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Other parts:
Part 1
Part 3

NewImageNext up is her 3 rock bottom episodes. 1st one is about how she kept changing part time jobs.
J commented on how the sad part is only how nino said it and the colour of the words. The episode itself isn’t that rock bottom…

NewImageShe’s done a lot of part time jobs before… bakery, hotel staff, restaurant specialising in crabs, coffee shop etc...

NewImageShe thinks its interesting. No matter which job she does… she loves to observe the people around her. (look at oh-cyan’s face lol)

NewImageNino prompts her to talk about the café episode… she likes to eavesdrops on others and take notes of their conversations! Because she wants to remember what the conversation was about… she will actually take memos! Creepy! And then when in the streets she sees someone get up from their seats she will think ‘ah its interesting, let me follow and see where they go’ and she will actually stalk the person! o.o
A: Its fun?
KT: Yes!
S: its fun but to follow others like that its scary!NewImage N: Since you like to observe people, what do you think of arashi?What kind of people do you think they are?

NewImageShe starts thinking.

NewImageKT: Sho is calm and collected.
Sho tries really hard to resist breaking out into a laugh because ya know, somebody just praised you for being calm and collected. NewImage He raises his eyebrows instead XD

NewImageFor Aiba, she thinks he is thickheaded/insensitive (checked the dictionary, yay vocab +1). In a good way.

NewImageA: Is that a compliment?
KT: Yes it is! What I think is that to live in this world and are too sensitive, it’ll become very tough won’t it be? If you just live happily and without worries, everything will be solved. I want to be like that too, so that the people around me will also be able to have fun.

NewImageN: *whispers* You’re laughing too much!
J notices N’s whispering… J: Eh?
N: When she said that A is insensitive, this guy here was laughing!

NewImageN: *points at the camera man*

NewImageNino mimics the snicker the cameraman gave off earlier XD

NewImageA: I’ll consider my future relationship with you (cameraman)

NewImageHer observation of J is that he is very passionate and warm. Like after work and she talks to J, J is really serious and gentle, and she can feel his love (for life and work?)

NewImageJ: I’ll definitely record this!

NewImageAnd for Ohno? KT: To put it in a good way, he’s mysterious. To put it in a weird way, he’s a weird guy.
S: *hahaha* So he has a lot of secrets
NewImage Rock bottom episode 2. In the middle of the streets, got splashed with juice. She was walking along a narrow and dark street to her house, when someone dashed out from the side walk. And somehow the other party got scared and splashed the juice over he head leaving her dripping wet.

NewImageNewImageNino stumbled while trying to read the title out in a ‘dark/sad’ voice. She went to the hospital to get advice on plastic surgery.

NewImageEveryone’s eyes were very beautiful/big at that time, and she was attracted to that and wanted big eyes too. Even her manager said her face looks like a ladle/rice scoop.

NewImageArashi: Ladle?
So KT thought she would try it too, but it was too expensive, and very time consuming. And she thought ‘I’m not selling only because of my face’ and decided not to do it.

NewImageN the ever so money conscious man informs them that it costs 400,000 yen for each side (of the eyes).

NewImageN: It costs 400k for one eye, doing those part time jobs she doesn’t have the money to do the operation!

NewImageOh nino you brat XD
S: But its good that you didn’t do it in the end
N: I really think so tooNewImage And her turning point 2 at age 27.

NewImageJust as nino rips off the sticker to reveal the ‘drama [ring last episode] famous bath tub scene’ words, the staff plays a screaming sound effect.

NewImageThe members complained that the SE (sound effect) was scary.

NewImageWhile Nino praises the SE staff for a job well done.

NewImageThe played the same SE again when the [There’s a video] words were revealed.
N: That was a mistake!NewImage It was a really long time ago… in 1999!

NewImageNewImageFirst is the ghost that appeared in the car mirror...

NewImageThen some guy talking in the bath...

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageSho and the rest of the members trying to shift positions so that they can see better, as its too dark on their tv screen.

NewImageNewImageNewImageSho mimic someone trying to adjust the contrast knob on their tv XD

NewImageNext is her 3rd turning point. She married a normal guy when she was 34. It was a really weird way that the marriage happened… in short she met that guy because of work, and she asked her his number through her manager, but they hardly contacted each other at all for years. Then suddenly he starts sending her loads of messages, and then abruptly proposes… and she agreed… and… neither Arashi nor me quite understand how some thing like that can happen.

NewImageShe has quite a lot of skills… she knows ballet, jazz dance, tap dance, japanese dance, and she can even ride/stand on balls (like in the circus).

NewImageN: Shall we try to ride on the ball today?
NewImage S: We can’t do that!
A: Its dangerous!NewImage N: Its that or the Japanese dance
S: Can japanese dance be done right away like this?
N: Ja, bring that out! See!NewImage The staff brings out a folding fan. KT explains that for Japanese dance, you end up looking like a weirdo if you do the dance without wearing a kimono, so she will do a little skit (in japanese dance style) while arashi guesses/interprets what she’s doing.

NewImageN: *in a high pitched, excited voice* Sa, the fun time has began!

NewImageAnd she starts. J: Flowers are dancing?

NewImageA + others: Shy

NewImageJ+S: Pouring out wine?

NewImageA: Ah (she) got drunk!

NewImageKT: *laughs* something like this!

NewImageS: Pretty!

NewImageShe wants arashi to try it. They are to do it in pairs, one person will act in a feminine way, while the other will interpret/guess.

NewImageN: The two of them there make a nice pair

NewImageS: We are going first?

NewImageAnd Oh-chan starts! Sho will do the narration.

NewImageNewImageS: He looks tired.

NewImageS: Did he just come back from work?

NewImageS: Walking alone in a dark street.

NewImageS: Who is the person who has just appeared?

NewImageS: Ah, ah!

NewImageS: he got splashed with juice!

NewImageNewImageThe end! That was a fantastic performance! XD So hilarious haha!
I believe the rest of them would have tried it as well but… only Ohno’s was shown.NewImage Next up Aiba gets the baton from Nino…


Continue reading Part 3 - Ohno and bathtubs!


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