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Hello, Candy here and I'm here with another recap of VS Arashi! It's gonna be the last one this year so it has some wide expectations from Arashi side!

Rating: 3/5
Reason: This episode is still keeping its standard level of entertainment - since the guest team is in a way related to Arashi, we get to hear some funny stories about Arashi! Plus one guests have good moments but they were not so noticeable. The game gets intense in the end!
Recommend: Members have equal amount of good moments! (Jun is being a bit more distinctive here than in previous episodes!)
Key words: The Vancouver Asahi, Kamenashi Kazuya, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Amano Hiroyuki & Iio Kazuki

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_00.06_[2014.12.19_23.24.10]
Today's VS Arashi starts with a little bit of confusion. And it starts from a slightly different angle.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_00.08_[2014.12.19_23.18.55] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_00.11_[2014.12.19_23.19.58]
The cameraman is obviously extremely interested in Nino today!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_00.26_[2014.12.19_23.22.15]
Sho: Today you're extremely ordinary, aren't you?
Jun: Incredibly plain.
Sho: I wonder if this is really okay.
But it must be okay and Arashi must win today because today is their last game in 2014!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_01.04_[2014.12.19_23.27.19] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_01.20_[2014.12.19_23.35.10]
This episode's guests are the cast of the movie The Vancouver Asahi Team!
As we can see quite a lot of familiar faces, Sho makes a comment.
Sho: Hang on a second, the temperature in this room just increased.
But while he's saying it one of the guests is vigorously waving the movie poster right in his face.
Sho: Stop it please, you'll have time for advertisement later!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_01.16_[2014.12.19_23.35.16]
The one waving the poster around is Satoshi Tsumabuki. Arashi knows that he doesn't appear in variety that much and in fact, VS Arashi is his second appearance in a variety show this year.
Sho: You must be a bit nervous.
Tsumabuki confirms and says that he's so nervous that he might throw up. (how tasteful!)

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_01.25_[2014.12.19_23.36.44] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_01.32_[2014.12.19_23.40.56]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_01.32_[2014.12.19_23.40.58] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_01.51_[2014.12.19_23.46.46]
Then they give us a brief summary of the film, which is about the Japanese-Canadian Team born in the times of 1930s where they deal with a fair amount of racism and prejudice. It's based on a real events. More about it here. It seems really interesting!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_02.20_[2014.12.19_23.47.20] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_02.34_[2014.12.19_23.49.46]
The plus one guests are comedians and actors Amano Hiroyuki and Iio Kazuki, each from a different comedian group. And it's their first appearance in VS Arashi! It turns out that they are from the same agency.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_03.08_[2014.12.19_23.51.23]
After a cutscene the staff probably took into consideration what Arashi talked about in the beginning.

Look at that boy!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_03.43_[2014.12.19_23.54.11]
They begin with Cliff Climb. First challengers are from Vancouver Asahi - Tsumabuki and Ikematsu Sosuke! But before they start Itou-san wants to point out one thing. The rest of the members are clearly more at ease. Tjhey are obviously looking at Nino.
Sho: Before this I really thought like what the heck?
Aiba: In my hometown there are lots of [people?] like this in front of the convenience stores.
Nino: No, stop laughing. There's no one like this, no one.

So they move back the climbers and Itou-san asks them how they feel.
Tsumabuki: I very much feel like throwing up.
Tsumabuki: Well, since Sakurai-kun is so great at at climbing, (.............)
Tsumabuki: I want to take the challenge.
Sho: I won't lose.
(Those two worked together in Kisarazu's Cat Eyes.)

