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I'm baaack with another hours of my life spent on a review of VS Arashi! Sorry it's been so long, I kinda plan to review the two episodes before this as well but they were not so worth it (I actually gave one 2/5... oh well!) But well, this one is 3.5/5 haha. I think I will never give 5/5 but I could 4/5 in the case where both guests are really funny/interesting. So far it's been just the one of them, or both being so-so. 3/5 means it is actually worth seeing it as long as you have enough time and don't have any deadlines like...tomorrow or somethin'. Yah.

Loads of screencaps involved! Right click to view image in larger size. Not particularly high quality though.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.27_[2015.02.06_18.55.03] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.49_[2015.02.06_18.56.58]

Rating: 3.5/5
Reason: I'm giving a slightly better rating because of the plus one guest Kame, who was awkward and cute, of Arashi having several funny moments especially Jun and Nino and because of the game being incredibly intense towards the end! The downside is that the guest team didn't impress me whatsoever although it had a familiar face well associated with Arashi - Uehara Koji.
Recommend: If you want to see Jun's brightest grin then what are you waiting for?! Nino is being his usual expressive himself and Kame is being adorably clumsy! Fangirls of these boys, definitely watch this!
Keywords: Kamenashi Kazuya, Joker Game, Uehara Koji

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_00.23_[2015.02.06_16.02.12] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_00.25_[2015.02.06_16.17.07]
Our boys start VS Arashi with an obvious statement: We want to win! If they didn't win it would mean consecutive loses throughout the whole month! But they look confident.
Sho: Today we look kinda handsome, don't we? (turns to Ohno)
Sho: Handsome, riiiight? (what is that supposed to mean?!!:D)
Nino: And the three of us [Aiba, Ohno, Nino] have matching sets of clothes.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_00.31_[2015.02.06_16.17.21]
Nino: Let's be like this every month, the three of us.
Nino, are you hinting at something?! :D He obviously wants to escape his fate or at least doesn't want to be alone :D But Aiba is vehemently against such idea. But then one of the boys seems to have an interest!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_00.38_[2015.02.06_16.21.09] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_00.39_[2015.02.06_16.23.55]
Ohno: Either is fine for me. [wearing flashy clothes or not wearing them]
Does this mean a new challenge for this year? But hey, who else wants to see Ohno in a flashy attire?! :D I definitely do!! Or who else votes for an ultimate Ohmiya attire? I would love to see them both in a similar clothing set haha!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_01.04_[2015.02.06_16.24.54]
After a short talk, it's finally time for the opponent to appear on the stage! It's the Team Uehara! Apparently it's a team related to the legendary Koji Uehara. Two of the members, both former professional sportsmen were his high school classmates. Then the other ones are just friends haha. That's the Team Uehara!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_02.11_[2015.02.06_16.30.52]
And now it's time to introduce the plus one guest! And who else it is than...

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_02.24_[2015.02.06_16.31.09] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_02.30_[2015.02.06_16.32.58]
That Kamenashi who recently our stormy boys have met quite a few times. Kamenashi Kazuya! Remember Vancouver Asahi?

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_02.36_[2015.02.06_16.33.47]
As our Arashi members express their concern over Kame's frequency of appearing in their show, he is not afraid to reveal his true intentions
Kame: Today I came here to promote my work. [movie]
To which Jun replies:

