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Have you heard of this show? It’s a variety show by… erm… a bunch of comedians… and from the little bit that i've watched of it, they do all sort of random stuff like spoofs of dramas and movies (they did one for kagi heya too), and then there's the chameleon section, which i really love and is what I'm going to review today. They appeared on AIba's Last Hope too and Nino did a reverse chameleon to promote his Platinum Data! It was nino's stint which made me want to review this show actually, and i like to have things 'complete' so if i was doing nino's than I'd have to start from arashi's very first appearance on the show… which is this!

Ok more about this chameleon thing. Basically a comedian, a regular from this variety, he'll dress up and pretend to be one of the staff on the set of the drama! then he'll infiltrate the scene of the drama, and he's awarded money for doing actions listed out before the infiltration starts. E.g. he may be award $$ for sitting on a chair in the drama set, $$$ for talking with the actors/actresses, $$$ for doing the 'arashi arashi for dream' dance move (since its an arashi member's drama after all, the list of actions is different each time and specific to the drama at hand.) Of cos none of the staff on the drama set is told about this infiltration. The chameleon keeps doing his thing till he gets busted. Oh he gets some $ for every second he stays undercover too… and at the end of his stint they see how much $$$ he accumulates and see if he breaks the record. I think the chameleon only really gets his hands on the money if he breaks the record or something… but that's not matter to us isn't it? :P What matters is that its quite a hilarious segment XD

Here goes! Of cos I'm just reviewing Ohno's part, so its not that long.

NewImagevideo from tuduo, with chinese subs <3

NewImageSo yup, today the chameleon is going to infiltrate Kagi Heya drama set, the difficultly is rated at lvl 40, so every second of infiltrate he will get 400 yen.

NewImageyup, kagi heya!

NewImagenice HQ video eh? i <3!

Ok so that guy on the right… he's going to infiltrate the drama set! as we know, oh-chan is the main actor of kagi heya!

NewImageit’s the first time ohno appears on picaru!

NewImagethe chameleon says he's a little scared, becos just two weeks ago, he met with ohno because of work… (so he might get recognised easily!)

NewImageand here's the task list! ah its been translated to chinese already haha.. and i shall re-translate to english.

  • act like and director and do the director pose (er, hard to explain, but i remember he did this later on so we'll see it) - 3000 yen

  • hum A.RA.SHI 3000 yen

  • Dance the dance steps of A.RA.SHI 5000 yen

  • Sneeze loudly 7000 yen

  • fall down suddenly 7000 yen

  • sit on the chair of the set 10,000 yen

  • say 'What to do?' 10,000 yen

  • play with the props on the set 20,000yen

  • touch the actor/actress 30,000yen

  • talk with the actor/actress 30,000yen

  • give acting advice to the actor/actress 80,000yen

  • get filmed during the test shots, or actual filming shots 100,000yen

Yup, that's the entire list!

NewImagein Japanese, if you prefer XD

NewImageah that… that's the 3000yen director pose.

NewImageadditionally… its not in the list but, if chameleon can call ohno by another arashi member's name, he gets 50,000yen! E.g. "MatsuJun? Ah sorry, Ohno-san?"
NewImage If he calls ohno 'Soubu-san' he gets 50,000yen too

NewImagebecause ohno is the leader of arashi… if he asks ohno about arashi's future, that's 200,000yen!

NewImageThey got help from the drama's producer...

NewImageto set up 6 cameras as shown above!

NewImageOn top of that, in order to understand easily the movement of the actors and actress, there's a camera set up in the greenroom as well!

NewImagein the studio, there's a camera set up under the ruse of filming the making.

NewImageand now oh-chan makes his entrance to the set

NewImagethe chameleon enters

NewImageenomoto's basement office is a small and crowded set, can the chameleon infiltrate the scene successfully?

NewImageC for chameleon enters the set, and the timer starts!

NewImageC enters holding a script or something, to make himself blend in better. the moment he enters the actual filming starts! (for the drama)

NewImagewithout knowing anything, C must be quite nervous…

NewImageC is still hanging ard just outside the set.

NewImageC enters the set.

NewImageright after that ohno exits the set.

NewImageand C exits the set and stands right beside ohno!

NewImageO is engrossed in checking the earlier shot he doesn’t notice C at all!

NewImagethan O walks off, none the wiser XD

NewImageC enters the set again! If he is discovered by anyone, even the staff, its Game Over! From the mc, we learn that the staff this time… more them half of them worked on another drama that this same C infiltrated last time… so that increases the chance of the staff recognising him!

NewImageif any of the staff says 'oh its you again?' then he losses!

NewImageOhno enters the set once more!

NewImageNewImageO passes RIGHT in FRONT of C!

NewImagethe MCs start screaming in fear of C getting exposed.