So Jun suggests that they both go the same and they will compare their time. And who's faster will get +20 points more.
Tsumabuki: We don't need any +20 points, if you lose go buy the tickets [for the movie] yourself.
Sho: What's with that person!
So when they ask Tsumabuki which side he's gonna climb, the answer is the middle and the right side.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_05.00_[2014.12.20_00.17.12]
Sho: Seriously?!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_05.01_[2014.12.20_00.16.00] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_05.05_[2014.12.20_00.17.19]
This is obviously not a good beginning for our Sho-chan.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_06.19_[2014.12.20_00.20.29] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_06.20_[2014.12.20_00.20.30]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_06.26_[2014.12.20_00.20.36] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_06.33_[2014.12.20_00.20.43]
Tsumabuki clearly has no problem climbing the wall as he goes in a steady pace. As soon as he finishes his task
our Keio boy puts on a worried face. Ikematsu is really fast, and so with the remaining 33 seconds their total  score is 389 points.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_07.29_[2014.12.20_00.24.24]
Everyone: You were really fast!
Sho: Crap!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_07.48_[2014.12.20_00.29.14] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_07.54_[2014.12.20_00.29.19]
Tsumabuki cleared his task in 58 seconds. He's clearly happy about it and Itou-san comments.
Itou-san: Your face seemes to have chanched completely from before. [doesn't feel like throwing up anymore?]
Tsumabuki: Well, at last I finally arrived in VS Arashi.
Sho & Nino: Welcome!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_08.02_[2014.12.20_00.29.50] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_08.04_[2014.12.20_00.29.52]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_08.06_[2014.12.20_00.30.02] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_08.39_[2014.12.20_00.30.39]
It's time for Arashi. Today the climbers are Aiba and Sho combi! At first they notice Sho's weird mood. He's focused but he's nervous. In addition, this is his first time climbing the 'finger' part, and so it seems like he doesn't have it far from a mental break down. Ohno gives him a powerful advice.
Ohno: I think you should go faster then you think you are.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_09.15_[2014.12.20_00.34.39] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_09.42_[2014.12.20_00.38.35]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_10.36_[2014.12.20_00.39.29] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_10.37_[2014.12.20_00.39.30]
Sho has no words. But then he pulls himself together and states his goal. Tsumabuki finished in 58 seconds, Sho Sakurai will in 55 seconds! He starts with a good pace. But soon a problem appears! The supporters seem to have a problem with sending the grip, thus leaving Sho waiting for the grip for few seconds.Only on the third attempt the grip reaches Sho and so he continues. But he lost too much time and his pace is also not fast enough!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_10.48_[2014.12.20_00.39.41] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_11.06_[2014.12.20_00.39.59]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_11.11_[2014.12.20_00.40.04] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_11.42_[2014.12.20_00.40.35]
The first minute is past and he's just about to defeat the 'finger'. He's successful at last and Aiba is hurryingly climbing the wall.
Aiba is fast, really fast but just not fast enough to complete his task in mere 7 seconds! But he clears the game and Arashi Team gets 327 points. Not so bad! It's not that bad, but to see the difference in times of those two...
Tsumabuki 58 seconds, Sho 81 seconds!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_11.56_[2014.12.20_00.47.44] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_12.04_[2014.12.20_00.41.04]
Sho: Hey! Hey!
Sho: Grip!
He's hinting at the incident that just happened during his play. So how much time did you lose by that? After quick thinking he replies 5 seconds. Nino suggest to substract those 5 seconds and Itou-san doesn't object. He does it but with a quick remark:

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_12.21_[2014.12.20_00.41.26]
Itou-san: But you still lose!

After a long time we have Go Go Sweeper here!
The first challengers are Tsumabuki and Kamenashi from Vancouver Asahi and Arashi challengers are Nino and Amano! After a long time I almost forgot that this game has a new rule. Both teams are playing at the same time against each other.There are balls of representative colors. It doesn't matter who pushes the ball inside, if the ball is blue, points go to the blue team, if pink, to the pink team. These are worth 20 points and are bigger then the small yellow ones that are worth 1 points. 4 golden balls will be let in towards the end and whoever gets them inside, gets 50 points for each.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_14.24_[2014.12.20_01.01.20] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_14.28_[2014.12.20_01.01.25]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_14.30_[2014.12.20_01.01.26] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_14.30_[2014.12.20_01.01.27]
Formation laps starts and the battle begins!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_14.43_[2014.12.20_01.02.04] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_15.19_[2014.12.20_01.02.40]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_15.22_[2014.12.20_01.02.43] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_15.24_[2014.12.20_01.02.45]
They generally just bump into each other while trying to put the balls inside the zone where Nino often gets blocked. Vancouver Asahi manages to get more points again and thus are still leading.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_17.02_[2014.12.20_01.04.23] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_17.15_[2014.12.20_01.06.00]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_17.24_[2014.12.20_01.06.10] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_17.45_[2014.12.20_01.15.22]
Next are Iio plus Ohno! On th other side are Tahakata Mitsuki and Katsuji Ryo. We see another face that doesn't seem too well. So the Arashi members are worried and asking whether she's okay.
Takahata: I feel like dying.
So nervous! And then they assume that person next to her is nervous as well.
Katsuji: No, don't, I'm completely at ease.
In this moment it is mentioned how Katsuji and Nino worked together on a play. Katsuji starts telling a story how Nino often took him for a meal. Which obviously shocks everyone!
Sho: What do you mean taking you to a meal?!
Katsuji: He also took me drinking but when he called me, most of the time there was another senpai/senior.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_17.53_[2014.12.20_01.07.11] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_18.02_[2014.12.20_01.07.26]
Katsuji: There was no treat coming from Ninomiya-san's wallet whatsoever.
That explained everything. Then Katsuji mentions Jun how he treated him a meal one time. What a senpai! That's the Jun we know after all :D

