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Whoohoo guys! Rejoice! I’ve caught up with all the VSA and AnS episodes after a ~6 month break from watching all arashi shows… and now that I’ve got nothing better to do since I’m stuck at home while my leg heals, i’ve decided to do some TV reviews…! And in truth watching some of the episodes made me want to do some reviews. I’ll probably go back and review some episodes that I enjoyed… yes, some of them was really hilarious :) but first, yesterday’s VSA! Shall be reviewing the episode as I watch it for the very first time :)

Random video from youku, quality these days seems much poorer than those I could find last time. :(

No subs, so i’ll do my best to translate it accurately. XD


ah ohmiya right off the bat :)

Sho starts off with saying that its autumn, and that there’s been quite a big arashi related news!


S: i thought it was quite a huge ‘arashi news’.

A: Oh?

NewImageS: next year Jan, Matsumoto will be filming in a drama!

J bows in thanks.


S: Shitsuren Resturant?

J: No no, its Shitsuren Chocolatier. (See news article here)


A: You’ve been watching a lot of DVDs on how to make chocolates right?

S: What’s this!

J laughs in embaressment. S: What kind of drama is it?

J: It’s a love story

O+N: AH!


S: Ja Ohno ask him about it?

O: So will there be kissing? (they are making fun of Ohno as previously during J’s hidamari no kanojo promotion, Oh-chan asked if there will be kissing scenes once it was revealed that it’s a love story)


Everyone bursts out laughing. S: You have not start the actually filming right? J: No, not started. S: So when you start filming, please let us know about the kiss!


And today’s guests are the ‘Ni Se Team’! (2nd generation team)

One of the guests today, 若乃花, was a sumo wrestler who attained the rank/title of yokozuna (the highest rank in sumo).


Arashi asks about one of the guest.

NewImageThey question which famous person is she the 2nd gen of ^^

NewImageturns out she’s actually the 3rd gen of the pro baseball coach.

NewImageToday’s guests are all 2nd gen of famous people...

NewImagefrom writers to actors and actresses...


and finally, here’s today’s plus one guest!


Moriyama Naotaro is today’s plus one guest! (A/N: What a long name… glad i managed to get the first time round hehe)

When asked about his sport abilities, Moriyama says he’s been doing soccer from primary school all the way to university.

Someone from the guest team mentions that Moriyama is also a 2nd gen!

NewImageHis mum is a singer and actress!

NewImageThey beacon him to join their side XD

NewImageMoriyama: THE REASON (loudly)… the reason why I’m here is that although I’m also a 2nd gen, I’m also a member of arashi!

Everyone: *laughs*

Guest team: That's a weird/horrible excuse!

Moriyama: But we’ve done programs before and...

J: Morishi ne? (Ah yesssss… no wonder that guy looks so familiar! He came on the 24hr TV AnS special… at that time he commented that it was really lonely going on programs and such as he’s a solo artist, and he wanted to try how it felt like to introduce an album as a group and so they came up with an impromptu 6-man group called Morishi. Ahahaha leader was really funny in that one…! Maybe i’ll review it sometime but I’m getting off track…)


S: Please be more serious...

NewImageNeen announces the first game: Korokoro Viking!

NewImageGuest team goes first.

NewImageNewImageNewImageThis guest is a female pro wrestler! The MC asks what’s her speciality wrestling move. Its something to do with the shoulders… but it’s a bit hard to explain, so she decides to demo instead!

NewImagehahaha, the former sumo champ gets bullied :P

NewImageyup that’s the move.

NewImagesome more talk, and then the game starts!


The first ball got on the bridge!

NewImageToo bad it only got 5 points ;(

NewImageNo time for rest as the 2nd ball is on the orange zone almost immediately. This time round they score a 50!

NewImageThe 3rd ball goes into the orange zone, and the 4th ball- the double score golden ball appears in the pink zone.

NewImageOh that was really dangerous! The ball was rolling along the edge of the wall. Luckily it fell into the bridge and not out...

NewImage20 points!

NewImage10x2=20 points for the golden ball

NewImage50 points for the 5th ball! 2 more balls to go!

NewImageSadly the 6th disappeared down the hole. First miss for the 2nd gen team.

NewImageNewImageit’s the last golden ball!

NewImageThey manage to put it in the 50 point zone!

NewImage245 points in total! A pretty good score!

NewImageNext up is arashi team!

NewImageNewImageMC: 2nd gen team got 245 points ne?

J: We can only go for it, avoid the -30 points and go...

NewImageNewImageMori: That’s the reason why we came today! S: Do you have any strategies?

NewImageMori: The first thing we should so is… believe in ourselves? (said in shaky, unconfident manner…)

NewImageEveryone burst out laughing….

NewImageSome more talk, which somehow ends up with arashi asking him to take the lead in moving the balls in the orange zone. Crowd: Oooooohhhhhh Mori: *does weird action as seen abv*

N: This isn’t a place for you to fool around….

NewImageSo it starts!

NewImageThat was fast :X the first call disappeared in the green zone down the hole to the right.

NewImageNewImage2nd ball barely appeared on the scene before disappearing down a hole right in front of aiba (on the right).

