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My original plan was to do the latest VSA episode. But i watched this episode and it was just too hilarious and I had to share it. Not just Nino’s outfit. The WHOLE episode was hilarious. Lets go!

Edit: Part 1 and part 2 was written like... 3 weeks apart, so forgive me if there are any inconsistencies.

NewImageSho starts off by calling 'Ninomiya-kun'!
As expected, when you see his outfit. XDNewImageHe laughs. The text at the top left says ‘Monthly activity. Ninomiya collection!’
S: This is really bad!
N: What’s so bad?NewImage O: This…will get you caught! (By the fashion police maybe)
S: *claps in laughter* (he’s so cute when he does this!)
NewImage N: No theres no such thing!
N: They won’t catch me… this is being sold after all! (Not a custom made item)NewImage The next thing Sho worries about is if they can play the game in that outfit. Apparently both Nino and Aiba are in charge of cliff climb today. Wow I never knew that they know who’s playing which games before the episode filming starts. I always thought they’ll only told before the game hahaha.

NewImageNewImageThe duo are reminded that there’s a falling down part in cliff climb. Hint: Their shorts, esp Nino’s which is kind of wide. Think of girls with skirts...
NewImage S: When falling down you may become MMDA! Please be careful!

NewImageThe guest team is called out!

NewImageIt’s the Idai Naru, Shurara-bon (The Great Shurara-bon) team! The movie title is quite a mouthful ne? It’s a comedy movie and the cast are… seriously funny.

NewImageThe guest gives a brief introduction of the movie, together with some cut scenes that totally didn’t help me understand what the movie is about. A google search helped a lot more :X
At the end of his explanation… S: Really?
HAHAHA!NewImage Sho asks if one of the guest team members was listening because she seems distracted.

NewImageShe explains that she was distracted because the guy next to her was picking the dirt off his fingernails earlier! XD

NewImageSho asks for a cheer from them. Guest: Shurara-bon power, let’s work hard!
Rest: *lamely* Ooohhhhh!
A very unspirited and unmotivated cheer :P

NewImageTime for the plus one guest to come out!

NewImageThe guest team is shocked by his appearance! Who is it?

NewImageIts Takada Nobuhiko-san. (TN)

NewImageAnd the reason why the guest team is so shocked?

NewImageGuest: WHY?

NewImageSee the words on his shirt? He’s also a cast in the Shurara-bon movie!
S: Eh? There’s this kind of pattern too? (plus one guest being actually part of the guest team)
TN:  Whether there is this kind of pattern or not, I’m the one who wants to know most!NewImage TN is acting as a father in the movie!

NewImageHe is in the movie poster too.

NewImageHowever he’s constantly left out by the rest of the cast!

NewImageThe staff explains that they gave the plus one guest job offer to TN normally, but it just happened that he also appeared on the movie...

NewImageBut TN explains that he’s alienated from the rest of the cast, they don’t contact him at all!

NewImageS: So today you have some thoughts of revenge right? Work hard and win for this side…
TN: Honestly I’d like to wear the red shirt though…
S: Nope that’s impossible, you can’t do that!
Hahaha, it starts off with Sho questioning the loyalties of their plus one guest :PNewImage Nino does the call for the first game - korokoro viking!


Guest team goes first!

NewImageWatch what this guy does with the korokoro viking decoration..

NewImageHe tugs on it and it drops!

NewImageGuest: Ah ah it dropped...

NewImageHe pushes it back :P
MC: Eh, what did you break?
G: Nope, i managed to repair it smoothly. Sorry!
TN lets it out that the six of them get along really well. They go for dinner/drinking sessions together everyday. Without TN of course. NewImage One of the guys wanted him to do his gag ‘you come out’ for the girl, over the phone :X

NewImageSho erupts into his trademark clapping laughter again XD

NewImageShe said she listened to the recording in the bath :P

NewImageEarlier he said that the girl wanted to listen to the gag hence the reason he asked for the recording… but actually the truth was that he thought it’ll be funny.

NewImageHe immediately does the gag - you go out!

NewImageAnyway game start!

NewImageNewImageTwo balls in the orange zone at once!

NewImageThe 2nd ball narrowly avoids falling in the hole!

