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I decided that I have no life beside school and Arashi and so I'm here with yet another recap! I might be becoming a bit stricter, I'm not sure.
Loads of screencaps involved.
[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_19.26_[2015.02.12_21.32.54] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.29_[2015.02.12_22.33.41]

Rating: 2.5/5
Reason: It wasn't so bad but in case of Arashi it kinda lacked that sort of goofiness but I'd say it was because our boys were too excited to play against the former national football team of Japan. This guest team was actually entertaining, I would say the highlight of this episode are actually members from the guest team - Ruy Ramos (who appears quite regularly) and Nobuhiro Takeda.  Regarding the plus one guests, it could have been better, one was overdoing it but the other girl was at least cute. The game was kinda good.
Recommend: Sho had some adorable fangirl moments haha. Eehh, but you won't miss anything if you skip this honestly.
Key words: former Japan national football (or soccer) team, Kojima Ruriko, Ogata Takahiro (or Panther Ogata)

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_00.21_[2015.02.07_20.03.01]
From the very beginning our boys are very much hyped up about today's guest team. I mean extremely hyped up!! They clearly express their respect towards the supposedly bombastic gathering and how glad they must be to have such personalities appear on their stage.
Sho: It's just this one person messing around, could you please stop it...

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_00.29_[2015.02.07_20.03.27] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_00.38_[2015.02.07_20.15.04]

Who else can Sho-chan be referring to, who else other than to the flashy fashion master Nino :D
Nino: No, no. Please do not worry.
Nino: How many [Dalmatians] do you think there are [on me]?!
Ohno: I don't really know whether it's cute or more like just tasteless.
Ouch! :D And Sho adds that there certainly are some scary fellows [oniisans] who go for the cute image. Well, at least our Nino is definitely not scary! I'd say this is something what only Nino could wear :D

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_01.14_[2015.02.07_20.22.54] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_01.16_[2015.02.07_20.20.53]
The guest team is the legendary former Japan football representatives!! With Ramos as their captain (at utmost right, number 10)
Sho: Iyaaaaa, this is awesome~~~
Excited much :D Moved to tears much :D

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_01.27_[2015.02.07_20.22.25] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_01.41_[2015.02.07_20.22.42]
Takeda Nobuhiro warns them all that he brought a yellow card. And for the worst case, he's got a red card prepared as well! He makes a reference to the previous appearances of Ramos where he complained a lot. A lot! So this means that someone here has to hold himself back tonight or otherwise he will get expelled~!

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_01.49_[2015.02.07_20.29.58] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_02.01_[2015.02.07_20.30.14]
Sho then -probably trying to do it in a flattering manner but failing miserably- mentions that there's certainly no way that they [as a national football team] could lose.
Ramos: Who are you saying that will lose?
Jun: He's angry now.
Ohno: He's always angry.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_02.09_[2015.02.07_20.32.03]
Sho tries to stop the potential fight when Nino immediately calls for Takeda. Obviously Takeda just tucked the cards into his socks so couldn't respond immediately. And that makes Nino explode.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_02.12_[2015.02.07_20.37.10][2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_02.15_[2015.02.07_20.38.41]
Nino: You're so slow!!!!
Now that was a tad scary :D

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_02.35_[2015.02.07_20.46.30] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_02.41_[2015.02.07_20.46.36]
Time to welcome the plus one guests! The plus one guests are Kojima Ruriko (model, sportscaster) and Panther Ogata (member of a comedy trio). I've got no idea what is the connection between them haha. Ogata is clearly really excited, almost overexcited as he runs from the stairs and greets everyone enthusiastically. And he is obviously a big football fan and thinks of the guest team as legends! He also thinks the same about our Arashi boys. (this receives a big applause from the audience)
Then he continues to claim that the two of them came to join these legends [as of to become legends]

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_03.06_[2015.02.07_20.53.45] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_03.16_[2015.02.07_20.44.18]
This receives a bit of a could shoulder. Or rather awkward silence.
Ogata: Huh? Am I wrong?
Sho (who's always trying to be nice): Please give us a bit more time to catch up with you [with Ogata's excitement]
Jun: Err, excuse me, but you're a bit too noisy.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_03.31_[2015.02.07_20.56.28] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_03.47_[2015.02.07_20.56.57]
Bound Hockey is the first game! First challengers are the football legends. Itou-san asks them how they feel as he mentions that the fight has started and he believes that they will certainly not lose.
Ramos: It's fine. Who did you say that will lose? (Ramos and his grumpiness again :D)
He's just a bit worried about Takeda being the shooter but other than that he passionately lets out his war cry. They start a short conversation just a moment before they start with the game. Takeda is praised for his superb goal statistics and then Itou-san recalls the unfortunate memory of the match in the qualification round for 1994 FIFA world Cup where Japan played against Iraq. The match resulted in draw and if Japan had won, they would have qualified for the World Cup for the first time. Until now, the whole Japan calls it "The Doha Tragedy" Itou-san suddenly points out that Kojima was not born yet at that time.
That surprises Ogata so much that he goes almost in a pitying way:

