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It's Aiba month!!! And tomorrow is his day and off course X'mas Eve!
I've been skipping lots of episodes (I'll make an effort to backtrack and do the caps for the older episodes, especially the gardening ones), but until then, this episode will do. The Manabu members are giving Aiba-chan a 'surprise' birthday and x'mas party, but, off course in the end the birthday boy is the one doing most of the work LOL. It's a fun episode as always. I like Mori-san and you'll understand why from this episode XD.

What is birthday boy doing here?

Ah, these 3... they're really cute, waiting for Aiba-chan to come to work

Aiba-chan's surprise face... kawaii!!!

Yes, this pretty boy is now 32 years old... can't believe it that he's now 32! Certainly doesn't look like it!

Bonus cap... actually there'll be TONS of these this time... just because it's his big day!

So it's decided, they're going to have b'day slash christmas party for Aiba-chan XD

When we talk about Christmas, it must be strawberry (yes, in Japan, Christmas = Christmas cake = strawberry shortcake, not christmas pudding LOL)

The format for this episode is that they'll show the flashback from the starting episode when they planted all those greenies and the progress moving forward till now. Some works, some don't off course, that's the reality and it applies here. I like that they show here that not all the greenies planted succeed and they provide suggestion as to why it failed and how to fix it if it can be fixed. And firstly we have the strawberries.
Strawberries ideal condition is to be grown at 20-25C temprature with moist soil.

And I love how they use 'Sakura Sake' as the BGM to show the progress from day 1 to day x of the greenies.
Here we have the strawberry plants from week 1 and by 1.5 months... they're dying! *gasp*

Sensei said it's due to the root not growing as intended and it's because lack of light and moisture. Off course the fix is doing hydroponic. *this hydroponic is really doable at your home. If I have a bigger house and enough time, I'll definitely try this*

So this is how they do the hydroponic, so neat!

So they start the monitoring from day 20 since hydroponic stage.

We have strawberry flowers! After the flower blooms, we have to do the pollination (this is done by human, not naturally done XD).

And that's how you pollinate the flowers by using brush.

So, by day 55 after hydroponic... YES!

Look how excited Aiba-chan with the strawberries... though it's only ONE strawberry ripe enough for picking LOL...

And it has a heart shape too!

So voila! Produce #9: Strawberries...

They also picked up other greenies and moved over to the special kitchen and Mori-san greeted them to Aiba-chan's surprised.

Our pretty boy waived at Mori-san as if he's at the concert LOL

The amazingly cool Mori-san has prepared 3 recipies for the Christmas party! We have to have Chicken, Soup and Cake for the party!

Mori-san admired the harvest, it's that many greenies plus ONE strawberry LOL

Produce #10: Komatsuna (I think this is choy sam, right? right? just that here looks so much nicer than at the supermarket in SG)
So Komatsuna is source of Vitamin A, C and iron.

It's a nice looking whole chicken there! So, what komatsuna + chicken will look like?
They're going to make stuffed roast chicken!

1. Chop komatsuna (just like what Aiba-chan did)

2. add komatsuna into the rice
3. add tomato sauce and mix

4. stuff the rice into the chicken
and it looks so damn wrong!!! The way Mori-san opens up the chicken leg is just ... wrong, plus that many hands just to do 1 chicken is just doesn't fit into a PG scene LOL

Aiba-chan: it already looks good, just like this!

5. Massage chicken with oil + salt
*I want Aiba-chan to massage me, but I'm not a chicken LOL*

6. Bake in the oven for 1 hour.
I screencap the oven because I want that oven!

Next is the soup!

The potatoes are just... SUPER SMALL.
Actually this kinds of potatoes are quite nice for salad etc because it's so small then it's bite size!

Remember the flashback? 'Oishikuna-re!'

The growth looks nice from day 14 to day 50, but it deteriorated and by day 90... it somewhat dies...

According to sensei, lack of light and moist soil is a no-no for potatoes.
They tried to look whether there are some potatoes and luckily they do have some super small potatoes.

On the left is the ideal condition. What happened to Manabu's potato is on the right. Hence those small potatoes.

Produce #11: Potatoes!

And they're making potatoes and komatsuna pottage.

Apparently cooking komatsuna with butter increase the Vitamin A rate (?)
Not sure if this is right.

1. Chop komatsuna
Aiba-chan is getting really good at doing this kind of dirty job. His chopping is quite equal, ne?

2. Melt the butter and then add komatsuna in and cook.

3. Add on dashi or chicken stock block (they call it consomme)

4. Add on fresh cream

5. Blend in the mixture.
I'd prefer using hand blender, same effect, less things to wash.

6. If you're using blender, put back the mixture into the pan and slow cook it.

7. Add on the deep fried potatoes in. (yes, they deep fried the potatoes first)

And we have the recipe #10 potatoes and komatsuna pottage

Lastly we have the cake!

Remember that in the previous episodes, the spinach dies because of mites?

Well, they kind of had a new batch of spinach and now they grew it using hydroponic.

