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Yay part 2! Because was getting pretty long!

NewImageNoah finally, we move on to lesson 2! The harmonica!

NewImageIt’s cheap, just 3000yen for a normal harmonica… and no complicated fingering to master! So it’s easy to pick up!

NewImageCheap and easy to learn doesn’t mean it lacks depth though!

NewImage10 holes, blow or suck… and you can have so many tones and variations…

NewImageAniki starts demonstrating his skills...

NewImageThey’ll do talking blues today!

NewImageHe does a demonstration. Basically it’s like free talk + harmonica blowing? But you try to rhythm.

NewImageReally… it’s not difficult to make some noise with the harmonica.

NewImageYou either blow air through the hole, or you draw air through the hole.

NewImageThen you can blow or suck air through all the holes… left and right. Or right and left. Anyway you want hahaha XD

Well it’s easy to make some noise with the harmonica… Trust me I did that a lot as a kid. Making music though, is another matter XD

NewImageTalking blues! Make some noise on the blues harp aka harmonica… put in some lyrics!

NewImageAniki gets Nino to think of some lyrics.

NewImageBut Arashi is too harmonious for him to think about stuff he wants to yell at the other members! XD

NewImageOh well. Topic change then!

NewImageWe’ll start with my pace Jun!

NewImageWhat’s with Jun’s face! XD

NewImageNewImageAiba pumps his fists into the air in response XD

NewImageNext Aiba responds to Jun! They’ll make it like a conversation exchange.

NewImageAiba comes up with a line immediately. But just that one line! Hahahaha! Aniki was like… "what??? just one line???” Hahahaha


They try and brainstorm…

NewImageNewImageSou desu ne… Sou dana. Eventually Aiba settled with sou darou!

NewImageIn any case, there’s no such thing…? Huh?

NewImageNino: Zen Q&A!

Hahaha indeed!

NewImageAiba is really cute! The way he stomps his feet to the side!!! XD

NewImageEither case… they seem to be having loads of fun! XD

NewImageAiba trying his best to copy Aniki’s movements!

NewImageWhat can I say? But that the two are really, really close today XD

NewImageSho is called to go next. He’s stumped on how to continue from the earlier phrases!

NewImageAniki wants one more phrase no matter what!

NewImageIn the end aniki suggested something anyway hahaha!

NewImageNewImageSho can’t think of anything so he just goes with whatever the aniki says hahaha! But really… my mind would be blank if it was me too!

NewImageEmpty empty empty! Blank blank blank!

NewImageThey look to Nino for help.

NewImageAnd look at what our genius song writer came up with hahahaha! Just gotta love this line!

NewImageWith that line, Aniki is satisfied! talking blues time!

NewImageNewImageNewImageHehehe! It’s just fun watching them chorus together. Sho speaking, Arashi echoing, and Aniki playing the harmonica.

NewImageNewImageThey congratulated each other for the job well done! XD

Nino complains that his feet is gonna break from all that stamping. Hahaha!

NewImageFinally! The last lesson!

NewImageAniki’s goal is to write the song lyrics, and make a song with just the D, A, and G chords they learnt earlier.

NewImageAniki believes that anyone can write lyrics! The most important thing is your thoughts, your feelings. How you strongly feel about something.


Basically writing different lines, but following the same train of thought. NewImageSo the theme of the day is ‘loving someone’! A love song!

NewImageHe asks Arashi to think of the person they like, and asks which of them likes girls with long hair… No one raises their hands!

NewImageNino likes girls with short hair! As for why…

NewImageAniki: Huh?
N: The person I like.
Aniki: Oh…
N: Recently I saw her in a drama and her hair has become short…

NewImageHer hair was long… but he likes her short hair too. Well, he’s a loyal fanboy after all. XD We all know who he’s talking about right? XD

NewImageNewImageHahaha! Yappari Yuko da ne? XD

NewImageAniki suddenly realised… Asking idols about their love life is a taboo! XD

NewImageWell. Thankfully our boys have Nino’s crush to talk about! XD

NewImageHe just realised that he asked the taboo question! XD

NewImageAniki starts his lecture on the burden of idols!

NewImageOur boys are besides themselves with laughter!

NewImageHe starts going on and on about it… XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageWahahhaha! Suddenly! In the middle of class! That was so random!

NewImageHe starts talking about long hair girls with Jun.

NewImageListen up Jun fans! Keep your hair long and let it flutter in the wind! Because Jun likes it! XD

NewImageHe throws the ball to alba next.

NewImageNewImageAiba fans remember that! If you see Aiba, say that to him! XD (Concert uchiwas maybe? hahaha!)

NewImageNino suggests a line for the hook.

NewImageNewImageSho is lost in his own thoughts! Hahaha!

NewImageAnd with that, they are done! 3 lines and a song!

NewImageAnd here’s the lyrics!

NewImageNewImageAnd then it’s time to sing!

NewImageI swear he gave Ohno this role because of his long nails! He really is kind!


And yay! Singing time! That’s the end of the show and the review… well I’ll just have some random shots of them playing the guitar! XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageAll sing together now!

NewImageOhno just… looks so lost throughout :P

NewImageThe audience sings along too XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageSho looks really pleased!

NewImageNewImageLastly, Aniki has an announcement to make. All night live concert in front of Mount Fuji! Sugoi ne! With 100k people! Arashi is surprised!

NewImageNewImageNewImageWoah he’s turning 59! Sure doesn’t look it!

NewImageIt doesn’t bother him though, growing old. And he suddenly starts dancing…!

NewImageThey showed a cut of Aniki singing kanpai all out at the end…

NewImageWith Arashi playing the guitar in the chorus. Darn, I wished they showed us the whole song… but it’s too long for the show ne? T.T

NewImageI really love that song! Have it on my phone already XD

NewImageHe starts playing the blues harp.

NewImageKakkoii naa!

And that’s it! The end of the show! Hope you liked the review! Whee finally finished it!!!! Yay!!!!

Date: 2015-03-19 04:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That is pretty cool :)

I love that Nino has a crush :)

*hugs you*

Date: 2015-09-22 10:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you so much!!!! May I ask where can I find this episode??? I'm going crazy trying to find it!!!! thanks!!!


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