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Ok… Now after posting half of the entry i realised just how long this thing is...

Woah it scared me for a bit. I think i posted too many pics and sometimes firefox  can't load the pics properly. I tot the SS didn’t get uploaded properly or something! That'll have been really really bad...

Have you read part 1 yet?

NewImage Pinball runner is next!

NewImageNewImageAiba will run while N and the guests will give instructions! 

NewImageArashi team is down by 288 points now! Aiba says that he'll take it seriously! SInce it was partly his fault that they are losing so much. 

NewImageLeader offers aiba a lifeline XD

NewImageC: Aiba are you going the accept the offer from the prince?
A: Since the prince has said it, i'll accept.
O laughs again XDNewImage And so they change the cargo. And aiba takes off his jacket too… why was it wearing it earlier anyway? When he's going to run around… won't he get a heat stroke? :P

NewImageMM starts complaint about aiba. MM: How come you weren't as fast when i went to pick you up?
A: Senpai comes to pick me up often. Like if we were going to play golf, he'll definite come to pick me up.
S: Normally you shd be waiting for senpai (senior) before he comes right?NewImageA: Normally that's the case,  but for me i only wake up when senpai called.

NewImageMM's deadly stare XD
J: So what did you do?
A: I was panicking! Senpai has reached already! What should i do? In any case i'll just take a bath first.NewImage MM: He came only after bathing! I was in the car and he came out looking all fresh and i was thinking 'Uwah that's arashi!' (sarcastic) 
A: I'm sorry!
Lol lol aiba! Making ur senpai wait like this!NewImage

NewImageIn any case, the game starts!

NewImagehe gets 40 points easily with the normal basket :)

NewImagehe managed to get the pink ball!

NewImageHowever the 2nd pink went out! 

NewImagethey scored 180 points! A great score no doubt… but i was w/o the 20% off cargo :P

NewImageAiba and the guest starts fighting again, as the guest refuses to take the blame for the uncaught 2nd pink.

NewImageNewImageNino tries to stop them...

NewImageAw… just let them be. Aiba's been trying his hardest to set this up since the start of the show… i thought it was gonna happen in viking already but i think sho ruined the mood :P

NewImageAudience: KYYAAAAAA

NewImageSomeone is unhappy though XD

NewImageUeshima: How can you do it with just anyone?

NewImageMM is really energetic/expressive eh? XD

NewImageKaibutsu team next!
hmm what's that shiny thing on ohno's cargo?
oo 20% off cargo…
Wait… isn't he on the guest team today? XD 

NewImageNewImageWhat's this look supposed to mean? o.o

NewImageC: Ohno-kun will be challenging the use of the 20% off cargo basket. I'm surprised. NewImageO: Aint i cool?  

NewImage*looks at the arashi members*

hahaha taunting them eh? you're asking for it ohno! XD

NewImageNewImagei can't agree with the caption more! (what's that text in the videos called again?)
S: but as a single player, ohno is a regular so its no surprise that he's using the off cargo basket.


 it took a while for ohno to get the 1st ball, umika is a newbie at giving instructions after all.

NewImagethe pink ball looked like it was going to fall at no. 2/3 for a while, but the moving panel shifted and the ball dropped off at 4. Can ohno get it?

NewImageyup! he got it!

NewImageOhno dips forward just in time to get the 2nd pink ball! NICE ONE!

NewImageHe managed to get the very last ball too with the dipping forward technic. Total of 150 points! Wow nice!

NewImageHow often does the arashi team scores 150 points or more with the off cargo basket? no very often eh?

NewImageNewImageIt’s the last game! kicking sniper! Arashi team is trailing by a hefty 258 points right now! If they don't score more than 260 points, kaibutsu team will win w/o even having to play!

The game starts!


Nino manages to perfect the first target! 


2nd target: N: missed to the left. G: missed to the right...

NewImageSho gets a hit! He knocks off the cans on side side, and the structure loses balance and the red cans on the other side falls as well. But the bottom can remands standing… 40 points for the 2nd target!

NewImage3rd target! Nino knocks one can off!

NewImagethe guest was going to kick already but… his ball fell off lol! He manages to pick it back in time and hits the can on the top right… NewImagesho's kick hits the middle and all but the last can falls off. 100 points for the 3rd target!

