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Sorry for the huge two month break ne? >< Work and laziness really got to me. I'd end up lying on the bed after work and dinner, use the phone a bit, and then sleep. A whole week passes by and I'd realise I didn’t use my lappy at all >< And I end up surfing LJ at work during my free time, where I unfortunately can't watch shows and do reviews... But I'm finally getting it finished now! Merely halfway through the show but still...

Its Nino’s turn!

NewImageFor Nino’s segment, they are requested to move to another studio!

NewImageThey stand up and jumped together at the count of two.

NewImageNino’s taking part in the “Attack! Electric wave* youngster” Show. *: apparently is also a slang for ‘nonsense’. Its the same one Nino did last year. And the reason why they have to move to another studio is because of this...

NewImageSo that they can sit in a greenroom and have their heads cropped out like floating ghosts XD
TBH I’d rather be without the CG effect, but it’s the tradition of that old show so...

NewImageNewImageSo it starts!

NewImageThe first segment that Nino is going to challenge is ‘Sitting on the chairs of VIPS!'

NewImageAnd the most important part of this segment is… the program staff do not actually ask for permission before hand! The host calls up and ask during filming…! So the host absolutely has to sweet talk his way into getting to sit on the chairs!

NewImageWill Nino be able to succeed? It’ll all depend on his talking skills!

NewImageTheir first target! The coach of last year’s winning baseball team!

NewImageThey have a special office in the Tokyo Dome!

NewImageN: But they* are probably constructing there right now! (*he actually said literally ‘my house’, meaning arashi staff. The note below says: On the day of filming, construction is going on in the Tokyo Dome for Arashi’s concert) Ahhhhhh! All the more Nino has to go there isn’t it? ;)

NewImageNino is confident that he’ll have no problem entering the Dome.
Staff: Why?
N: Because they are having construction work there! Arashi’s!
Staff: But will they allow us to film so suddenly like this?
N: Hmm this is because…NewImage N: Eh? Is it ok if i lie?
Staff: Hmm… if you can say it (sorry, i can’t translate this properly) NewImage But anyway the staff’s reaction got nino clapping in amusement.

NewImageN: Am I going to start lying from the 1st of Jan? (The on air date of course, not filming XD )

NewImageAny way he boards the bus!

NewImageAnd off to Tokyo Dome he goes!

NewImageHe continues conversing with the staff in the bus. Their target is just the chair, it doesn’t matter if the coach isn’t there. N: But this time it’s a one in a thousand chance! Staff: When is the live (concert)?

NewImageNino gives the sarcastic? look: Tomorrow.
Staff: Maybe you can say that you reached a little earlier.
LOLOLOL! Staff-san you have a good sense of humour too XDNewImage They spot the Dome!

NewImageBecause its raining outside the window is frosted up. Nino cutely uses his finger to wipe alway the condensation

NewImageNewImageThey enter the dome from the normal car park - something that Nino definitely won’t be able to do tomorrow when he goes there for their live concert. XD

NewImageAnd so the infiltration of the Tokyo Dome starts!

NewImageN: There’s a lot of people there… are they here to buy the (concert) goods?

NewImageN: Isn’t that amazing?
Oh the other hand, Sho looks absolutely horrified XD Yeah, all hell WILL break lose if Nino gets spotted… but he’s pretty far away.NewImage The arrow: Fans who are looking to buy Arashi goods.

NewImageNarrator: If Nino gets spotted, they’ll be in panic!

NewImageNewImageNino cross the road alone to the gate specially meant for staff. Right above him are the tons of fangirls lining up for the goods. Man, i bet loads of fangirls are smacking themselves for not noticing Nino while watching this ><
N, as he approaches the gate: Ah…. it’s the security….NewImage

NewImageN: Sumimasen!
Security: Yes, what’s the matter?
N: Right now I’m here for a tv report/filming…
Narrator: Indeed, this is a tv filming.

NewImageThe security calls out a concert staff…
Concert staff: Ah, you just have to write this and you can enterNewImage N: Ah I just have to write this?
Narrator: As expected of Arashi! He manages to infiltrate the dome!NewImage Nino does a victory wave to the staff. Nah, he’s just calling them over saying that they are allowed to film inside.

