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So i kinda disappeared for a bit ne? I originally wanted to do this on Friday… then VSA took too long. Then sat i was out (had a GREAT time with my family though, for some unknown reason my dad was in a splendid mood), yesterday i was too lazy… and tada! Its Monday and i have still not watched HnA. The reason i hate taking so long to write, apart from the time gone, is that i end up having to wait very long before i can watch my shows! If i watch w/o writing at the same time, most likely I'd just be too lazy to re-watch and write. Or if i do, that'll be like a million years later.

Alright, lets began! Video from Hachi.A :)

NewImage3 of them today… eh wait THREE? I can't rem last week's preview… but 3 of them? Somebody mentioned right as the start the the game has ended. J: How many hours of game (have we played)? N: 5? Around 5. J: Amazing…! N: I'm tried already! 

NewImageAh… The unknown 3rd person walks off to elsewhere leaving N and J. That got me confused for a while -.-''' They start talking about how today's guest is rare/special, someone you've probably never seen before. (as in, never appeared on the show before as guests i think)NewImageNight time filming again. Probably close to 10pm already would be my guess… since they mentioned the actual recording time once when becky came and once when the 10 comedians came it was just past 10pm.

NewImageJ looks at some unknown stuff for a while before nodding his head and looking at the camera. They didn’t film what he was looking at though.

NewImageYay and it starts! The share house segment i mean :P

NewImageAHHHHHH now we get it. The  start off with talking about how J and N hasn’t paired up for this segments in a while, since the special. Then N complains that the 5 hour long wait was terrible. The staff helpful tells us the filming for the 'If you're an adult you should know it' segment ended 5 hours ago. Hahaha XD So they've been playing games since then eh? XD NewImageJ: Talking about that, today since you've entered TBS, you've been games for very long hours.. N: Yes very long! NewImageToday's guest is Chara! I love it when i don't have to google around for their romanji names XD Chara-san hardly ever goes on variety, hence the reason why the keep saying 'rare'. Chara-san is speaking really softy…! NewImageThey start off by talking about the last time they meet… in some music show. She requested for the Nino or something. J asked why she requested for him and she replied that it was cos he WAS popular. In the past tense. She correctly herself but only after Nino swatted her XD. She looks rather young (though sounds old), but she's actually 44 with a 17 year old daughter and a 12 year old son! She warns them not to get close to her daughter XD (which of cos J and N said she's too young anyway)NewImageShe wakes up at 5:30am everyday to make bento for her kids! NewImageThey start asking about her house… and she says her has various instruments around the house… J admits that he can't play any instrument although he's got a guitar and keyboard at home… NewImageNino seems to have gotten bored (actually me too, its not boring per say but the tension was really low… as can be seen by my lacklustre commentary) and decides its time to eat. It a dish that her son like… and aiba. Too bad aiba isn't here today. Mabo tofu! *claps* NewImageThey start cooking! J's task is to grind the peppers. NewImageShe asks what cuisine they'd want their girlfriends to make for them. J say's crab cream croquette… wahhhhhh i love croquettes too! And crab cream omg! *drools* Chara-san complains that its really troublesome to make. XD And nino? Hamburger XD. How expected ne? 

NewImageNino and guest laughing at J's crab cream, cos its so troublesome to make. nino say's he'll never meet a girl who makes the dish. (MJ fans, you all know what to do! XD)

NewImageDone! Or not… 

NewImageShe forgot to put in the peppers that J grounded LOL!

NewImageNow its finally finished :)

NewImageAnyone hungry yet?

NewImageAfter leading her to talk about her friends… one of Chara's friends show up!

NewImageJ and N are planning something while the new guest talks… i bet its about serving Aiba drink XD Ah… today's Share House is really really weird. The tension is like 0, occasionally jumping up to 5 or 10, then back to 0 in an instant. (out of a scale of 100.) The 'Adult show' segment is really hilarious though :)

NewImageYay finally something more funny :P Ok, it was aiba tea and not aiba drink XD Guest2 (sorry, can't catch her name T.T) did an imitation of chara-san long ago. Chara wants to see it but guest says she can't do it w/o music accompaniment and so… NewImageTada, Nino brings out the guitar!

NewImageSo Chara  play for the imitation Chara lol!

NewImageThe two starts rehearsing while Nino makes himself more comfortable...

NewImageWhat an adorable smile XD

NewImageNeen plays the drums XD

NewImageAnd it finally starts!

NewImageThe performance is just.. freaking hilarious XD

NewImageNewImageAnd they go again! Cos Chara wants to see it from the front XD

NewImageAnd photo taking!

NewImageAnd that ends the share house segment! Woots... that was really short wasn’t it?

Decided to split the review into two posts so that I don't have to wait forever for the photos to get uploaded. Lesser chance for marsedit to hang on my too :P
Read part 2 here

Date: 2012-11-12 12:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Another great job done...^o^

I really agree with you, that the tension for this episode is a bit low!! :P

anyway thanks again.

Date: 2012-11-12 02:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This share house was really slow. I only watched like the first 5 min :P So thank you for this! I think I'm gonna watch the last part only xD

Date: 2012-11-16 10:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Not the most exciting ep, this one..nino on drums was cute though:) thanks so much for your hard work!


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