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_02.42_[2015.02.06_16.43.24] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_02.45_[2015.02.06_16.44.00]
Jun: Once I read a wikipedia article about this show [VS Arashi] and someone put us under the category of the shows that specialize in promoting other programs.
Jun: But that is not correct!! Not correct!  (yes yes, it's a game/variety show :D)
Kame describes Joker Game as a clever spy-action movie and it does seem like an interesting movie, perhaps I will check that as well! To further encourage people to see this movie, Ohno is asked to give his opinion.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_03.09_[2015.02.06_16.49.49] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_03.10_[2015.02.06_16.49.52]
Ohno: It's a movie with an extremely high level of perfection-
but the others cut in before he finishes
Jun: You haven't seen it yet!
Nino: Stop lying!!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_03.28_[2015.02.06_16.51.49] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_03.38_[2015.02.06_16.52.11]
First challenge is Koro Koro Viking! First to tackle this challenge is Uehara Team. Just before immersing into the game they warm up with a short conversation.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_04.08_[2015.02.06_16.53.53] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_04.10_[2015.02.06_16.54.14]
A topic is brought by one Uehara's friends! It's a photo of the 3 classmates from their high school era. So Chiaki asks them whether they were popular among girls.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_04.23_[2015.02.06_16.55.08]VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_04.26_[2015.02.06_16.54.52]
So one of them (left) start to tell the level of popularit for each of them. He himself claims to be in the middle of the bar of popularity.
And then the second was supposedly really popular. He even had a fanclub!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_04.42_[2015.02.06_16.55.57]
Then we hear that Uehara was not popular at all, which makes Uheara snap at him in an instant.
After that they start with the game and end up with 270 points! Nice!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_07.55_[2015.02.06_17.05.06] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_07.55_[2015.02.06_17.05.08]
It's turn for Arashi's team. Sho comments positively on the previous team's performance. If they could be as calm as them, it would be great.
Nino: Let's go like adults. That should be good.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_08.20_[2015.02.06_17.07.50] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_08.22_[2015.02.06_17.05.43]
Aiba: That's our strong point.
Acting like adults. Strong point. Surrrre :D Sho is a bit speechless. Then he gives us an insight into his strategy - Kame and Sho will each take turns in taking the lead to control the ball and the timing of sending it through the bridge.
They start to count the order of the balls.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_08.46_[2015.02.06_17.10.33] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_08.46_[2015.02.06_17.13.09]
Right after they finish counting:
Sho: Eeh, the other way is better. [the order/amount of the balls]

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_12.11_[2015.02.06_17.16.49] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_12.13_[2015.02.06_17.16.42]
To be honest they were doing good... at the beginning. Although going exactly the way Sho has proposed in his plan, the expectations are not high as these wonderful expressions are even before the points were announced.
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_12.16_[2015.02.06_17.16.58] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_12.18_[2015.02.06_17.17.03]
Can you see that minus? It's -30 points!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_12.36_[2015.02.06_17.19.38] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_12.38_[2015.02.06_17.19.42]
Shaken by the slightly unwelcome results, MJ asks in his incredibly nonchalant way about Sho's strategy. (obviously hinting at its shortcomings)
Jun: Just before this you were talking how you would each take turns in leading the ball. So what's the score for each side? (possibly hinting at Sho's shortcomings :D)
Nino (in his usual way): Stop it, stop it!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_12.55_[2015.02.06_17.25.38]
So they listen attentively to Itou-san's voice and so far it looks good for our Sho-chan (red).

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_12.59_[2015.02.06_17.26.28]
But not really for Kame (blue).

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_13.09_[2015.02.06_17.29.33] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_13.10_[2015.02.06_17.27.07]
Meanwhile Jun fails to comprehend.
So it turns out that Kame "gained" -110 points for the Arashi Team!
Itou: With all due respect but...
Jun: Yes.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_13.18_[2015.02.06_17.28.17] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_13.21_[2015.02.06_17.28.40]
Itou: I think Kamenashi's bad at this.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_13.26_[2015.02.06_17.31.03] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_13.40_[2015.02.06_17.31.20]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_13.44_[2015.02.06_17.31.45] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.01_[2015.02.06_17.32.31]
Shotgun disc follows! With MJ at the discs, Kame and Aiba as the passers and Ohno as the catcher!
At the moment they are exactly 300 points behind. That's why Nino firmly declares (from his seat :D) 350 points!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.06_[2015.02.06_17.33.17] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.08_[2015.02.06_17.34.37]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.09_[2015.02.06_17.34.41] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.10_[2015.02.06_17.34.29]
Aiba: Our pace will be quick like pon pon, pan pan, pyan pyan~ [loose translation: bang-bang, pop-pop, slap-slap kapow~ either that or Aiba's choice of words are just bunch of nonsense too :D]