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_18.46_[2014.12.20_01.22.25] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_19.08_[2014.12.20_01.18.45]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_19.23_[2014.12.20_01.19.27] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_19.25_[2014.12.20_01.19.31]
And so the game starts! Look how everyone is at one place and Ohno is getting the points on his own haha.Takahata gets some points as well but not without breaking the set! The staff are quickly getting the set together while helping her set off again.
This time Arashi manages to get more points and so are only about 20 points behind Vancouver Asahi!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_21.40_[2014.12.20_01.23.56] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_21.53_[2014.12.20_01.26.10]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_22.03_[2014.12.20_01.26.58] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_22.28_[2014.12.20_01.29.39]
Next is Jumping Shooter! Another game I haven't seen for long. Shooters are Kamenashi and Ikematsu! And the goalies are Aiba at the top, Nino at the bottom goal. And here comes again a new rule. The upper goal is worth 30 points while the lower one is for 20 points. Sho points out that Vancouver Asahi Team are exeperienced in baseball so they must have quite a strength in their arms. But Aiba is not worried.
Aiba: No, but I see everything. Throw wherever and however you want, it'll be pointless.
Nino: So cool!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_22.45_[2014.12.21_00.09.28] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_22.47_[2014.12.20_01.31.39]

Since last time Kamenashi mentioned having received a picture from Ohno, Kamenashi is asked about whether there is another story involving Ohno. Apparently, Ohno promised him to go eat sushi but until now they never got around it. So other members start telling Ohno that there's no time so he should go with Kame as soon as possible since Kame said how he wanted to go during this year.
Kamenashi thinks it's because of Ohno's schedule but Jun comments immediately.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_23.17_[2014.12.21_00.10.00] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_23.09_[2014.12.21_00.09.51]
Jun: But you still have time somewhere in your schedule.
Jun: Didn't you have a day off yesterday?
Ohno: Yes!
Members pressure poor Ohno to go with Kamenashi after they finish the shooting.
Ohno: But Kame-chan definitely has some plans today.
Kame: Today I've got nothing after this.
Nino: Then seriously, go with him today.
but Ohno explodes

Ohno: But I want to go on a day when I want to go!
So they start Jumping Shooter and Arashi members are doing best catching the balls but unfortunately tit's mostly unsuccessful
Kamenashi and Ikematsu are amazingly quick and are throwing balls into the upper goal as well.Their total sore is 330 points! After the game finishes, Sho admiringly tells how quick and precise they were with shooting. Nino agrees and then adds.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_25.22_[2014.12.20_20.58.32] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_25.27_[2014.12.20_21.05.05]
Nino: They were so quick I thought I made them angry or something.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_27.17_[2014.12.21_00.16.44] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_27.17_[2014.12.21_00.17.03]
Next are Arashi challengers! Shooter are MatsuJun and Iio-san! On the upper goal for Vancouver Asahi are Tokui Yu and Katsuji! Before they start, Katsuji gives us more detail about Jun treating him to a meal. Once he told Jun that he'd like to eat Monjayaki (something similar to okonomiyaki) and since Jun knows lots of places, he left it to him. When they arrived in the restaurant, Katsuji opened the menu and saw Avocado Monjayaki... French Monjayaki... He just wanted to eat a standart Monja and these were apparently too stylish for him!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_27.40_[2014.12.20_21.14.41] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_27.44_[2014.12.20_21.14.30]
Jun: Today I'll aim for the bottom goal~
Throughout the play Jun is the one who keeps a steady pace but Iio is quickly getting tired. Poor Iio, he even lost his glasses!
They manage to get quite a lot of goals and their score is also 330 points! After they finish Iio falls down from exhaution. Jun kindly picks Iio's glasses and gives them to him, which moves Iio so much that he goes in almost a girly tone:

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_28.41_[2014.12.20_21.18.45] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_28.55_[2014.12.20_21.19.00]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_29.14_[2014.12.20_21.19.34] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_29.17_[2014.12.20_21.19.37]
Iio: And what is your name? [my prince?]
Amano: Cinderella story~!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_29.20_[2014.12.20_21.19.40] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_29.21_[2014.12.20_21.19.41]
Instead of answering the question Jun just crumbles down laughing uncontrollably :D

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_30.00_[2014.12.20_21.27.55] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_30.03_[2014.12.20_21.27.57]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_30.04_[2014.12.20_21.27.58] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_30.43_[2014.12.20_21.29.45]
Next game is Bank Bowling! For the Arashi team are the challengers the bowling master - Ohno! and Amano! With having Ohno playing today, other members want to see a spare. Ohno wants to see a spare too, but he declares that he has to aim for the red pin as the first challenger. Arashi sees that Ohno seems little bit gloomy because of that so they tell him that he can go for the second time as well. That maybe Leader should go alone for the second round.
Ohno: I can't afford to do such luxurious thing.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_31.26_[2014.12.20_21.36.16] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_31.30_[2014.12.20_21.30.38]
So they aim and knock down quite a lot of pins! But the red pin is still standing motionless. Nevertheless, they got 163 points!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_33.16_[2014.12.20_21.39.40] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_33.21_[2014.12.20_21.41.58]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_33.39_[2014.12.20_21.40.02] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_33.40_[2014.12.20_21.40.03]
Iio and Sho are going for the second round. There are 11 pins only but scattered throughout the whole spot. Spare is almost impossible, but knocking down the red pin is enough for them. So they aim for the red pin, and Sho somehow trips and falls, but both of the balls go rightto the middle and one of them knocks the red pin! Iio is obviously very happy because it was him who knocked the pin down.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_35.57_[2014.12.20_21.49.11] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_36.07_[2014.12.20_21.49.21]
Vancouver Asahi quickly get on their spot and it's turn for Tsumabuki and Takahata! Both of them look a bit nervous but that didn't stop them to get down some pins! They didn't hit the red pin but got some on the left side. It wasn't such a huge amount of pins so they are asked about their strategy.
Tsumabuki: Well it went from there to here. [that's what they told each other]

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_37.15_[2014.12.20_21.53.18] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_37.40_[2014.12.20_21.54.59]
After them are Katsuji and Tokui! They want to take down the red pin because at the moment Arashi are leading. Without further comments they go for it and they indeed hit the red pin! They got to the lead again but by mere 4 points!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_38.41_[2014.12.20_21.56.02] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_38.47_[2014.12.20_22.07.11]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_38.53_[2014.12.20_21.57.02] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_38.57_[2014.12.20_21.57.05]
Last challenge is Kicking Sniper! Arashi are all hyped up because they definitely want to win! Since it's their last battle this year. Itou-san makes a remark about the last, the third zone where are Nino and Jun. Nino agrees that they have a significant responsibility but it doesn't mean that this is the first case.
Everybody: So cool!
Nino: Let's hit them all!
Nino: Let's aim for 2000 points (total, so they should get 630 points here).
Aiba: Tha'ts nice but I have never seen us getting 2000 points.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_40.06_[2014.12.20_22.11.55]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_41.25_[2014.12.20_22.13.42] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_41.27_[2014.12.20_22.13.44]
The last battle begins. First target is successfull as Ohno gets a perfect score! The third target is similar with Aiba's precise kick getting another perfect. Sho also shows his strength and makes the whole target fall down. Last target is as usual a complete mass of 20 point barrels. But they manage to take down just one barrel while Nino in the third zone misses completely. Total is 410 points!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_41.30_[2014.12.20_22.13.47] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_41.41_[2014.12.20_22.13.59]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_42.00_[2014.12.20_22.17.36] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_42.27_[2014.12.20_22.28.15]
It turns out that Jun didn't get to kick the ball at all. He was at the spot every time the other members made the perfect score thus leaving no target for him to aim for.
Jun: Just one thing. Please return what I was excited for!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_43.35_[2014.12.20_22.35.02] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_43.45_[2014.12.20_22.31.49]
It's time for the Vancouver Asahi Team. They need 410 points (since they were still leading by 4 points lol) to snatch the victory. Tsumabuki says that this atmosphere really suits them since they got a similar scene in the movie. So they are hyped up! Nino points out something about that until the last target they were not winning yet. So Jun asks Tsumabuki whether he's the last kicker. Since he's the captain! Everyone starts to tell him that he should be the last kicker. But he is obviously reluctant to do that.
Tsumabuki: No, no, no. You're all wrong!
But it's decided. He's the one kicking the last target.

