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Whee! since i just finished watching the first episode of kazoku game, i thought I'd watch VSA and do a review as well… i bet its gonna be another epic episode… with Sho in the guest team… who's gonna be the MC? ^.^

NewImageThe answer is Ohno! He's the one saying the usual intro lines today!

NewImageeveryone seems to be making fun of MC ohno XD

NewImagehe starts some random talk about the show airing on 18th aprial, and made some joke about the date. 418 can be read as yoiha (good teeth) as well.

NewImagethey poke fun at ohno who's insistent on standing at the absolute centre

NewImageN: but last year you didn’t speak. the longest time you didn’t speak for was 28mins and 35seconds!
O: when i watched that i got shocked tooNewImage and so Ohno decided that he'll be the MC for today, so that he'll speak more XD

NewImageand the guest team arrives!

NewImageO: so the drama has started yesterday, iyo iyo what kind of drama is it? (iyo iyo is normally used when things have come a long way and they are finally reaching the end)
they all poke fun at leader's use of iyo iyo XDNewImage Ohno happily points out that out of all the members appearing on VSA as a guest, he's the ONLY one who didn’t win hahaha! remember that disastrous Nazodi VSA? HAHAHA!

NewImagebecause of that, Sho is picking only the games that he'll do well in to play… i.e. for the first time ever, they will be picking the games that'll be appearing on VSA!

NewImageand these two are the plus one guest with arashi team today! himura and bakarhythm

NewImageapparently the two guests are good friends, they lived together for 10 years.

NewImagehimura has been on VSA a whopping 9 times already! its baka's first time though

NewImagefirst up is koro koro viking!

NewImageof course the guest team goes first.

NewImageSho looks really irritated… why? we'll see in a while XD

NewImageNewImageMC: what's with Sakurai's expression?

NewImageS: its different from what i said!

NewImageS: because i want to win today… if we're playing korokoro viking i said i want to be at the pink zone!

NewImageNewImagePlus 1: what's with him?
picture at left bottom: avoiding responsibility
J: but its true we don't have much image of Sho being in the orange zone
S: i've not heard that i'll be in such an important position!
S then negotiates with his teammate to change place…NewImage *shakes head* Offer denied!

NewImagehe asked the players in the green zone, both of them refused to change places XD

NewImagethis guy is almost 20 years old… arashi laments on how old they are… as a child actor he filmed a drama with nino when he was 6, and the year after filmed a drama with aiba… now in this kazoku game he's got a girlfriend already! time files!

NewImageand so amongst laughter at Sho, the game starts!

NewImagethe first ball reached the goal w/o trouble, 20 points!

NewImage30 points for the second ball! not bad!

NewImage50 points for the third ball! seems like sho is doing much better today

NewImagehowever… after struggling for some time with the golden ball, it finally disappeared down the hole!

NewImagethe fifth ball went on the edge of the bridge and out!

NewImagefollowing that… the 6th ball went out of bounds just like that! when the bridge wasn’t even near!

NewImageone last ball left!

NewImage20 points for the last ball! too bad he couldn’t get the ball into the 50 point box. total of 120 points for kazoku game team! all the members blame sho for the bad performance. haha, seems like a repeat of nazodi is coming? XD

NewImagenext up, arashi team!

NewImageMC: ohno-kun, today you are in charge of the battle right? You want to win this right?
O: kachi.. ka… eh??? (want to win is kachitai in japanese) NewImage haha, as expected of Ohno mc :P

NewImageand so we start!

NewImagethe first ball somehow managed to disappear in between the green and orange zone!

NewImagethe second ball? disappeared in the hole 1 or 2 secs after reaching the orange zone! LOL!

NewImageball no 3 went out of bounds too! will the game end up them getting 0 points?

NewImageafter the golden ball went on the long ride along the edge of the bridge and the orange zone… it finally dropped out! and i thought they were gonna break the 0 :P

NewImageyet another ball in the hole!

