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NewImageThe title: For the lost Arashi, New Year’s King Conversation!

This part isn’t that interesting, so I’ll go through it quicker. At least I hope to spend less time on it haha.
Basically, the members discuss whatever problems/questions they have with the guest, King Kazu.

NewImageSho introduces the guest first. When he was in the first year of high school, he went to study in Brazil alone. I see a tiny bit of Aiba in that photo there...

NewImageHe was the first Japanese to get signed on as a pro in santosu FC, and in 1993 he started in the J league.

NewImageAnd in that very same year, he was given the Most Valuable Player award.

NewImageAnd then in ’94 he played for the Italian series A Jenoa club, again a first for a Japanese. (Sorry, the club name translations are most likely terribly wrong!)

NewImageIn ’99 he play din Croatia.

NewImageAnd just last year, he took part in the J2 league and made a new record for being the oldest player to score a goal. He was 44 years and 4 months old at that point in time. So many achievements, he is indeed a king!

NewImageThe first problem: Me and hats dont go well, teach us how to wear hats in a fashionable way!

NewImageThe question was asked by Sho! He apologises for having talked so much and have his questions appeared first :P

NewImageSho explains that he keeps wearing caps. N: Cap or knitted cap yeah? S: Yes indeed.
Sho says that he doesn’t wear hats and has no idea how to wear them such that he’ll look good on him.NewImage The King’s answer: In any case, learn to love hats! The guests explains that no matter what you have to think that they fit you.

NewImageSho makes a face :P Aiba asks if Sho has any hats. S: I have one

NewImageS: Maybe it’s the clothes that I have? I wear a black jacket, black pants, and boots. (If i wear the hat) No matter how you look at it it like a comedian salesman.

NewImageThey bring out a hat of Kazu’s.

NewImageHe wears the hat with the front of the rim pointing downwards instead of upwards as most people do.

NewImageHe bought this hat about 15 years ago. And its still in fantastic condition!

NewImageHe asks Sho to try it on!

NewImageNewImageThis reminds me of the old AnShi opening, the one where they are wearing the white hats and running around and shooting bullets… :P

NewImageHaha, what do you think of Sho’s look? Next Sho tries to wear it the way the King wears his hat.

NewImageThen the guest decides to give the hat to Sho!

NewImageS: What should i do? I’ll wear this during filming for next week’s News Zero!

NewImageNext up is this! What should I treat my juniors to so that they’ll think I’m cool? (Once again a very rough translation)

NewImageThis question was fielded by Ohno! Somehow i feel like he’s digging pit for himself by asking such things… O: How much should i spend so that they will be satisfied?

NewImageThe King’s answer: Treat all of them to a top club in Ginza!
Hahaha! I knew asking this question was a bad idea!NewImage The rest of the members cheered while Ohno… regrets having asked such a thing :P
J: Thank you very much. We are counted too right (as juniors)
Rest: Yeah we are juniors after all.
NewImage O: That’s not true!
Rest: *more arguments that they are counted in*
O: EH? Really?
King: Yes, and please bring me along too!NewImage Ohno laughs at that. The king explains that he thinks in the club they can talk about life and other topics, and the juniors can learn a lot. Its not just play, but learning as well.
Ohno asks how much it’ll cost.
King: its expensive, but probably not that expensive… it’ll be around 30,000 yen person i think.
J immediately does the maths for Ohno. J: For five it’ll be 150,000 yen.NewImage The rest bows down and thank Ohno for the treat. :P

NewImageSho complains about Ohno’s severely decreased tension.
King: Like when i got the MIP award and earned 1,000,000 yen, i treated everyone with the prize money and spent it all in a night.
S: So when you win prize money in a  quiz bangumi, please treat us!
O: I can’t possibly win anything in a quiz program!
Hahaha, indeed… It should be Ohno saying that to Sho instead ne?
The most number of ppl the king has treated at once is around 30 people, although it wasn’t at Ginza.

NewImageSho commented that if you count the Johnny’s Jr back dancers, they have around 30 people.
O: but is it alright for Jr’s to go Ginza?
The rest laugh and they move on to the next qn!NewImage Nino asked this: What food would you like to eat till you die?

NewImageKing’s last meal would be Brazil’s Shirasuko (Brazilian barbecue). Basically its barbecue meat.  

