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Part 1 was over here!
NewImageLion soccer thought up by the owner! The duo kicks the ball around while the lion tries to get the ball...

NewImageBut if one of them misses the ball… the lion might pounce on the human instead!?!?

NewImageSo Aiba has to be really careful and not miss the ball!

NewImageNewImageSo Aiba joins in with the lion soccer!

NewImageNewImageThe duo starts passing the ball around.

NewImageA: Don’t pass, don’t pass! For real!?!?!
Yes Aiba… its for real! NewImage Aiba gives the ball a solid kick!

NewImageThe lion changes direction to follow the ball!
A: Dangerous! xN

NewImageAnd the ball goes flying back to Aiba…

NewImageIts hard to capture because everything is moving so fast, but Aiba actually MISSED the ball!

NewImageThe ball bounced back against the fence and Aiba hastily kicked it away!


NewImageThe owner gets really close to the lion to kick the ball

NewImageThe ball somehow ends up going over to where the staff are… Staff: Its coming here! Dangerous!

NewImageAIba comes running to the owner, yelling ‘super scary! I kicked air! I missed my kick!'

NewImageMeanwhile the onlookers just laugh! LOL!

NewImageMeanwhile the lion is just happy to have its ball.

NewImageAnd they replayed Aiba missing the ball. In slow motion. Twice! LOL!

NewImageBall bouncing back from the fence… lion approaching!

NewImageAiba kicks the ball away just in time

NewImageWhen the ball came back and the lion was really close to it, the owner RAN away too!

NewImageA: Its not playing soccer at all!
Owner: Kiara is really happy!NewImage The majestic Kiara!

NewImageBecause the lion is happy… they decided to do it again!

NewImageNewImageKiara starts chasing after the ball again!


Suddenly… A: Wait a minute! *Catches the ball with his hands and throws it*NewImage

NewImageIn return the owner catches the ball with his hands too.

NewImageAnd of course, he throws it to Aiba.

NewImageWho catches it with his hands before dropping it and kicking the ball away. Becky (or someone else) in studio: Its like dodgeball now?

NewImageBall goes back to Aiba… who kicks it… right into the face of the lion!

NewImageThe ball bounces up really high and Aiba escapes in the opposite direction!

NewImageThe lion doesn’t seem interested in Aiba though? Its just happy to get its paws on the ball.

NewImageAiba runs off while saying ‘sorry! xN'

NewImageOf course, this scene deserves a replay :)

NewImageAnd in a different angle this time…

NewImageA: Sorry!

NewImageA gets out of the enclosure… A: That was sssuupppper scary!
Narrator: Did Aiba get back his beginner feelings?NewImage A: I think I just aged by around 3 years!
Hahaha XD

NewImageAnd that was all with the lions! Aiba thanks Shimura for the trip. He concludes by saying that: Half of Aiba Masaki has turned into a wild beast!

NewImageThen he runs off into the desert…

NewImageNarrator: And because of that… location filming extended!!!
WOOTS! So we’ll get to see him on action again tomorrow huh? NewImage Hahaha look at Neen’s face!

NewImageN: When (the ball) hit the (lion’s) face, that’s our Aiba-san! As expected!

NewImageHahaha! I wonder how’s Aiba feeling then? I mean, they are all professionals but surely deep down he’d be shocked by Nino’s appearance? I would be so embarrassed if I were him! Sure the members can always watch it when its on air later, but at least I won’t be there when they’re watching! To have Nino watch it right in front of me… gosh! Then again they’ve been in variety for a really long time ne?

NewImageAnother segment this time round! Super cute animals to the attack!

NewImageA cute child comes dragging a basket of baby animals out!

NewImageThe child congratulates Shimura on their 10th year anniversary! She’s so sweet! :)

NewImageShimura takes a peek into the basket first. Shimura: Its you guys! Then, Nino takes a peek into the basket and whispers ‘Ah sugei!'


N: Indeed, its you guys! (repeating Shimura’s words)

NewImageAiba laughs XD


NewImageLoads, and loads of puppy love!

NewImageThey are 1 month old golden retriever babies!

NewImageNewImageHere’s their mummy!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageCuteness overload!

NewImageAfter filming the doggies… the Becky camera ends up on Neen XD

NewImageText: Refreshing!

NewImageNewImageApparently these babies love getting a massage around their eyes!

NewImageThis pup sure looks like he’s enjoying the little rub!

NewImageThe one Shimura has been massaging fell asleep!

NewImageThen Daigo wants to try if the pups will come over if you call out to the pups with a high pitched voice. Naturally the guest, Nino, gets to try it out.

NewImageN: Zoo director, I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do at all, you sure its alright (for me to do this)?

NewImageBecky gives him some tips: Shout with a high pitched voice, with max tension (excitement)!

NewImageNino gets ready for his attempt!

NewImageKyaaaaaaa all in a row!

NewImageN: *squeaks* Come here!

NewImageIt’s a really hilarious voice but… it worked!

NewImageHere comes one pup!NewImageN: Ja, please show me how its done!
Of course, he can only be talking to Aibaka XDNewImage


NewImageSo here comes Aiba-senior (on TSD) to show the novice Nino how it’s done

NewImageA: What do you think i’ve been doing for 10 years? Let me show you!

NewImageI swear like four of the pups are asleep already!

NewImageA: *in a even weirder squeak then Nino* Come hereeeeeeeeeeee~!

NewImageNewImageThen he raises his hands to erm… idk?

NewImage1 pup slowly, slowly prods towards Aiba… Earlier Nino attracted one pup only as well, but that pup practically ran across the mat in top speed…

NewImageN: It ends up like this…

NewImageIt finally ends up where Aiba is.

NewImageBecky? or someone said: Shizuku-chan has attracted more though!

NewImageIndeed! Seriously! Every single episode that I’ve watched! Aiba is a fail with animals in the studio… how he even does that in the first place… it’s a miracle…

NewImageBecky: And she didn’t even say anything!


The end! Well almost…

NewImage*PR video of Nino’s drama plays*
They introduce Nino’s drama, that’ll start airing at 9pm after TSD… Nino pretends to be shocked.

NewImageN: Ah! Indeed… it’s pure coincidence!

Rest: Definitely not!

NewImageClean shaven guy: You came here specifically for the PR right!
N: No no! It’s a coincidence! NewImage Aiba laughs at Nino’s antics…

NewImageThe PR video is played again, with Nino promoting his show this time… I’ve not yet watched it… shall try and catch up on all the stuff this weekend :P
Ok, i’ll leave you with one more screenshot of Neen...

NewImageAnd that’s it!

Hope you enjoyed the review! XD

Date: 2014-04-21 02:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We all have our strengths...obviously Aiba is a field guy ;)

Nino is such a delightful troll! :)

Thank you for sharing this! :)

Date: 2014-04-21 04:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Is it actual hate or jealousy because they know he's cuter than they are?

There is a saying among actors, not to work with animals and children, because they will upstage you. I imagine Aiba should be included on that list :D

Date: 2014-04-30 02:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha Aiba's way of calling the animal was so weird!! And his facials haha :P

Thanks for sharing!


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