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Hi, call me Candy! Decided to write some thoughts on Arashi programs so I might as well share it with you!

This is a "Review" or more like a Recap of VS Arashi 2014.04.12.
The following is a format I decided to keep for all of my recaps. I will never include explanation of the game unless it's a new one or there are new rules included in the episode. If this one day gets popular I might include the average rating of yours if you comment. My plan is to one day make a masterpost with the reviews in one list with the rating's included so it's easier to know which one is really worth watching.
Involves lots of screencaps!

Rating: 3/5
Reason: It was good in terms of some cute moments of Arashi members (this time mainly Nino and Sho) other members have a good moment as well. Then the plus one guests were okay but could be better. Guest appearance was okay but not too exciting. The game itself had quite a lot of exciting moments on the Arashi side.
Recommend: I would recommend this one mainly to Nino fans!
Key words: Kon-chan, Kitsune otoko, Suimasen no Sekai, TKO, Aoharaido

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_00.14_[2014.12.06_16.45.37]
This episode start's with Sho mentioning a presence of a distinct team color (yellow) in their clothes. Especially in one of the members.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_00.23_[2014.12.06_16.48.36] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_00.25_[2014.12.06_16.49.53]
But the mentioned one wants to resign from this kind of game in 2015. That obviously stirs the audience and the members as well.
Who's gonna do it then?

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_00.33_[2014.12.06_16.50.18]
When Nino suggests they decide by janken (rock paper scissors) the rest of the members refuse almost in unison.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_00.39_[2014.12.06_16.53.46] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_00.43_[2014.12.06_16.52.08]
They obviously want to leave it to the boy who did it about 40 times before.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_01.04_[2014.12.06_16.54.47]
Today's guests are the cast from Aoha Raido (Ao Haru Ride) live action movie. (note: One of the cast was in this week's AniShi![2014.12.06]) Apparently it's a cute romance movie situated in high school.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_04.00_[2014.12.06_17.19.50] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_02.09_[2014.12.06_17.05.34]
For the 4 members from the guest team, it's their first appeareance in VS Arashi and Tsubasa Honda (the girl) expresses
a considerable amount of nervousness. So they ask Ohno to calm her down and he's doing it his own way as expected.
Ohno: What are you nervous about? I've got nothing to be nervous about.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_02.30_[2014.12.06_17.08.07] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_02.40_[2014.12.06_17.08.24]
And today's plust one guest is TKO! (I will be referring to either of them as TKO as I don't know each name haha...)
Sho expresses a sense of stability in their presence indicating the frequency of their appearance. While TKO replies that they've almost become Arashi.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_02.46_[2014.12.06_17.11.58] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_02.49_[2014.12.06_17.15.27]
Arashi mention how they wish that TKO play properly and how they don't want to enter the "World of Apologies" like last times (Suimasen no sekai; don't know how to translate this properly :D it's TKO's gag apparently when they mean they are really sorry)
Jun says let's do it without that World so TKO reacts eh, so today the "World of Pear"? (without - pear =those two are homophones and i'm not sure but it was probably an intended play on words)

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_04.00_[2014.12.06_17.19.50] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_04.43_[2014.12.06_17.24.36]
Koro Koro Viking Time! Tsubasa again shows how nervous she is. Then they turn to the first pair in the pink zone asking them what kind of relationship they have in the movie. Sho asks if it's a nice relationship so the girl answers that one of them look after another... Arashi voice out that they get the hint so let's get on with the game.
Then the leader Higashide Masahiro is asked about the teamwork. The others say it's alright and because they've got Papa (that's what they call Masahiro).

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_05.04_[2014.12.06_17.31.48]VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_05.24_[2014.12.06_17.34.39]
So they asked them why do they call Mashiro Papa? TKO suggests it's probably he would immediately buy everything they ask for... until Nino slaps him on his arm to stop it.So they explained the reason: In the group where Masahiro was the only older person, when they went for a meal he paid for everyone.
TKO: So I wasn't that wrong in the end.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_07.33_[2014.12.06_17.37.41] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_07.53_[2014.12.06_17.40.16]
Aohara starts and it seems it might be a nice play but they end up with only 120 point losing the majority of balls midway.
So Ahoara team asks how it is to have 120 points maybe hoping it's not that bad but their hope is crushed...
Nino: Honestly? This was poor.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_08.04_[2014.12.06_17.46.15] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_08.07_[2014.12.06_17.45.58]
Sho gives out some honest advice and comment how they could do. Tsubasa is obviously not impressed. That confuses and shocks our honest man for a moment.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_08.14_[2014.12.06_17.46.51]
Sho: That girl... wasn't that girl quite nervous before?!

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_08.52_[2014.12.06_17.51.06] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_08.55_[2014.12.06_17.55.03]
It's Arashi turn. Itou-san asks them how they feel despite the obvious handicap of -30points.
Sho: We certainly have got a chance. I mean they barely managed to score with 2 balls right?
(I love his expression here: that mix of confidence and mockery :D)

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_09.15_[2014.12.06_17.56.49] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_09.19_[2014.12.06_17.58.14]
While Sho and Nino are quite optimistic about the outcome, TKO reveal that they've played this 4 times and also have experience in the Orange Zone.
Jun: But this is also "World of Apologies" right?

