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Yes… the very last episode of HnA… you've probably read the farewell message translation elsewhere - at least i have… but yup, finally decided that i shd watch it myself… would have watched it yesterday but… it’s a really sad episode ne? haiz. Yeah I'm pretty sad that this show is going to end, although i won't say that I'm surprised. I'd miss mannequin 5 SP the most. Followed by… idk… share house maybe? But then it’s a bit of a hit and miss with share house… or any other segment for that matter. The adult show segment can be quite hilarious at times too…

Did anyone miss my TV reviews? Was busy with work previously… but now i've quitted and waiting for my job interviews… and now I'm really bored and lonely at home since the rest of my family have gone away on holiday. I'd have gone too, if not for the job stuff being unsettled. oh wells. maybe you'll see a flood of TV reviews over the next few days just cos I'm restless and lonely at home :P. Ok, enough preamble… let's start watching the show!

Video DLed from KnH XD Very high quality video, thank you!

NewImage5 of them walking together to the share house set…

NewImageThey talk about how its the first time they are walking to the set like this… aiba turns around and have fun with the camera. Aiba talks to the camera, and the rest scolds him a little for it. A: It’s the last episode, that's why… N: So far we've always done it as if we didn’t know there was a camera following us. A: Oh you guys pretended you didn’t know? Arashi: Yeah… S: Please follow the rules of TV. A: Sorry! Sorry for being the closest to the camera.

They talk about how its alright cos today is different… O: eh not this way? Rest: Nope, today is different...

Seems like they are filming in a different studio… Indeed, it’s a different way from the previous episodes.

NewImageNewImageand then the show starts proper! There's trucks arriving at the share house in the opening animation… aw… moving out of the share house :(

NewImageindeed… all the furniture has been cleared out from the house...

NewImageSo empty!

NewImageEach of them is holding a bag or luggage as they exit the room...

NewImageJ: sorry, can i say something? This ONLY??? *points to ohno*

HAHAHAH oh-chan and his waist pouch! Gotta love the staff for this XDXD

S: Australia style ne ohno-san? Whether in the country or out of the country, whatever it is, it’s the waist pouch yeah?
(Once they had filming in australia [i think for the ultra strong game show] and all ohno brought for the overseas trip was a waist pouch. In it contained his neatly rolled up underwear… and pretty much nothing else. He'd figured that he'll just be wearing the clothes provided by the staff after all… lol leader!)

NewImagehahaha… gotta love it when the five of them are together teasing each other :)
and Sho's big luggage… he gets teased a lot about bring the largest/most luggage amongst the five of them too ne?
J teases S a bit about his huge luggage XDNewImage S: I came with a luggage of this size to TBS for real before...

NewImageSho must have somehow hit leader with the luggage cos the next thing we know is that oh-chan was grabbing his ankle/foot and wincing in pain :P to great laughter from the staff haha

NewImageThe boxes on the floor contains stuff from the program… arranged in chronological order.

they talk about looking at the items and deciding who to bring what home :P Ohno was teased for his look of 'I'm definitely not bringing any of these big boxes/bags home' look.

NewImagethe first thing the opened up is a poster from when the show first started 5 years ago in 08. Comments of 'wah we were so young' were heard… yup, 5 years ago ne? XD S: wah aiba-chan really looks like an idol doesn’t he? This hairstyle! its an idol's hairstyle! A: Yeah you're right...

NewImageThey open up the other poster… and apparently it joins together to form one big picture.

NewImageoh wow! there's a secret written under the zip of each of their pants (in the poster of cos haha) Sho can still remember what his was "Actually, I don't/cannot tie my own tie" He keeps clarifying that now he can do his own tie though :P

The rest can't remember what they said… Ohno only remembers where he stood :P They start guessing Ohno's line.

NewImageMan… i want that poster :P

they decided that since Sho got the line right, he shd bring it home


Leader's one was something about still being angry at the incident in amsterdam? Really not sure on this one. Aiba's one: He mistook the TV remote as his handphone and bought it out 4 times.

J: he wears checked patterns quite often outside of work

N: Recently, he's been using a vinyl bag as his bag.