Look at the growth, from day 3 to 25! Massive!

It has become a spinach tree!

Spinach grew from those spinach flowers. Fromt this spinach tree, they just need to pick the leaves and that becomes the spinach.

So, produce #12: spinach

Mori-san wanted to make spinach cake. Aiba-chan doubted her and she insisted that it's going to be delicious.
Look at the stunned Aiba-chan... kawaii!

But what kind of cake will it become? This is certainly interesting. I've eaten spinach bread before but not cake XD.

1. boil the spinach

Spinach has Vitamin A, C and magnesium. Hmmm... no iron?
Summer goods have 3 times vitamin C (I'm pretty sure this is what's said, but again, please correct me if it's not right XD)

2. Quickly take out and strain
3. Add on milk, sugar and spinach into blender

4. and blend away until the spinach is totally broken down and it become a pesto

Apparently Watabe has been following Matsujun's footstep, drinking spinach juice.
Watabe commented that by the finer it gets, the easier the enzyme being taken in... hmmm... let's try this!

5. On the bowl, mix together hotcake mixture and eggs
I think it's best to follow the pancake mix recipe as per the instruction.

6. add on the spinach pesto and whisk away.

This looks nice!

Using the tamagoyaki pan
7. cook the pancake mixture as just 1 layer and flip the back as well so that both sides are cooked.

9. spread over the flavor (Mori-san use maple syrup for demonstration)

And roll the cake while it's hot, else it'll break.

They have rolled 2 flavors, choco and mapple syrup. and they make pancakes as well, spinach and plain.

10. cut the rolled cake

And now is assemble time!

11. spread over the fresh cream
12. stack the pancakes big ones on the bottom and small ones on the top

13. stick the rolled cake on all sides and it'll look like a dome.

Aiba-chan was clearly having fun!

15. Pipe over the fresh cream over
16. Decorate and sprinkle icing sugar to make snowy effect

*meanwhile, the chicken is done!*

Aiba-chan had the honor to put in the strawberry, while looking pretty off course!

It's done! Merry Christmas! It really does look nice and bloody easy to make!
That's what I like from how Mori-san cooks, it's practical and easy! No gimmicks.

Recipe #11 the chicken. Yumm!!! Nom nom nom. The meat is moist!

I really love how Japanese zoom in their food, the way they blow up food is still the best! They seriously make everything looks glossy and appetizing.

Recipe #12 Christmas cake

Aiba-chan ate the strawberry and commented 'this is the best strawberry I've ever eaten' and add on 'with lots of various thoughts put in' LOL... after hardwork, it's always delicious XD. But it's honestly sweet.

What about the cake? It's mochi mochi (chewy) and moist --> my favorite kind of cake!

See? it really looks nice and it looks like a pandan cake, nobody will notice from looking LOL

Ah... It's Christmas...

*The BGM is Debikuro-kun's OST, Yamashita Tatsuro's Christmas Eve, but i really love love love the song'
And have some recaps on Aiba-chan in 2014!

Happy Birthday Aiba-chan, may you have a great birthday in the midst of filming tons of things and Kouhaku rehearsal.
Take care of your health and as always, bring smiles to our TV.

Date: 2014-12-23 10:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candywalla.livejournal.com
Aww, I haven't seen Aiba Manabu in a long time, but I finally watched an episode! This one was cute, I wonder how many days ago before airing did they actually record this though :D
I love Mori-san, she seems super kind and like that type of person you want to have around, like to have them teach you something :D I love how she declared that the spinach cake is delicious :D
But the chicken scene was indeed inappropriate lololo. So wrong! :D
that ONE strawberry though lolo!

It always seems so easy to make something in this show :D And the outcome always seems so good, makes me want to try haha.
I've been listening to that song as well! Love it~ It seems like it's a japanese version of Last Christmas by Wham! haha :D

and btw welcome back! you haven't written anything for quite a time, was wondering where you've gone :D merry xmas btw!

Date: 2014-12-24 12:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] candywalla.livejournal.com
i hope everything will be alright soon :) oh yeah, happy birthday to our miracle boy! ^_^
yep it's most likely as you said. i was also wondering when did they record the aiba's christmas party, like how many days before it was actually before today :D oh yeah with the cooking they make it look so simple and easy when it actually is not! at least to me lololo :D

hahaha yeah, i'm listening to that song right now while lookin outside the window where it's all shiny and summerlike haha

Date: 2014-12-24 03:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] madolyricszone.livejournal.com
Ever since I became an Arashi fan.

December, it is Aiba month.
December 24th, Aiba's birthday > Xmas eve.

Aiba is so cute, naturally makes everyone seeing him to be happy >_<

Merry Xmas to everyone in the community, and also to [livejournal.com profile] spsn for doing this Aiba month post. Long time no see you post..

Date: 2015-03-08 10:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] perkyandproud.livejournal.com
I love these reviews :)

Thank you!

Date: 2015-09-08 11:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] deelovesryo.livejournal.com
I have read all your Aiba Manabu's reviews, thank you so much!


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