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_09.35_[2014.12.06_18.03.17]VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_09.52_[2014.12.06_18.03.57]
He points out what the result was last time. TKO promises it's gonna be better this time. Itou-san then asks "World of How many points" is this gonna be. Sho says let's aim for 250.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_12.34_[2014.12.06_18.07.27] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_12.39_[2014.12.06_18.07.30] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_12.50_[2014.12.06_18.09.14] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_13.23_[2014.12.06_18.11.54]
Apparently they end up with a score 10x smaller that they aimed. Even though every ball got through. They "luck" was that both 2x score balls went through the -30 square. So TKO is asked what is their feeling about the outcome and the answer is clear. Wordly apologies.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_13.47_[2014.12.06_18.14.11]
Next game is Rolling Coin Tower! Tsubasa is again asked how she feels. She points out how Sho didn't do what he advised them to do in the end, so she is determined not to lose!

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_14.08_[2014.12.06_18.15.56] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_14.12_[2014.12.06_18.16.00]
Sho admits that they were indeed worse than Aohara. Nino suggests to be aggressive in this game, Sho agrees. He resolutely explains his tactic to play as long as possible so they slowly build up their way to victory.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_14.30_[2014.12.06_18.19.26] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_14.54_[2014.12.06_18.19.52]
The rest of the team considers that they'd like to see a quick but brutal match, where Nino gets his first nickname: Kon-chan! ("kon" is a sound made by a japanese fox.) Then Nino points out how Jun is unconciously preparing for attack.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_15.00_[2014.12.06_18.23.00] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_15.24_[2014.12.06_18.24.12]VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_15.25_[2014.12.06_18.25.24] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_15.28_[2014.12.06_18.25.29]
TKO says that it's more like he's designing a stylish lamp or something.Then one of them continue to mention that he's good in Shougi and continues but then he's interrupted by Itou-san giving yet another name to Nino: Kitsune-otoko! (Foxy boy) He was catched while stacking the coins vertically. Our Kitsune-otoko was busy thinking of another tactic probably?! (more likely bored haha)

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_17.01_[2014.12.06_18.27.47] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_17.36_[2014.12.06_18.34.33]
So the game started but not too later the tower is knocked down. Poor Aiba! They all really staggered the coins.
Everyone is speechless. Even MatsuJun. Aiba as well but he has to add:
Aiba: It's a World of Apologies.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_17.48_[2014.12.06_18.36.13]
TKO says it's even higher than that.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_18.30_[2014.12.06_18.39.40] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_18.41_[2014.12.06_18.38.21]
Next is Bank Bowling. First is Sho & Ohno Combi. Of course they ask our expert Ohno what he has to say.
If they aim for a spare they might miss the red pin. If that happens, the next one has to really aim for the centre. But Ohno doesn't know if they can say that they have that much control over things.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_18.56_[2014.12.06_18.48.52] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_19.00_[2014.12.06_18.50.29]
Sho: Let's aim for the centre. If all of us aim for it, we have 4 chances to get the Red Pin. Let's not waste it now (he uses an actual English word "now")
Ohno: I feel the same now.
Ohno: So who's gonna aim for the middle?

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_19.15_[2014.12.06_18.56.18] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_19.16_[2014.12.06_18.56.47]
Sho: Both. The chances would decrease to 3 if only one of us goes for it, that's what I think now.
Ohno: Well, surely now.
Sho: Ah not like that, not like that
Nino: That was a poor use of the word you know!

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_19.40_[2014.12.06_18.59.01] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_19.46_[2014.12.06_18.59.15]
VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_20.07_[2014.12.06_19.03.31] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_20.12_[2014.12.06_19.03.20]
But despite their saying, all they could hit was everything behind the Red Pin.
They gained lots of points though. Sho says if this was a movie the Red Pin would be the main hero.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_20.44_[2014.12.06_19.06.46] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_20.53_[2014.12.06_19.06.01]
VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_20.56_[2014.12.06_19.06.04] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_21.04_[2014.12.06_19.05.50]
Next turn is Nino and TKO! Nino is full of confidence and says there's no other way than a spare.
Nino: The shape of the Red Pin may cause the two balls go "pa kon" to opposite directions.
Sho: Do it again. The "kon" sound.
Nino: Ah okay.
Sho (quietly): That "kon" sound of a fox...
So he does it again slightly embarassed (so cute!)

