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*throws confetti*

Whee! According to my own stats this would be my 30th Arashi bangumi review! *claps*
A quick glance at my picasa web albums shows that I have close to 6000 screenshots uploaded! Woots! This is… unbelievable! I really take that many screenshot? >< Wow!

Anyhow… after all those reviews of stuff that aired long ago… I finally bring you something recent! Last week's TSD Aiba and Nino cut! It’s a short one though, just 22 minutes of video. I know the show is a 2 hour SP, but I’m too lazy to review the whole episode :P Too bad kekeke…

Hmm I hope this Aiba cut won’t be too messy… I watched last’s week’s 3 hour SP TSD Aiba cut, and it was kinda… jumping all over the place at some parts. Well it IS Aiba cuts only after all ne? ><  A special double release today! Let’s go!

EDIT: Wow, looks like i went over board with the screen shots again? LJ forced me to split this into two posts!

NewImageHohoho… so its this that we start off with huh? ;) Ok, a little bit of background… its TSD's (Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen) 10th year anniversary SP! Two weeks of celebration at that! Last week there was a 3 hour SP! (No review, gomen ne?) Now Shimura Ken is wheeling out a special animal to celebrate the show’s 10th year anniversary! ‘Animal’ Hahaha!

NewImageThe regulars have no idea what’s in the box!

NewImageThere’s some animal in the box… that loves to be touched? (like… seriously? hahaha!)

NewImageThere’s a hole at the top of the box for them to feel and guess the animal! XD Kuuuuuu this is so exciting! Hahaha!

NewImageGirl on right: From the top???

NewImageAnd She got appointed to be the first to try :P

NewImageThe box suddenly shook really hard before she approached it, making her recoil in shock XD

NewImageHaru… something. Gosh I can’t remember her name all of a sudden… and she’s been on quite a lot of Arashi shows ne? Anyway, she goes: I can’t do it!

NewImage‘Later when I take my hand out of the box, my hand will be gone!’
HAHAHA! (I saw the screen cap when downloading the video file so yeah…)NewImage Shimura assures her that the animal is cute XD

NewImageShe cautiously sticks her hand in

NewImageAnd then withdraws it in a hurry! What did she touch!


‘There was something… soft!’
Aiba: Hair?
Shimura asked her to try feeling again. NewImage “Its warm!"

NewImageShe starts crying out this time

NewImageAnd she withdraws her hand in shock!

NewImageJust what is it that’s inside the box!

NewImageShe says her hand got clawed!

NewImageDaigo: Eh???

NewImageAt this point in time Shimura decides to let the audience see what’s in the box.
Audience: Kyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa! XDXDXDNewImage Special guest Ninomiya Kazunari! - Holding a little rabbit. Did you guess it right? XD

NewImageNino nods to greet the audience XD

NewImageHe’s holding a 2 month old baby rabbit! Kawaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

NewImageThe audience are really, really excited XD

NewImageNino picks up the… congratulatory message ball thingy…

NewImageAnd pulls it open. It says “Wish: 10th year anniversary, congratulations!"

NewImageAnd in the meantime, they’ve decided on the next ‘victim’ for Nino to prank XD

NewImageHe’s about to put his hand into the box, but the audience makes a scary noise. “Please stop it!"

NewImageNino laughs… hmm what’ll he do next? XD

NewImageNino is trying really hard not to laugh… if he laughs it’ll give the whole game away :P

NewImageMeanwhile the bunny is happily nibbling away in its nest.

NewImageHAHAHA! Nino’s gonna use a scrub this time! Its those kind of scrub with coconut husk fibres, and its quite prickly and hard.

NewImageHe swabs his victim’s hand with a motion too fast to be captured! So that’s what he did to the girl earlier that lead her to think something was clawing at her XD

NewImageIn yellow: Panic!

NewImageMeanwhile Nino is still trying his best not to laugh.


NewImage‘My hand got swiped by something that feels like a scrub!’
Lol! He’s spot on! Ah… guess he’s been on the show long enough to know all the tricks used by the human ‘pets’ :PNewImage Nino is surprised that he guessed correctly!

NewImageNext up is Aiba’s turn! Yay! We’ve all been waiting for this right? XD

NewImageNino changes his position. What trick will he do this time? XD

NewImageNewImageAiba asks Shimura which side would be better for him to feel. Shimura replies to just feel from the top where the hole is.

NewImageHere he goes…

NewImageGosh this is so hilarious!

NewImageHe’s up to the elbows already but still nothing!

NewImageWhile Neen stares intently at the hand XD AIba turns his hand in a small circle in an attempt to find something to touch, but to no avail!

NewImageAiba withdraws his hand without having felt anything! Oh don’t you just love the bratty little Nino? XD

NewImageNino changes his position again this time.

NewImageAiba’s conclusion: Its not in there!
HAHAHA!NewImage Nino laughs again

NewImageAiba has no choice but to try again. Nino holds up a piece of koniyaku jelly this time.