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.12_[2015.02.06_17.37.26]
Jun is again confused.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.20_[2015.02.06_17.38.38]
In the meantime, our Leader is firmly holding his net.
Sho: It's amazing how you're holding onto it!!
Kame:As if on a boat.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.32_[2015.02.06_17.39.13] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.37_[2015.02.06_17.41.49]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_14.41_[2015.02.06_17.42.58] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_15.00_[2015.02.06_17.47.15]
Itou suddenly recalls their previous conversation (again, this episode!)
As a thank for receiving a picture from Ohno, Kamenashi invited him to sushi. Last year. They haven't gone yet.
Kame: If you have time this year... [then I would love to go]
Ohno nods authoritatively.
Sho: You still have 11 months to go!
Ohno: I'm busy at the moment, you know. It's no time to eat sushi, you know.
Nino: But it's Kame who likes you. You can't be that busy. You should go.
Ohno: But well I would hate it if I was hindering him from his work.
Apparently, they both have contact address of each other.
Sho: Then let have Kame-chan call you, since he's busy now. Are you [Ohno] busy now?

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_15.03_[2015.02.06_17.49.04] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_15.04_[2015.02.06_17.49.55]
Ohno: The heck I'm busy, I'm working right now.
What an angry tone. Don't you all see he's working?! :D

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_16.19_[2015.02.06_17.52.09]VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_16.25_[2015.02.06_17.52.16]
Despite Jun's bright smile the game was not doing well for the Arashi team and in the end Itou-san just comments on Jun being completely exhausted. From the planned 350 points they didn't even manage to get the half of it.
(I like how he exlclaims "MatsuJun herohero~!" "herohero" means completely exhausted and dog-tired and I love how it sounds like something you use for an old grandpa being exhausted after climbing few stairs :D ...it just sounds like that to me, sorry bout that lol!)

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_16.37_[2015.02.06_17.52.40] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_16.38_[2015.02.06_17.57.21]
Jun: Please shoot me.
Bibiru: Awful!
Just why this outcome? Well..let's have a look again. Ohno did his best to catch everything that went his way. What went his way was the jobs of Kame and Aiba who were also doing their best.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_15.39_[2015.02.06_17.50.36] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_16.01_[2015.02.06_17.51.23]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_16.14_[2015.02.06_17.51.39] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_16.17_[2015.02.06_17.51.44]
...it's just the discs didn't really reach Kame and Aiba in the first place...(red circles by me :D)
Nino even asked Jun about his wrist. Just what on earth happened?!
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_17.07_[2015.02.06_18.05.21]
Even the shooters were bored in the end.
Bibiru: I thought whether we should help you out.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_17.38_[2015.02.06_18.06.22] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_17.39_[2015.02.06_18.06.22]
Now it's turn for the other team while we're having Nino and Sho as the shooters!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_18.28_[2015.02.06_18.07.27] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_19.49_[2015.02.06_18.09.05]
The other team seems incredibly strong.Just look at his reach!
They end up with good score again. It's 410 points of difference now!!
Nino admits that it was hard [to play against Uehara Team]

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_20.10_[2015.02.06_18.10.01] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_20.17_[2015.02.06_18.10.51]
Nino: The difference [between the points] is huge. If there's any time left, I'd like to do it again..........
Itou: I see. Matsumoto-kun!
Jun: Yes?
Itou: What shall we do?

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_20.23_[2015.02.06_18.11.15]
Jun: I'm not gonna do it.
This causes a huge uproar (or rather a laughter) with Nino at the front.
Nino: We lost!! [because of you :D]

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_20.31_[2015.02.06_18.12.24] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_20.42_[2015.02.06_18.12.36]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_20.51_[2015.02.06_18.12.46] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_21.24_[2015.02.06_18.14.34]
Dual Curling time!! It's the game where they absolutely want to make a comeback to the game. Usually the game has 30 points slot in the center. But this time it's 50 points! This way Arashi has a big chance of a reversal!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_21.54_[2015.02.06_18.16.05]VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_21.58_[2015.02.06_18.15.59]
Uehara team are relaxed though.
Chiaki: Let's enjoy this! (look at that height difference :D)
Sho (with a deep voice): Let's put it in whatever it takes!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_24.49_[2015.02.06_18.24.49] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_24.55_[2015.02.06_18.25.00]
The game ends and we can see that here Jun did his best to redeem himself! Gained 150 points by putting 3 curling stones into the slot. Kame did a well job as well. It's just the person next to them...