NewImageMC: from the looks of it C didn’t realise O is there at all!

NewImageSo near yet so far! haha!

NewImageMC: Ohno's clothes are not very eye catching either… it ends up looking like ohno is the one infiltrating the set instead!

NewImageMC: It’s the reverse!
C: yabai (oh no!)
MC: Seems like he finally realised it!NewImage C tries to use his hang to cover his face haha. but ohno is just engrossed with looking at some props on the set XD

NewImagethen ohno gets called to take the next shot, and C is safe - at least for now

NewImagethe other guy in checked shirt, he's the assistant of the chief director of the previous drama C infiltrated.

NewImagethe rehearsal starts!

NewImagewith C standing in the set like this!

NewImagethe chief director's assistant turns around! Dangerous! but it seems like he didn’t see/recognise C

NewImageC gets close to Oh-chan once more!

NewImageNewImagehe sits down on the set just as Ohno is called to the side for shooting.

NewImage10,000yen! too bad ohno moved away haha. else it would have made a nice picture :P

NewImagehe does the director pose next! 3000yen!

NewImageagain! actual filming!

NewImageNewImagethey are really close now!

NewImageC decides to retreat for now! He retreats to the back but...

NewImagesuddenly, somehow… the spot lights turn on, on him!

NewImageNewImagejust when he thought it was safe, suddenly the lights were turned on! he moves to somewhere else… darker.

NewImageHe gets close to Ohno again. Oh-chan is happily examining the scale model.

NewImageNewImageand then! C makes conversation with ohno! C: makes you want to keep looking at it right? (the scale model)

NewImageO: yes i can keep looking at it forever

haha the shy? 'i got caught' smile of ohno XD

NewImageOhno continues staring at the model, without noticing C at all XD

NewImageMC: if this goes on he can even ask the 200,000yen question! (on arashi's future)

NewImageC: Is it made using tweezers? How did they make it?

NewImageNo reply from the quiet ohno. MCs get very nervous and scared!

NewImageO: sugoi! feels like there's a lot of knowledge hidden in this!

MC: wow! conversely ohno starts talking with C! just how nice is he?

NewImageC continues talking with O, but then the assistant! He is staring at C!

NewImageC starts talking with O about some thin wire… while the assistant is staring and staring!

NewImageBut ohno? happily staring at the scale model XD

NewImagesuddenly everyone is staring at C.

NewImageO and C are happily discussing about the scale model.

NewImagevery animated talk...

then Ohno leaves the set… C follows.

NewImageC follows… he stands outside the greenroom...

NewImagehe enters the greenroom...

NewImageoh-chan enters the greenroom as well!

NewImageNewImageC runs off...

NewImagehe waits outside the greenroom

NewImagetoda erika appears!

NewImageNewImageC follows toda-san to the studio.

NewImageNewImageNewImageohno enters the set too, everyone is on the set now!

NewImageC stands there looking at the script.

NewImagethen he speaks to the actress: i heard its all made of paper.

NewImageToda-san joins in the convo…

NewImageanother 30,000yen for him!

NewImageand then suddenly! Today: there there there!

NewImageGame Over! The MCs go down to the drama set

NewImageOhno looks stunned.

NewImageO: What? Really?

NewImageOhno finally realises!

NewImageO: i thought u looked like him!

NewImageO drags the C out.

NewImageO: i thought his chin looked alike!

NewImageTurns out that Toda is a big fan of picaru, and she felt that they would definitely come to infiltrate the kagi heya set, so she was waiting for them to appear!

NewImagethe other actress didn’t realise it though...

NewImageback at the picaru studio, C: if it was just ohno, i have the confidence to keep talking on and on...

the rest comments that they were looking forward to seeing him ask ohno about arashi's future :P and that was all!

Video was cut off here, so no idea how much $ he earned in the end :P Hope you enjoyed it!

Date: 2013-04-11 11:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for introducing this show! I didn't know Ohno's version for this show actually existed! Ohno looks great in this episode! Thanks for the share! *winks*

Date: 2013-04-11 01:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi,thanks for the review,I`ve only watched Nino`s, but O~chan really looks great, and so nice, Arigatou =D

Date: 2013-04-11 02:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hee this is so funny, Ohno being so engrossed in the model xD Thanks for the report!! :D

Date: 2013-04-11 03:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you for sharing this!!

And i'm looking forward to Nino's turn!! I have it raw and i love it, even though i can't understand anything!
I didn't except anybody to translate it, so THANK YOU! I'll be waiting :D

Date: 2013-04-12 12:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! I never realized he had this show.

Date: 2013-06-24 04:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
tq for the reviewing ohno part..
i just watch nino do the reverse chameleon..
so funny!

Date: 2014-10-11 07:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you so much for the review!


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