NewImageHe’s gonna smear the jelly on Aiba’s wrist! XD

NewImageOk, not the wrist, but the forearm… Aiba withdraws his arm in record time!


NewImageLOL why he is erm… hugging his erm… down there? ><

NewImageNino’s laughing so hard!

NewImageA: In the instant that i was shocked… i hit that corner over here…

NewImageAiba examines his arm for signs of contact with the animal.

NewImageHaru: its wet!

NewImageNewImageA: I think its body temperature is exceptionally low! Its was super cold!

NewImageMeanwhile, Nino is having the time of his life pranking his bandmate.

NewImageThey ask Aiba to go again, and to try and guess it correctly.

NewImageWhat’s Nino’s plan this time?

NewImageHahaha! Enough of fooling about with tools… he decides to just make direct contact and give Aiba a good slap!

NewImageA: Ouch pain!

NewImageAiba shakes his head.

NewImageText: Identity exposed?

NewImageA: I think it’s a human!

NewImageNino goes into another fit of laughter! Will Aiba be able to figure out its Nino? XD

NewImageThe rest of the TSD regulars don’t believe Aiba though.

NewImageNino holds the rabbit again. Aw, game over, they decided to reveal the answer!

NewImageN: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

NewImageNino holds up his rabbit like a trophy XD

NewImageHahaha Aiba’s face!

NewImageSo a proper introduction of today’s guest, Arashi’s Ninomiya and the baby rabbit!

NewImageN: that was really fun!

NewImageSo we move on to the next segment… text above: Has Aiba forgotten his ‘starting feelings’?
By starting feelings they mean something like… the hardworking feeling he had when he first joined the show. NewImage At the start, AIba did a lot of location shots where he had a lot of direct contact with the animals

NewImageNewImageNewImageBut recently what he’s been doing is…

NewImageNewImageplaying with a radio controlled robot...

NewImageOr leaving the difficult job to others…

NewImageIn order to get Aiba to remember his starting point..

NewImageIn last week’s episode… Shimura zoo director sent Aiba on an overseas location shot!

NewImageHe gave Aiba an e-ticket during filming…

NewImageAnd the departure date/time was that very day of the TSD filming!
Shimura: After this (the filming) is over, go to the airport!
They filmed the e-ticket in last week’s episode (blocking out the travel destination of course), the flight was at 10pm that day! NewImage And so 16 hours after the filming for TSD ended...

NewImageA: Zoo director!

NewImageLOL! Just where is Aiba!

NewImageIt’s a sandstorm! Or Tsuna Arashi in Japanese :P


NewImageA: Where am I? I’m not in Tottori sand dunes (this place with sand dunes in Japan) am I?
Staff: This is Arabia peninsula

NewImageA: Arabia peninsula? NewImageA: Where is that?

NewImageThis is somewhere 8000km away from Japan! United Arab Emirates! A country in Arabia peninsula!

NewImageAround 90% of the country is desert!

NewImageNo signs of animals around but… wait who is Aiba waving to?

NewImageSome locals?

NewImageThey greet Aiba.

NewImageAIba has absolutely no idea what they are saying! In any case, they set off!

NewImageShimura zoo 10th year anniversary SP! Aiba Masaki’s return to his starting point, in UAE!

NewImageA: What type? What what?
Locals: Moujyou iruyo! (I don’t understand either, neither does Aiba)NewImage They reach some place and Aiba is told to get off the car.
A: Here?NewImage A: Wait a minute, is this a zoo?

NewImageLocals: Kokodane! (Weird accent)
Aiba translates for us: Its here? NewImage A: Ano… animal park? (In their Japanese scented English)
Local: Ah yes here!NewImage He gets Aiba to press the bell.

NewImageThe gate opens.

NewImageIt’s a huge home!

NewImageAiba enters the place and starts looking around.
A: To have this at home is sugoi ne?NewImage Some guy calls Aiba’s name. Is he the owner of this place?

NewImageNewImageAiba greets the super rich owner of this place!

NewImageOwner: *In English* I heard from Shimura enchou (director), you forget your shushin (starting point/feelings)?
A: Shushin?
NewImage Owner: Forget?
A: No! x NNewImage A: I am shushin!
hahaha!NewImage The owner is amused: You shushin?

NewImageAfter a while Aiba asks: Where is animal? (In Eng)
Owner: Dog!NewImage The soccer field is for the dog to run freely, without leashes.

NewImageA: Communication?
Owner: Okay!
Hahahaha!NewImage The huge space is for the ‘dog’ to run freely. The owner has owned the animal since it was a baby, and it seems like its perfectly fine.

NewImageThe owner brings Aiba to see the animal. Aiba gets a shock!

NewImageIts only a baby apparently!

