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Wahahaha! Another review, and again it’s delayed for so long! What, a whole week? It’s been a really crazy week. Rule violations… my phone dying… T.T

My phone dying really sucked… Wasted two evenings running around bringing my phone to repair phones and I think it’s a lost cause. Motherboard is fried. A freakin 64GB iPhone 5S!!! And I’ve only used it for freaking 16 months! Not that long, but already out of the 1 year warranty. Sucks!!! Can’t recontract till 4 months later too… ARGHS! I originally planned to use the phone for THREE years!!!!


Frustrations aside...

Again, this is another subbed episode… which is actually a good thing because it saves me the typing muahaha! Just read the subs in the pics ok? XD

Edit: This review NEVER finished in that week I planned to. A whole month delay now? Or more! Wahahaha!

PS: I compiled a list of Japanese vocab from this episode over here if you are interested.

Let's begin!

NewImageThe show starts yay!

NewImageBut I just had to share this before that...


NewImageWell I’d like to make this a short review… but I think that’s not gonna happen. Because it was an episode fill with funnies!!!! Like. To the brim!

NewImageWell they are talking about the guest. He came on AnS before, and after that, Ohno was interesting in the guest’s songs and went to buy his CDs, and he listens to them before their concerts.

NewImageO: Each song is very long isn’t it?
S: That’s true
J: Is that a complaint?
But Oh-chan say’s it’s not a complain hahaha. Just saying that the guest is amazing. NewImage Tension is in the air in the studio. Aiba points out that the metal fencing of the set is totally adding to the atmosphere.

NewImageNewImageWahahahaa! What kind of scary guest is coming today??

NewImageA guest that went on Kouhaku! A singer!

NewImageThe guest makes his cool appearance!

NewImageThey shake hands warmly.

NewImageThe guest is Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi! And I’ll call him T for short from here on! Cos I’m a lazy person like that!

NewImageS thanks him for his hard work on khaki.. but… he has complains!

NewImageNewImageBut become making his complains, he confirms with Arashi if they were still friends/comrades.

NewImageThey became comrades… (Opps! Grammar mistake in the subs!)

NewImageAfter receiving the confirmation, T starts making his complaint.

NewImageSecret NHK Kouhaku talks!

NewImageSo, as you may or may not know, Arashi sort of interviews all the performers on Kouhaku. You can see a short clip of them interviewing AKB, that was played on some show of AKB’s. I think it’s basically a time for Arashi to kind of know the artist better, so they can also better introduce them etc during the actual show.

NewImageNewImageWahahaha! He was ignored! By Nino! Hahahaha!

NewImageOf course Nino denies it! XD (Oh look at Neen’s eye bags!)

NewImageAnd J was like that… but of course J denies it vehemently.

NewImageWahahaha! Arashi putting up airs? Hahaha!

NewImageWahahaha! T implies that the Arashi in real life and the Arashi on shows is different! XD

NewImageIn the first place… T is not happy that puny little kids like Arashi is interviewing him. Well he’s way older than Arashi, and a highly regarded singer in Japan. He started his career as a solo artist in the mid 1970s… before ANY ONE in Arashi is even born! So he’s like, a great grand senior of Arashi’s! Naturally you can understand why he’s indignant.

NewImageBut well instead of  talking about that seniority, which would be what comes to my mind first… he brings up that comrades issue again wahahahaha!


NewImageNewImageWahahaha! So that was why he was pissed!!!

NewImageOf course Arashi tries to stop him…. XD
S: It’s because of the room design!NewImage They enact out the scene.

NewImageNewImageNino asked T if the song he is singing is fill with hope…

NewImageNino is beside himself with laughter! Hahahaha!!!!

NewImageHahahaha the aniki is pissed XD

NewImageJun tries to explain the situation.

NewImageNewImageN: We were waiting (for T to come)

NewImageArashi was discussing and wondering among themselves, what kind of mood T would be in… when the guest came in wearing sunglasses and looking all scary.

NewImageNewImageWAHAHAHHA! He’s mad at J this time round! Wahahahaha!

And least you think that the aniki is a really unreasonable person who hates Arashi a lot… well that’s completely untrue! He is kinda hot headed? But it’s more because of his image (the image he has to maintain) more than anything else. He’s actually quite a softie inside, as we’ll see later in the show.

They get into a sort of mock fight, with the rest trying to stop the aniki...



NewImageOhno clarifies that the aniki wasn’t sitting down properly as he demonstrated earlier… but like the above. Hahahaha! Now that looks scary!

NewImageWell well well! That was *quite* a long intro! Now just what is today’s episode about?

NewImageSO! It was something that the aniki wanted to do, rather then something suggested by the staff/Arashi. That’s just a little like what the old AnS episodes used to be like.

