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And next up is...

NewImageIts Ohno’s turn next!

NewImageNewImageOhno introduces his VTR with a popular phrase from last year, “Its right now isn’t it?"

NewImageFirst the roulette wheel

NewImageThe program: Sunday Special! Fish the world! I swear this wheel is rigged!

NewImageThis is a show which aired from 1985 to 1999.

NewImageThe host goes to various places all over the world to catch huge fish!

NewImageHere he caught a swordfish!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOhno accounts that it’s the first time he’s going to be fishing alone on TV

NewImageO: This is precious!

NewImageOf course with Arashi’s schedule going overseas to fish is kinda tough (and maybe the program budget too?)… anyway Ohno is heading to this place in Japan to fish. *lazy to check the name*

NewImageNewImageIn this season, madai and kawahagi can be caught!

NewImageBUT, there’s also a HUGE fish that can be caught in these waters!

NewImageO: My target for today is this!

NewImageO: The legendary huge fish

NewImageO: Ishinagi desu!

NewImageThis fish can grow up to 2m long, and weigh up to a 100kg!

NewImageOhno is aiming to catch a 50kg one!

NewImageSomeone caught a 60kg ishinagi in 2011… it’s a rare catch.

NewImageBut we’re talking about the national idol Arashi here, what’s more, this guy is the leader! There’s no reason for him not the catch the fish!

NewImageIn order to catch the fish, there’s some things the host always do. 1) being together with pretty ladies.

NewImage2) shopping in the streets, doing stuff together etc.

NewImageAnd so… O: Selena!

NewImageSelena: Hi Satoshi!

NewImageO: A happy new year!
Selena: Happy new year!
hahaha!NewImage She then proceeds to drag Ohno off hahaha!

NewImageNino voices his complains: What’s the meaning of this!
Aw, is he getting jealous? :PNewImage And off the duo goes!

NewImageOhno shows off his very limited English. O: Selena beautiful! x2

NewImageNewImagerunning along the beach :P
The rest of Arashi complains and ask Ohno to get along with the fishing :PNewImage They head to Kitamura seafood...

NewImageNewImagefreshly caught small fish (shirasu) are being boiled

NewImageThe most popular item in the shop is the shirasu cream korokke!

NewImageNewImageOhno speaks in a weird ‘English like’ Japanese accent. It borders between amusing and downright awkwardness at being pair with a foreign girl :P

NewImageAnyhow they tuck in to the crunchy korokke! It looks absolutely delicious and I’m starving!

NewImageDuo: Delicious!

NewImageOh the morning of the 2nd day… its finally time for battle! Nino complains: Why does this have to be on the 2nd day! They didn’t do anything at all! (like, it’s a waste of time, the first day was a complete waste - which it was IMO :P )

NewImageO: No matter how, no matter what, i wish to catch it. I’m not seen it before… i’ll be able to catch it, it’ll be fine!

NewImageIts 40 mins past 6 in the morning and Ohno heads off to the port.

NewImageHe greets the captain.

NewImageThis is the captain who’d be supporting Ohno today!

NewImageOhno puts on the life jacket. he looks all set to go!

NewImageApparently in fishing everything should start from the right side - it’s a ritualistic thing for luck… and so Ohno steps onto the boat with his right foot first!

NewImageHe nimbly boards the boat

NewImageOur fisherman then pours sake on the bow of the boat for safety and success

NewImageNewImageHe pours some into the sea too.

NewImageThe fisherman prays for success

NewImageThey set sail at 7am!

NewImageNewImageOhno Satoshi VS the legendary giant fish ishinagi!

NewImageThe boat shops 40 mins later

NewImageThey are 12km away from the port now, in a famous spot for catching aji

NewImageThe captain explains that they are at the spot to catch the bait. Yes, live fish - aji - will have to be used as bait for the giant ishinagi. Saba can be used as well.

NewImageOhno has only 4 hours for the challenge this time. And that includes fishing for the bait and time spent moving to the next spot.

NewImageThe serious fisherman starts his challenge.

NewImageOhno and fishing = love :P

NewImageA photo of Ohno with his fish :)

NewImageThey have talked about Ohno and fishing at least twice before in AnShi, but this is the first time we’ll see him in action on the show!

NewImageHe gets a catch really soon!

NewImageHe starts reeling it up

NewImageO: This is killing me!

NewImageThere’s the fish! O: Is it aji? Or saba!

NewImageOhno proudly shows us his catch, which he informs us is aji.

NewImageHe got the first fish within 15 mins of them reaching the first spot.

NewImageIt goes smoothly and he catches more fish.

NewImageAnother aji

NewImageAnd two at once! O: They are fat! Its saba!

NewImageOhno caught 4 fish in a span of 30mins. With that, they move on to the ishinagi fishing spot.

NewImageStaff: What will you do after catching the ishinagi?
O: I’d like to let the rest of the members eat it! Until now they’ve not tried the fish i caught beforeNewImage And so with that in mind they set off.