NewImageWhile the first ball scores 10 points!

NewImage10 points for the 2nd ball too

NewImage10 points for the 3rd ball as well

NewImageTwo balls on the orange zone again! And one of which is a golden ball

NewImageThe regular ball disappears down the hole!

NewImageThe guy on the right is extremely disturbed by the spray of CO2 XD

NewImageNewImageThe golden ball gets into the 20 point zone

NewImageThe 6th ball didn’t manage to get on the bridge.

NewImageMore CO2! A unbelievably surprised reaction!

NewImage10 point zone for the last ball!

NewImageThey seem pretty happy with their 90 points result

NewImageS: You didn’t really managed to open up the score gap did you?
G for guest: But really, we didn’t get a single ball in during practice, for us this score is a miracle.
Rest: Yes indeed
S: So this is a good score?
G: Yes I’m happy about it in a normal way.NewImage Sho asks this guy about his reaction of the gas.
G: I didn’t hear that there’ll be gas, so i was really surprised.
Audience: Ehhhh?NewImage N: But wait, you came before didn’t you?

NewImageAnd yes he did, twice too. With the staff blatantly cropping a picture of him getting blasted with the gas XD

NewImageAnyway its Arashi’s turn next!

NewImageNewImage Sho looks amused XD

NewImageThe MC asks how Ohno feels about the combination with TN. Ohno says that earlier in practice the ball got into the 50 point zone. But it was practically not his doing at all.

NewImageO: I couldn’t move at all!
S: So it means that TN is good right?
O: Yeah, i think its better if i don’t do anything at all.
TN: No that won’t do!
O: Ah sorry.NewImage You should know not to expect a fantastic score when you see Ohno’s face like this :P

NewImageNewImageNewImage30 points for the first ball

NewImage-30 for the 2nd ball though! its back to 0 points!

NewImageThe 3rd ball falls off.

NewImageThey arenas surprised by the CO2 though :P

NewImageThe golden ball barely made it to the bridge. 50 points zone though!

NewImageand 30 points

NewImageThe next ball fall off!

NewImageThe last golden ball...

NewImageIt just got stuck between the two zones!

NewImageGame end!

NewImageNewImageJ points at leader.

NewImageAnd Leader points at TN :P

NewImageAnd the ball? its still stuck :P

NewImageN: This is too much!

NewImageS complains that the last ball is normally the highlight, for the ball to move to the last zone, onto the bridge, and have everyone waiting to see how many points it will score. But what’s with the ball being stuck there now :P

NewImageN voices his complains too.
O: Wait a minute. Its all THIS guy’s fault you know!NewImage
S+N: Eh?
O: All, I hold it and the board just moves. I can’t control it at all!NewImage A replay scene showing Ohno struggling with the controls

NewImageTN: Ah really… sorry about that!


Bunk bowling next!

NewImageThese two are going first!

NewImageJ asks what’s the genre of the movie. He says its ‘power spot adventure.'

NewImageJ: Power spot adventure???
They explain that because the stage is set in Biwa lake, Japan’s largest power spot. NewImage Nino, as sharp as always: And so what is the genre?

NewImageG: Its entertainer! (Instead of entertainment!)


N: We are not asking what what your genre is!

NewImageThe MC asks about them fighting on the movie set. Apparently those two guys pictured started fighting with each other on the very first day of crank in.

NewImageHe tried to stop the fight, and went to ask what’s wrong. Apparently they had called each other tennen and were now arguing about it. They had only just cranked in but all he can see ahead was darkness :P

NewImageThey start arguing about who is tennen again.

NewImageGirl: You’re not talking about your hair? (as in natural colour or natural whatever)

NewImageText: She’s joining in the battle to be a tennen? (Here tennen refers to being a natural… air head? Like how Aiba often is)
Guy: No we are talking about the internal character. NewImage This guy argues that for someone who mixes up entertainment and entertainer, he definitely is air headed.

NewImageG: *angrily* I just said it wrongly!
S: *whines* Can we just have fun bowling?
That effectively put an end to the quibbles.NewImage Game start!

NewImageNewImageThe green ball didn’t hit a single pin at all!

