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Ok, its been a real long time since I last did AnS reviews. Not that I’ve done many in the 1st place. AnS is a talk bangumi and  translating all that talk is tedious work. Nonetheless since this week’s guest is Shirai Kenzo and I love watching Japanese gymnastics (my fav is still Uchimura Kohei though, I still can’t get over how that guy’s my age, the world’s strongest gymnast, AND a dad. Opps, I just said my age…). Anyhow… I will just skip over uninteresting parts as usual. (Actually more like the parts I can’t translate.)

We start off with the relatively new corner, the delicious but tedious shops in Tokyo segment.

NewImageOh this part is going to be bad, bad bad. I probably won’t be able to understand most of the ‘tedious’ part.

NewImageO and J are the ‘victims’ today.

NewImageThey got a tedious guest to join them today.

NewImageShe starts off with an imitation of someone else, which got everyone laughing a little.
This time the shop is in Shibuya. The MC asks if they (arashi) comes here in their private time.

NewImageJ: I do come but… I’m glad (the shop) its in the city.

NewImageEvery time i see this screen I’d wonder if the word tedious is a good/the best way to translate kudoi. But since the program themselves uses it… i’ll just follow suit. (I can’t think of anything else anyway).

NewImageToday they are visiting this shop.

NewImageNewImageIt’s a 35 year old famous shop, Kushi toku (hope i got that right).

NewImageMC starts by asking them what they think of the shop’s atmosphere. J: Its very clean/beautiful!

NewImageHere’s the shop owner. Apparently this kind of shops are aplenty in Osaka, but there are hardly any in Tokyo

NewImageAhhhhh this is hard to translate now. The shop owner’s real name (as in, he didn’t change it because of what he’s selling) is 三串. 串 means erm… skewer. As in the skewer in Kushiyaki (串焼き), which is exactly what his shop sells.
The MC goes on to explain that in this shop, there is no menu. The owner will bring out seasonal kushiyakis for the guests instead. NewImage First up is prawn shiso roll.

NewImageNewImageNewImageShop owner: The sauce in the middle is this shop’s pride. If you will try the sauce I will be extremely happy.

NewImageJ: Ja is it ok if i just dip it in the sauce?
Owner: Sauce! (Sou desu)NewImage MC: It has started! Delicious but tedious shop in Tokyo!
J and O: …NewImage Ahhh looks delicious! I’m hungry… ><

NewImageO: Ah umai!
J: Saku saku desu ne? (Saku saku meaning: SFX for quietly eating something lightly crunchy, like biscuits)
NewImage Owner: Yes, its my work (saku) desu.
Get the (lame) joke? XDNewImage Leader is amused.

NewImageNext up is this… arghs… I AM STARVING. Waiting for my dad to get home then we’ll going out for dinner to celebrate my mum’s bday. And I’m starving!!! Lets see how far I can get on this review before its dinner time XD.
Ok back to the show, this delicious looking thing is… tomato + sausage? NewImage Ah so that’s what it is. Sausage pieces plus mini tomato. An original creation by the shop owner.

NewImageTo be eaten with the ketchup sauce recommended by the owner.

NewImageYet another close up. Sorry, I just can’t resist.

NewImageThe shop owner made some joke about the tomato. Some word play which my level of Japanese does not allow my to fully comprehend...

NewImageJ: Oishii!
J says it’s a good mixture of Japanese and western.NewImage The shop owner explains that humans get hungry after laughing, so he makes his customers laugh and then they can eat more, and he’ll sell more and earn more :P

NewImageNext up is chicken. OMG look at how juicy it is…. *drools*

NewImageShop owner: This is ‘toriyasui toriniku’ desu. (meaning: easy to take, chicken meat. Another word play pun.) And another wordplay on the word salt that i can’t catch later, they start eating.

NewImageNewImageJ looks like he has flown to heaven :P
J comments on how the breadcrumbs used in the outer coat is very good. NewImage The breadcrumbs are self made, and purposely ground till they are extra fine to give the coating a light texture.

NewImageIndeed it looks as fine as sand
Guest: Its really light, just like my weight.
haha, guess she wants to be part of the action too.NewImage Just specially for them, the owner is taking requests on what they want to eat. Normally the shop owner will do all the choosing. The MC gives them some choices from 3 broad categories: meat, fish, and veggies. Ohno makes his request first.

NewImageO: Ja, the fish category, hamaguri (a type of shell fish).
NewImageHere it is! Spring onion and hamaguri! And then another joke about how this is called ‘beach melon’. Beach being the shellfish, and melon being the spring onion.

NewImageNewImageHahaha J’s face!

NewImageOhno comments on how the combination is perfect, and it feels like the taste got condensed.
Dinner time!
Right, allow me to side track for a bit… we had Japanese to celebrate my mum’s bday… ordered an amaebi sashimi  among other things and it comes with the shiso veggie. Not the first time i’ve eaten the leaf… it tastes kinda tangy, a little like mint but with a twist...

2013 12 05 19 15 41


Ok back to AnShi proper...

NewImage The next item they introduced was lotus root (ordered by the guest), with meat stuffed in the holes of the root.

NewImageIts curry flavoured meat! Wow, i so want to eat this!

NewImageNewImageLast is the pork ordered by J

NewImageIts pork and ginger. And they recommend it to be dipped in salt before eating.

NewImageNewImageJ: Unn! UMAI! The balance is superb!

NewImageKyaaaa…. just looking at their faces makes me hungry!

NewImageAnd that was tokyo delicious but tedious shop, file. no. 21!