NewImageSho comments on how the poster can't even fit into his luggage haha

NewImagethe next item discovered is the ID badge! when HnA first started the setting was that they were secret agents sent to investigate the secrets/behind the scene of various jobs… hence the name of the program - secret arashi-chan. That segment lasted for like… 10, 20 episodes? then it became stuff that was quite far away from its original purpose :P

NewImageNewImageNino gives out the pass and they put it on. Next up is the mysterious blue files. N says they'll definitely remember those files… AH I KNOW IT MUST BE THE CHILD MINDER CERTS!

NewImageThey go Ahhhhhhhhh in unison at the certs XD

NewImageYay i was right! child minder certs!

NewImageNewImagethey recap on their child minder experiences...

NewImagehahaha… instead of each bringing their own back, N suggests that leader should be the care taker of their certs… O: there isn't a need for this is there?
haha oh-chan, they just want you to bring more luggage back XDNewImage Next up is this!

NewImageIts from the episode where they wanted to challenge the world record for the most number of T-shirts worn at one go. this is supposed to be the 225th t-shirt… i.e. the record breaking shirt. but in the end they gave up after… i forgot how many shirts.

NewImagebut yes, J and A had a hell of a time pulling the shirts on oh-chan… it got really difficult in the end and finally they gave up...

NewImageNewImageNewImagei guess the ended at 169th shirt…

Sho requests for ohno to wear the shirt to get a feel of things… they (or shd i say, we) wonder how many XL that shirt is… :P

NewImageWait, did i say shirt? I take that back. It’s a dress!

NewImageLeader will bring home the shirt/dress XD

NewImageNext they talk about the bakakoi video thing they took. basically they attempt to do really cool things, like tossing a bottle of ketchup into a small holder w/o even looking. W/O the use of CG. so basically its just doing the same thing over and over again till a miracle happens… the filming took over 4 hours with over 300 NGs


they remarked that at the start of HnA they went on many location shootings… next they look at the 2nd box… starting from may '09.

NewImageNewImageNeen opens the box… yup, from that time onwards was when VIP room started.

NewImageNewImageA total of 62 guests came on VIP room. At the end of each VIP room session the guests gets to choose which member they like best… N: Any idea who got chosen the most? A: I think it was O and S… N: You're sharp!

Leader got chosen the most number of times… at 16 times, he tops the ranking. Sho is next at 14 times. Aiba grabs 3rd at 11 times.

NewImage4th is a tie between J and N at 9 times.

NewImageJ clearly remembers the time when sanma-san came  on VIP room. Wow i didn’t know he went on VIP room too o.o...

NewImageSho remembers when the… camel? *see abv animal* went to the studio...

NewImageThen there was the episode when the guest wanted to rear cats, and so the staff brought a lot of cats into the studio. J loved cats but the cats didn’t like him haha.

NewImageand there was some episode when they cosplayed as geese ballerinas when suzana-san came on vip room… (hahaha! i wanna go watch all these episodes! so epic!)

yeah basically they are just recapping on all the past HnA episodes right now… but I'm sure u've figured that out already.

NewImageNewImageand then they start talking about the other times when they did cosplay on VIP room XD

NewImageNewImageand then there's this poster!

NewImageHahaha i watched that episode! was so epic… to celebrate their 10th year anniversary… they raided the karaoke rooms of whoever was singing arashi songs and sung with them… they had to keep singing till they finished the list of top <insert number> songs the staff tasked them with… and the shop owner is oh-chan's long lost classmate XD

NewImageNewImagehahaha… I'd probably scream too if they invaded my room like this XD

NewImagein particular this room of ppl it was really epic… they had written in new lyrics for the song, they planned to sing it at their colleagues farewell party… and then arashi raided the room, stole the lyrics sheet and started singing hahahaha! Gosh i shd go watch it again ne? XD

NewImageSee oh-cyan's shocked expressing at seeing his classmate XD Ohno says after the recording they did keep in touch, but didn’t meet up. Apparently that he's opened up another karaoke shop. leader say's he'll give the poster to his friend as a souvenir XD

NewImageNext up is this!

NewImageit’s the stinky stuff they brush under their nose for the doubt action segment!

