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Pairing: Junba

This episode is where the mature guest will teach them the skills to become an adult. This time, the pair went to Karuizawa.
They went to the illusion museum and went bowling

Aiba was so excited when he heard that the present for winning the bowling match is 5 million yen worth of hotel stay.

And so the pair, along with the guest started bowling.

Faces gallery time!


yes, Aiba's tension was really high, like a joyful excited kid o(>0<)o

They also made their own hair accessories.

Doesn't the bus scene seems like an early concept of VIP Limo?

They had lunch. The food was so good that Jun apologise to the guest for interupting her talk because he wants to say "Umai !"

The boys with their mouthful of food  :-B

Excited to eat, and very satisfied after eating (^-^)b

And they listened to the advice of how to become a good adult (>w<)

///////////// -----   That's all for today's review! (=^_^=)  ----------   //////////////////////////

The next review is also on Junba, which is the recent HnA episode, 120126.
Usually I try to avoid doing a review on a recent episode but for special occasions, for example, for this 嵐の技あり! episode which reminds me of comparing the "VIP limo" with the current "VIP Limo" concept,  and seldom pairing of Junba, I will break the exception and do a episode review of recent episode.

Hope you all don't mind!
I give my word that I try my best to do reviews on their shows that are earlier than 2010



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