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Oh, so there was no VSA this week? I was under the impression there was… Oh wells… Its time to watch HnA! YAY!

Put your hands up if you're excited to watch HnA with me! XD

Video as always from Hachi.A. I can't thank Vendy enough for always uploading the videos at record speed AND in HQ. And on youtube which loads like lightning. AnShi gets removed from youtube at the speed of lightning though :(

NewImageIts starts off from the green room again. Love their talk as they walk to the set XD

S: Ohno-san the last mission was tiring wasn’t it? O: yeah it was tiring. (so its always part 2 filming in the day and part 1 aka share house at like 9:30pm?)

NewImageThey looked briefly at the other corridor for a while… O: This way? 

I'm sure Ohno knows the way very well by now? So I'm not sure if he's referring to anything or really got confused on his directions o.o Sho just looked at him and they continued walking on. They start talking about how it’s the first time they are with so many guests. A total of 7 of them...

NewImageYes, the sky is all dark...

NewImageYou know how the staff will also say 'Arashi-san is entering!' When they enter? And of cos they reply 'Entering' or like today ohno replied 'entered' Then halfway climbing up the set Ohno was totally being random. 'Sakurai-san is entering!' To which sho replied 'entering!'.  Random display of member love! XD Then 'Ohno-san is entering!' Wait Ohno said that too? I'm not mistaken right? XD So random!

NewImageThey'll need a new white board soon? So full already! And it starts! Loads of yama today!

NewImageOnly 1 door opening? o.o

NewImageOh-chan came out from Sho's room wahahaha!

S: Iya iya iya….

O: Iya iya iya...

NewImageS: Please stop doing this! Really! That's enough!

O: Ehhh that was fantastic!

S: Why did you come out from there (my room)?

NewImageO: Because last time i went into Sho's room!
S: This is amazing although i don't get what exactly happened. NewImageS: But please, can you stop this! Like getting our from the same room that kind of thing.

NewImageS continues: Weird misunderstandings will be born! 


O: Why can I? S: It'll create weird misunderstandings! Because we came out from the same room! This is share house, so please share the house!

NewImageO with a blissful? look: Sugokatta waa… (That was great!)
Then Sho decides to switch to proper MC mode. S: Talking about great, Ohno-san, the concert starts tomorrow doesn’t it? Ohno-san you choreographed the songs right? O: I did about 5 songsNewImage Ohno's smug look XD
Sho: What kind of feel is it? interesting 

NewImageO: No one else except for arashi kind do it! (kind of feel)
S: You are starting to sound like the boss (of the company)
NewImageO (pretends to be the boss): If its those kids, it can keep doing this choreography over and over (not sure of my translation)
NewImageSho slaps his thigh as he laughs at leader XD. Then the doorbell rings!NewImage S: Today's gonna be interesting ne? 
Then from outside, a sweet "Arashi-chan~!" floated into the living room. Leaving O and S with a o.o look. It continues "Lets play together!~" 

NewImageSho gives the -.-''' look and sits back down.

NewImageO: This is impossible… 
then he sits back down XDNewImage Sho: If its like this…
but he gets cut off! "Arashi-chan! Let's play together!~"NewImage Hahaha poor guys XD They start questioning if things are gonna end up alright today...

NewImageBut they don't have a choice so sho goes to answer the doorbell. After looking at the guests through the intercom, S: What's with these clothes!

NewImageNo just that… what's with the group name! I can even write it properly… momoirokuroubaa Z? Do Otakus really like names like this?

NewImageThey swarm in the moment the door is  opened. "We haven met in a long time~!" S: Uwahhh!

NewImageO and S runs from the door way XD S: That was shocking/scary!

NewImageThey do their self intro in the doorway...

NewImageSilence. Hahaha! The erm… what's that green box of words called? Whatever… it reads 'Their tension is high...'

NewImageSho scratches his head… 

NewImageThe he goes off to fetch slippers for the guests… 

NewImageG (G for guest!): Ah so its better to take of our shoes? (see the shoes that are part of their outfit)
S: Yeah… i guess so?
O: Yeah since it’s a house…NewImage So they changed into slippers!

NewImageGreen box: Tonight please take note of leader's expressions! 
Woots, thanks for the heads up! XDNewImage Color coded for our convenience! (just like arashi, but even greater emphasis) From now on i'll just call them by their colour! if there's a need or anything...

NewImageSho decides that they'll sit on the sofa while he and leader take the sides. S: can 5 ppl fit in there? G: 1, 2… Ah we can fit!