NewImageAfter 20mins they reach the ishinagi fishing spot. Its now 9am. This area is around 120m deep and is a reef area. Ishinagi has been caught here before.

NewImageOhno shows off his glasses.

NewImageBefore starting to fish the target, the host always wore that type of sunglasses

NewImageNaturally, Ohno has to put those on too

NewImageOhno hooks up the live bait

NewImageHe has a mere 2 hr 50 mins left

NewImageRunning his fingers over the lines on the reel as he releases the line...

NewImageHe’s using a fishing rod made from fiber glass, its specially made for catching huge, heavy fish.

NewImageThe reel is a special one too.

NewImageAnd of course, the live baits that Ohno caught earlier

NewImageThere’s also the 750g weight… all these to catch the ishinagi!

NewImageThe method is as follows: Ohno will cast the line to a depth of 120m and wait for the fish to bite!

NewImageNow all he can do is wait.

NewImageAnd so they wait

NewImageAn hour passes by. Staff: you have only two hours left! Will it be alright? O: Yes it’ll be fine!

NewImageNewImageJust 1.5 hours left. Haha, he’s taken the sunglasses off.

NewImageSo this is how leader looks like when he’s out fishing. By now he’s completely forgotten that they are filming for a variety… :P

NewImageAw, he looks bored :P

NewImageThe captain suggests he breaks for a meal

NewImageThe captain prepares a meal with the aji Ohno caught just a mere 2 hours earlier. Gosh the freshness…! *drools*

NewImageO: This is good!

NewImageThe captain prepares the fish. Ohno takes the opportunity to ask him if anyone has caught the legendary fish recently. Apparently someone caught a 10kg one just 2 or 3 days ago, in this location. It’s a small one, but it gives Ohno some hope.

NewImagediced aji sashimi with spring onion!

NewImageDiced aji on rice. Gosh it looks fantastic!

NewImageNewImageAh the look of bliss!

NewImageHe eats up the delicious lunch, while back in the studio J urges him to hurry up and go back to fishing.

NewImageIts 11am when the battle restarts

NewImageNow he has a mere hour left!

NewImageHe changes his strategy and sets up another fishing rod

NewImageBasically now he has two rods active at the same time.

NewImageStaff: To Ohno-san, what is fishing?
O: Its life. It depends on both luck and skill. But you have to think that you can catch itNewImage Just 45 mins left.

NewImageOhno starts pacing up and down the boat in worry, checking on his lines.

NewImageThe staff informs him that he only have 10mins left. O: I can only try me best!

NewImageThe captain looks worried too.

NewImageStaff: 5 mins left

NewImageHahaha the poor boy is getting irritated now. O: that’s enough (with the timing countdown)

NewImageO complains: See once you talk about the time there’s no more reaction (from the rods)
Staff: 4 more minutes
O: I told you not the say it anymore!NewImage Staff: Ohno-san
O: Huh?
Staff: Time’s up!NewImage

NewImageO: It’s the end?
Staff: Yes, reel those up and if you didn’t catch it, it’s the end.
O: Ahhh really…
If the reels up the line and there’s nothing there, they would have gotten nothing out of the entire filming session!NewImageBut at this time!NewImage O starts reeling up the lines. Suddenly the rods bends an incredible amount!

NewImageSuddenly everyone is getting nervous… Ohno reels up the line slowly
Back at the studio sho comments: will such a thing really happen?NewImage Then the captain breaks everyone’s dreams… :Its tangled with the line in front.

NewImageBack at the studio everyone bursts out laughing. It was nothing but a false alarm.

NewImageEven Oh-chan had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all

NewImageSo in the end our fishing leader lost to the legendary ishinagi!

NewImageFor the sake of the TV viewers… the crew visited an aquarium to film the live ishinagi.
N complains: Its not supposed to be like this!
NewImage Anyway, this is a ~10kg ishinagi. And it looks huge enough already.

NewImageYou can visit the Epson Shinagawa aqua stadium to check out this fish if you like.

NewImageO: Ishinagi! Next time I’ll definitely catch you! Wash yourself and wait for my return!
Haha, I’m not sure if the staff will let you try next year though :P

NewImageAnd that was it for Ohno’s segment. Fishing the world!
NewImageOr rather, fishing aji and saba. Kinda short huh?

NewImageThe guests comment that fishing has a lot of do with luck so it can’t be helped, but the question the scheduling… the first day was a through waste of time. Another commented that after watching this, he realised that J’s VTR was really cheap to produce. Hahaha, poor J :P

NewImageJ complains that the VTR was like Ohno going fishing in private. No difference at all esp since Ohno only caught aji and saba.

NewImageHaha see Ohno’s smug look at having ‘cheated’ a fishing trip from the bangumi funds and getting paid for it :P
O: Because it’s a nature thing, i really had no idea what would happen. What should I have done if i didn’t catch the fish?
One comedian suggested that he create some kind of happening on his own.NewImage Another suggested fishing out Selena from the sea :P

NewImageNext up is a talk segment… and I’ll continue that in part 5.

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Lucky, lucky Leader!!

He looked like he had a good time though! :)


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