NewImageout of the 5, only one of then was brushed with the real stinky liquid, they then had to bluff the comedian team which one of them got the real thing

NewImageN wanted to let aiba try the power of the liquid… but aiba manages to talk his way out into a janken :P

NewImageNewImageAiba or Ohno? XD

NewImageha! so much so for the janken XD

NewImageNewImageGosh this is hilarious XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageNino applied so much that it was dripping into aiba's mouth! ew gross!

NewImageNewImageNewImageLOL evil nino went out to the balcony to hide… A: it went into my mouth! N: but this isn't harmful to the body isn't it?

NewImagePoor aiba XD

NewImageThey settle down once again...

NewImageNext is a small music player… perfume's chocolate disco which they all danced to in VIP room.

NewImageNewImageNext up is none other than Sho's famous double parka! HAHAHAHA

NewImageJ: its no longer a leftover unsold item...

S: what do you mean?
J: In the last mannequin 5 ne… i worn it and came in first! NewImage

NewImageHAHAHA! nope… when S wears it, he'll still come in last :P
They did a total of 64 mannequin 5 corners.NewImage haha, next is J's 1st mannequin 5 SP outfit…

NewImageNewImagemerely 259 votes :X

NewImagehaha, out of 5 times J was last on the 1st, 2nd and 4th time :P As we all know the 3rd time Sho 'won' the honour, and the very last SP was taken by Aiba-shi.

NewImageNewImagehaha and remember when yama had some vip limo location shot? they were passing by the area and decided to go take a photo with the giant poster...

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImagethen Nino brings up the mote arashi, dame arashi segment where the lousiest member gets dunked into ice water...

NewImageAiba got dunked a number of times… and there was once when higashiyama, their grand senior got dunked in XD

NewImageNext is this… jackets?

NewImageAh it was the episode when mickey came to vip room

NewImagethe dream collaboration btw arashi and mickey/disney

NewImageApparently this episode took 3 years to plan, according to the HnA producer (read here)

NewImageThey each bring their suits home… N gets O to open the duffle bag….

NewImageIt’s the ranking derby costume XD

NewImageIts nino's horsey costume! At the back it says 'fashionable kazunari'

NewImageThey talk about an ice pack being in the costume (so that they won't be too hot)NewImage… aiba opens it up and surprisingly the ice pack was still inside!

NewImageNaturally, nino is the one bringing it home. A: You can wear this (the horse head) when you go home *throws horse head to nino* O: You can wear it at home too. J: when its winter yeah… S: *laugh* cos its cos yeah? *laugh*

NewImageNino the unpacker drags the last box over to his seating position and takes a look inside

NewImagefirst up is the file from vip limo!

NewImagethere was a total of 37 vip limo segments

NewImageJ recalls the episode where they took photos with the snake HAHAHAHA

NewImageNewImagethen there was the sakuraiba trip to chiba

sho strongly recommends the rest to try the sumo tube…

NewImagethe two of them trying to explain what sumo tube is XDXD

NewImageNewImagethen nino reminds them abt the long breath episodes XD

NewImageafter the first time, he kept coming and coming back on HnA XD

NewImageNewImageAiba is the only one who hasn’t done it before… so they get oh-chan to teach him


NewImagewait a minute… o.o what happened to ohno's finger? o.o

NewImageNewImageand so aiba did his long breath debut XD then they talk about the blackboard SP… it seems like out of all the students, Sho was the most impressed with aiba's line: i dont laugh because it is enjoyable/fun, but rather because it would be fun/enjoyable if i laugh…

and ohno fishing club!

NewImageNewImageOh-chan being able to practise his hobby on tv XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageN: ohno-san, with the name pass there, you look like a pilot!

NewImagehaha cool oh-chan!

NewImageand of cos… the camera for taking all the share house pictures

NewImagea total of 36 share house segments…

NewImageits quite a huge stack of photos...

NewImageNino's yakult man for eg...

On to part 2...

Date: 2013-03-23 06:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Going to miss HNA sooooooooo much. :(

Thanks for the update. :)

Date: 2013-08-09 07:10 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what KnH is! Is it an lj comm? Thanks! c:

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aww hahaha they're so cute and funny


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