NewImageNewImagethe 3rd ball finally makes it to the orange zone

NewImageand so… that ball fall off and out of play! *ouch*

NewImagegolden ball comes...

NewImageahhhhhh… and it fell off too… LOL!

NewImageand another miss in the pink zone!

NewImageand in the orange zone, they barely managed to save the blue ball from plummeting down to nothingness XD

NewImagefinally they score! its 50 points but still… after dropping 5 balls… -.-‘''

NewImagelast ball left...


some video error here, the scoring part got cut off… :(

NewImagebut they did manage to get it in the 50 point zone to end the game with 150points. Not too shabby considering how badly they played at the start haha. i was wondering if they’ll end up with zero points lol.

NewImageMC: Can I say something?

S: Hai

MC: That was too much.

NewImageS: Ya indeed...

NewImageS: Every section performed badly ne…


The next game is pinball runner!

NewImageArashi team goes first. The plus one guest Moriyama will be the runner! Let’s seem if he can perform and make up for the bad play earlier :P (but I’m guessing not… XD )

NewImageJ and M will be giving instructions.

NewImage(I love J’s shiny shiny jacket haha)

J will call the numbers for the pink ball, and A will do the yellow balls. A advices Mori to take a look at numbers 4 and 6 when 5 is called out, as the balls may change direction at the last moment, so Mori should be prepared to move his basket front and back to catch the balls.

NewImageAnd so the game starts.

NewImageFirst pink ball fell to the back. half the time gone and merely 30 points, not a good run :(

NewImagefinally getting some points :)

NewImageNewImageThe 2nd pink is here!

NewImagearghsss it bounces off the rim!

NewImageHe manages to get the last ball after time-up for a total of 150 points!

NewImageThe guest is too tired to speak haha XD

S: It was only 1 minute of walking yeah… How was it? The pink ball… you only missed it by one step ne?

Mori: *gestures*

S: The tv isnt spoilt or is it?

Mori: but the two of them, the numbers they say were like 6,7,6,7 that kind of feel

A: but he was really fast, it was fun giving the instructions too, feels like i was playing a game (as in video game)

NewImageNewImageMori: So i was like a character in the game?

A: Yes, yes that’s it!

NewImageNext up is of course 2nd gem’s turn!

NewImageAkai-san is the runner!

NewImageand these 3 are giving instructions

Akai: I have the stamina, so I’m confident.

S: What do you do for your training? (she’s a pro wrester remember?)

Akai trains on wedn and thurs, and she trains her neck a lot, so she thinks she’ll be fine looking up at the cargo all the time. She also does 100 squats for training.

NewImageUp on stage, sumo seems to tire easily, he’ll go first and once he gets tired, the lady in blue will take over. The singer in red will just be the BGM (background music) o.o

NewImageThey ask for a demo and she starts singing + dancing XD

NewImageNewImageNewImagesumo gives instructions first… the first two balls are obtained really quickly.

NewImageInstructions giver changed!

NewImageFirst pink ball is a miss! 2 more to go! (3 pink balls for female runners)

NewImagehere comes the 2nd pink ball!

NewImageit dropped in front of the runner!

NewImagehere comes the last pink ball!

NewImageShe didn’t manage to get that either :(

NewImageNewImageshe managed to get one of the balls after time’s up to make it 150 points!

NewImagebreak time during the 2nd game! 95 points gap between the two teams, the next game is rolling coin tower! J: but if we collapse the tower later, we’re pretty much finished. N: yes, we definitely cannot lose the next game

NewImageSho manages to link the talk to the ‘limits of freedom’, which is the name of the concert tour Moriyama has come to promote :)

NewImageNewImageMoriyama starts his ‘prep talk?’ for the next game, and gets ignored XD

NewImageJ does the title call this time :)

MC: you definitely do not want to make the tower collapse, especially arashi team who’s losing up 95 points

J: Yes, if we make the tower collapse, we’ll definitely lose today’s VSA.

S: On the other hand, if we didn’t make the tower collapse, then the score difference will be plus minus zero ne?

N: like a fresh start ne?

NewImageS: Restart! (in english)

A: Let’s go offensive, put 10s only!

NewImageN: He (the plus one) has hardly spoken, it means that he’s confident right?

Mori: Ano sa….

N: Wait a minute… his girly-ness/gayness has just increased!

Even his tone of voice has changed, Ohno imitates him XD

NewImageMC asks the guest to sing a word of encouragement


Game starts!

NewImageFrom the very start! He purposely stacked the coins to the side…!

NewImageNewImageAiba started putting the coins quite late, and had to really stretch to put on the last coin XD

NewImageNewImageNewImagethe blocks at the top are getting more and more messy!


the guest puts on 3 5 point coins

NewImageNeen used a 10 and 2 3s

NewImageits getting dangerous!

NewImagenow they’ve switched to using 3 point coins only

NewImageand the tower is collapsed by Moriyama!

NewImageNewImage2nd gen team gets a 50 point bonus! (wait? 50 points? i swear is was still 100 points the last time this game was played… must be because arashi is doing too poorly?)

