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Whee! Last week’s VSA! Chinen-kun (from Hey! Say! JUMP) is the plus one guest today, and he has mentioned in various interviews how he idolises Ohno. I remember reading a translation of a mag interview of both Chinen and Ohno, and Chinen was so nervous! I remember Chinen said that he really hopes to be a back dancer for Arashi, but Ohno kept telling him its impossible since he’s already in HSJ. Lol!

Anyhow, let’s begin!

NewImageS: Its getting colder bit by bit isn’t it?

NewImageS: Do you decide on when you start wearing winter clothes? Today Ninomiya-san was still in sandals right? (referring to the personal clothes he wore to work)

NewImageJ starts talking about how he saw Aiba sometime back...

NewImageAiba was wearing a down (jacket) on top, and sandals.

NewImageN: Its around the time of FNS...

NewImageS: Ahhh you means around that time you feel that its at the end of the year. ISNT THAT LATE???

NewImageNino’s sense of timing aside, Sho calls for today’s guests!

NewImageToday’s guests are Team Gunma! (Gunma is a prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan. Seems like a lot of prefectures are coming on VSA huh? XD )

NewImageToday’s guests are all born in Gunma. They introduce the characters.

NewImageThis brown one is Ishidan-kun. He’s the character of a hot spring (street?).

NewImageNewImageThe character’s body is made of steps just like in the street.

NewImageThe other one is a pear ninja…

NewImageN: I want to ask this… he’s 85% human right? (As in, he just puts on a mask and that’s all, no bulky costume covering his body.)

NewImageAnd its time for the plus one guest to appear… I wonder how they will react XD

NewImageNewImageLol ohno’s face!

NewImageSo rare to see them smiling when the plus one guests comes out haha! Normally at this point we won’t even be seeing arashi’s faces… we’ll just be seeing the plus one guest slowly walking down instead.


Wow! Chinen is short!

NewImageOh wow, i didn’t know Chinen has been on VSA before. He was here in 2009 15th Aug.

NewImageNino comments on how he is dressed up like a member of HSJ.


S: Today… the senpai you like is… *hand gestures towards Ohno*

NewImageC: Arashi desu
S: Ohno-san
C: AH yes Ohno-san!

NewImageS: Are you nervous?
C: Yes I’m very nervous!NewImage O: When are you going to look up to me till?

NewImageN: What’s wrong with that?

NewImageFirst game! Kicking sniper!

NewImageGuest team plays first.

NewImageGame start!

NewImageFirst target: all three missed!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kicker - hit, 20 points get! Joy (2nd kicker) missed.

NewImage3rd kicker hit off the non scoring cans, causing the top layer to lose balance and fall.

NewImage3rd target: 1st kicker miss. Joy scored 20 points...

NewImageAnd then the target lost balance and fell on its own! Last can remaining and 3rd kicker missed though :(

NewImage4th target: 1st kicker hits off the top 3 cans. Joy kicked off the can right smack in the middle - no points for that.

NewImage3rd kicker - hits off all the red cans, no perfect though

NewImageLast target: 1st kicker - 20 points. 2nd and 3rd kicker miss!

NewImageFinal score: 200 points!

NewImagethe 3rd kicker has played this game for the 4th time already, and his score are always pretty bad.

NewImageArashi’s turn next!

NewImageNewImageMC: Ohno-kun, team Gunma scored 200 points, what are you aiming for?
O: This game… the highest points possible is around 500?
MC: The highest score possible is 550!NewImage O: 500!
The rest comment on how he wants to show off his strong side because Chinen is here.NewImage Chinen praises her idol: Ohno-kun can really do anything. Maybe when the game ends i wouldn’t even get to kick once!

NewImageO: Nope, i don’t think so.

NewImageAiba realised that he sucks at being the 3rd kicker. He gives his analysis: Normally he gets high tensioned easily, so he will breath out like ‘fuu fuuu’ to calm himself down. But as the 3rd kicker, by the time he does that, the cans have almost disappeared from view already. So this time round he will kick earlier.
N: So your way to correct this is just to kick earlier?NewImage J: Is it really that difficult to kick earlier Aiba-san?

NewImageA: its hard! I get lost! but if i try i’ll be able to do it! (apparently it’s a phrase antonio inuki loves to use)

NewImageGame start!

NewImage1st target: Ohno hits but the last two cans righted themselves instead of tipping over

NewImageChinen missed. Aiba knocked off one can only.

NewImage2nd target. Ohno hit right smack in the centre

NewImageAnd Chinen took out a sliver can at the side

NewImageAiba scrambles to get back up. Did since ball get hit off earlier by a rebound?

NewImageHis kick went very wide

NewImageOhno and Chinen missed. Aiba scores!

NewImageAw. one last can standing. No perfect for Aiba.

NewImage4th target. Ohno hits off a sliver can

NewImageChinen and Aiba both missed!

NewImageLast target! Ohno scores

NewImageChinen missed again. Aiba scores! It’s a perfect this time!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThe last shot was well done Aiba!

NewImageHaha. On the 2nd round, aiba’s ball was knocked off by the rebounding ball from leader’s kick.

NewImageMC asks nino if there’s any change in today’s aiba. N: Nope, it was as per normal.

NewImageNewImageMC comments on how O didn’t perform as well as expected. O: I did hit the target… BUT… *points at Chinen*

NewImageHaha! Chinen didn’t score a single point! In fact all his kicks were misses except 1!

NewImageOhno gestures… i think he’s trying to say all the shoots missed!