NewImageIn they go! Honestly I’m A LOT more interested in the concert stage preparations than Nino sitting on the VIP chair.

NewImageN: We’re in!

NewImageNino chats normally with the staff. N: Right now Arashi’s (concert) set is being built right?
Concert Staff: YesNewImage N: Ah there it is! Ah I’m afraid this will all be mosaic…
Indeed… :( Dang… my hopes… :(NewImage Sad sad mosaic :( Sigh :(

NewImageSadly, they are not allowed to film the building of the set before the live concert.

NewImageSince that’s the case, they move on the the topic properly. N: Ban-chan!

NewImageN: Good morning!
Nino starts chatting with a concert staff!NewImage Nino asks the concert staff if he’s been in the coach room before. The staff replies no.

NewImageHAHAHAHA. I swear the shiyagare staff never imagine it’ll turn out like this. Ban-chan starts speaking into the staff radio: Erm right now… at B area, Ninomiya-kun says he wants to go to the coach’s office.

NewImageNino laughs at that as well XD

NewImageAnother staff shows Nino the directions.

NewImageStaff: Its over this way. Just the coach’s office right?
N: Yes just the coach office.NewImage Hahaha! Seems like this task will be an easy one for our little brat. Or so they thought.

NewImageThe staff bows down in apology, saying that its not possible for them to go there.

NewImageFrom that door onwards, they do not have access!

NewImageN: Did you tell them that Arashi is coming?
Staff: yes, i already did.NewImage Staff: I told them that Arashi is coming, that Ninomiya-san is coming, but I couldn’t get permission.
Nino turns away and laughs.NewImage Narator: Arashi power comes to the halt here!

NewImageN: What should I do?

NewImageHe heads to some benches… N: Over here… in any case i’ll just sit on around 3 of them?

NewImageNewImageSo Nino ends up sitting on the first row benches that the baseball coach always sits in.

NewImageNino mimics the pose of the baseball coach XD

NewImageAnd he lies down on the benches too.

NewImageA sad Nino starts moaning: Ahhh… why couldn’t i get to enter?

NewImageN: In the end it all boils down to the need to arrange the meeting ahead of time ne?

NewImageAnd that ends Nino’s adventure in Tokyo Dome.

NewImageBack in the bus: Maa that was a success right? I did sit down after all.
Staff: It was a small successNewImage N: Small success? *bitter laugh*
In any case, they move on to their next target.NewImage This time round, they move from baseball to soccer! Their target: The chair of the J-league chairman!

NewImageNewImageThe staff makes a lame joke about the chairman being the ‘chair human’, since they also call the J-league head chairman in English instead of using a Japanese term.
Staff: On top of that, another miracle is that, (the office) is just 5 mins away from here.NewImage That’s right… a short distance away from the Tokyo Dome is the football association office!

NewImageThere they are! The Japan Soccer Museum.

NewImageSo without any prior arrangement, Nino sets off with the goal of entering the chairman’s office!

NewImageHe enters the reception and immediately asks for help from the receptionist. The receptionists no doubt recognises Nino.


N: Please tell them that Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi wants to visit it
Sho commented something like ‘its rare for Nino to use Arashi’s name'

NewImageAfter sometime the receptionist puts down the phone and asks Nino

NewImageReceptionist: May I know what’s the visit about?
NewImageN: Ano… I want to sit on the *chair* of the *chairman*
Parts in * are in English.

NewImageThe receptionist laughs even harder this time. This time Nino is going by the direct route!

NewImageWill this work or not? The receptionist repeat’s Nino’s words to whoever’s on the other end of the phone.

NewImageThe receptionist finales puts down the phone and explain that right not the chairman is on some business away from the office, they have no idea when he’ll return. And then she invites Nino to go to the 9th floor! Mission success!!!

NewImageHe also got permission for the cameras to enter! (Previously all the footage is filmed by a small camera held by Nino, he went in to make the request alone. This was also true earlier when he went to speak with the security at the dome.)

NewImageN: A very nice person, a very nice person. (of the receptionist)

NewImageAnd so they’ve reached the 9th floor.

NewImageThere they are! At the J League soccer office entrance.

NewImageStaff: Are you the person from earlier?
N: Yes, sorry for the intrusion!

NewImageNino enters the office and approaches the chairman’s office!