NewImageand another ball disappeared in between the green and orange zone

NewImageand somehow… the very last ball falls out! new record! 0 balls reaching the scoring area! haha!

NewImageJ: i've never seen such a thing before!

NewImagenext up is rolling coin tower!

NewImageA: i think we need J's to attack.
J: ja… leader will attack too.
O: hai??? NewImage while S is advertising the drama… one of the guest plays with the 10 point coin and it coins off the stack and onto the table XD disrupting Sho's talk

NewImagehe was trying to balance the coin like this XD

NewImagegame start!

NewImagestart of the second round! O is playing aggressively!

NewImagea very crooked tower!

NewImageAs expected? Bananaman upsets the tower balance!

NewImageafter the second game… sho does a lame action to promote his drama :P

NewImageS announces the next game! Dual curling!

NewImagetoday they are playing 2 rounds of 3v3!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageOn the drama set, Sho is the mood making. in the first episode there's a sauna scene where sho is shirtless, and apparently to prepare for that he keep exercising with the balance ball. S: now my breast/nipples is kinda big… N: you didn’t burn any candles? S: *shhh* no! they don't know about this! N: ah so you guys have not met candle sho yet?

NewImageS: no really… after that everyone got very angry, they told me to stop burning candles in the greenroom!

NewImagethe game starts amid laughter about candle sho!

NewImagegreat control from nino!

NewImageend result as follows! too bad nino's stone could stay on the 50 point zone.

NewImageboth teams scored 60 points!

NewImagethe second round with the remaining members start! banana is holding the 2x stone… will he not screw up this time? :P

NewImageSho is the first to make a move

NewImagetoo bad! the double stone of arashi team fell off the red centre!

NewImagefinally! arashi team won the game by 220 to 110 points!

NewImageSho did it again… his violent stone tosses… with super high speed his stone hit another of his own stone and both went out of play! haha XD

NewImagenext up is cliff climb!

NewImagerhythm will go first, and nino 2nd!

NewImageNewImagehe manages to get the pass from J!

NewImagebut he can't climb up! he asks for another grip!

NewImagehe finally makes it up and passes the baton to nino, but not before using up a whole minute AND forgetting to press a 10 point button :X

NewImageNewImagenino got the 30 points, but is there enough time left on the clock?

NewImageasking for a grip when there's just 5 seconds left? :X

NewImagein the end, because there wasn’t enough time, nino just threw the grip in the hopes of hitting a button… but it didn’t… :X I'm glad the grip didn’t hit him though :S

NewImageNewImagenext up is kazoku game team! can they beat the 170 points with sho as a climber?

NewImageSho starts complaining again! S: this is also different from what i said!

NewImageS: i said that i wanted to do the things I'm good at because I'm appearing as a guest today! i said i wanted to use the net in shot gun disk!

NewImageS: but when i came, its cliff climb! what's up with this??? I can't do this!

NewImagebut his teammates encourage him: because you're a teacher, make it perfect. be the second climber and achieve a perfect, and create a revolution!

S: i will create a sakurai revolution!

NewImageNewImagegame start!

NewImageshe struggles to climb up!

NewImagewell she managed to climb up but… forgets both the 10 point buttons!

NewImageNewImageSho climbs up with super fast speed to get the two buttons she left out!

NewImageNewImagehe skips going up the middle in favour of the easier left side because there's less then 20 seconds on the clock… but ends up getting stuck in the same place as nino and asking for a grip with 5 seconds left on the clock :P

NewImagetime out before he manages to get any grip!

NewImageNewImagesho revolution failed! 130 points to kazoku game team!

NewImageright now arashi team is a mere 24 points behind!

NewImagethe last game is kicking sniper!

NewImagearashi starts first! kickers are plus one guests, J and O!

NewImagefirst kicker rhythm-san's ball hit the wall!

NewImageJ's shot went to the left, while O's went right

NewImageround 2! banana's ball hit the wall, J scores a perfect!

NewImageround 3, 1st two kickers miss! O gets a hit! too bad one can is left standing, O scores 60 points!