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_24.59_[2015.02.06_18.24.31] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_25.01_[2015.02.06_18.25.26]
Sho (with a feeble voice): Me?
Sho: Did I just take part in this?
Nino: Yes, you did.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_25.11_[2015.02.06_18.26.34] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_25.17_[2015.02.06_18.26.45]
So he explains that the whole time he was watching Jun and Kame sending the stones into the slots as they were doing it very well.
Just the moment whe Sho decided to do the same, it was time out and the hole closed down. What a shame! :D

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_25.28_[2015.02.06_18.28.04]VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_25.49_[2015.02.06_18.30.17]
Time for the second challengers.As they have narrowed the gap between the points, they definitely want to get their points here.
Aiba: If we don't, the prospects for the next week are non-existent.
They ask the other team about their thoughts

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_26.08_[2015.02.06_18.41.58] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_26.17_[2015.02.06_18.32.08]
Ohata Daisuke hints that as an anthlete he wants to feel some adrenaline as this is their first time in the show.
So Itou-san asks him whether he felt the adrenaline rushing in his body yet.
Ohata: Well...(looks at the Arashi team in a very insolent manner!)
Ohata: Not really.

Anyway, it was a nice play and Arashi got quite a lot of points! They managed to narrow the gap to 185 points! It's still a lot though!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_28.40_[2015.02.06_18.46.25]
The next game is Cliff Climb!!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_28.55_[2015.02.06_18.47.04] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_28.57_[2015.02.06_18.47.15]
Our first climbers are Kazuya and Kazunari!
Nino: Yes, yes Kazuya here.
Kame: Hello, Kazunari here.
Itou-san: It's reversed! Reversed!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_29.07_[2015.02.06_18.47.49] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_29.27_[2015.02.06_18.48.57]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_29.30_[2015.02.06_18.50.02] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_29.34_[2015.02.06_18.50.37]
Nino gives a motivational speech how this is only the matter of narrowing the gap more and more and not the other way round. He gives off a very decisive vibe.
Jun: What an amazing determination.
Sho: I haven't seen such Kazunari before.
Jun: So how many sides are you gonna climb?

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_29.44_[2015.02.06_18.51.22] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_29.47_[2015.02.06_18.51.33]
Nino: I'm gonna climb 1 side.
Eh? Kame gets instantly confused. Does that mean Kazunari-san is not climbing 2 sides?
Kame: Didn't you just tell me that you'll do 2 sides just a while ago?

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_29.54_[2015.02.06_18.51.58] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.00_[2015.02.06_18.52.47]
Nino: Well then, I shall do 2 sides then.
Audience big "wooaah"

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.06_[2015.02.06_18.53.33] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.07_[2015.02.06_18.53.39]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.11_[2015.02.06_18.53.52] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.19_[2015.02.06_18.54.19]
Nino: I will do 2 sides and atatata-
Kazunari-san, what's the matter?!
Nino (faint voice): This is no good, 1 side.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.22_[2015.02.06_18.54.24] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.27_[2015.02.06_18.55.03]
Jun: That's a real waste, seriously.
Kame: Then tell me how I should go.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.34_[2015.02.06_18.55.14]
Nino propmtly stands up.... instant recovery?!
Nino: He said he doesn't know how he should do it.
Sho: [Kame] You don't know?

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.44_[2015.02.06_18.56.25] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.45_[2015.02.06_18.56.53]
Kame: Well, first to the middle...

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.47_[2015.02.06_18.55.46] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.49_[2015.02.06_18.56.58]
Huh? And then?