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_46.06_[2014.12.20_22.40.52] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_46.09_[2014.12.20_22.40.27]
So they start with two consequent perfect scores and getting few barrels down until the last target. They are still not winning so it's a huge responsibility for Tsumabuki. He aims and he takes som barrels down! What is the score though?! So they everyone impatiently waits for the results. The score for Vancouver Asahi Team is... 500 points! They win!

VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_46.26_[2014.12.20_22.42.20] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_46.29_[2014.12.20_22.42.23]
VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_47.10_[2014.12.20_22.43.41] VSA 2014.12.18.mp4_snapshot_47.21_[2014.12.20_22.44.19]
It was a good game, even Tsumabuki was moved a bit. Kamenashi is also really glad that they reached an ending similar to
the movie.
Amano: Ending of the movie?
spoilers, spoilers alert! Kame almost said what he wasn't supposed to say haha!
And so Sho asks when is the movie's release?

They promptly answer 20th of December! Today, yay!

That's it from me,  I can't wait for the New Year's Special!
I may write some recaps from other shows this year (Anishi?) but not sure whether it'll happen or not! :D If anything, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, fellow Arashians~!

Date: 2014-12-22 07:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] madolyricszone.livejournal.com
this looks like an interesting episode:

1) MJ in super good mood (he is in smiles recently. Wonder any good news by the end of this year?!)

2) Nino the wacky clothes wearer having worn 100 pieces of wacky clothes this year?!

3) interesting guests: Kamenashi Kazuya, Tsumabuki Satoshi

thanks for the review!

Date: 2014-12-24 03:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] madolyricszone.livejournal.com
It's always nice to have fellow Johhny's in the show. Loved their closeness and telling stories of each other xD

Date: 2014-12-22 10:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
this one was so fast!I haven`t even downloaded this episode yet!xD
thank you^^

Date: 2014-12-23 03:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
nice job!^^/
btw do you plan to write reviews for the previous episodes too?
oh and Shiyagare reviews are always welcomed!xD

Date: 2014-12-23 07:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
you better don`t ask me about that, it will be dangerous!XD
actually for me any episode from any show works fine!especially the unsubbed ones. unfortunately so many of arashi`s shows in 2013 remained unsubbed (because of that rule breaker crisis!><)

and a big YES to christmas SP anishi recap!XD seems like no one`ll sub it!

Date: 2014-12-24 02:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
oh thank you, that`s very nice of you to say this but I think it`d better that you do as you like and recap any episodes you like otherwise I`ll feel bad about it!^^; and also as I said before actually for me reading recaps of any episodes of any of their shows is already great enough!^^
again thanks a lot!^^/

I hope someone`ll sub it soon!

Date: 2014-12-25 10:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
LOL!oh yeah I know!!XD
that`d be awesome!=D

I hope so:)

Date: 2014-12-22 11:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] spsn.livejournal.com

thanks for sharing, didnt get to see the ending but at jumping shooter kame was really fast! and sho at cliff climb is always lol

Date: 2014-12-23 10:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] spsn.livejournal.com
Sho's exclaimed 'maji ka' really killed me LOL plus his 'oh crap' face LOL...
These are the little things that makes me tune into VSA, else, I'd skip VSA unless there're new games or something...

Date: 2014-12-23 12:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] spsn.livejournal.com
yes, yes, same sentiment here.
I always multitask when watching VSA LOL. I think VSA is one of the venue when the boys is working but also at the same time having fun in a game. Maybe only Nino feels that this program is a chore for him LOL

Date: 2015-03-08 10:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] perkyandproud.livejournal.com
Woooo :) Thank you!!

Date: 2015-12-27 11:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nyankosenei.livejournal.com
thanx for this


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