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Ok here's part 2! I just feel like calling it 'Adult Show' segment although it can have very wrong connotations… :X A proper translation would be 'its normal for adults to be able to do it' or 'if you're an adult, you can do it' show.

have you read part 1 yet?

NewImageGuest team… VS

NewImageJ's waving very enthusiastically here. I think 5 hours of waiting + a very low tension guest didn’t help the share house segment :P

NewImageThe 1st question! 75% of the salary man in doing something (Japanese fail) in tokyo train station could answer this question.

NewImageNewImageNino is going to answer the 1st question… but before that, the MC asks Nino a question, catching nino TOTALLY off guard XD. MC: Tell as a recent episode in which you felt like an adult. N: Going back to my home (as in his old home where he's parents stay) during the New Year and sorting out the documents (not sure exactly what he was sorting out. Once again, Japanese not good enough).

NewImageLets see if both of them are 'adults' XD

NewImageN: EH?

NewImagePhotos! NewImageQn: look at the photos and answer the names of the buildings!

NewImageN: Names of the buildings??? X n J:  Nino really rarely goes out of the house… NewImagehahaha nino!

NewImageI wonder if he knows and is just teasing everyone LOL! N: The name of the building isn't written here?

Lol so that's why he's scrutinising the photo like this lol! N: Just nice cos of the shadow (or something) so it can't be seen… hahaha the staff won't let you cheat nino XD

NewImageIn the other challenge room, suzuki-san makes his answer!

NewImageNino rearranges the photos a little. J helpfully explains that it’s the position of the Japan islands…

NewImageExact same answer as suzuki. See i told you he was just teasing!

NewImageNino was terribly unsure of his answer though, but everyone was surprised that he managed to answer it!

NewImageNewImage2nd qn! 82% of the ppl walking at some location which i do not know got the question correct!


ooo wow! Calligraphy?

NewImageNino let out a big yelp when the qn was announced :P. Qn: Write your own full name in the correct stroke order. Eeps. When was the last time i wrote my own name in Chinese? A few years ago? :X N: This is good, that was dangerous. (seems like he hardly writes too XD or maybe it’s the calligraphy he's afraid of…?)

NewImageAnyway they start writing :)

NewImageEh? There's a total of 4 characters in her name… but not enough space? XD

NewImageLOL. The last part's quite pathetic... all squished together :P

NewImagePassed! hmm well i think its not that hard after getting all the drills you get as a little kid. i rem my mum constantly scolding me for my terrible handwriting, wrong strokes etc etc when i was a kid :X

NewImageArashi team's turn now :)

NewImageTakada was saying the 'Da' of his name is the most basic… but then… he got the order wrong -.-''' The horizontal line in the middle is supposed to be written first...

NewImageAs J demonstrates… (sorry, if you're really interested to know, watch the video or google it or something :P)

NewImageAnd then again! That stroke as you can guess from the font, its supposed to go from right to left… but he wrote it from left to right… o.o

NewImageBye bye! LOL XD Ahhh… some googling told me that the stroke order for 田 in chinese and japanese is different. Didn’t know that! So the only thing he got wrong was the most obvious. Ouch. (wait, that means J got it wrong too :P )

NewImageQn 3! 73% of the shoppers at harajuku got it right…! Let's see if J can get it right! J's 'adult' episode: Some time ago i went out to eat alone at a soba place. Beside me, someone sat down as well. The voice was familiar so when i looked up, i saw that it was Tanaka-san (yes, the one who wrote his name wrong). Tanaka: Yeah, when he was leaving he greeted me. That was done like an adult.

NewImageSo let's see if J can pull is off as nino did :)

NewImageJ frowns.


NewImageHAHAHA look at J's face! Precious! Qn: Answer the name of the hair styles.

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageJ's turn to try it on XDXDXD (purely their own decision, they don't have to try it on the answer the qn!)

NewImageNewImageLOL! Junko? XD

NewImageJ: Just how do i look now?

You look like a pretty girl J XD

NewImageJ answers!

NewImageThey both arrive at the same answer!

NewImage<<< side: Mature look of understanding. >>> side: Squirming with childish delight. XD

NewImage2 VS 3. Can Arashi team win with just the final team round to go?


Qn: Say out 4 letter kanji phrases. If they cannot come up with the next phrase within 15 seconds, the challenge ends. (This time round they are not forced to go in a specific order)

NewImageNewImageChallenge ends! NewImageThey managed to come up with 20 phrases. Let's see how the arashi team will do!

NewImageNino starts off, he sounds very confident :)

NewImageLooks like they're drinking aiba tea today XD

NewImageNewImage2 points to 4 points, arashi team loses!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageHaha J's expression is really cute

Next week's (actually, its this week) preview:

NewImageThe guest is momo iro kuroba Z (not sure if i got the name right)… you know the 5 member girl group that went on VSA once and made arashi do all the cute cute introductions and all? Okay maybe you can't make head of tails out of what I'm saying :P

NewImageGuest calls out: Ohno alien! S: ??? Gives the 'what's with you guys' look.

NewImageO: Go home!


NewImageAnd there's Last Mission next week!

NewImageNewImageOmg sho and candle blowing again HAHAHA. The last time he did it was with Ohno too, and Sho failed miserably! XD

Yay, that's it for last week's HnA!

Date: 2012-11-12 12:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
wooo... i always love this segment!!!

can't wait to hear about the next episode!


Date: 2012-11-12 02:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oh.... i wanna watch that episode too!

but alas, i not sure which episode.. :(

Date: 2012-11-12 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
happy to hear!!

thanks in advance! :P

Date: 2012-11-12 07:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ohhh, I never watched this segment before~ maybe it's because I wait for subs :P
looks interesting... but Momoiro clover Z ep looks promising! XD
thanks for this post! ^^


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