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Part 1 over here.

Ok, let's continue on with the review!

NewImageO: Eh?
A: In that case, what do you thinkI called you here for? NewImage O: Eh the drinks that I was asked to buy…

NewImageA: yeah?

NewImageA takes a sip of drink and coughs.
N and J turns around and tries not to laugh? Idk what their reaction means :P

NewImageA starts his scolding again

NewImageHe scolds Ohno for not plugging in the coffee maker/not turning it on.

NewImageSho is feeling really sorry for leader :P

NewImageA: Fine let me tell you. I dont drink anything besides black coffee, you know that right!

NewImageA: Why is the coffee you got for me sweet!
O: Sorry i made a mistakeNewImage A: It will make me fat!

NewImageEveryone’s laughing now…. even the very quiet audience giggled.
O: Ah…. hai…
A: How long have you been working here?
O: Eh, 4th year. NewImage A: Wrong! Its your 7th year isn’t it!

NewImageMore laughter from everyone :P
Sho shakes his head XDNewImage Hahaha Aiba breakdown and laugh while saying: you’re always like that!

NewImagehahaha complete breakdown! he’s laughing uncontrollably now :P

NewImageA: Why did you lie to me!
hahaha! all that scary bit earlier evaporated :P NewImage With A laughing while saying his lame lines… the whole atmosphere is suddenly that of a comedy…

NewImageAiba hurried says the ending line and end the skit XD

NewImageAn embarrassed Aiba heads for the exit too :P

NewImageLOL what’s with these two!

NewImageAiba desperately hides his face in the curtains while Sho yells ‘Oi’ at him.

NewImageS: That was terribly! You didn’t understand the meaning of this segment did you?

NewImageN: The first half was really good too!
I agree!NewImage KM’s comment: It was really enjoyable, but he failed completely! At the end when everyone (the audience) laughed, it means he’s lost.

NewImageJ: Why when he said its his 4th year, you say its his 7th?

NewImageJ: What was that about?

NewImageS comments that at the start when A says ‘you’re late, baka!’ When Aiba said ‘baka’, it made Sho scared.
A: Oh really?
S: I though Aiba-kun is scary, but after that you made Ohno enter again, and then you said… NewImage S: Its ok, just enter.
Yeah… he totally… killed it :PNewImage Even Ohno is laughing XD
S: So kind!NewImage Aiba scored 55, same as Sho!

NewImageSakuraiba love!

NewImageThey ask leader for his thoughts: Both are bad but… the karage made me feel strongly that i was being made a fool

NewImageJ’s turn next! Woohoo! DoS J! Let’s see him roll! Bratty and sharp tongue Nino ought to give a good performance too… the ‘best’ for the last eh? XD

NewImageJ starts off happily chatting on the phone.

NewImageEven though he was very happy and polite on the phone… his mood changes as soon as Ohno enters…
O: You called for me? NewImage J slams the phone on the table and makes a taking sound.

NewImageAh his stare! XD
J doesn’t say a single thing, but merely waits for Ohno to speak. NewImage O: Sorry, you called for me…

NewImageJ: Its not about me calling for you. Its about why i called for you isn’t it?
O: Recently Matsumoto-san asked me to buy a drink, but the drink you wanted wasn’t available, I’m sorry. NewImageJ: Why did you use other people’s money, to buy drinks, but not the drinks I want? NewImage O: I tried to check what drink Matsumoto-san would like…
J: You keep seeing it right? What I’ve been drinking recently!
O: Hai…
J: Why did you buy me a different drink?
O: Honestly I… NewImage J: *kicks table* I didn’t ask for your preference!
O: Sorry
J: You really can’t do work! Even just buying a drink…
O: I’m really sorry!
J: Its not about sorry. NewImage J: If you can’t do your job, shall i teach you from the very beginning? I’ll really teach you from the very very beginning.
With that J sweeps his hand off the table and throws a bunch of script booklets on the floor.
NewImage J: Look, go pick that up!

NewImageAs Ohno bends down to pick those books, J takes the last two books on the table and tosses it far away. J: Pick that up too.

NewImageJ: Hurry you!
O: Hai, sorry…

NewImageJ: Why don’t you take off those specs.

NewImageWith that he roughly pulls those specs off Ohno’s face.

NewImageAnd tosses that on the floor too!

NewImageJ: Do you know how to say anything apart from sorry?

NewImageKyaaaa DoS, evil J on the lose!

NewImageMasu-san looks scared too.

NewImageJ makes O buy the drinks again.

NewImageHe scolds Ohno for always saying sorry.

NewImageOhno leaves to buy the drinks and the skit ends!

NewImageWell done J! XD

NewImageHe laughs at his own performance.

NewImageNewImageOhno giving J the killer look XD

NewImageNewImageJ pats Ohno on the head… Hahaha… Oh-chan is so short ne? XD

NewImage*Waits for a make up sex fanfic from Juntoshi fans*

NewImageOhno has his eyes closed throughout.