NewImageThe aniki is serious today! He even brought along an attendance book! With lesson plans written inside!!! (as you’ll see later)

NewImageHe’s going to teach Arashi how to play the guitar and blues harmonica! (Also called blues harp for short)

NewImageApparently music lessons for adults is the new trend in Japan… but despite the increase in number of people wanting to learn music, there are still many how thing that music is really hard… so here we have music for beginners 101 from Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi! (Opps! Spelling mistake in the subs wahahaha!)

NewImageThe Tsuyoshi music lesson starts!

NewImageSince it’s a class, basic manners like greeting the teacher properly is a must!

NewImageFirst up is attendance taking!

NewImageJun answers before the aniki even calls out a single name. Wahahaha!

NewImageEach of the members gets called.

NewImageNewImageNewImageJun is… extra enthusiastic today XD

NewImageAiba is as energetic as always! XD

NewImageWow! Aniki bought along the guitars that he has actually used in concerts and recordings!

NewImageLoads of pretty guitars at the back of the classroom.

NewImageIncredible eh? That he actually bought so many of them along for the show recording!

NewImageAkashi enthusiastically gets off their seats to examine the guitars. But the Aniki yells at them and prohibits them from touching the guitars!

NewImageIt’s funny how the aniki seemed almost embarrassed at himself for his outburst earlier!

NewImageNewImageHe explains himself.

NewImageI wonder if they cut anything between the section just now and the next… because Arashi didn’t have to go through much troubles to pick the guitar… in fact...

NewImageNino gets to pick a guitar first. How should he pick? By feeling! Hahaha! That’s easy?!

NewImageNino makes his pick.

NewImageThat’s the hummingbird Nino has wanted for a long time.

NewImageWahahaa! Bratty Nino! He turns around and thanks Aniki for the gift! Yes. GIFT Wahahaha! That brat!

NewImageThe aniki is of course, shocked.

NewImageThat brat! XD

NewImageHard to get the screenshot, but Ohno and Aiba went mimicking the ‘Oi’ action aniki did earlier.

NewImageNewImageSo now we know why it’s called the humming bird!

NewImageSho makes his pick. The same way… but saying this guitar is calling out to him. Aka, by fewlings. XD Just like the way Jun does his shopping. Wahahahha! I just can’t get Jun’s Hawaii shopping spree out of my mind! Who doesn’t wish to be rich enough to just shop by ‘fewlings’, without giving a care to the price?

NewImageSho made a good choice!

NewImageIt’s worn out from use!

NewImageNewImageNewImageDie hard Nagabuchi fans would be like… so jealous of Sho now? XD

NewImageJun makes his pick.

NewImageThere’s a Sakurajima logo embossed on the guitar. It’s from his concert 10 years ago.

NewImageNewImageA concert. That freaking went on for 9 hours. NINE hours! And he’s a solo artist ya know! This is like… 3 Arashi concerts back to back! Crazy! Even the fans must have good stamina!

NewImageNewImageOhno and Aiba’s choices were just briefly introduced.

NewImageNewImageAnd we move on to the next segment!

NewImageThe aniki just loves Satoshi a lot. he’s always calling Satoshi, Satoshi… XD

NewImageOhno tries his best to imitate the aniki XD

NewImageKakoii Arashi!

NewImageA spontaneous jamming session ensues

NewImageNewImageSho asks with the jamming was their first section, making T all flustered as he checks his programmed. After getting mocked on by Nino, T decides that he has no need of the program and slams the attendance book (with the program written inside) shut! XD Just go with your feelings! XD

NewImageHe writes the first theme/topic on the board. Knowing the real guitar!

NewImageNewImageFirst up, T shows off his guitar technique! Which is really good, except that I can’t let you listen in a review wahahaha XD

NewImageHe shows off a number of techniques…

NewImageThree fingers, carter family picking, stroke, figure of 8… nothing much to show from screen shots though XD

So on to the lesson proper. T is going to teach Arashi chords!

NewImageNino argues…

NewImageNewImageWhen he got his guitar at 15/16 years old, he only knew D, A and G!

NewImageHahaha! Conquering the world with just 3 chords? XD He could sing all this thoughts with just 3 chords.

NewImageSo Kanpai will be their textbook song of the day! The hook of the song is sang with just those three chords! Kana means cheers (drinking beer), and it was written by Nagabuchi in 1980 (Ohno’s birth year!) for his friend’s wedding, and it’s now a well known, Japanese folk song classic. After watching this episode and listening to the hook so many times, I must say I fell in love with this song too. The lyrics are just beautiful! It processes an elegance to it that I cannot replicate in English.

NewImageSho can’t believe that the hook of this famous song only consists of these three chords.

NewImageNewImageNewImageAniki teaches Arashi how to play the D chord!

NewImageWahahaha! Ohno and his nails!


Playing the guitar, rule no. 1: Keep your fingernails SHORT!

NewImageNewImageWahahahahah! Pain pain pain!

NewImageNewImageOhno plays the chord while bearing with the pain.

