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 24hrTelebi- Sakurai Sho 20080831
Comments: quite a fair bit of history at the front. but do watch on. it serves as a brief introduction (:

Social issue: The poor, homeless, and streetchildren 

Sho visits 3 countries :Russia, Romania and Germany
He also met
Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet statesman, having served as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Sho visits the park where many street-children lives.
He visits their underground home, where the entry of the home is a pipe.

The home is stuffy as there isn't any ventilation area. 
Belongings and other materials crowded the small living space.

These street-children's population increase rapidly becasue there is a policy that there mustn't be abortion made. 
In addition, with poor parents barely to make day's ends,their resorted to abandon their kids.
These kids, without proper identification, cannot find jobs. 

Having nothing to do, they take drugs to forget their worries and troubles. Many attempted self-mutilation. 

Sho also went to a street-children shelter.
The shelter was setted up to give education so that they can have skills to improve their live.
The shelter also protects these kids from getting into drugs and prostitution. 

Many kids looked younger than their actual age. The after-effects of malnutrition. One 12-year-old boy even asked Sho for Tobacco to smoke.  Another child do not even know her age. 

Looking at the smiling sun drawn by a girl from the shelter, Sho asked the audience to sees a ray of hope, and to remain positive.

He closes the segment by asking:
"Now, what can WE do?"

When i watch 24hrTelebi, The spotlight is on the social issues or other courageous stories of people challenged in life. 

I hope that we, fans of arashi, can also be aware of social issues around us ^^. And just like how Arashi uses their idol influence to help the society, we as fans can also help the society too (: 

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This is such a late comment but I have to say that this is a very good report. Many people think Europe is a capital of luxury because of the many countries in monarchy and not many people are aware that there are these things happening too.

Claps to Sakurai-san's report. :-)
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