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_04.45_[2015.02.07_21.13.11] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_04.57_[2015.02.07_21.17.21]
Oga: Aww, so you didn't experience Doha?
That makes all sit up in an instant.
Kojima: Neither did you experience it!
Oga: I did! I gave all my feelings into it!! (in front of a television surely :D)
That was just the true football enthusiast expressing his feelings. So they start the game and at the beginning Takeda shoots the perfect goal! As expected! But that's about it, other pucks are sadly all going right to the gutter. It's so unfortunate that the player before Takeda couldn't hold himself anymore and aims to the goal. And he scores! It's 165 points which is not a very high score for Bound Hockey.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_06.20_[2015.02.07_21.21.09] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_07.46_[2015.02.07_21.23.53]
Takeda's performance makes Ramos unsurprisngly, very very angry.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_08.23_[2015.02.07_21.29.03] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_08.42_[2015.02.07_21.28.51]
Turn for Arashi. Ogata is being overexcited again and asks if he could do this till the very end.
Sho: That's enough, thank you.
Since there are 7 of them, Itou notices Nino standing behind Sho. Apparently they will each play for 45 seconds.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_08.45_[2015.02.07_21.33.13]
Itou-san calls him 'Inu no Kare' which can be translated to The Dog's Boy :D
If there was any reference to that, I didn't catch it so if you know, do tell me! :D

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_09.06_[2015.02.07_21.35.39] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_09.21_[2015.02.07_21.37.59]
Then Jun comments that Kojima looks quite sporty.
Kojima: Well I was in a wind instruments club.
Turns out that she wants to make use of this seemingly unrelated information, maybe in terms of encouraging and cheering! Then they ask Ogata few questions. They find out that he has played football for 14 years so of course he's really excited to see the big names in front of him.
Ogata: Unlike that girl who surely thinks of them as ordinary grandpas-
Sho: She doesn't! She doesn't think of them like that!

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_09.46_[2015.02.07_21.45.28] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_09.48_[2015.02.07_21.45.49]
Ogata: I even wanted to become Ramos so much that I have eaten "J League Curry" countless of times!!
The reference is here, definitely watch it :D  In short it's a CM about curry where a boy eating curry turns into Ramos :D And apparently Sho did the same as he agreed with Ogata enthusiastically. (The caption says 'This person also wanted to become Ramos')

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_09.53_[2015.02.07_21.47.51] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_10.04_[2015.02.07_21.47.43]
Jun is at the shooter's place so he definitely wants to surpass the score of the guest team. Then Takeda tells him from his seat not to work too hard.
Jun: But if I don't do this seriously, he [Ramos] will get angry.
Ramos agrees. And so they begin and they are doing well but not so well at the same time.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_11.18_[2015.02.07_21.51.26]
What's with that smirk Mr. Jun? :D Anywayz, they score 160 points while having the last puck come out 3 seconds before the time out. Because of that, we have a first complaint here. Ramos feels uncomfortable with the way how Arashi managed to score with the last puck (or more like with the rules - the time is being counted for the pucks to come out, so even if it's 1 second before time runs out, if the puck comes out, the players can still play with the puck)

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_12.05_[2015.02.07_21.52.45] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_12.12_[2015.02.07_21.55.43]
This makes him recall the unfortunate tragedy at Doha again. Poor man! Arashi is still behind the guest team in the end although Jun surpassed the opponents with the number of his goals. Ramos gives an approving comment and Takeda suddenly stands up to shake hands with Jun.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_12.48_[2015.02.07_21.59.27] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_12.54_[2015.02.07_21.59.34]
Jun is confused, Ramos is facepalming.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_12.58_[2015.02.07_22.03.58] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_13.10_[2015.02.07_22.04.46]
Next challenge is Jumping Shooter! Beginning with Sho and Ogata as the jumpers. Before they start, Sho expresses that having the football legends standing in those goals feel like a dream. Then he recalls a happy memory when he was just a small kid (around 10-11 yrs) and went to see the football players practice.
[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_14.26_[2015.02.07_22.08.51] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_14.02_[2015.02.07_22.13.59]
He happily remembers how Tsunami-san tapped chibi Sho on his head and now at the moment the same Tsunami is standing here in front of him in Jumping Shooter!
Sho: I wish I could go back to that time and tell myself this exciting news.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_15.08_[2015.02.07_22.09.36] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_16.33_[2015.02.07_22.17.45]
Furthermore it turns out that Ramos is a very good keeper as he used to be the keeper in handball. And that information is confirmed during the game as Ramos was firmly defending his place! Unlike Tsunami at the upper goal where Arashi scored the most.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_16.35_[2015.02.07_22.17.50] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_16.36_[2015.02.07_22.17.55]
Here we can see that Jumping Shooter is always such an exhaustive game.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_16.40_[2015.02.07_22.18.08]
Screencap of this episode :D