NewImageJust look at Ohno’s face XD


NewImageHmm, I agree! He’s so nice!

NewImageT: You misunderstood me, I’m actually really gentle!

NewImageNewImageOpps. Gentle side is gone in an instant! He has an image to upkeep! XD

NewImageAkashi plays D together.

NewImageNext is A.

NewImageNino is making side remarks again. Why is he suddenly saying stuff like that?

NewImageWahahaha! Cos Ohno has been complaining about his fingers! Hahahaha!

NewImageHahahaha! Somebody give him a nail cutter!

NewImageNothing much to say, but just photos of them playing the guitar…

NewImageNewImageT is worried about Ohno.

NewImageT (whispers): Everything alright?

NewImageWahahaha. THAT playful face of Ohno’s. XD

NewImageNino chides him again. XD

NewImageOf course, Neen has no trouble with the guitar :)

NewImageNewImageOhno comes over to check how Aiba does it XD

Aiba played the guitar in the movie Kiroi Namida (yellow tears). And later on he played the guitar in their live concert too, for his solo song Namida no Nagareborshi (roughly translated as shooting stars of tears).

NewImageHahahha! Bambi Aiba? XD

NewImageNewImageWahahaha! Bambi Aiba is constantly seeking to be reassured.

NewImageThey play the guitar together again.

NewImageNewImageNah. They didn’t kiss!

NewImageNewImageThat’s the wonder of music!

NewImageWahahaha! Ohno is jealous?

NewImageJealous… and mostly cos he doesn’t get how to play the chord? XD

NewImageOhno’s a slow learner! Or maybe it’s just cos of his nails… XD

NewImageSo nice of T!

NewImageOhno is so relieved to hear that. XD

NewImageNext it’s Jun’s turn.

NewImageJun plays the guitar with a ‘soft touch’!

NewImageWahaha! Lady killer Matsumoto! Hands up those of you who were Jun-baited! XD

NewImageSatoshi always gets special treatment!

NewImageNewImageAniki was going to get everyone to play along with Ohno when Ohno suddenly changed his stroking rhythm!


NewImageAll of them starts playing together after Ohno corrects his rhythm.

NewImageOhno is making weird faces again XD

NewImageFinally they learn G! Ohno seems lost again.

NewImageJun too!

NewImageSho quickly gets it right!

NewImageAiba and Tsuyoshi are at it again! XD

NewImageNewImageHere’s the obligatory, almost kissing screenshot! XD Again, they didn’t actually kiss.

NewImageThe rest are besides themselves in laughter.

NewImageLook at Aiba’s smug face!!! Sorry, that’s the best shot I can get.

NewImageAiba proudly exclaims his achievement.

NewImageNino’s turn next.

NewImageNewImageAniki starts singing a spontaneous song.


NewImageA song was created just like that!

NewImageHahaha! He’s touched!
T: Next, Matsumoto. NewImage Jun cuts him off with a question of his own.

T: You ignored me!

NewImageMy-pace Jun!

After some banter Jun asks his question again.

NewImageNewImageJun does his gentle touch again. And the Aniki makes up a new song.

NewImageNewImageAniki is… proposing to Jun? XD hehehehe!

NewImageNewImageWahahahha! KO! Jun 1: Girls 0!

NewImageWahahaha! Pretty boy!

NewImageSpecial treatment for Satoshi again!

NewImageNewImageOhno plays the guitar gingerly.

NewImageOhno’s probably thinking: Ooooo aww ouch it hurts!!!!


NewImageHere comes another spontaneous song!

NewImageSorry, I love Ohno’s funny faces.

NewImageThe song continues…


Always, always, always cut your nails before guitar lessons!

NewImageYay! Song finished!

NewImageThe comrades pat each other on their back.

NewImageOk next they move on to the song Kanpai!

Just three chords in the hook. D, A and G. Sho and Nino will play D.

NewImageOhno and Aiba will play . Ohno had some trouble recalling how to play G… Aiba tried to remind him… :P

Of course, that means Jun will play A.

NewImageThey practised playing for a while.

NewImageJun asked a question… that really stumped the aniki… hahaha.

NewImageNewImageNino reports on Jun! True! Even Ohno has stood up! Hahahaha! My pace Jun!

NewImageBecause they aren’t normal people! They are Arashi! And no matter what… they have a lot of contact with music! Hahaha!

NewImageSinging time! I just love the song lyrics. Really pretty in Japanese. The translations available on the web sucks so I made my own translations of that short paragraph. Of course, the translations are never as nice as the original.

NewImageNewImageNewImagePretty isn’t it? The song lyrics! Prettier in Japanese of course.

NewImageHigh fives after finishing the song!

Next up is Part 2!

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Cooooool! Thanks! :)

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Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi is one of the singing legend in their industry right?

OMG all of arashi with guitars!!

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thanks for the translation....arashi look very kakoi with guitar...

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