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Ok! Let’s continue. I’ll just split my posts into two in the middle I guess, rather than wait for the post failure because post is too large notification to appear at the end...

If you have not read it yet, part one is here.

So now it’s the guest team’s turn at bunk bowling! (Strictly speaking the romanji for this game is bank bowling, but they pronounce it as bunk instead of bank so I just prefer to type that since I’m constantly hearing bunk, bunk, bunk… ah what? I’m the only person who calls it bunk bowling instead of bank bowling? opps! >< )

NewImageThey will be doing the first throw!

NewImageThe guy loves bowling a lot, today too, he’s brought his own bowling ball.

NewImageHe brought two balls too.

NewImageNewImageNewImageOff they go!

NewImageNewImageAH! The balls collide midway!

NewImageNow the balls are completely off course!

NewImageNewImageNakayama’s ball skimmed off a mere three pins

NewImageWhile Imori san’s ball rolls back ever so slowly

NewImageNewImageIt hits the side, bounce back… and hits off a single blue pin!

NewImageThey score 22 points! :P

NewImageNext up is this two!

NewImageFrom this angle is looks almost like it’s only the first throw :P So many pins left!

NewImageAkiyama does a gag, but since i dont know who he’s imitating… ><

NewImageThey ask if he’s going to bowl like this.

NewImageYup! He is!

NewImageHe still took off the mask at the very end though.

NewImageHe finally makes the throw!

NewImageOh! Right in the middle!

NewImageAkiyama got the red pin, good work!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey score 157 points!

NewImageThe next game is cliff climb!

NewImageFirst up is Arashi team, J and Chinen are climbing!

NewImageIt’s the second last game, and my, a mere 4 points gap between the two teams!

NewImageJ: (in a serious tone) Up till now Chinen-kun has tried his best, at least that’s what I feel. but Ohno-san hasn’t acknowledged that yet. I think that Chinen can do well in this though
C: Hai!
J: I hope to see his (good) performance later.
C: I will do it well and make everyone surprised!NewImage They reenact the trapeze act Chinen did during a concert last time… The pro was hanging upside down from the swing, and the guy caught him by the legs and then he lets go...

NewImageJ tries to flip upside down but just ends up swinging towards the wall :P

NewImageIts gotta do with the wiring of their safety harness as well after all :P

NewImageAiba requests that they try once more.

NewImageThis time the staff lifts J up XD

NewImageBut he still fails XD

NewImageJ: What’s this! What’s this!

NewImageThey show the relevant clip from HSJ’s 2010 concert.

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageAnyway Chinen believes that he’s got the strength and will be able to climb the wall. S encourages him and asks him to show Ohno his good performance.

NewImageOf course, he’ll be climbing the chin of the wall.

NewImageC: I think I can do it.

NewImageN: Sa, Matsumoto-san, leave 100 seconds? (for Chinen) J: 100 seconds?

NewImageO: *laughs* 100 seconds?

NewImageA totally serious J starts the climb!

NewImageHe asks for the first grip!

NewImageHe’s fast!

NewImageWOW! Right on the dot! Its exactly 100 seconds left when he presses the button. He’s gotta make his way down though...

NewImageBaton pass and now its Chinen’s turn!

NewImageChinen makes his way with swiftly.

NewImageNewImageHe climbs up and reaches the 30 points green button without asking for a grip! He’s really trying very hard ne?

NewImageAnd then he loses his grip and falls! Haha… just as I thought would happen… he was looking pretty unstable on the way up already ><

NewImageIts game over for arashi!

NewImageI bet J’s thinking “I climbed so fast for nothing!” haha!

NewImageSometimes you can’t try too hard ne? ><

NewImageAnd Ohno was all prepared to pass Chinen the grip...


NewImageO: Look at me!

NewImageO: Rely on the grip!

NewImageChinen said something about being unable to use all his strength in the actual filming.

NewImageNext is the guest team!

NewImageSomehow… it became narration based. Lol… the first time cliff climb became narration based? The guest released the grip when Joy was totally not asking for the grip...

NewImageNO WAIT! The grip was not in the basket at all, its being held by the supporter!

NewImageThey couldn’t pass the grip properly...

NewImageAnd it happened later with the 2nd climber too… the grip was delivered properly this time… but the climber didn’t grab it.

NewImageIn the end they score 180 points. Not much better than arashi lol!
Sho commented that both of the cliff climbs were terrible (arashi and the guest team’s)NewImage They talk about the first grip. The girl said only the basket went off, without the grip. Joy corrected her: No, I haven’t even call for the grip yet!

NewImageThe last game is Korokoro viking!

NewImageThe guest team is going first!

NewImageNewImageThere’s only a 29 point score difference!

NewImageAkiyama does another gag...

NewImageApparently the guy appeared in a commercial as seen in the cut.

NewImageSho thinks that the combination of Joy and the guy in green won’t work out well. Guy in green: Sakurai-kun you think so? I think so too!

NewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageNewImage30 points for the first ball!

NewImagethe 2nd ball gets 50 points!

NewImageNewImageAnd 50 points for the 3rd ball as well!

NewImageAw, the golden ball only made it into the 20 point zone though

NewImageAnd another 50 points!

NewImage10 points this time round

NewImageLast golden ball now...

NewImageSadly the no 50 points for the last ball. If it did make it into the 50 points zone, arashi would be in big trouble!

NewImageThey finish up with 240 points!

NewImageIts Arashi’s turn now! Can the Chinen Ohno combo perform?

NewImageThey need to get 270 points and above to win! Seems kinda hard considering their performance lately… last week was what… 25 points?

NewImageNewImageOf course, the MC has to remind everyone that as regular players Arashi has to deal with the -30 points block.

NewImageSho has a confession to make! He is kind of from Gunma. During the summer and winter holidays, he’ll return to Gunma.

NewImageHe talks about appearing in the card game competition or something that one of the guest had took part in… and he knows about the food there as well… he doesn’t know all the sentences in the card game, but he has it at home.

NewImageJ and N: Souka…*looking disappointed*

NewImageJ: Honestly I’m completely at a loss now

NewImageS: Sorry i didn’t say it. I thought of it during the bowling though

NewImageS: I though of it when i was doing the “za seto kai ten shiyagare"

NewImageNewImageAnd now that the confession is over, Sho shifts back into the MC mode. S: I think at the end the most important thing is for the two of you to patch up your relationship. N: I think Chinen was quite sad you know? A: I think so too... throughout this whole day...

NewImageO: Ja, lets combine our strength together. (Chinen) don’t have to do so much, I’ll do it.
Everyone: OHHHHhhhh!NewImage Can the two of them really work together and achieve victory?

NewImageThey start to show the erm… series of unfortunate events that happened to Chinen all day… first was scoring 0 points in kicking sniper...

NewImageAnd then making the tower collapse in rolling coin tower...

NewImageAnd then failing to hit the red pin...

NewImageAnd finally falling off the cliff climb wall… not a single good performance all day!

NewImageCan he do well with Ohno at the very end?

NewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageNewImage50 points for the first ball! Lets hope they can keep this up! The -30 point zone is worrying ne? ><

NewImage10 points for the 2nd ball… so far so good...

NewImageNewImage50 points for the 3rd ball, nice!

NewImageThe golden ball is here! If they can nail this the chances of a win is pretty high...

NewImageAnd they did! Wow! Its been ages since we last saw Arashi play so well! (or so seriously, or both)

NewImageJust avoid the negative zone...

NewImage10 points this time round. Ohno isn’t trying too hard for the 50 points zone, they hardly stop and wait for the bridge’s movement, but rather just go with the flow… I think that’s why they’ve not gotten a single negative points so far…

NewImage50 points! Last golden ball left… anything but the negative zone...

NewImageNewImage10 points zone for the last ball!

NewImageOhno’s like *opps* we missed the 50 points zone :P

NewImageThey wait for the MC to announce their score...

NewImage290 Points! They’ve won!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey did it! Chinen finally had a good performance XD

NewImageHe looks absolutely delighted.

NewImageNewImageThe MC asks Chinen how was it. C: Yappa Ohno-kun sugoi! All I did was really… I just supported the handles! Ohno-kun did all the work!

NewImageNewImageJ: Indeed that’s what a sempai is to do

NewImageO: I have always admired you

NewImageNewImageNewImageKakkoii leader XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageAnd so arashi won today’s VSA!

NewImageSho asked Chinen was he felt about today. C: A lot of things happened, but really, Ohno-kun is the best in the world!

NewImageOh-chan is pleased XD

NewImage10 second challenge time!

NewImageAll 5 of them bowl together, can they get a strike?

NewImageIt looks really cramped up thereNewImageNewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOhmiya balls collide...

NewImageSakumoto collides too...

NewImageNewImageChallenge end!

NewImageJ’s ball that came after rthe 10 sec is over didn’t hit any pins either… aw...

NewImageNewImageChallenge failed! Too many cooks spoil a broth… too many bowling balls and they can’t even get the red pin! :P

NewImageMC: A last word from Ohno-kun please
O: My knee hurts!NewImage N: Gomen!

And so it ends with Ohno rubbing his knees and Nino bowing continuously to apologise… XD

Date: 2013-12-11 02:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for this summary..wonder isn't it chinen still truely admires ohchan? even ohchan asks till when? but i really ♥ ohchan for being DoS to his kohai(chinen) especially XD

Date: 2013-12-11 05:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Priceless :)

Thank you for sharing this! It helps so much to know the cute little interactions! :)

Date: 2013-12-11 07:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL I watched this over the weekend and I'm happy you did a summary~ I was like "Chinen, what the heck??" but sasuga Ohno-kun!!! Watching the show felt like a thriller movie because of the suspense! and I could see how Chinen is soooo happy...

will watch this again later~ thanks again! :D


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