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_18.02_[2015.02.12_21.17.03] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_18.04_[2015.02.12_21.17.05]
Before they start with the second challengers, Itou-san starts a somehow strange conversation He mentions that the shooters are still single and then asks Kojima who she'd like to choose (just wtf itou-san :D) So he starts with the candidate no.1 - Takeda - his positive points are that right after waking up in the morning he would dust off his futon, he has 100 pairs of leather shoes and...

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_18.38_[2015.02.12_21.19.03] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_18.43_[2015.02.12_21.23.21]
...goes for nail care once in two weeks. In the background we could hear "ewwie," "are you a girl?" "how distasteful"
Ramos and his clearly disgusted expression show it well :D

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_18.47_[2015.02.12_21.25.06] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_19.11_[2015.02.12_21.30.56]
And then candidate no. 2, Maezono, who keeps a pig as a pet, there's no day that he wouldn't eat at least one piece of custard pudding, and he has an addiction for bath salts.
Itou: So, out of these two who-
Kojima: I'm sorry, neither of them are good.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_19.24_[2015.02.12_21.32.01]
While they were discussing the highlights of these two bachelors, our keepers were seemingly extremely bored.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_19.25_[2015.02.12_21.32.50] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_19.26_[2015.02.12_21.32.54]
So bored.

The game begins and they aim at Nino's upper goal from the start as it's worth more points. Both Ohno and Nino are doing their best in protecting the goals but the guests are still quite successful.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_21.13_[2015.02.12_21.35.36] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_21.25_[2015.02.12_21.36.16]
Here we see again that Jumping Shooter is truly an exhaustive game even for professionals. So tiring, that even Takeda stuttered on his words.
Itou-san: Takeda-san, was it up to your expectations?
Takeda: That's right, while we were shouting whether to go for the upper or the lower we gdfsfgd-
Nino: He reached his limits.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_21.33_[2015.02.12_21.42.16] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_21.34_[2015.02.12_21.39.26]
[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_21.45_[2015.02.12_21.42.46] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_21.51_[2015.02.12_21.39.54]
Pinball runner following. Kojima as the runner as she have ran a full marathon (6 hours 5min) Her assisants are Jun, Ogata and Aiba. This game had positive results as she managed to catch 2 pink balls and get 140 points. After it's finished, they comment on Ogata's loud voice as he didn't have to use the microphone. Jun is asked about his opinion.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_24.45_[2015.02.12_21.49.05] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_24.48_[2015.02.12_21.46.45]
Jun: The volume (of his voice) is amazing. But I gradually got used to it.
Ogata is happy to hear that and he even says that this might make them become friends.
Jun: No, we won't become friends.
Ouch! :D Stoic Jun strikes again.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_26.14_[2015.02.12_21.52.16] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_27.27_[2015.02.12_21.54.14]
The opponent team replaces them on the spot and then they decide that Ramos will be the only one who will call the nubmers.
Once they finish Ramos pulls out an unsatisfied face again. They didn't manage to catch neither of the pink balls, however now they are leading by 5 points!

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_28.27_[2015.02.12_21.55.44] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_29.29_[2015.02.12_21.57.47]
Gogo sweeper is their next match. Nino is relaxed.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_29.36_[2015.02.12_21.58.29] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_29.40_[2015.02.12_22.01.58]
[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_29.41_[2015.02.12_22.00.09] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_29.43_[2015.02.12_21.58.02]
Ogata is being loud again and almost causes himself an injury by making fun of Ramos that he's an old grandpa. Saying those words makes Ramos go after him even though the game hasn't started yet. Ramos then quietly returns into his position as one of his team-mates orders him to get back.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_30.15_[2015.02.12_22.03.36] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_30.43_[2015.02.12_22.04.03]
[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_30.44_[2015.02.12_22.04.34] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_30.45_[2015.02.12_22.04.05]
The game starts and there's another conflict. Ogata and Ramos are blocking each other's ways so Ramos solves this problem by throwing a ball at Ogata. Grumpy Ramos strikes again!