NewImageOhno claps in approval.

NewImage4th target: Nino falls all but the bottom most can. 2nd and 3rd sniper both misses the last can.

NewImagelast target! Nino misses.

NewImageGuest hits off 2 cans.

NewImageSho hits off 1 more for a total of 310 points.

NewImageMM: that was cool, especially the later parts. 
S: Yeah… can we cut off korokoro viking and just show this? For the actual on-air…
hahaha!NewImage Arashi's turn next. Opps. I mean… Ohno's turn -.-'''

NewImageMM was doing some weird move here...

NewImageAnd ohno decided to follow suit haha!


anyway… they only need 52 points to win. That's… too easy :P

NewImageUmika-chan missed, but matsuoka scores a perfect! That ends it!

NewImageNewImageYes i can't believe that it ended just like that myself...

NewImageAnd so Ohno, i mean Kaibutsu team won!

NewImageNewImageOhno says that the reason for the win was the great teamwork. He doesn’t look very happy about winning though haha!

NewImageN: You don't look happy at all!

NewImageO: at the end i really wanted to kick the ball!


NewImageAnd here have we it again! Most Dame (fail) Arashi!

NewImageS: that was really yukai tsukai… (relaxed and fun, in the lyrics of the kaibutsu kun song)

NewImageThey congratulate ohno on his win. N: Give us some time (to decide the most dame person)

NewImageO: sure no problem, take your time.
he then steps back, away from the trap door.NewImageJ starts off very defensively. J: I didn’t do anything particularly bad today!
N: Well although we got 0 points in one game, aiba made it up by getting many balls (in pinball runner)NewImage A: That can be used to offset my bad performance right?
they then talked about how S and N worked hard for pinball runner… and came to a conclusion like thisNewImage J didn’t do anything wrong/bad, aiba, sho, and nine's bad performance was offset later by a good performance. So? Nono of them performed badly! XD

J: now that you mention it, leader got a lot of points.

NewImageN: yes he did. He different from the usual leader who doesn’t have any motivation.
J: Your tension was  different from usual right?
S: Honestly speaking, it was different. 
A: Isn't that strange?NewImage N: So if its like this… do you mind, please step forward (to the trapdoor).

NewImageIts pretty obvious what they are all trying to do yeah? 

NewImageNewImage(after that HnA i can't help but notice O's hooked nose…XD)
O: This pattern again!!!NewImageA: Sorry!
N: Sorry! Its dangerous! 

NewImageN pushes O into the middle of the trapdoor XD
O: Why!!! X2NewImage So the rest explains why… about how ohno seemed like a totally different person today, much more energetic and no sleepy… XD Aiba asks Ohno to say "Kaibutsukun movie is going to be screened" while dropping down… LOL! Ohno starts to complain… "You guys are seriously…" Nino happily cuts him off! "Its been decided!"

NewImageDespite Ohno's protest of "are you serious???", they still do the finger pointing anyway...

NewImageHahaha. XD

NewImageGosh you gotta love this guy's expressions XD

NewImage"The movie, Kaibutsu-kun…" 

NewImageNewImageThey sure had fun bullying ohno XD

NewImageNewImageO: Why (did they do this!)NewImageHahaha… cos they love you XD 


After the filming ends...

NewImageJ walks toward the camera and playfully covers it...

NewImageNino ushers O to the camera and asks Ohno to say something.


O: I just had that feeling that I'm going to fall today! I felt it! *staff laughs*

NewImageO: How do i put it? At the break, the members were around but

NewImageO: they were acting weird and refused to talk to me. So i thought, today it's going to be me (who's going to fall)

NewImageNewImageO: So anyway, i won… although i dropped down...

NewImageO: I'm going to have a good sleep tonight

Staff: otsukare deshita!

O: otsukare deshita!

And that ends the episode of VSA! Otsukaresama deshita Ohno-kun! Have a good night's sleep in those pyjamas XD

Yay, that marks the end of the bday celebration post! Wah it was hard working with eng subs. The subs are there so i can't help but read it… but you get unconsciously influenced to write what you just read… so yeah ><

Yay! I finished the review!

Happy Birthday Oh-chan!

Date: 2014-04-30 01:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lol the members bullying poor leader again :)))
But what they said was so true ne he usually isn't so into the games :)

Anyways Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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