NewImageKM: He really made you hate him. That picking up and all.

NewImageJ: I thought he would definitely hate it if i touch his face.
Audience: OhhhhhNewImage J: Sorry leader!

NewImageO: I’ve become stronger mentally!

NewImageRest: *laughs* that’s good.

NewImageThe lights are going down really fast for Jun!

NewImageHe goes below the 20 point mark!

NewImageJ: Its so hard to say ‘i did it!’ for this…
Hahaha indeed… you’ll be celebrating the fact that the audience kinda hates you now :PNewImage A total of 3 people still likes J after his performance XD
They comment on how the 3 people who still likes J must have really strong mental endurance. NewImage S: Those three must be really hardcore DoM!
S: Like, I want more please!

NewImageFinally! Nino’s turn! From the short cut scenes I see I think his really takes the cake.

NewImageNino starts off by drawing something on the paper.

NewImageN: Hnn, what?

NewImageO: Recently in a live recording, I fell asleep (or snored, or something like that), sorry about that.
N: Hai. (still in a very normal tone/mood)NewImage N: Which is better?
O: Huh?NewImage N: Should I go bam and scold or should I keep talking like this? Its already been decided that I’m angry, so I thought I’d be more kind to ask which type (of scolding) you prefer. After all I’m your senior aint I?
Then he continues writing something on this clipboard.
O: …
N: Whichever is fine. NewImage N: If i don’t even do it like this than you’re in a really sad state aint it?
O: Eh really Ninomiya-san you…
N: Whichever way i prefer?
O: yes… NewImage He starts off really gentle. N: You really shouldn’t fall asleep, after all no one else fell asleep!

NewImageN: I’ve been thinking, you always have that hanging right? I’ve been thinking of how to use it

NewImageN: Since you don’t say it…
N goes and peel some tape off.NewImage

NewImageN: Why don’t you paste this on?

NewImageN: Just leave it like this. This way everyone will understand right?

NewImageKiller Nino!

NewImageNewImageN: I think all these fit too. Idiot, or baka… which one is better?

NewImageO: Ah mou…
N: Look no one knows your name after all, if you don’t paste it here. What should I do. NewImage N: Why don’t you bring this back?

NewImageN: What else is there? This is difficult! (he’s trying to think of more names to call Ohno) Ah I feel sleepy. (again, poking fun at the AD who fell asleep)
O: Ah i’ll… reflect on it. NewImage

NewImageNino starts drinking water

NewImageThen he offers Ohno a drink too.

NewImageHe makes Ohno take back the pieces of paper with the rude names that Ohno placed on the table.

NewImageHe then pours the water in the cup, and keeps on pouring even though its full so everything spills onto the floor.

NewImageO: That’s enough…
N: What is you, are you kidding me?
As a finishing move Nino throws the water bottle onto the floor, spilling water everywhere as the bottle slammed its way to the floor.
N: That’s why you should work harder. I’m supporting you after all. NewImage And that ends Nino’s part!

NewImageNino breaks up into a high pitch laughter as soon as it ends. XD


NewImageNewImageKM: He was fantastic, everything was scary!
Indeed, the tone that Nino spoke with was really creepy. Like, you have no idea what he’s up to. NewImage The only bad thing about Nino’s performance was that his face was too cute.

NewImageN looks shocked at the accusation :P

NewImageN: Because Ohno-san is exceptionally tired...

NewImageO: There’s a lot of patterns ne?

NewImageO: AD-san, please do your best!

NewImageNewImageRight now the best score is J’s 3. Can Nino beat that?

NewImageNino scored 17! Haha, DoS J wins!

NewImageSo the ‘most hated Arashi award’ goes to Matsumoto Jun!

NewImageHe shakes hands with his bullying puppet once again.

NewImageLast segment! Food!

NewImageLooks delicious! Its Turkish food! MC Sho explains that Turkish food is considered one of the big three foods in the world. Right now its very popular in Japan. The ladies in Turkey are really pretty and it’s believed that the food plays a huge role - the veggies used in the dishes prevent oxidation and promotes anti-aging.

NewImageLengthy explanation aside, its time to tuck in!

NewImageSho tries this bean paste first, and its delicious.

NewImageNewImageJ: Its very refreshing, but spicy.

NewImageNewImageJ: Ah, delicious!

NewImageN: you are acting more and more gay!
S: Increasing every week!
O: It’ll be funny if everyone was gayNewImage A: Oishii!
S: Stop it! Stop it! (the gay actions)NewImage

NewImageAfter eating, they all go ‘gochisousan’, which is the name of the drama KM acted in if you still remember.

NewImageKM can’t help herself and burst into laughter.

NewImageN: I know i know, we are not the real actors, and its funny for us to do it.

