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VS Arashi Guest: Girls' Compass" Team
Airdate: 20110512

  • His Royal Highness of sleepy land
  • Ash Ketchum and his pokemon entourage
  • Smexy Nino
This is the episode where Nino was asked to strip all the way down........... to his singlet. 
Who is that evil member that asked Nino to strip?
Who is the caring member that asked Nino to quickly put  on his jacket back?  it seems all 5 is having a whale of a time to see Neener unveiling his smexy singlet. Riida sama made his appearance after 40 minutes of filming.  He said he was dozing off during this episode filming.  Will Riida help his team score points? Ahh it seems he did! A very good point he scored indeed!  His members were so excited for him too!  Ahh His Highness had finished his task. Time for him to take his royal leave. All stand to thank His Highness xD  Thanks for the hard work Riida-sama!!                                                                                                            I want to sleep! His Highness complainted ^^  Oh dear.. it seems the sleep bug had gotten into Ridda-sama..  Matsumoto sensei gave His Highness some refresher course. Ready for Take number 2! Take number 2 clear!
Time for Ash Ketchum to lead the group. The world-class Pokemon master with his Pokemon entourage dancing a war dance :D

Anyway.. who else can you expect for MDA for this episode?   
I'm not at all remorse!


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