NewImageHmm how do you describe this? Bemused and dotz/whatthehell + trying to hold back his laughter?
Sho+G starts talking about how its been about half a year since they met on VSA (green box says is 5 months)NewImage They ask with Gs would like a drink. Yellow: Yes, my throat is dry. Gs: Please go fetch it (or something like that?) Sho: Eh why? Yellow: Because i hardly get the chance to ask people to do things for me in their house. Sho: *shock expression, see abv* You really keep to the setting yeah? 
S: What do you want to drink? Tea, coffer, aiba drink, aiba tea. G: Drink? What's aiba drink? We've heard of aiba tea but…NewImage Sho happily pours out the aiba drink

NewImageThe guests smell the aiba drink

NewImageThey discuss the smell of aiba drink while cups of what i believe are aiba tea is handed out. They say aiba drink smells fruity.Someone smelt the cup of aiba tea and says it smells like tea, 'seems delicious' she said...

NewImageThey toast...

NewImageNeedless to say… XD

NewImageshe tried the aiba drink as well...

NewImageThis one tried the aiba tea. And she though it was delicious XD

NewImageShe starts shaking and hopping around haha

NewImageNewImageSho then asks them about their costume. They said its the costume for their new song. Apparently each song has a fixed costume. S: I only have one costume images of your group… (as in, he only remembers seeing them in one costume) O: Like having a gun here and...

NewImageThen they all fumble around with their guns… Pink? Not sure who: Put up your hands! Purple:  we'll shot!



NewImageS: !?!?!?!?!

NewImageYellow suddenly takes her teammate hostage.

NewImageRed (hostage): Save me~!

NewImageRed continues: Ohno alien~!

NewImageO: Go home! *angry*

NewImageSho then asks them to self intro… Oh gosh. Here comes more…. idk. what's this? Anime style kawaii-ness? Totally not my style but… well it is hilarious to look at S and O's expressions/reactions XD

NewImageThey ask if its ok, like will it get cut, cos its around 3 mins long. S: There's intros that's 3minutes long?  O: 3minutes per person? G: nono, 5 ppl 3 minutes.
They decide that they'll do the intro, its fine even if its get cut… just to get the tension up…NewImage Oh gosh look at ohno's face… it says disbelief all over it XD

NewImageThey showed the starting, and then the ending XD. Yes, it got more mercilessly cut XD I love the emoticons in the green box! (it says 'after 3 mins' by the way) Sho asks them to introduce their names again. Yellow: So this means that just now all that is cut off? 
So yeah… they do a short introduction now. Purple - Reni-chan.NewImage O: reni-chan? 
Is that a yawn i see?NewImage Yellow = shori. Ohno seems to be listening really carefully… he's repeating their names and seems to be making an effort to remember them… Sho too, is making an effort to remember their names.

NewImageO: Sho-chan have you remembered them? S: Yes i have!
he then asks ohno to repeat their names.NewImage

NewImageI spy enomoto-ish hand position! Ohno remembers the family name of purple, but can't remember  her full name. Not bad… XD

NewImageThey move on to yellow. O: are we really doing this?

NewImageGosh i love his expressions!

NewImageOhno is really caramel all over ne? Even his legs are a nice brown!

NewImageO: Ah eh… nakimushi! (cry baby)
Hahaha! He just remembered a part of the intro :PNewImage Yellow: Thank you, I'm crybaby.
:P Oh wells… it can't really be helped when you're in this kind of idol group and does that kind of introduction yeah? :P Ohno remembers the entire intro phrase of Red's, but can't remember her name at all. Gs are still very impressed, though they mention that ohno only remembered one person's name :P O: But that's how i remember! S: True, like remember the phrase as well

Then they get Sho to name Pink.  

NewImageSho names pink w/o any problems! Yes he gave the name, not the family name or the intro catch phrase :P

NewImageWhen asked to name Green though… Sho could only remember a bit of the intro catch phrase: "Giant!" They all laugh. Red: Today, you'll be the small giant~"
Apparently in the intro its "small giant" but sho only remembered the last word XD

Then Sho asks about their group. They were formed in 2008, so its now their 5th year. Sho asked stuff like how they became idols, and if they wanted to be idols. they all said they didn’t aspire to be idol, but when they realised it, were already idols.

NewImageApparently they went into the agency wanting to be actresses. Like Kitagawa Keiko (who's nazodi partner) is form their agency too. Red: Like we learnt how to dance, then the agency gathered those who were good at dancing together, and we did a live performance by the road. Then the manager told to do it properly, and it became like this...

NewImageO: but its difficult isn't it?
G: nono no such thing!NewImage More bemused faces from ohno XD

NewImageSho then asks about their day, they reply that they have school… only Purple doesn’t have school anymore, she's 19 and graduated. Ohno nodes approvingly. 