NewImageFinally, a promotion from KM, the stage play i think? that she’s involved in, by the name of Sapukei. One guy from JE is acting too.

And that ends this episode of AnShi and this review!

Date: 2014-05-13 08:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah~ Thank you so much for sharing this! After reading your review, I totally wanted to watch this Shiyagare, even if I lately don't really have time for Arashi variety and I'm not the biggest fan of the new Shiyagare anyways but this one sounded so much fun! So I watched it just a minute ago and I really loved it! =D Ah it reminded me on old Shiyagare <3 I really like that! The acting sequences were really interesting, I loved that! I think all of them were kinda scary at some parts like Sho could look really unpleasant or that thing with Aiba and the Karaage... he would have freaked me out with his personality! If he just didn't mess up with bursting into laughter I think he would have been better XD Jun and Nino were both really scary o_O Nino was totally giving off the feeling that you don't know what happens next and if he would yell at you or throw something at you... in the end he was kinda "nice" but made you feel like a complete idiot and laughing stock and really really awkward >.< And Jun was really scary as well o_O

Aaah I really enjoyed this episode! Thank you very much for reviewing and recommending! Thanks to the review I could understand quite a lot from what they were talking, that was really really helpful! =D ^

Date: 2014-05-15 03:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really like Shiyagare (even if I have to admit I liked the old version better, I don't really like the new studio ^^"). I'm still not that good in Japanese that I can understand everything, even if I slightly get better so your reviews are always helpful =D I love them! ^^

Oh yes XD Real life is a bitch... well, my hobby related live takes a lot of time as well lately since I'm writing dorama reviews of Arashi's current dorama-episodes in my com and that eats a loooot of time (one whole evening each? I guess? XD) Well, I shouldn't complain, no-one forced me to do so and I love doing them ^^

Yes, Aiba was really really weird xD He would have made me really nervous I think! And Jun was really mean with throwing down the glasses and everything >.< and Nino... I guess he would have freaked me out XD He was calm but really mean, I think that's the worst if you don't know is he nice to me? Isn't he? No his words tell me he isn't...

Ah... poor Ohchan XD Good that Jun came and hugged you, right? XD (That was soooo cute!!)

Date: 2014-05-14 12:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much for reviewing this!! I actually watched without subs and it was already pretty scary/funny, but it's much better to know what's going on ^^ Thanks again! :D

Date: 2014-05-14 08:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yay! thank you so much for the review!!!!!!!finally an arashi ni shiayagre episode and what a great choice!this episode is just awesome!!and i loved it so much.
acting scenes were great, LOL at sho and Aiba, aiba proved again he is too kind to scold someone but i think sho could do way better.jun and nino did a really nice job, oh and OMG i loved it when jun immediately hugs ohno after finishing the skit, like he can`t stand himself scolding ohno!*my juntoshi feeling are boiling!*XDDD and ohno`s face expressions...priceless!!

and i agree with you, shiyagare is getting better and better , although sometimes it kinda reminded me Anosh and old anish episodes but i`m happy for this.:)))
again thanks a lot, will wait for your future posts!(^0^)/
Edited Date: 2014-05-14 12:21 pm (UTC)

Date: 2014-05-15 02:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
honto ni hisashiburi desu ne!!:))

LOL!!arashi making up to ohno!XD OMG, i want it already!!!XDDD

Image (

and sure i always will be waiting for your posts!^^

Date: 2014-05-15 01:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oooo, okay, now I definitely need to watch!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE your recap/reviews? It makes watching these shows so much better for me! :) Thank you so much!!

*hugs you*

*pets Ohno-san*

Date: 2014-05-16 02:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aahh, love you for review this eps! It's really help me to understand more. I love this eps XD It's hillarious especially for me *cough*

Jun and Nino, they're the scariest. And for Sho and Aiba, imho, their acting represent their personality >_< like, how Aiba can seriously get mad? He's too kind for that <3 Oh Arashi sunshine~

Thank you sooo much for your nice review as always (^^)/

Edited Date: 2014-05-16 02:31 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-05-26 04:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you~
I really enjoyed watching this episode! It was so funny and your review helped me to understand what happened better :D
Haha Aiba was so funny esp with the bento and when both him and Ohno start laughing XD He is wayyyyy to nice :)))
Jun was scary o.0

I found the food part funny...haha Aiba demonstrating exactly the thing that Jun was pulled up for lol ...they love their food so much xD

Thank you again for your amazing review~

Date: 2014-11-30 01:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for this :D I was able to discover which episode of AniShi had them all bullying poor Ohno XD

(For those who don't already know, what Sho actually says to Ohno is that he should go on a tour of Japan's bathhouses, the sooner the better; Sho was pretending the scripts were travel brochures =P)

Date: 2015-04-05 04:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
this ep was really awesome...poor ohno..


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