NewImageThey are in laughing fits now

NewImageThey scored 100 points!

NewImageSho asks the guy (ok, he’s call Okada) how was it. Okada: For scoring 100 points even without hitting the red pin, i think that’s a pretty good achievement.
S: Ah I see, that’s true…
*Audience giggles*NewImage These two are going for the 2nd throw!

NewImageThe two jokers start quarrelling again! :P This time about the red pin. Apparently that’s how the both are like usually, the pretty much quibble every time they get together.

NewImageMore behind the scenes talk! The girl was only 13 at the time of filming, so the guy plays along with her

NewImageAlong the way a quarrel starts...

NewImageThe guy steps in to break the fight again. He tells the guy “You’re already an adult, so please stop it.” Guy: I can lower my standards, but I can bring it back up again!


G: You make it seem like its all my fault!
N: He doesn’t know how to switch back?
Guy who’s always leaking backstage stuff (I really need to get their names huh?): Its like he breaks each step of the ladder as he comes down.
NewImage Anyhow… their throw only scored 23 points because the balls collided mid run.

NewImageNothing much to say, and yes it naturally became narration based.

NewImageOkada is besides himself with laughter.

NewImageThat got the girl jumping in laughter too.

NewImageN: He’s laughing so much! If its our team you’d understand, but he’s on the same team! How many points was it?
MC: 23!
Okada bursts out into a fit of laughter againNewImage N: How many points did you score?
Okada: 100 points!NewImage TN and S next!

NewImageApparently TN has huge fingers, so he can’t get his fingers into the bowling ball holes!
If he forces his fingers into the holes, when throwing the ball the ball gets stuck!
MC: If you’re fingers get stuck what do you do/say?NewImage He does his gag again! “Come out!"

NewImageSho claps his approval XD

NewImageN: In total how many tennen people are there?

NewImageAnyhow game start!

NewImageTheir balls collide in the middle!

NewImageTN’s ball didn’t hit a single pin!

NewImageNewImage64 points only!

NewImageThey do the gag again, together this time :P

NewImageJunba combi next!

NewImageLoads of pins left for them to hit!

NewImageAiba decides that its better for both of them to aim for the middle.

NewImageMC: But today there’s been a lot of collisions.
A: Indeed… let’s follow the traffic rules ok?NewImage Game start! Notice how they are standing really, really close? XD

NewImageThe MC starts the game off and the buzzer sounds, but J calls for a stop.

NewImageNewImageJ: Aren’t we too close?

NewImageA: No but I’m aiming for this line!

NewImageS: Hahaha!

NewImageJ: Can’t you move over there?
A: No i can’t!NewImage A: Please ignore the body, it’s the ball’s position that is important! It can’t be helped!
J: Then how am I supposed to throw?NewImage A: Then let’s do it this way!
Crowd screams their approval XD

NewImageN: You knee is going to break!

NewImageAiba touches his knee at Nino’s warning.

NewImageThey finally start after much commotion XD


NewImageJ’s ball slams into Aiba’s leg.


NewImageJ  lightly sends the ball on its way while laughing his head off.

NewImageAiba’s ball completely missed the mark.

NewImageNext J’s ball...

NewImageToo bad the red pin is still left standing!

NewImageChocoJun (his brown hair has never stood out much till now?): This is NOT my fault!


NewImageJ: I just banged into his leg (Not sure what he said here and how it fits into the picture)NewImage A: What’s more it was my right leg, and not the left! (Its his left side that’s beside J after all).

NewImageAiba does the bowling action and realised that it was because he sticks his right leg to the left side hence it got hit.

NewImageThe replay shows clearly how Aiba got smacked :P

NewImageAnyhow they (or rather, Jun) scored 76 points!

NewImageSho asked Okada for this thoughts. Okada: But its sad that you didn’t get the red pin.

NewImageJ: Why are you smirking while saying this!

NewImageOkada: I’m… kinda happy (that you didn’t hit the red pin)

NewImageJ gives him the look :P
Aw, those eye bags… drama filming is tough ne? ><

Ok that’s all for bank bowling and we’re off to Part 2! XD

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thank you for translate!! :D

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Seriously, so much cute! Thank you for this!

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