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Part 2 of the HnA Episode! Once again, sorry to [ profile] chai_pieremae or making you wait so long. In between job finding, parent's nagging, holidays, and then preparing for my job… it ended up getting pushed all the way till now ><

PS [ profile] ansuhzol_117 i've not forgotten your request… but life got in the way, sorry T.T

If you haven read it yet, part 1 (share house) is here.


Its this three guests, VS yama pair of course.

NewImageToday's must item is the cardigan! Any cardigan is fine, whatever the material or colour.

NewImageFirst up is Sho's coordinate! S: I think this will become really popular in variety! (As in like, variety shows etc)
*reveals clothing*
MC:  Eh? Normal? You didn’t have time today? (to pick the clothes)

NewImageS: I thought its perfect! But when i wore this to the greenroom i was thinking 'can i really wear this to variety shows?'

NewImageBox: A lot more boring/normal than expected.
Either way… he picked quite a normal combination today. said he wasn’t trying to be particularly outstanding or whatever. He picked a grey cardigan cos it’s the colour that someone always wears. (I think one of the judge?)NewImage nd Ohno's! Also very simple!

NewImageOhno gets teased badly about his overly dull outfit XD
S: "This is arashi!"
Someone: This looks like trying to train a bunch of newbies!
G: They look like double tofu!
They were saying earlier that Sho looks like plain boring tofu, and now Ohno's look like cotton tofu XDNewImage uest no.1 picked an all grey theme.

NewImageNewImageNewImageHe adds on a pair of specs


Time for the guest (judges) to come…!

NewImageNewImageThe judges for today…. :)

NewImageFirst one up is Sho. Comments given:
- normal
- no bright/focus point, very dull
Nishikawa sensei: Is it ok for Arashi to wear this??? He didn’t put any effort or consideration into it!
Rola: I don't want to see this kind of Sakurai
Nishikawwa: yes, the fans will be really disappointed!NewImage ishikawa continues… "Two days ago arashi's concert started didn’t it? I have a friend who had 10 chances (as in, for the lucky draw style of getting Arashi concert tics) to get Arashi's concert ticket, but couldn’t get any, so she stood outside the concert venue and listened… to someone like this???? (referring to the horrid dress sense)"

NewImageBut the guests aren't getting it any better either XD Comments:
- weird - the shirt is weird, the pants is also weird, everything is weird!
Rola: I know! His face is normal!
Nishikawa: Because he looks normal, his variety style is normal, hence he wants to dress abnormally to stand out, but fails.
Rola: I think his ranking is about no. 3….NewImage or some unknown reason, they are much more impressed with Ohno's outfit.
"Fits Ohno"
"The natural looks/nature feel is good"
Rola: better than Sho…
Nishikawa: He put in more effort ne?
Rola: but it feels like… being in a field of something (must be something brown)
After some talk, it turns out that they didn’t like Ohno's outfit after all…NewImage ya-chan: I said i liked it but i was wrong…
Poor Ohno!NewImage hey said this guy's clothes look blueish, and his face is blueish too… looks scary, like is he going to faint or something

NewImageRola changes the direction of his cap...

NewImageThen they played with his hair :P they were saying stuff about how the cap was casting a shadow on his face, so he should push the cap up and look up 'towards the future' XD
Overall they were very impressed with his choice of clothes NewImage he first thing Rola had to comment on was how his face is really big XD

NewImageThey said the embroidery bow tie was very cute. They liked his outfit too&hellip

NewImageRola is the first to pick :)

NewImageShe just can't resist play with ppl's cap!

NewImageFujimoto mannequin was the first to be sold!

NewImageRola: "Because one look and i feel its very fashionable, which is a huge difference from Sakurai!" 
Haha poor Sho! His expression is really hilarious though!NewImage ext up… who'll get chosen?

NewImageSurprise Surprise! 'Normal' 'dull' Sho got chosen! S: Yattaaaaaa! For real? I've not thought of my ending comment yet!
Why the guest chose Sho?: The rest have very unique cardigans, but i think this is a good outfit if i wanted to go out to dinner with him.
haha so normal isn't that bad after all :)NewImage : I still can't believe it!

NewImageWhen asked, the guests points out Ohno as the worst of the lot :P

NewImageSho's ending comment: You have no idea what's going to happen till the very end, this is mannequin five!
O: I thought I'd definitely win Sho-kun

NewImage3 mannequins left… who will aya-chan pick?

NewImageShe picked Ohno!!! Reason being that it was a very natural look, like Ohno didn’t try too hard and over do things.

NewImageOhno is so relieved to get picked XD He kept saying 'Yokkatta wa' over and over… (meaning that's great/such a relief)

NewImageEnding comment: Iya yokkatta wa!

hahaha ohno!

NewImageThe two guests left behind always thought they'd win both the arashi members (considering what they wore) but… like Sho said, mannequin 5 is really unpredictable ne? XD

NewImageFinally its Nishikawa sensei's turn to pick…!

NewImageKurihara mannequin was picked! She picked him because she could tell he put in more effort in picking the outfit. His ending comment: *low bow* Sumimasen deshita (sorry)

NewImageAnd so the last one left over is unsold!


Ah finally finished this review… :P


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