NewImageNino enters the chairman office! The chairman is actually IN the office!

NewImageThat’s the chairperson of J league!

NewImageChairman: What’s the matter?
N: Sorry for the intrusion!
Chairman: What’s going on?
Nino faithfully introduces himselfNewImage Chairman cuts off Nino: Is this a prank or what?

NewImageNino explains that he’s here for AnShi filming. Chairman cuts in again: You’re the real deal? N: Yes I’m the real one. Chairman: Nino? N: Hai!

NewImageChairman: What’s this?
Hahaha! He’s completely bewildered!
Nino explains what he’s doing - he wants to sit on the chairman’s chair!NewImage The chairman gamely lets Nino sit on his chair! He even asks Nino to say his feelings/thoughts

NewImageThat’s one happy Neen :) N: I feel healed. This is superb!

NewImageHe tells the chairman: I myself was wondering if this segment has any meaning

NewImageN: But the stage has changed na…
Chairman: how has it changed? *laugh*NewImage Mission accomplished!

NewImageNewImageChairman: I totally don’t understand what that was about though

NewImageAnd Nino lets out a big laugh

NewImageThe last task for nino! Staff: If you say ‘the world’s…’ it will be?

NewImageN: The world’s Kitano?
Staff: Nope but close…NewImage N: The world’s Kurosawa!
Staff: Correct!

NewImageThat’s the guy they are talking about!

NewImageNino’s task is to sit on his chair!
Nino asks the staff where the chair is, to which the answer is they have no idea! Nino will have it find it himself!NewImage Nino calls up the director’s company, Kurosawa Production, to find out. That’s the only clue they have!

NewImageNino asks about the chair!

NewImageThe result? They will have to check and get back to Nino!

NewImagethey wait for 30 mins before finally getting a call back!

NewImageN: The studio in kawasaki? There’s the sofa that he used at home when he was still alive? (the in charge person is) Misumura-san?
Narrator: There’s a chair, and what’s more, filming is allowed!NewImage And off to the studio they go! Nino falls asleep along the way :P

NewImageThey reached the studio

NewImageNino heads to the place

NewImageNewImageThey enter the place!

NewImageThere’s the chair by its lonesome at the back!

NewImageNewImageNewImageIt’s the chair he uses at home in the living room! Now the chair is in the storeroom here.

NewImageNino scrutinises the chair. Nino asks if no one has sat on the chair in the ten plus years.

NewImagePIC: Indeed no one has sat on it.
N: That’s bad isn’t it?
PIC: Eh?

NewImageN: Can I sit on this Chair? (He used a polite way of saying chair)

NewImageThe poor guy looks to his superior for approval (there’s someone standing there off-screen!)

NewImageAfter some hesitation: Its ok!

NewImageNino is pleased XD

NewImageHe bows in respect to the chair and its former owner

NewImageAnd so Nino sits!

NewImageNewImageNewImageN: I got it!
Staff: You got it?
N: Yes, I got the world

NewImageNewImageN: *standing up* The current Ninomiya

NewImageN: *sits down* The Ninomiya of the world!

NewImageMission accomplished!

NewImageThe staff asked the usual question: Did you start over from the beginning?
N: Yes… and I’m very grateful to be able to do this every year but… I did not start out with the show ‘ Electric wave youngster’
Staff: *bursts out laughing*
N: Please do not forget this!NewImage And that was all from Ninomiya’s Electric Wave Youngster!

Next part is out! coming later today :P

Date: 2014-03-02 03:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you very much for the translation! It makes me want to watch it again, Nino was so cute!

Otsukarechan! <3
Edited Date: 2014-03-02 03:00 pm (UTC)

Date: 2014-03-02 04:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No problem at all, don't worry!

Date: 2014-03-03 03:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, Nino :) I liked that he respected the chair though :)

I also liked Sho's remark about how Nino usually doesn't use the Arashi power to get stuff :)

Date: 2014-03-03 11:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*clap clap* otsukare! Thank you so much for sharing with us your reviews! I am really sure your readers have been anticipating ur reviews! Thanks again for the details and attractive screencaps! Muacks!

Date: 2014-08-31 10:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, I saw this episode and I got the gist of it, but it really helps to have caps with some translation.



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