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Himitsu No Arashi-Chan
VIP room Guest: Kimura Kaela

This episode's guest is Kimura Kaela, the girl who sang the beautiful elegant song "Butterfly"
and is also Eita's wife.

Kimura Kaela's impression of the boys.

Highlight for answer
Ohno: Undergoes a lot of thinking before saying something
Sho: Love extreme cleanliness and neatness
AIba: Alphapaca
Nino: Can get angry suddenly
Jun: Loaded with money

They discussed Kimura Kaela's recent interests, and was saying about knitting. The topic then went to double parka. ANd they showed her a picture of Sho's famous gray double parka.

Aiba jested on Sho's nade gata when he wears his famous double parka.

"He's nade gata is so obvious when he wears the parka, dont you think?"

Kimura Kaela commenting on Double parka.
" I wouldn't mind trying hooded gray jackets".
(*Sho was so excited*)

"But that kind of combination (gray on gray)
Made him look like a mouse man"  :D

Mouse man is so sad :D 

Also, Kimura Kaela finds Ohno very funny.
So whenever Ohno ask a question,
Kimura Kaela keeps laughing.
Oh-chan says "Just what is so funny? >_< "

Sho tried ascorbic acid, which is really sour.

Sho is really the king of facial expressions.

Kaela says she has a high standard of her lyrics.
She even skips recording session until she is satisfied with what she wrote in her lyrics.

She re-wrote her famous song "Butterfly" over 4,5 times.

Kaela learns Thai massage. 
I like this picture because of the massage positions done on AIba and Sho.
AIba enjoyed Kimura Kaela's massage.

Then Ohno tried on Nino. See how comfortable Nino is!
Lovey dovey Ohmiya moment.
and AIba looks super hot with his fluff gently coming down on his face :D

Favourite member picking time

Just because I love to see their eyes closed >0<

Ohchan got picked because Kaela thinks he is really funny.

Another side-picture. Off-topic coversation during the episode.

They were commenting on how Ohno will send messages to  praise his members whenever he watched them on TV.
Jun said that Ohno's text always have a heart shape enclosed.
Ohno revealed that DoS Jun replies his texts with heart shape symbol too :D

Arashi members have brotherly love (;

-END of review-
Comments and other episode reviews are welcomed!

Date: 2012-02-26 12:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] qeqeqe.livejournal.com
i have watched this too. and i agree with her choice in the end of the show. he was too funny when he asked something ^^


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