NewImageThey say they take the train home and goes about life normally. S: Don't you get called? (recognised) G: No… we normally wear costumes like this, so we don't get recognised in home clothes.
More weird looks from ohno XD
They assures arashi that even today they went to school. They they started saying how they actually wanted to wear their home clothes for the share house filming since its such a slack/relaxed segment, but their manager was very firm in making them wear their costume. Another G pipped that its probably a good thing though since viewers might not recognise them at all if they were in home clothes. 

NewImageThey talk about how they have clothes from gundam too...

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey say if they were wearing the gundam costumes though, they won't fit on the sofa cos the costumes are very bulky. 

NewImageNewImageThe costumes makes them become double in size! Then there's also the CO2 (carbon dioxide). 

NewImageApparently their leader has this helmet thing that'll spray out CO2… and the thing occasionally malfunctions and sprays out CO2 for no reason. 

NewImageS+O: i want to see that!

NewImageOh-chan so relaxed XD

NewImageThey move on with the program and Sho brings out the menus. 2 choose 1! The girls totally went 'kyaaaaaaa' when they saw the menu...

NewImageWhile ohno's thinking 'like, whatever!' hahaha totally nonchalant look!

NewImageA: Black sesame oil hotpot 
they talk about how hey really love the hot pot and always eat it when they are in fukouka. Only in fukuoka will they follow their manager out for lunch - so that they can eat the hotpot. If its elsewhere they won't follow the manager out to eat.NewImageThen sho asks what they eat when they stay at other places. They reply that they'll just eat in the hotel, like buy bentos from the convenience store and stuff. O: Convenience store? G: We don't have money to spend more than 3000 yen, or 600yen per person!  S: How did that 3000 sum come about? G: After calculations!

NewImageChoice B! Mochi cheese fish roe and monjya

Apparents the Gs loves monjya. They've talked about eating monjya for celebration of hard work parties (as in, like after concert celebrations, pardon my lack of vocab). 

NewImageG: Like we don't really know what to do for the celebrations, like others would go karaoke, or have bingo contest… or go biking (not sure i i got this right!)
S: Karaoke, bingo contest, biking… we've never done this beforeNewImage O: Yeah we've not done it before.
G: Eh then what do you guys do?
S: But its after concert isn't it? Wont you be tired after that?NewImage G: No bingo contest?
O+S: No…NewImage O+S: We just, chat with the staff

NewImageG: Like you don't have bingo contest to win like disney land tickets and stuff? 
haha ohno's face again. Arashi is old now ne? Which year was it? When they filmed themselves before and after the concert and it was included in the concert dvd? I got a terrible headache watching them though it was hilarious as hell! They were really really hyper and crazy after the concert. Swinging the camera this way and that, upside down even… ohno crawling on top the the bus seats (like across the rows of seat)… they even played hide and seek on the bus and someone hid in the luggage compartment at the top… like seriously! I'm amazed the thing didn’t fall off! (but then again, they are skinny) And of cos, the girl are way too young…. average age of 17! How old were arashi when they debut?  Around their age now? But these girls have already been idols for 4 or 5 years! *shudders* Can't be helped when the otakus like young girls i guess…  But yeah arashi, they just talk after concerts don't they? While drinking… and then aiba and leader will cry… and then they go to bed and maybe aiba will lock himself our of his room! WAHAHAHA XD He's done it twice now eh? XD

Okays moving on… Sho asks how they normally decide on things. G: by majority vote. We're democratic

NewImageS: They say the same thing as us(arashi)!

NewImageSho continues: You said the exact same thing as us!
S: What happens if its 2 against 2, won't the last person who makes the decision feel bad?
G: Ah… we go '1, 2' and say/point what we want together. NewImage Ohno looks enlightened XD 

NewImageThey decide on the monjyayaki! All of them picked the same one :)

NewImageSho gets up to start the food preparation. He leans on the  table for support...

NewImageBut the table is just an 'extension' piece placed on top of a smaller table...

NewImageNewImageOhno rescues his toppled cup while sho just looks stunned.

NewImageGreen box: It came! Sakurai's natural air-headedness x.x

NewImageSho inspects the mess made :P

NewImageWhile everyone bursts into laughing fits.

NewImageG: it became more exciting!

NewImageNewImageG: Tissue tissue tissue…
S: Gomen, did anyone get wet?
They replied they were ok, and looking for the tissue
S: Sorry about it, sorry about this… NewImageS: and after that I'm not doing anything...

NewImageEveryone's wiping the table except sho… -.-''

After cleaning up they head to the kitchen area.

NewImageThey say Green is better at cooking so she'll do the honours… while sho reads out the recipe as fast as a bullet train...

NewImageGreen has never cut cabbage before… she tries to cut off the stem but the knife ends up flying off! S: Dangerous! G: *screams*

NewImageWoah! If ohno was standing any closer he might have gotten sliced!