Hohoho, now we move on to the main part of the show! The gold medalist in the floor exercise in this year’s world gymnastic championships at Antwerp. Watched his performance (and the rest of the Japanese team as well) during the competition period, so I was very excited when I found out that Shirai Kenzo is going on AnShi. This guy is freaking amazing I tell you! Only 17 and he twists like nobody can. He needs to work on his execution though - its not very clean and pretty, but hey he's only freaking 17! That’s like 2 years younger than my sis! I wonder if he’s good at the other apparatus though… wonder if he’ll be able to become an all rounder like Uchimura… but still, this guy has got the most difficult routine in the ENTIRE WORLD and I mean it literally! Crazy, just crazy! Definitely the next up and coming gymnastic star, you’ll see him shine in the Tokyo Olympics I swear.

NewImageYeah! AnS starto! (Gosh can you believe it? Its been a whole 5 days since i started watching this episode, and only now am I getting to the start. Been tired and busy with a wedding dinner and visits to the doctors… >< )

NewImageMy sis was remarking to me about how short this guy is… indeed… totally dwarfed by arashi… (and in the tall world of idols, arashi is like really short) he’s about my height… ah so this is how i will look like (in terms of height) if i were to stand with arashi… ><

NewImageSho introduces today’s guest. Which i’ve done earlier :P

NewImageSho asks how he feels, is he nervous because of all the cameras around, and the guests? He replies that he isn’t nervous at all. In fact, he’s the type who gets motivated because of all the guests watching.
Arashi comments on how great that is, and one of them said that (his feeling) is that of a star.NewImage Sho congratulates him on the gold medal win in Belgium. He is the youngest gold medalist in the history of Japanese gymnastics. Sho asked he if knew he would break this record if he wins. SK (Shirai Kenzo): Yes, I knew it beforehand. J: Did you have the confidence to get it? SK: As long as it (the quadruple twist i think, basically the most difficult item in his routine) succeeds, I will get gold.

NewImageEveryone is in awe of this young star.

NewImageHe’s the first guy to perform that skill successfully, and it’s now named after him. J asks if he was aware that the skill will be named after him. He reply was something like he wasn’t aware of it at all, until after the competition ended and they asked him about it during interviews, that he remembered about it.
Sho asks if someone who’s not Shirai does the Shirai (the skill), how will Shirai feel? SK: Ah, but i’ll be happy! Like, ah, that’s my skill!NewImage And we proceed to the first corner. News Live Ninomi Ya (Ninomi House)
Nino starts by asking J when he got into Johnnys. J: In 96. N: And Aiba? A: 96. (haha I know where he’s getting with this one… :P ) S: 95.

NewImageN: And Ohno? O: I don’t wanna say!
Finally he said it, he got into Johnnys in 1994. (which happens to be my sis’s birthday, and two years before Shirai was born haha. Arashi, you guys are getting OLD!)NewImage There, born in 1996, August 24.

NewImageThe two old guys looking… mystified.

NewImageThe next bit of info… Height 161cm - that’s my height! Weight 51kg - wayyy lighter than me. Body fat 8%… ><
Sho starts asking him about his muscles… and then he asks if its ok for Ohno to touch his muscles… NewImage Lol Oh-chan! Are you trying to scare the kid or something?



NewImageS: How? O: I love those muscles! S: Are you going to become a gay?
Lol oh-chan! That guy is still underaged!

NewImageNewImageOhno reports that his muscles are really soft. Not the rock hard type. Sho asks if its ok to his arm muscles. SK: As long as I take of my jersey its fine. O: Ah then take it off!

NewImageAnd ohno immediately starts helping him out of the jersey! LOLOLOL! Since when did Ohno have such a fascination for young boys… :P But i must say that Shirai reminds me of chibi J. Esp the thick eyebrows.

NewImageAh look at those huge muscles! SK: But this is totally on the skinny side.
Sho:  Ah indeed, Uchimura’s ones are really big ne?

NewImageNino checks out his non-existent muscles.

NewImageAiba helps him hold up the pin mic that fell off when he took the jersey off. SK wants to grab back themic. A: Its ok, just talk normally, it ok! SK: Ah thank you. And then Nino steals the show...

NewImageMuscles? What muscles! hahaha!

NewImageHis 1st turning point in life came at the tender age of 5, when he did his first back flip.

NewImageHe can’t rem when he first started trying to do back flips, or when he first succeeded. But he started gymnastics at the age of 3 as both his parents are teachers at a gymnastics club. Both his brothers are there as well, so he goes there with the feeling of going to a park to play.
S: Ah Uchimura was like that too yeah?

NewImageSK: The swing is like the trampoline, that kind of feel. J: The swing is like the trampoline????
A: Jumping on the trampoline to play at 3 years old ne?NewImage Nino announces that they have a video of Shirai doing backflips. The video is of Shirai when he was 6.

NewImageNewImageChibi Shirai did like  10 or more backflips in a row, with fantastic form, across the entire diagonal length of the mat.
N: Its not like he was playing at home and managed to do one messy backflip. He went like *up down up down* and did a lot of backflips.
SK: It was probably a game to see how many backflips we can do in a row, and I hate losing and so I did it.NewImage N: And 12 years later, at age 17, he’s turning point no. 2.
S: That’s right now isn’t it?
SK: Yes right now
N: Gold medalist at the world championships!

NewImageHow ever, no video of his quadruple twist will not be shown! LOL. Pesky nino. He explains that there’s some other stuff that he wants to do first and the video will be shown later.

NewImageThe origin of his twists comes from beef bowl rice! SK loves beef don. He’ll eat it even before competitions.

On to Part 2

Date: 2013-12-11 02:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lol he is born in 1996? and those muscles woah!

Those food featured in the restaurant segment really look so tasty!

Thanks for the review~ =)

Date: 2013-12-11 02:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
next time when the food segment is not in the show, you can consider posting the list of restaurants that they visited in your bangumi review keekee (=

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Thanks for sharing^^


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