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_32.01_[2015.02.12_22.06.59] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_32.08_[2015.02.12_22.07.49]
[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_32.13_[2015.02.15_13.46.56] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_32.15_[2015.02.15_13.47.24]
Apparently this game just made Ramos even more angry than he had been before. Takeda-san, where is your yellow card?! After few seconds, Takeda finally calls after him with a yellow card and Ramos responds immediately.
Ramos (humbly): Ah, I'm sorry.
So the result is that Arashi team scored more points and are taking the lead again! But what is more intriguing, is that during the gameplay, there was something suspicious going on.
Itou: Tsunami-san, Ramos-san, did you use your hands?
This causes a huge ruckus.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_32.45_[2015.02.12_22.12.11] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_32.47_[2015.02.12_22.12.15]
[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_32.54_[2015.02.12_22.11.07] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_32.58_[2015.02.12_22.14.12]
Ogata: That's the worst! You call yourself sportsmen?!
Ramos: No hand, shoulder, shoulder!
Nino: But that's impossible to use your shoulder [to move the balls...since you're in a car...] *performs the movement*
Ogata: What a lie! *performs the movement as well*

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_33.09_[2015.02.12_22.18.02] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_33.23_[2015.02.12_22.17.22]
Then Ramos confessed to using his hand once. He used his hand to move the big ball inside but the points were not counted.
Tsunami-san did the same but it was quite pointless as Ogata was blocking his way at that moment.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.02_[2015.02.12_22.18.50] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.08_[2015.02.12_22.18.56]
When it's turn for the second challengers, there is noticably something out of order. It turns out to be Sho who is suddenly being unusually loud. Is he in Ogata mode? This is something you have to see for yourself, just describing by words won't do enough justice to that amazing power of his overexcitement haha! So we don't know for a while why is Sho exaggeratingly rising his voice even though everyone can hear him well. As it is something that everyone noticed immediately, Itou-san asks him about it straight away.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.12_[2015.02.12_22.37.54] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.23_[2015.02.12_22.39.40]
Sho: Well, I thought I'd keep quiet about it but I guess I have to say it now.
It turns out that just during the break time they had a while ago, Sho had the chance to take a photo with the former representatives of the Japan national football team! Sho-chan is being so cute about this. So super-overexcited :D
Sho: My excitmenet level just skyrocketed.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.29_[2015.02.12_22.19.20] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.29_[2015.02.12_22.33.41]
Sho: Whoooh!
A bit concerned Itou-san asks Ohno whether it's okay to have Sakurai-kun in such condition.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.39_[2015.02.12_22.19.35] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.39_[2015.02.12_22.42.32]
Ohno: Please calm yourself down [and do it properly]
Sho (a bit unwillingly) does what Leader orders him to do.
Then they ask Takeda for his war cry to which he responds that he will never lose to Sakurai-kun!

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.48_[2015.02.15_10.50.14] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_34.50_[2015.02.15_10.49.52]
But the reply from the other side comes in an instant as Kojima accidentally presses the button for the sweeper which makes a threatening sound
Kojima (feebly): Ahh, sorry...
Sho: Nice timing, nice timing!
They divert the chat to Atsu-san, the other team player, and when it's finally time to start the game, Itou-san asks Takeda for his war cry again.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_35.46_[2015.02.15_11.02.47] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_35.47_[2015.02.15_11.01.06]
Takeda: We will definitely win-
*sounds of the sweeper cuts in*
This time it was Sho-chan who 'accidentally' pressed the button for the sweeper.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_35.55_[2015.02.15_11.03.13]
Innocently confused look for sure :D
The game begins and Sho & Kojima are clearly doing well. In the end they manage to get incredible 369 points while the opponent team only 161.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_38.16_[2015.02.15_11.09.30] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_38.17_[2015.02.15_11.09.16]
Out of the 4 golden balls, while Sho managed to get 2 of them, Takeda-san was the only one who actually didn't get the golden ball inside the area.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_38.27_[2015.02.15_11.09.55] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_38.38_[2015.02.15_11.12.42]
That makes Ramos angry and makes the whole team back away from Takeda. Ramos is clearly very very angry.
Ramos: It's your fault that we're losing!