NewImageThat was really dangerous! I think even Sho can do better than that! he'll just take a really long time :P (30mins to peel half an apple for e.g.)
S: Are you sure you've cooked before?NewImage Ohno gives her a whack…. O: Right now your hand was really dangerous!

NewImageIm sure ohno smacked here again but the rest of the ingredient preparation got cut...

NewImageBy magic of TBS editing awesomeness, the ingredients are all ready in an instant! I really wondered who did the cutting in the end though XD

NewImageThey prepare the mentai cheese monjya.

NewImageGreen keeps giving instructions from the side.

NewImageS: Do you want to do it? Green: no its ok!

NewImageEventually they make green cook though… and ohno laughs again

NewImageNewImageEarlier green said something about two layers of ingredients or something… so sho asks why isn't she making it now. Green: Its ok… considering the time...

NewImageOh gosh Ohno's face! Its like close to 1am at the time of filming… 

NewImageUwah… looks yummy!

NewImageNow I'm hungry! T.T


NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNow I'm hungry T.T
O: This is delicious!

Sho starts the talk. S: How many years have you guys been together? G: This is the fifth year. S: Was it long? Was it fast? G: Thinking back now, its went by fast. S: Which is the most enjoyable work you've had?  Purple: It was fun during live concerts right? G: yeah S: Which was the most tiring work then? G: The nation wide tour was really  tiring. 

I think its like they were performing in car parks all over the country. Sho was like 'huh!?' and Ohno was...

NewImageThey did that car park tour in the 2nd year the group was formed…. S: so the situation has improved now right? G: Yeah. (they said something about the shinkansen here. Either they are now riding the bullet train or they want to ride it or… I'm not sure :X) S: If you are to only pick one dream, what would it be?

NewImageG: We want to go on kouhaku

NewImageOhno changed sitting position! Sho asks them about why they have such a dream and said it in perfect unison too. Someone explains that the first time they did a live concert it was by the road beside the NHK hall used for kouhaku. So they said that they'll like to perform in there someday.

NewImageO: what else?
they chat on abit about goals and stuff… then sho comments that he hardly sees momokuro like this without all the wowing and kyaa-ing. The rest all agrees. Even leaders says 'ah just a normal kind of feeling'… and didn’t make any weird faces :P

NewImagePhoto taking time!

NewImageNewImageSho's not in the photo this time! Not sure what he was saying earlier, like whether he actually wanted to appear in the photo or not… :P

Okay, that ends part 1! Part 2 coming in a bit! is now out!

Date: 2012-11-17 01:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i just saw the tumblr gif of shocked sho toppling the table and everyone busy wiping the table except him. So hilarious! and the next moment, you posted this review! Huaaah~~~ ! (;

Thanks for the review! I love the last group picture. Ohno standing in the middle while the girls around him. He look so enjoyed! (;

Date: 2012-11-17 02:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for translating <3

really love Ohno face expression,and also Ohno keep come out from Sho room...

can't wait for the part 2 ~~~

Date: 2012-11-18 12:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you ^_^

i'm gonna read it

Date: 2012-11-17 03:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This ep looks so fun.i have to watch this even if its raw.yama pair look so comfortable with the guest.
Will wait for the 2nd part.thax sharing.btw this ep was full with ohno making faces.hihihi

Date: 2012-11-18 02:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I remember that video of arshi after one of their concert when they were young.This is a fun video!That is nice to see them like that, letng the pressure go!
I usually find that kind of groups a little tiring with all their excess of cuteness but here,they seem to be calmer and more serious!
Thank you for this review!Can't wait to see this episode (hoping that it will be subbed one day!)

Date: 2012-11-19 12:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hi~ ano... is the HnA where Yamada Yuu was a guest on the works ???

Date: 2012-11-19 04:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ahahaha... :)) it's okae
the air date? oops, i can't rmeber, but i can check maybe later when i am at home already...

Date: 2012-11-19 04:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
heheheh... don't worry i laos love that episode, i first saw it when all teh arashi where in HnA no guests, it was featurd so i look unto it and it was funny as well.. hhahahahaa....

Date: 2012-11-19 04:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
:)) yeah it's funny..
i'll just Pm you when i get the airing date already...

Date: 2012-11-19 04:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i got the date, hahahaha,....

ひみつの嵐ちゃん! 2012.11.01

Date: 2012-11-19 04:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ok. :))) thanks !! thank you very much

Date: 2012-11-20 10:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I was just watching it from Vendy's links. Thank you for translating so much talk :)
It gotta be now my fav Sharehouse epi. I had high hopes on girls and they didn't disappoint me. They very very talkative and free and cheery (but not overly). So I really enjoyed watching it!


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