NewImageOver at the guests side… the hot spring character took off the ‘head’ to reveal a very very sweaty guy.

NewImageAnd another.

NewImageOhno is surprised. I’ve seen those two talents/comedians before, but i can’t rem their names.

NewImageOne of the duo is from Gunma, and wanted to support the team. They didn’t plan to reveal themselves but it got way too hot. They’ll be joining the Gunma Team (and taking part in the games)

NewImageIts rolling coin tower time!NewImageNo more lucky characters :P

NewImageThe Gunma team gathered to do a cheer.

NewImageGuess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand what the cheer was about :P

NewImageIts this card game thing, where someone says out the first phrase, and you have to find the corresponding card, as well as say out the 2nd phrase. Its unique to the Gunma prefecture i guess? (the phrase used that is) And it seems like the younger generation don’t play that anymore :P

NewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageSho stacking it up nonchalantly

NewImageNewImageThe tower is started to sway

NewImageNewImageLooking safe...

NewImageBut no! It was not meant to be...

NewImageThe tower collapses as he gets off the steps

NewImageNewImage50 bonus points to team Gunma!

NewImageThe rest try to cheer Chinen up, while Ohno starts to get angry XD
S: Its ok, all of us have made the tower fall plenty of times before, right Ohno?
O: No such thing!
NewImage S: Sorry, after we had the happy characters earlier, next we’ll have the devil/evil character...

NewImageC: I feel like crying already

NewImageO: No, I’m the one who feels like crying~

NewImage(in the purple box: As expected, the evil/scam character)

NewImageOhno announces that bunk bowling is next!

NewImageFirst up is Sho and Chinen!

NewImageLol what’s with the kungfu pose XD
Chinen promises that he’ll hit the red pin, so that he will perform well and not get scolded by Ohno. Nino asks him to do the imitation...

NewImageC: (In a very weird voice) Za seto, kai ten shiyagare! (Sho’s famous line from the pre-revamp AnShi, I’m sure ya all know about this right?)
NewImageSho is surprised and mouths “Ore?” (Me?). I think we were all expecting an imitation of Ohno...

NewImageSho: Sorry, but that wasn’t like me at all!

NewImageJ makes him do it again.

NewImageS: I was like this?
C: To me it was like this!NewImage This time round they do it together. Love how Sho purposely does it exactly like his junior :P

NewImageMC: Nino, don’t you think the both of them make a perfect combination?

NewImageN: Indeed, but the set didn’t turn/change at all though…!

NewImageNewImageAnd off goes the ball! Chinen is using Ohno’s blue :P

NewImageBut they missed the red pin!

NewImageNewImageThey score 133 points!

NewImageSomehow i just love this view of the set. Maybe because you can see all the staff and the cameras… Also, this is more like the view that Arashi/the guests who aren’t playing get to see.
S: Ohno-san, how was it?NewImage O: (without any hesitation) The red one still remains ne?
I love DoS Ohno! Its like we either get the non existent Ohno who doesn’t speak like 10 or 20mins into the show, or we get the (mock) angry Oh-chan XDNewImageNewImage Sho can’t stop laughing!

NewImageJ: On the other hand, you just have to hit it during the 2nd throw and it’ll be fine!

NewImageO: Maa lets just do it!

NewImageNot that many pins left!

NewImageOhmiya combi! O: (softy, while MC was introducing them) A spare can’t be done?

NewImageMC asks nino what he thinks. Nino starts pressuring Ohno, commenting that since he had been extremely hard on Chinen, he’ll better show him how its done and hit the red pin (something to that effect at least).

NewImageNino then imitates Ohno’s words and actions earlier… “a spare will probably be tough…"

NewImageNewImageO: Lets get as close to a spare as possible then
Everyone: Close to a spare?NewImage It got nino into a laughing fit this time

NewImageTrololol. Love it when he’s like this.We hardly get to see so much of Ohno after all. I mean like… in the AnShi i was reviewing earlier (30th Nov 2013), he barely said 20 sentences in the entire show, and most of which just side comments with less than 5 making it into the review….? Ah ok not that bad… thanks to Sho making him touch the muscles part but otherwise he didnt talk at all!

NewImageGame start!


Oh! Ohno’s ball heading straight for the red!

NewImageIt hits the red pin but barely anything else :P (in fact, only 1 more white pin.)

NewImageSho is laughing so much today XD

NewImageNewImageGosh his face…!

NewImageThey score 51 points! Yes… Nino’s throw only scored a messily 1 point :P

NewImageNino comments on how Ohno only knocked off about only that one red pin.

NewImageThe guest comments that they can’t even tell if that was cool or boring.

NewImageThat comment cracked them up once more.

Okay! Its been two and a half games. That means you’ll have to read the rest in Part 2! XD

Date: 2013-12-11 02:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Love it when they have a familiar guest, and especially its their friend! And the mascots are so cute! This episode seems like a very exciting and fun one! Thanks for doing the review and your hard work! <3

Date: 2013-12-11 02:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yea their expressions are always so funny whenever the weird weird plus one guests come out!

But i think arashi still can win most of the time without the plus-one guests' help haha (=

Date: 2013-12-11 03:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
that's true.. arashi are getting old... but its ok! Love them all the same (=

but then again, Ohno ojisan can withstand extensive hours when it comes to fishing xD. He really likes fishing ne~

Date: 2013-12-11 05:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you for sharing this! I loved this episode! Riida was so funny~

Date: 2013-12-12 02:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you^^


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