NewImageSho commented on how he used his hand to try and stabilise the tower as he saw it collapse. To no avail of course.

NewImageN: At the end J was telling him not to touch it!

J: After akai- chan the tower already looked like it was going to fall. Maybe if you didn’t touch it it would have fell on its own.
Mori: Ah so that’s what you mean by don’t touch it…NewImage Bunk bowling is next!

NewImageArashi team goes first!

NewImageMori makes a funny face

NewImageNewImageNewImageAh… the balls collide midway.


NewImageNot bad, Mori’s ball hit the blue pin. I thought they’ll end up with a big fat zero hahaha

NewImageNewImageOhmiya for the 2nd throw!

NewImageMC: out of 66 pins, 65 remain

NewImageO: if we don’t do properly here, we are really in big trouble

N: We can but hit the pins.

NewImageLol, they don’t look confident...

NewImageNewImageThe balls stay really close, but didn’t hit!

NewImageAh but it missed the red pin :(

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey score 144 points!

NewImageGuest team is up next!

NewImageNewImageIt hits the red pin!



NewImagethey score 208 points!

NewImagetime for the 2nd throw!

NewImage15 pins left! Can they score a spare?

NewImageSadly not… it became a narration based throw haha

NewImageThe balls collide midway

NewImageNewImagethey only hit the corner blue pin and scored a measly 10 points

NewImageand the exact same blue pin hit by the sakurai-moriyama combi!

S: Shall the four of us go for a drink after this?

NewImageThe last game of the day is kicking sniper!

NewImage2nd gen team goes first!

first up is akai san in the ladies zone. Akai: I’ve not done soccer before, but i’ve kicked people a lot… (pro wrestler)

NewImageA last singing encouragement XD

NewImageNewImage1st target: All miss! All the shots went to the left!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kicker - bottom left wall. 2nd kicker - bottom wall. 3rd kicker - right side. All miss again!

NewImageNewImage3rd target: 1st kicker - hit the wall again. 2nd kicker - hit!

NewImageit’s a perfect!

NewImage4th target: 1st kicker: hit the bottom wall again. 2nd kicker - hit!

NewImage2 cans left

NewImagebut the 3rd kicker missed!

NewImagelast target! It’s a points galore!

NewImagefirst and 2nd kicker missed! 3rd kicker hits!

NewImagethe top two rows is turned over but it doesn’t fall! They score 190 points! All the points were scored by Hanada-san the ex sumo!

NewImageNewImagenext up is arashi team!

NewImageJ, leader and moriyama!

NewImageThey need to score 370 points and above to win

NewImageMC: What do you think about it Matsumoto-san?

J: You’ve waited a long time. Looking at the cans earlier, we can definitely do this. What’s more, moriyama has been doing soccer right?

NewImageMori: to put it in another way, i’ve done nothing else besides soccer.

NewImageJ: really, if you don’t hit the cans here, than you would really have been here for nothing! Up till now you’ve not contributed anything good...

Mori: Indeed today i’ve been pulling you guys back...

O: if you don’t do well, we won’t call you to appear on the show again.

NewImagefirst target! J misses

NewImageOhno manages to score a perfect!

NewImage2nd target: J hits the target but nothing fell

NewImageOhno scores a 20

NewImageMori hits off the top two cans but doesn’t score!

NewImage3rd target, J hits off all the point scoring cans!

NewImageAnd ahhhh the rest of the cans collapse too, it’s a perfect!

NewImage4th target: J’s kick went in between, Ohno’s went to the left, mori manages to get all the point cans

NewImageLast target, J hits off 2 cans, Ohno hits off 1...

NewImageMoriyama also hits off one...

NewImageEveryone bursts into laughter at the pathetic one can moriyama kicks off.

NewImageBut they did it! Thanks to the four cans kicked off in the last round… they scored 380 points and narrowly won today’s VSA!

NewImageCelebrations abound ^.^

NewImageNewImageJ + O: Dangerous!

NewImageGuest: Moriyama-kun is a 2nd gen too, but I’m glad he wasn’t on our team…


NewImage10 second challenge! 2 balance beams? They have to switch places on the balance beam within 10 secs. They will have to arrange themselves according to age!

NewImageNewImageFrom left to right! Oldest to youngest!

NewImageNewImage10 sec challenge starts!

NewImageIn the end only M and N is in place XD the other 3 are in one big huddle XD

NewImageNewImageNewImagethey finally got themselves into place way after the 10 seconds is over XD

NewImageNewImageAnd that’s all for today’s VSA!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Date: 2013-11-23 04:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

thanks for the review. I was about to watch when I saw ur review. I read it first.. 

Date: 2013-11-23 04:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
so fast^_________^
thank you so much for the review^^

Date: 2013-11-23 05:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Welcome back! It's been a real while since we see you posting! Have been waiting for your posts! >0<

Looking forward to more of your reviews in the community! =)

Date: 2013-11-23 10:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oooo, this was delightful, thank you for sharing! :)

Date: 2013-11-23 01:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yeah.. thanks so much again

recently there's not much subbed arashi videos in the fandom.. Missing so much.

And thanks to you, i can get some reviews..

And hope u get well soon.. ^o^


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