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_38.55_[2015.02.15_11.13.11] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_39.06_[2015.02.15_11.13.28]
Time for the final battle. Kicking Sniper! This is the moment we were waiting for. The former representatives of the national football team of Japan in Kicking Sniper. If all the targets are taken down, the total score they can get are incredible 860 points! They are currently losing by 240 points.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_39.29_[2015.02.15_11.15.07] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_39.33_[2015.02.15_11.15.13]
Naturally, Ramos is confident here and seeks to make a reversal.
Ramos (in a calm voice): [The chance for the reversal is] 200 %.
Everyone lets out an admiring whoaaah
Ramos: Only if there wasn't Takeda. (Takeda being right next to him :D)

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_39.39_[2015.02.15_11.19.00] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_39.44_[2015.02.15_11.19.07]
Then Jun mentions that somehow Takeda ended up going into their [Arashi team's] green room after Go Go Sweeper.
Sho: You said that you two [Takeda and Ramos] have been together since high school.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_39.50_[2015.02.15_11.19.18]
Jun: That's why going into the green room [where Ramos is] is an absolute no no, is what you said while going into our green room.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_41.22_[2015.02.15_11.24.43] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_42.07_[2015.02.15_11.25.28]
As expected from the the national representatives, if the first player doesn't knock down the targets, the second will knock them all down and gets a perfect score. (That was literally how it was :D) However if there was no perfect score, there was no target taken down at all. And guess who did not knock down the targets at all? Ramos and Takeda :D

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_42.31_[2015.02.15_11.25.52] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_42.33_[2015.02.15_11.25.57]
Especially Takeda is lost case as he had the last chance to take down the target with the most points. No luck. Nevertheless, Arashi team expresses their respect towards the players as it really was an amazing play.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_42.55_[2015.02.15_11.27.48]
Jun: Everyone just got them down with one hit!
The difference in points between the teams is now 179.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_44.04_[2015.02.15_11.31.08] [2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_44.05_[2015.02.15_11.30.54]
Arashi are hyped up as the possibility for their victory is very high.

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_45.56_[2015.02.15_11.33.19]
So they start and Kojima gets an incredible perfect score right from the beginning! The second target is for 0 points as everyone misses the target...Then Jun in the second position knocks down few barrels but after few seconds the rest goes down as well which gets him a perfect score!!

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_46.34_[2015.02.15_11.34.41]
Is that all? Yes!! They finished on the 3rd target already and it's a victory for Arashi team!!

[2015.02.05] VS Arashi (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_46.46_[2015.02.15_11.34.56]

Surprisingly another victory for Arashi! Despite the fact that the guest team was fairly strong. How is it gonna be next time?  I haven't watched it yet :D But I'm really looking forward to the episode where Johnny's WEST are guesting! I'm not really their fan but I love interactions between Arashi and their juniors/seniors!

BTW that Ogata guy is really a huge fan, he even tweeted about being on VS Arashi :D
See you soon~!

Date: 2015-02-15 04:38 pm (UTC)
jheili: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jheili
Uwaahh~ Haha, I had some laughs watching this episode. I like it whenever Takeda appears on any of their shows. And their interactions show how Arashi is somewhat close with him. XD Ahh and Ramos' grumpy tantrums! That was funny! LOL! Especially during the Go Go Sweeper!

Oh Jun oh Jun! You might have not done good during Bound Hockey, still it's okay! There were so many cute shots! That's good enough dear. That's good enough. And you made the winning score anyway xD.

Thanks for doing this review again!
No one likes subbing VSA hahaha. So you're reviews are a great help in enlightening people like me whose Japanese is limited as nil. :P

Date: 2015-02-16 07:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dingdong2988.livejournal.com
Thanks for the caps and captions!
I love how Ito-san asked Leader to comment on Sho's overly high mood. But as you said, I doubt Sho would listen XD

Date: 2015-02-19 11:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
thank you so much for the translation<3
I`m so behind VSA episodes,I need to catch up with them><
I Think I`ll start from this one:)
again thanks a lot!:)

Date: 2015-02-26 07:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
no,I won`t miss it!;))
just may wait a bit more,seems like someone is going to sub it=D

Date: 2015-02-20 03:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] perkyandproud.livejournal.com
Is there such a thing as too much fan!Sho? :)

Hm...I'm starting to wonder about Jun and the upcoming MMDA! LOL :)

Thank you for sharing!

Date: 2015-02-23 02:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nurcahya.livejournal.com
thank you for your translation.
And I just love the GRUMPY RAMOS.
Thank you.

Date: 2015-03-04 09:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] berrystormy.livejournal.com
i love ninos outfit, so cute!!! thank u!

Date: 2015-08-15 08:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] beverly98.livejournal.com
ahhhh thanks for sharing and sho is really cute in this episode!!


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