NewImageIt’s a two year old lion by the name of Matel (Just making up a spelling according to the pronunciation)

NewImageOwner: This is my dog!
NewImage A: No dog!
Hahaha so many years and still… Aiba’s English standard has not really improved :P
Owner: It looks like a dog doesn’t it!NewImage Just then the lion gave a little roar.

NewImageAiba says that this lion is even bigger than the ones he met in South Africa!

NewImageThe owner lets Matel out. Owner: Come my baby!

NewImageIts huge! And its only 2!

NewImageThe owner gives his lion a neck rub and calls Aiba in to join him.

NewImageA: No no no no no!

NewImageA: Isn’t its claws amazing!

NewImageA: What will happen if it claws me?

NewImageA: Look its clawing at the ground now! What will happen if it claws me?
Owner: Yeah!
A: What yeah?NewImage Man and beast! It is indeed a magnificent sight!

NewImageHe calls for Aiba to go in again.

NewImageThe lion and its owner are playing with each other!

NewImageAiba swore the lion tried to bit the owner earlier, but the owner merely brushes it off as the lion wanting to play.
A: Really?NewImageNewImage Aiba finally plucked up the courage to enter the enclosure!

NewImageHe’s really scare though! (Well it’s a lion after all…!)

NewImageA: Easy?
Owner: It’ll be alright! No problem!NewImage The owner then declares that Aiba’s outfit is probably making the lion uneasy!

NewImageAiba leaves the field, and drags the owner out with him.
A: Wait a minute! (and then in Eng) Outside outside outside!NewImage Aiba’s strange outfit might make the lion excited!
A: Please tell me before I enter the enclosure!NewImage So outfit changed!
A: Safety? Ok?
Red text: He borrowed some clothes?NewImage He’s grabbing the owner’s jacket and following closely behind!

NewImageIts been such a long time since Aiba came in close contact with wild animals… He’s holding on to the owner’s hand really really tightly!

NewImageAnd still holding on tightly XD

NewImageThey start walking towards the lion.

NewImageThe owner passes a piece of chicken to Aiba…

NewImageAiba held the piece of chicken for a second before tossing it over to the lion…

NewImageOwner: That was from really far away!

NewImageOnce again he pulls Aiba closer to the lion. A: Isn’t this impossible!

NewImageNow they are really close!

NewImageAiba finally gathers up the courage to reach out and touch the lion!

NewImageA: Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh….!

NewImageOwner: Very good!
A: How nostalgic! NewImage A: Such a feeling of nostalgia!

NewImageA: Bristle hairs!

NewImageA: This is gou mou! (bristle hairs)

NewImageThe owner then asks Aiba to sit next to the lion.
Aiba half squads, looks at the camera, does a ‘yay’ and then hurriedly stands back up XDNewImage As expected its scary ne?

NewImageEither case, its Aiba’s first two shot with a lion in a long time!

NewImageWhat does the owner want Aiba to do with the lion this time?

NewImageFeed the lion by hand! That’s what!

NewImageAiba withdrew his hand really really fast after that. Nino looks… worried? ><

NewImageA: Its enough! I’m already, i’ve returned to my starting point!

NewImageIn that case…
Owner: Name Kiara, he’s play footballNewImage Translator: There’s another lion by the name of Kiara, he really loves soccer, the owner wants you to play soccer with the lion.

NewImageA: Wait wait, I finally dared to touch Matel…
Owner: Another lion!NewImage A: There’s still more?

NewImageThe owner has also been rearing Kiara since it was a baby!

NewImageThis is Kiara!
A: Danger?
Owner: No!NewImage And just then the lion walks up to the cage door and lets out a little roar.

NewImageAiba is shocked!

NewImageThe two lions are fighting with each other!
A: I can’t do this! Really!NewImage Someone comes to show Aiba how its done.

NewImageThey start playing soccer!

NewImageNewImageThe lion starts going after the ball!

NewImageNewImageAiba is getting really scared!

NewImageMeanwhile, the lion is really happy with the ball.

NewImageA: If it misses the ball that’s the end of me isn’t it?

The rest in Part 2!

Date: 2014-04-18 02:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow 6000 screencaps?!

Ikr, its so easy to reach that number with screencaps, sometimes I just wish to cap every seconds of the entire bangumi, and I find myself wanting to even capture the split seconds micro expressions!

Luckily u have Mac and marsedit which can help you to handle the massive amount of screencaps. I don't have Mac so I have to manual arrange the screencaps and edit the posts )=

But that's our passion through doing bangumi reviews right! *high five!*

Please continue with your passion of doing the reviews!

Yoroshiku1 ^-^V

Date: 2014-04-19 01:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi!! Thanks for reviewing this special episode <3
NinoAi never fails to make me laugh ^^

Date: 2014-04-21 02:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Nino really was having too much fun, wasn't he? Poor Aiba, hitting his...himself on that box!

Wow! No wonder he was all, "Did JE okay this?" at the end of last week's episode! LOL

Poor Aiba. *pets him*


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