NewImageThe gourmet MC is here with brazillian BBQ. J asks how long ago was the profile picture taken, to which the answer was 15 years ago.

NewImageThis is shirasuko!

NewImageAh juicy juicy meat! The one shown here is from the shop COPA.

NewImageThe shop owner slices the beef.

NewImageWhile the guest used the tongs to ‘catch’ the meat.

NewImageThat’s how its always done in Brazil apparently :)

NewImageIn Brazil, they cook the meat more throughly, but for the Japanese dinners, this level of rawness is preferred. (I prefer my meat more rare like this too. This looks absolutely amazing!) They try the meat.

NewImageJ: Soft! Its very juicy!

NewImageNewImageThe only condiments used is Brazilian rock salt.

NewImageSomehow the talk turns to the 6 of them eating out at the shop in Ginza once more. King: I settle the shop, you just have to pay.
Poor Oh-chan looks troubled :P
J: Please bring your money along.NewImageN: Please bring ALL your properly along.

NewImageNext up is the Arashi 15 year anniversary special live! Nothing much to say here but i’ll just paste a bunch of screen caps XD. They sang one song from each year since their debut!

NewImageHere we go!

NewImageNewImageWhat else can they start off with but their debut song A.RA.SHI?

NewImageNewImageSunrish Nippon for year 2000!

NewImage2001: Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru

NewImageAiba wishes the audience and happy new year, followed by a horse move and a ‘heeheen!’ - his version of the horse neighing.

NewImageA day in our life for 2002.

NewImageJ, killing you softy with his looks, and smile.

NewImageThe mic stands come out and Hadashi no mirai is chosen for 2003.

NewImagePikanchi double for 2004.

NewImageSakura Sake for 2005

NewImageKitto daijyobu for 2006!

NewImageNo surprise that its Love so sweet for 2007. HYD had a HUGE impact on Arashi after all.

NewImageThey do a short dance segment after that! Of course, our dancing leader had more parts than the rest :P

NewImageBeing the Ohno biased fan girl that i am… i re-watched this part over and over again just to see Oh-chan dance :P

NewImageGosh the way he moves… its incredible! Sadly the cameraman cut off his leg movements quite some bit though :(

NewImageNewImageOf course the rest get their chance too :)

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageFire sprouts from the stage as truth starts playing for 2008. Our beloved leader’s very first lead role in a drama ne? They’ll always remember 2008 for being the year of Ohno i think. His first drama lead and his first art exhibit…

NewImageI love truth - the dance is cool and often comes with red hot balls of fire - giving the whole thing a mysterious, dark and fiery appearance.

NewImageAs if the little balls of fire in front aint enough… the LCD screen behind shows mushroom balls of fire.

NewImageTime skip to 2009 and we have Believe and our Yattaman!

NewImageNewImageNewImageA more quiet song for 2010 - hatenai sora.

NewImageThe stage rises up for this song.

NewImageIts meikyuu love song for 2011! Ah our mysterious, all knowing, and exceptionally capable butler Kageyama ne?

NewImageNo kneeling down in this short sequence though.

NewImageJun informs up that we’ve almost reached the end. Confetti sprays out once more and its Wild at Heart for 2012.

NewImageNewImageNewImageThis move is so cute :P

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageI’m surprised and glad they picked breathless for 2013. I love this song, partly because I’m a biologist so a song with the words DNA in the lyrics makes me shamelessly biased towards it. But hey, the song is cool in its own right and i like these kind of fast, energetic songs, so its my type :P

NewImageNewImageI realised i’ve not been screen shooting Aiba much huh? Gomen ne! Somehow they aren’t much good moments to capture our sunshine boy.

NewImageThere! An exclusive Aiba shot at last :)

NewImageNewImageMatsuJun, always the most expressive one :P

NewImageNewImageAnd that brings us to the end of the melody!

NewImageNext up is of course, Aiba’s segment! He’s the last one left after all! But that will have to wait till Part 6!

Date: 2014-03-03 01:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! Arashi's talks are pretty fun to watch XD

Date: 2014-03-03 03:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Brim down. Most definitely. And wow, he looks good in it too :)

LOL at Ohno. Silly boy, asking such a thing! :)

Loved the talks! :)

*hugs you*


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