NewImage4th target! first kicker: kinda hit, but nothing moved

NewImageJ's shot missed, and O's went through the hole in the middle! 0 points!

NewImagelast target! first two shots miss!

NewImageohno hits… off just one can!

NewImage170 points for arashi! let's guess… who's going to be the MDA today? :P

NewImageNewImagethe blame is put on the plus one guests for starting the cycle of bad influence… they miss the kick, which puts press on J, and then he misses, which puts even more pressure on ohno...

NewImageNino demands that banana do a spring gag!

NewImageNewImagehe attempts to do some imitation of a robot but ends up laughing at himself! N: Hai fail!

NewImagenext up is the kazoku game team!

NewImagethe two brothers (in the drama) + sho are the kickers!

NewImagethey need to get 150 points to win!

NewImageonce again sho tries to push the responsibility away… S: ah just the two of you is enough… brothers: huh??? S: in terms of spirit i mean…

anyhow… the game starts!

NewImageS: Year 2013, 18th April, Sakurai Sho becomes a man!

NewImage1st round! 1st kicker hits the target for 20 points!

NewImagesho manages to hit the separator disc on top of the can… but the can remains standing! no 50 points bonus for perfecting the shot!

NewImage2nd round! 1st kicker leaves one can standing once more… can they perfect it this time?

NewImagetoo bad! both of them miss!

NewImageround 3! first kicker managed to hit the edge of the left wall, sending the ball rocketing all the way to the right side...

NewImage2nd kicker brings the ball too high

NewImagesho hits off 1 can to score 20 points!

NewImagenext up is roboman target! first kicker kicks through the robot! 2nd kicker misses...

NewImagesho manages to hit the bottom can of the target...

NewImageNewImageslowly but surely… roboman topples over!

NewImagethat earns him 80 points and kazoku game team wins today's VSA!

NewImageNewImageSho earns his first victory as a guest team on VSA!

NewImageS: i feel like crying more than you guys can imagine

NewImagehahaha! this is the first time i've seen the plus one guest standing right in the middle from the very beginning… they dragged guests up before, and i even saw the guest falling once… but to place them there right from the start? hahaha!

before anyone even has the chance to say anything… N: its been decided!

NewImageplus one: what what what???/ wait wait please wait a moment!

NewImagerhythm tries to convince the rest that only banana should fall...

NewImagetime to point out the loser! everyone points at himura, expect the man himself who points at ohno.

NewImageand so today's MDA is himura from banana man!

NewImageNewImageas himura tries to promote the next show 'unbelievable', naughty sho takes the foam pieces and throws them at himura XD

and that's it! the end!

Date: 2013-04-22 02:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Whee~ two consecutive reviews from you in two consecutive days~!
Yay~! More reviews to read and love arashi more! :D
Thanks for your work! ;)

Date: 2013-04-22 02:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL... finally Sho won!! YEAH!!

It's getting harder to watch subbed i really appreciate your reviews.

Thanks so much ^o^

Date: 2013-04-23 12:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, technically he didn't win at all. He tried to stack the cards in his favor before the games even started...which is cheating :P.

Date: 2013-04-23 01:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
naughty naughty Sho... :)

Date: 2013-04-22 05:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Uwaaa~ This episode seems really funny, thanks for sharing =D I hope I can see the Show someday as well xD Sho complaining must be hillarious and I want to see him and Nino fail at the same spot at Cliff Climber XD haha I'm so mean... lol

Date: 2013-04-23 01:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for the review. I only understand some Japanese. Your review helped me fill in the parts I didn't understand when I saw it last week. What is wrong with Sho? Was he not breastfed as a child or something? lol Such a big baby! How annoying! Someone has got to slap some sense into him. XDD
Edited Date: 2013-04-23 01:30 am (UTC)

Date: 2013-04-25 10:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you for reviewing! I watched it raw and it was pleasent watch. Loved that Sho's team won! He deserved it :)


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