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_30.59_[2015.02.06_19.00.06]
Nino: You know, he's like the amazingly cool version of Nobita... (thegood-for-nothing main character in Doraemon with very few positive sides)

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_31.34_[2015.02.06_19.00.32] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_31.56_[2015.02.06_19.01.18]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_33.05_[2015.02.06_19.03.33] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_33.13_[2015.02.06_19.03.56]
So they go on to climb the wall. Nino is amazingly swift as usual and then passes the baton to Kame. Kame climbs in a relatively fast and steady pace while Nino is reminding him to press the buttons.In the end it's a perfect score! And just look at that perfect descent. As expected from an idol! So they verbally pat themselves on their backs and then the smirking Nino is asked about his leg.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_34.01_[2015.02.06_19.11.28]VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_34.04_[2015.02.06_19.11.33]
Nino: You wouldn't believe this but it has recovered.
What a miracle!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_34.11_[2015.02.06_19.13.51] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_36.26_[2015.02.06_19.14.19]
VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_37.23_[2015.02.06_19.16.12] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_37.52_[2015.02.06_19.16.43]
The other team is starting to feel pressured. But they do well until the really tall Tateyama fails to reach the last button!
Even though he had absolutely no problem with climbing at all. Then he explains that he was constantly hitting his knees while trying to climb up. That's for being extremely tall! Or having extremely long legs.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_38.13_[2015.02.06_19.17.41] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_38.36_[2015.02.06_19.18.07]
The last challenge is Kicking Sniper!! The dream team consists of Sho, Kame and Jun! They are now only 89 points behind! No way! do you remember? Do you remember the 410 points?!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_38.58_[2015.02.06_19.20.02] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_39.05_[2015.02.06_19.20.16]
They certainly want to win.
Jun(hesitant): If we get points here, the previous game... we'll forget about it, right?
Jun is clearly trying to make up for the disaster in Shotgun disc!
Then Itou-san points out Kame's performance in his previous games of Kicking Sniper. No points in neither of them.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_39.37_[2015.02.06_19.22.58] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_39.49_[2015.02.06_19.24.15]
Kame: But today Ninomiya-kun taught me something really amazing.
Kame: He noticed that I'm Nobita.
Kame: Like when I try to use my head, my physical performance becomes zero.
Kame: That's why I'm gonna use my body only.
Nino: That's right, do not think about anything!
Nino continues to give his commands.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_39.57_[2015.02.06_19.24.27]
Nino: Go! Kick! Hit! Rejoice! Nothing else.
Nothing else! Better listen to his senpai then! :D So the game starts. They had gradually risen out of the minus score. Will they be able to cause a big reversal?!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_41.15_[2015.02.06_19.28.02]
They don't seem to do well in the beginning though. Then Sho scores some points and Jun scores a perfect.
See who's Nino pointing at? It's Kamenashi who is not doing well at all. Just until...
Until Sho misses the last target completely and when it's turn for Kame...

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_41.39_[2015.02.06_19.28.52]VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_42.07_[2015.02.06_19.30.43]
It's a perfect score!! He gained them incredible 270 and the total score is unbelievable 610 points!!
Firstly, Jun did a very well job at the 4th target, a perfect!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_42.14_[2015.02.06_19.31.44] VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_42.18_[2015.02.06_19.30.59]
Nino: The 4th target seemed difficult.
Jun: You noticed?
Jun is obviously very happy by this remark.
Kame despite his efforts wasn't lucky enought to hit the targets at all but in the end he managed to get a perfect and thus gain incredible amount of points!
Jun gives a comment after which he gives the brightest grin possible.

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_42.52_[2015.02.06_19.37.47]
Jun: From depression he did a Hop! Step! Jump!
(shizunde kara no hoppu! suteppu! janpu!) I personally didn't really get this if this was a reference, if anyone knows, please tell me! :D
But the smile is priceless :D Gawd I'm not even biased but just look how happy he looks! Aww

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_43.27_[2015.02.06_19.41.35]
So the finale is here. The challengers are the three classmates. They feel pressured as they need to score 530 points to snatch the victory. But they are athletes and are not simply gonna get discouraged. And as a real athlete Ohata proclaims:

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_44.03_[2015.02.06_19.44.02]VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_44.07_[2015.02.06_19.44.38]
Ohata: Go! Kick! Hit! Rejoice!
Eh?! Nino-senpai, I think I hear something very familiar!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_46.02_[2015.02.06_19.46.44]
But the Uehara Team is not doing as they expected! The last points are behind a question mark. What is their score? And who is the winner?!

