!

Date: 2015-07-04 03:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] endlessgamee.livejournal.com
Thank you for sharing :D

Date: 2015-08-15 08:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] beverly98.livejournal.com
a very funny episode!! thanks for sharing!!

Date: 2015-08-20 03:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] landofoz84.livejournal.com
thank you for the review.. :D


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