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_21.10_[2014.12.06_19.14.13] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_21.51_[2014.12.06_19.15.13]
And Nino indeed hit the Red pin! There was even a small little "kon" sound when he hit it.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_22.57_[2014.12.06_19.20.57] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_22.57_[2014.12.06_19.20.59]
The guest team's turn. They are again asked about their relationship in the movie. The female role is in love with Higashide's but he himself is a bit reluctant to say which means it's a bit complicated.
Sho saves him with: We get it, let's get on with the game!
They get quite a lot of pins and in the second round Ohno is asked about the possibility of a spare.
He says there are ways to get it and wonders how will the guests let them enjoy it.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_25.10_[2014.12.06_19.27.15] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_24.58_[2014.12.06_19.26.04]
VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_25.12_[2014.12.06_19.25.28] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_25.35_[2014.12.06_19.28.24]
And they did..! ...almost got the spare. There were only 3 pins left!
MatsuJun: That was so close!
Ohno: You really had us enjoy it.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_26.57_[2014.12.06_19.30.48] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_27.15_[2014.12.06_19.31.06]
VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_27.21_[2014.12.06_19.31.12] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_27.18_[2014.12.06_19.37.44]
Next is Cliff Climb! This time it's a bit special since there are 3 climbers. Since the guest's team is really strong and Arashi express that 120 seconds is enough for them. Then Itou-san assures Arashi that they've got 120 seconds as well.
Matsujun: Well we might do with 150 seconds...
Itou-san: Ah well, that is the "World of Apology" (meaning NO. haha)

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_27.49_[2014.12.06_19.31.40] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_30.54_[2014.12.06_19.42.21]
Second climber Koyanagi says he's excited for the chin part and if he can do it, he will add it into his agency profile. (Abilities: sports, +cliff climb)
So the climbing starts and they are really fast, they finish the game in 87 seconds!

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_32.56_[2014.12.06_19.45.17] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_34.55_[2014.12.06_19.48.40]
VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_35.48_[2014.12.06_19.52.10] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_35.24_[2014.12.06_19.51.43]
Turn for our Arashi boys and TKO. TKO mentions how he didn't get to congratulate his daughter for birthday last time because Sho got stuck so there was no turn for TKO. Aiba and MatsuJun encourage him that this time he goes first and can congratulate his daughter this time. TKO's happy but stops in the middle because it's like half a year before her next birthday.

It seems really optimistic at start but what happens is sad and funny at the same time. He took up to 80 seconds and used 2 hooks completely for nothing because he fell down anyway. Aiba and MatsuJun were really quick though, but
only 10 seconds were left for Jun so he didn't reach the top. They were so cool though!

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_36.46_[2014.12.06_19.54.21] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_36.25_[2014.12.06_19.53.05]VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_34.36_[2014.12.06_19.48.21]
Nino then makes fun of TKO how he was so trembling while up on the wall. Look at the hooks on the wall! Three so close to each other god! Hahaha. Higashide was laughing so much it brought him on his knees. He even cried laughing!

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_41.43_[2014.12.06_19.58.25] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_41.35_[2014.12.06_19.59.49]
The last game is Kicking Sniper. This game is always the deciding one. Arashi had to fight more because their score was really behind the guests. But Arashi got back on their feet and were really cool and got lots of perfects. Even Sho got some points!

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_42.10_[2014.12.06_20.00.44] VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_42.07_[2014.12.06_20.00.29]
The only one who didn't get the points were Kitsune boy and Aiba.

VSA 2014.12.04.mp4_snapshot_46.01_[2014.12.06_20.02.39]
The guest team decided literally in the last target. By hitting the last target they've achieved their victory. Higashide said that if he knew that this was the decider he would never manage to hit it.

So that's it from me for now. It was a nice game this time not too boring. (Hopefully this recap was not too boring for you. I may shorten it in the future if required haha) However, what I am really looking forward to is the 3 hours special VS Arashi coming next time! Kyaah!

I find VS Arashi really easy to watch. Especially while I'm doing something else since it doesn't require that much attention during the games. I might do some reviews on other programs in a similar format.

So, what did you think of this episode? ^_^

Date: 2014-12-06 10:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nadzsanz.livejournal.com
Hi Candy!
what a fun episode.
Will read your review and watch them later.
But first want to thank you~
your caps temp me XD
Nino is cute!!!

Date: 2014-12-07 12:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] putri-77.livejournal.com

hi candy...really thanks for your preview I will read it fully and watched later..thanks for your hard work: )

Date: 2014-12-07 03:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nakahalu.livejournal.com
thanks for sharing translation!
wanna see kitsune-chan!!
hope this gets subbed soon!!

Date: 2014-12-07 11:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fau-zi.livejournal.com
thanks for the summary XDD..got no time for 45mins show..reading 10mins, done already..but really missed watching arashichan show RT

Date: 2014-12-09 02:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] azalia00.livejournal.com
thank you so much for the review!
and please do not shorten your reviews in the future!^^;

Date: 2014-12-13 03:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dekishimeta.livejournal.com
Candy thanks for your interesting review~!

I like how you have included the rating scale, reasons and keywords, it made it so easy to identify what is the watch point for the episode and fellow arashians can gauge which episodes are nice to watch~!

Hope to see your future posts in this community!
Edited Date: 2014-12-13 03:15 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-12-14 09:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] perkyandproud.livejournal.com
Yay! Love reviews! Thank you :)

Date: 2014-12-26 01:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aeydesu.livejournal.com
Thanks for your translation.

Date: 2015-09-12 11:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dynarose9chan.livejournal.com
thanks for your review ^^


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