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_46.10_[2015.02.06_19.47.31]
Their score is 350 points! This means...

VSA  2015.01.29.mp4_snapshot_46.22_[2015.02.06_19.48.37]
The winner is Arashi! What a huge turnover!! Unbelievable!

So this was the recap for today, no matter how hard I try to keep it brief, it never happens. I feel like the exact opposite happens each time. But I think you could notice how I left out some passages for the Uehara Team because the stories they told were really not that interesting to me. But well, they were not all professional comedians (and those who were, didn't really get to say much) so I hope you don't mind that I'm being a bit subjective! As of Kame, I'm not really that biased but I figured lots of you might like him so that's why I included loads of screencaps haha! I don't know how does he act usually but I really adore when he's talking to his Arashi senpais, he's so respectful towards them! Anyway I loved Jun in this episode, at first he was being his stoic self but then he started to make that shiny bright grin from ear to ear hahaha! He just seemed so happy which is nice to see.

So, hope to see you soon as I really enjoy making these recaps! It takes me lot of time though because sometimes I have to do some research on some things (this time I kinda failed though .___.) and even read recaps on Japanese blogs haha! Sometimes it's like a lifesaver when I do the entire subs.

And please do bear in mind that I'm far far from being fluent in Japanese and there might be some things that I misunderstood. But I try to share the experience and my understanding I have from Arashi shows and keep them as correct and enjoyable as possible!
If you found any errors or mistakes, please do let me know!
And if you have anything to say about this episode, you're more than welcome! ^__^
See you next time~  *flies away*

Date: 2015-02-07 03:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] noinhere.livejournal.com

thanks for the review, I have watch the episode without the sub, now I understand what is the episode all about. thank you.

Date: 2015-02-07 04:27 am (UTC)
jheili: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jheili
Ahh this episode is a troll mine!
Started out with Aiba not wanting to have the same set of clothes as Nino...to Sho and Kame's misses at Korokoro, to Jun's failure at Shotgun disk! And of course, who would forget Nino's underhanded trolling of Kame?

And the highlight of the show (for me that is, cos I'm biased like that XD), Kicking Sniper! Oh how I love it when Jun plays that game, when he kicks and gets a perfect score. I love his smile at the end! His cocky happy smile. So worth watching it!

Although I can't help but think that Arashi is overpromoting Kame (or his movie)! He appeared in all of their shows save Nino-san! Haha, that's overdoing it I think? XD

Anyway thanks for this review! <3

Edited Date: 2015-02-07 04:30 am (UTC)

Date: 2015-02-07 05:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oclone123.livejournal.com
I am able to "watch" this because of you :) Loved Jun's smile. Thank you very much for taking the time to review this and with all the wonderful screencaps too.

Date: 2015-02-08 02:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] helenmaldon.livejournal.com
Thank you for the recap!! Happy to have a better idea of what was going on in this episode, several really fun moments!! And cute Jun (but I'm a bit biased ^^). Thanks!

Date: 2015-02-15 01:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] perkyandproud.livejournal.com
LOL! Thank you for the lovely review!

Date: 2015-02-18 07:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] scrtlj.livejournal.com
thank you so much ! finally i understand what they're talking about.i really like kame, he looks so funny in this episode, and it's true, as far as i know he has always been respectful when speaking to his senpai. thanks a lot for doing this recap :)

Date: 2015-02-23 02:37 am (UTC)

Date: 2015-04-03 04:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heeaza.livejournal.com
thanks for the episode review....love to see clumsy jun in shotgun disk n kakkoi jun in kicking sniper...

Date: 2015-06-18 07:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ryoto-yamajima.livejournal.com
watta!!i have aleady watched this episode of VSA!! i really love it since my two ichibans are there, Kame and Jun!! <3
thanks for sharing.. i really like your comment "Kame, who was awkward and cute" !!kyaa!! <3


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